I purchased a tree from Blooms July 6 2019. It was planted early Aug 2019 When they brought it, it looked very ill. Leaves brown and wilted. I was very concerned as the other tree I bought looked very healthy. I was told it was stressed and it would be fine. I called a few weeks later when it was loosing all the leaves and again told it would be fine. The next spring when it wouldn't bloom and the branches were dead I was told too bad. It did finally bloom. I would like to show you how the tree looks today 2 years later. 1st pic when planted, 2nd the following month and last what it looks like now. The other tree has not had any issues. Another company thinks they cut off the root ball. A month ago hen I posted on a thread that they didn't stand behind their trees someone said they would like to work something out. I went and selected another tree and after a week of no communication I followed up again and that was 3 weeks ago. I am throwing this $400 tree away if any one thinks they can nurse it back to health. It is a maple.
We are VERY fortunate to have Corrine and her love and knowledge of trees Blooms
I have some exciting news I’ve been dying to tell you all •••

I’m partnering with Blooms!! You can find a selection of my hangers in their super cute garden center! If you haven’t stopped by yet, you’re missing out!

Here’s a preview of what’s in store! 🪴
Cool weather vegetables are here! Come and get them while they last. They will go fast!
Blooms is COMPLETELY stocked! Stop for wine and shop for Christmas!
Thank you to everyone at Blooms who made sure my teenage daughter and her friend were safe during the storm. It is greatly appreciated. ❤
NFTS events aren't possible without the generous support of our sponsors! Contributions - big and small - make all of the difference. Thank you, Sponsors!

Bella sala event center Hills Bank Daphne Giuriati Patton The Daphne Patton Team, Realtors with Urban Acres Real Estate Carousel Pre-Owned John Vice GreenState Credit Union Dairy Queen Coralville Blooms Van Meter
Isn't it just appropriate that Blooms provided gorgeous flowers for our Annual Blooms + Butterflies event?! We are so very thankful!
Next Page Books caught these 2 hard at work from Blooms getting our community flowers planted!

Did you know that these are paid for by property owners in the area and funds get distributed through our Czech Village-New Bohemia Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District (SSMID)? Be on the lookout for more projects coming this summer.
Folks from Blooms in Marion worked awfully hard yesterday in the heat and humidity to plant flowers in the planters that line Third Street in New Bohemia. Good work and thanks for brightening our day and the neighborhood!
Thanks @JoanieMaherHanel for taking photos of Peter M and Chase planting two Cleveland Pears for you! BladeWorks crew are great and love to help you see things grow! Blooms Garden Center enjoys getting you quality plant material to Help You Live Life in Full BLOOM!

"Bladeworks is here planting two Cleveland Pears. Thank you Peter Gasper and Blooms!!!
Peter M and Chase did a great job!!!" @Joanie Maher Hanel
Our landscape crews are gearing up for an incredible 2020. Give us a call to schedule your landscaping today - 319-329-7178 or email bladeworkslandscapi[email protected]

Helping You Live Life In Full Bloom! Blooms Garden Center and Gift Shop is a family owned, independent garden center in Marion, Iowa. We proudly carry a great selection of annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs.

In the Gift Shop you'll find beautiful home décor, unique gifts and a variety of art from talented local artisans.

Operating as usual

Photos from Blooms's post 09/21/2022

We’re back in business! Please mind the cones as you pull in and park, the parking lot is very much still a work in progress. There is a fair amount of loose gravel and some uneven areas so please watch your step! ⚠️ Next up, pouring the pavement!!


A little parking lot update! Looks like we’re putting the finishing touches on the grading. We had originally hoped to be open today at 12pm, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. We’re now shooting for Wednesday at noon, fingers crossed things wrap up smoothly this afternoon!🤞🏻

Photos from Blooms's post 09/19/2022

We’re getting pavement!! The crew began clearing and leveling our gravel parking lot this morning to prep for pouring later this week. Unfortunately, our lot is pretty torn up right now so we are unable to welcome customers at this time. So excited to see this project progress! Updates to come.

Photos from Blooms's post 09/16/2022

Mums & pumpkins, does a better combo even exist?🎃🌼 Our specialty pumpkins have arrived and oh my gourd, they are beautiful!

Photos from Blooms's post 09/15/2022

It’s a very happy houseplant day around here!! Pink Princess Philodendrons (low variegation), Hindu Rope Hoyas, Calatheas and more✨

Photos from Blooms's post 09/14/2022

✨confetti mums✨ are restocked! These beauties have been our most popular mums over the years and we’re absolutely not surprised. Perfectly round domes are smothered in the most cheerful shades of pink, orange and yellow🌸🌼 This is our second of three mum deliveries so don’t wait, these are always the first to sell out!

Photos from Blooms's post 09/10/2022

Specialty evergreens are now 60% off! 🌲 This includes all of our whimsical, topsy-turvy and unique varieties. Add a little fairy tale to your yard! ✨

Photos from BladeWorks Landscaping's post 09/07/2022

Another gorgeous landscape designed and installed by our talented BladeWorks crew!

Photos from Blooms's post 09/06/2022

Hard to believe it’s already that time but MUMS ARE IN! 🌼 Our first load of mums arrived this afternoon and are bursting with buds🌟 We have reds, orange, purple, yellow, tricolor and the ever popular confetti!

Blooms updated their business hours. 09/01/2022

Blooms updated their business hours.

Blooms updated their business hours.


✨Join us for our Labor Day Super Sale✨Now through Sunday save 50% on all roses, shrubs, fruit trees, grasses and B&B trees! Save 40% on all potted trees & evergreens and 25% on all perennials! It doesn’t get better than this!🌳🌼

Photos from Blooms's post 08/26/2022

What’s cute, compact and brings fall color all year round? Heuchera! (aka Coral Bells) Perfect to mix up that shade garden, Heuchera brings colorful foliage in a tidy mound, with upright stalks, packed full of tiny blooms in the summer. Oh, and the best part? They’re 25% off right now, along with all of our other perennials✨

Photos from Blooms's post 08/22/2022

Check out the fruit on this MilkyWay Dogwood! 🍓🌸This specific variety has prolific white flowers in spring that give way to bright red fruits in fall. These berries are totally safe to eat but look gorgeous left to decorate the foliage. We had a little taste test this morning, and while they’re not bad, they definitely look a little better than they taste😅 All of our Dogwoods are in full fruit but this one is definitely my favorite. Oh, and it’s 40% off!

Photos from Blooms's post 08/19/2022

Lots of great sales around here - inside and out!
Save 40% on all Trees, Shrubs and Grasses and 25% on all Perennials 🌼 In the gift shop, find 25% off marked fall & Halloween decor. 🍂🎃

Photos from Blooms's post 08/18/2022

Happy Houseplant Day! 🪴
Lots of goodies on todays delivery - Succulents in all shapes and sizes, a variety of Philodendrons, Marantas, Pothos and more!

Photos from Blooms's post 08/17/2022

We’ve had quite a few little visitors lately☺️🦋🐝

Photos from Blooms's post 08/15/2022

We still have so many gorgeous plants and want to help them find new homes in your yard and landscapes before the season ends! Starting today, save 40% on all Trees, Evergreens, Grasses and Shrubs (including hydrangeas) and 25% on all Perennials! 🌼

Photos from Blooms's post 08/12/2022

Last week, the Perennial Plant Association announced the 2023 perennial plant of the year;
🌼Rudbeckia ‘American Gold Rush’🌼 This Black Eyed Susan grows about 2ft tall x 3 ft wide and thrives in full sun or part shade. Bright yellow-gold flowers bloom July through September. With bountiful blooms, superior disease resistance and cold hardiness, it’s easy to see why this beauty was selected!

Photos from Blooms's post 08/09/2022

We had a great time today at the Cedar Rapids Day School planting succulents with the kiddos! We talked all about plants, what makes succulents unique and of course, named our new plant friends 🪴

Photos from Blooms's post 08/04/2022

With all the beautiful plants outside in the summer it’s easy to overlook the gift shop but, wow! It’s looking pretty great in here! 🤩 Our retail team does a phenomenal job of displaying and organizing all of our houseplants, home decor, art and gifts❤️


This week is set to be a hot one!🔥 Help your yard & garden beat the heat with a few tips:

1. Get out early in the morning and water your plants deeply. Avoid wetting the leaves or fruits of your plants as this can actually intensify the suns rays.
2. Move potted plants to more sheltered locations in the shade to help minimize heat stress.
3. Avoid mowing your lawn - longer grass helps shade the soil to retain more moisture. If you need to tame your yard, do it in the early morning or evening and be sure to raise the mower deck to keep the grass just a bit longer.


An exciting morning around here! One of our Green Team members, Clar, raised up some Monarch Butterflies this year from the Monarch Research Station (Monarch Research Project) and let us release a couple here in our courtyard! 🦋

Photos from Blooms's post 07/28/2022

Hey hey it’s ✨Houseplant Day!✨
Lots of great smaller houseplants this week! We restocked our selection of 2” succulents and cacti and received a variety of beauties in 4” and 6” pots. My favorite is definitely the variegated Ficus triangularis (1st pic)🪴💚

Photos from Blooms's post 07/27/2022

Thinking about replacing a lost tree or adding some color to your yard or landscape? Now is the perfect time! We’re continuing our sale through this next week. Save 40% on all trees, evergreens and shrubs🌳🌲🌸

(Sale excludes Hydrangeas. Warranty does not apply to sale items. Tree planting/delivery available but is not discounted - fee is based on original price of the tree)

Photos from Blooms's post 07/25/2022

Our Cherry Explosion Hydrangeas really have been 💥exploding💥 non-stop for the past month and don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. These vibrant little shrubs grow to about 3-4 ft tall/wide and are absolutely smothered in cheerful blooms from summer through fall. 🌸 Each flower cluster is outlined with a circle of big bright blooms while the center explodes in a profusion of tiny, light pink flowers. Cherry pink flowers transform to lavender-purple in acidic soil. 💜 Definitely one of my favorite varieties this year!

Photos from Blooms's post 07/22/2022

We love Monarchs! 🐛🦋 Here are a few things you can do to support the now endangered Migrating Monarch and help ensure these iconic pollinators are around for future generations to enjoy and adore.

🦋Plant Milkweed
- Milkweed is the single most important plant for Monarch caterpillars! With over 70 distinct species of Milkweed in the U.S., you’ve got options to make your Monarch oasis both beautiful and beneficial.
🦋Spray less
- Reduce or eliminate your use of chemical pesticides and herbicides. Instead, opt for organic or mechanical methods of control (weeding, handpicking pests etc)
🦋Plant other native flowers
-While the caterpillars feed exclusively on Milkweed, adult Monarchs need a variety of other nectar producing flowers and plants for food and shelter.
🦋Support and engage with ongoing conservation efforts by local organizations

More from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN):


Breaking News 😢🦋

BREAKING NEWS: Migratory monarch butterfly now Endangered, all surviving sturgeon species are now at risk of extinction. Today’s IUCN Red List update:

Photos from Blooms's post 07/20/2022

We have an extra special sale starting today!
🌳Save 40% on all Trees, Evergreens and Shrubs!🌲We are gearing up for some construction/repairs on our campus and need to make room. Sale is limited time only and will last until we’ve moved enough plants to facilitate the work.

*Sale excludes Hydrangeas. Warranty not applicable to sale items. Tree planting/delivery available but is not discounted - fee is based on original price of the tree*

Photos from Blooms's post 07/18/2022

Just some pretties from my morning stroll around the courtyard🥰🪴🌸🌳

Photos from Blooms's post 07/15/2022

Join us this weekend (Fri-Sun) for a pottery party and save 25% on all Deroma pottery! 🪴 We have gorgeous terracotta and lightweight resin pots in an array of sizes, styles and colors. Perfect for indoors and out!

Photos from Blooms's post 07/14/2022

This weeks houseplant delivery brought us lots of goodies! 🤩 A great variety of Pothos, Snake Plants, Succulents and more. But the real stars of the show are the carnivorous plants and the unique ‘Drop Tongue’ plant🪴

Photos from Blooms's post 07/12/2022

I posted about these a few weeks back but I just couldn’t resist sharing them again. 🌈 Rainbows End Dwarf Alberta Spruce is known for pushing a second flush of bright yellow growth in mid-summer and it seems that time is here. 🤩 I love how they’re lit up like little Christmas trees…Christmas in July anyone? 🎄


✨Flash Sale, this weekend only!!✨ 50% off Fruit Trees! Apples 🍎, Peaches 🍑, Cherries 🍒, Pears 🍐, and Plums all half price! Our trees are already laden with fruit and we want to get them home to your yard to enjoy for years to come. Sale runs Friday - Sunday

Photos from Blooms's post 07/07/2022

Our Hardy Hibiscus are blooming something crazy right now! These beauties put on quite the show and can make even the most mid-western backyard feel like a tropical paradise. I can practically taste the piña colada just looking at these giant blooms🌺🍹While they may look tropical, they are cold hardy and are perennial in our zone. Plant in full sun and enjoy for years to come🥰

Photos from Blooms's post 07/06/2022

EDIT: SOLD We have about 500 square ft of sod available. It’s nice & wet and looks great! It’ll likely only last a day or two sitting here before it starts to go downhill. Pick some up and get it into your yard today! $1.80/ft

Photos from Blooms's post 07/05/2022

Keeping cool? We’re doing our best to keep both our people & plants hydrated and happy in this miserable heat. ☀️🔥 This means lots of water, AC breaks and time in the shade. Because of the heat we will be closing a bit early today, so for now, enjoy some photos of a few of our heat-loving perennials and come see us before 5pm.


Wishing you and yours a safe and happy 4th of July! ❤️🤍💙

Photos from Blooms's post 07/03/2022

While you’re downtown celebrating this weekend, make sure to check out all the gorgeous planters! Our teams worked hard alongside the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance to make our downtown beautiful just in time for the 4th of July❤️🤍💙


Welcome to July! ☀️ Our new hours start today:
🌻Mon-Fri 9a-6p, Sat 9a-5p, Sun 11a-4p🌻
Celebrate the holiday weekend with us and find some great sales!

25% off Fruit Trees
25% off Shrubs
25% off Fountains
25% off Hanging Baskets
BOGO All Annuals and Veggies

Photos from Blooms's post 06/30/2022

Happy Houseplant Thursday! 🪴 Highlights from this week include a huge Monstera, bushy Rubber Trees, a giant Raven ZZ, a variety of hanging baskets and more Hoya Hindu Ropes🤩

Photos from Blooms's post 06/28/2022

Hydrangeas are not only a beloved summer blooming shrub but an extremely diverse group of plants. Although only 5-6 species are commonly grown in the U.S., there may be as many as 80 species worldwide! Because of this diversity, there is a Hydrangea for almost any garden. 🌸

We currently have around 36 different varieties on-site and almost all of them are in full bloom! Shades of blue, pink and white; tall and towering or short and sweet (& even climbers!); sun lovers and some made for shade. 🥰 Which one will you take home?

Photos from Blooms's post 06/27/2022

Time to play my favorite game “What’s blooming at Blooms?” where I walk around the courtyard to see what came into bloom over the weekend 🌸🌺🌼

Photos from Blooms's post 06/24/2022

Wishing a happy birthday to the man himself! 🎉This weekend we're celebrating with 20% off all trees and evergreens; cash and carry. Need a hand getting your tree home? Save 10% off the original price of the tree when you set up a delivery or planting. (Delivery/planting fees apply) 🌳🌲Help us wish Peter a happy birthday in the comments below! 😄

Photos from Blooms's post 06/22/2022

A few of our favorite perennials for 🦋🐝

Asclepias (Milkweed and Butterfly W**d)
Bee Balm


(Tuesday) : For the safety of both our staff and customers, we are closing early this afternoon due to the extreme heat. We will be here until 5 and then will be back tomorrow morning for (hopefully) some milder weather. Stay cool & stay safe!

Photos from Blooms's post 06/21/2022

Meet Summer Solstice Coneflower! ☀️🌻 What better day to get acquainted than the 1st day of summer?! Bright yellow rays (petals) mimick the sun, revolving around an orange center. Best in full sun, maturing just under 2ft tall. Its well-branching habit produces a high yield of blooms. The perfect addition to any sunny garden or enjoy indoors as a fresh or dried cut flower! 💛

Photos from Blooms's post 06/20/2022

It’s National Pollinator Week! 🐝🦋 In the next few days we will be showcasing some of our favorite pollinator plants but for now, I’ll let our little winged friends show you some of their favorite flowers.


Happy Father's Day to all the dads and father figures! Remember to tell your dad how much you love and appreciate him, today and everyday❤️

Photos from Blooms's post 06/17/2022

Starting today, hanging baskets are 25% off! We still have a selection of baskets for sun and shade. ☀️☁️ Also on sale: annuals, fruit trees and veggies/herbs!

Photos from Blooms's post 06/16/2022

Meet our tree of the week!🌲 Rainbow’s End Dwarf Alberta Spruce reaches 6ft tall with a spread of 2ft at the base. This adorable, textured evergreen is soft to the touch and easy on the eyes😍 Spring new growth emerges in lime green and is followed by a second flush of growth in Mid-Summer. This second flush grows in a bright lemon yellow, giving the tree a vibrant appearance not dissimilar to a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow🌈✨ In the photos you can see that summer growth just beginning to peak out.

Budding to BLOOMing


BLOOMS by BladeWorks/BLOOMS Garden Center • Nursery & Gift Shop began in 2017 as a basic retail area for annuals, perennials, roses, shrubs, trees and evergreens. With the success of that venture, we began to discuss the necessity of building a Gift Shop for pottery, plant care materials and home/garden décor. Construction for the new gift shop began in the fall of 2017. We also installed a greenhouse and a water-retention system to capture rain water from the gutters which collects in big barrels for watering plant materials.


In September of 1992 BladeWorks was born as a division of an existing Recruiting Firm, Employment, Head Hunting and Out Sourcing Company in Business since May of 1982. Over the years, we have provided the following services for commercial and residential property care: landscaping, lawn service, tree care, snow removal, and holiday lighting. As our business grew, we had many people stopping by asking if they could purchase more plants from BladeWorks. Myself, Peter Gasper, along with my son, Jeff, talked about the idea of beginning a retail business to provide the opportunity for their customers to purchase plant material.

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A little parking lot update! Looks like we’re putting the finishing touches on the grading. We had originally hoped to b...
An exciting morning around here! One of our Green Team members, Clar, raised up some Monarch Butterflies this year from ...
This weekend, find 25% off on fruit trees and annuals as well as Buy One Get One Free veggies and herbs! It's not too la...
And just like that, we are absolutely BURSTING with color! 🌼🌸🌺
This little corner in the gift shop is giving us all the good vibes✨🥰Our merchandising team worked hard this week puttin...
End of Summer Courtyard Tour


1440 Blairs Ferry Road
Marion, IA

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 6pm
Tuesday 9am - 6pm
Wednesday 9am - 6pm
Thursday 9am - 6pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm
Sunday 11am - 4pm

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