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I'm posting snippets of my characters from The Purple Door District in preparation for the release of book 3, A Game of Fae.


We meet Gladus in the first chapter of The Purple Door District book 1. She's a brilliant Black water magus and also the Violet Marshall of The Purple Door District. The Violet Marshall is responsible for helping to keep the peace between all the different parahumans (witches, magi, werebirds, werewolves, vampires, werecats, vampires, etc). And when things go wrong, she contacts Legion, the main governing body over parahumans. Her home has been turned into the central safe space for brand new parahumans in the Chicago area, identified by a special purple planter hanging in front of her door. The walls are filled with pictures of her ancestors, revealing the long line of magi and healers who flow through her family. While kind, warm, and welcoming, Gladus is also a force to be reckoned with when her community is in danger. She takes Bianca under her wing and teaches her what it means to be part of The Purple Door District community.

Follow Gladus’s journey in The Purple Door District, Book 1. Find it at erincasey.org, Swamp Fox Bookstore & Swamp Fox Kids , or amazon.com/author/erincaseyauthor. You can also join my kickstarter for the entire series which launches March 1st. See link in the comments.

Art by Oni Algarra at https://www.deviantart.com/onialgarra

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Following on from the success of Chasing Rainbows by D M Jones, Pegasus have now launched the sequel.
Thank you to our friends at West End Marion (West End Shops and Diner Community) for serving as a donation drop-off site for the holiday giving campaign! If you would like to make a difference consider buying books at Swamp Fox Bookstore & Swamp Fox Kids or bringing in $25 grocery gift cards, winter apparel or shelf stable food to make the holidays a little brighter for local families facing financial insecurity through the Marion Holiday Giving Project.
Only two weeks until our Small Business Saturday event! Join us on November 27th from 10am-2pm to shop local and support our Marion businesses! Here is a list of participating Uptown businesses. Where are you planning to shop?

• Antiques of Marion
• Bistro 3 Nineteen
• Connie's Quilts
• Culver's Garden Center & Greenhouse
• DKW Gallery & Studio & Coffee Bar
• Designs by Michele
• Di Moda Boutique.
• Frydae
• Giving Tree Theater
• The Grill Works
• Goldfinch Tap + Eatery
• Hawkeye V***r Marion
• Iowa Magic Shop
• Jewelry by Marcy Zeadow
• JOY, Women's Clothing & Accessories
• Lily and Rose Floral Studio
• The Marion Chocolate Shop
• Marion Historical Society & Marion Heritage Center
• MODE Boutique
• Noah's Archive Christian Books
• Philip's Diamond Shop
• Puddle Jumpers
• The Purple Wagon
• Roots In Bloom
• SCOUT of marion
• Staged Dwellings
• SugarMe
• Swamp Fox Bookstore & Swamp Fox Kids
• Uptown Coffee Company
• Uptown Snug
• West End Diner
Imagine Other Worlds with Authors Closing Remarks

Thank you everyone for joining us for The Writers' Rooms: Imagine Other Worlds with Authors 2021! Remember, we still have a few giveaways going on through Cedar Rapids Public Library, The Writers' Rooms, and our authors! Check out the spotlight videos/interviews. To participate in the drawing for CR Public Library and The Writers' Rooms, keep commenting on videos/panels/workshops to receive entry. We'll post winners by Monday, November 8th.

I.O.W.A. is hosted by both the Cedar Rapids Public Library and The Writers' Rooms. The Writers' Rooms is a non-profit corporation that focuses on providing a free, safe environment to all writers no matter their skill, gender, income, and race. All writers are welcome.

To learn more, visit thewritersrooms.org. I.O.W.A. is our big fundraising event for the year. If you would like to donate to The Writers' Rooms to help us provide more free content, sessions, and events like this to the community, you can donate at thewritersrooms.org/donate. We're on patreon, paypal, cashapp, ko-fi, t-spring, and more. You can also purchase our anthologies through amazon and our website. We have three out, written by our concierges and members of our community, and the next one, Writers of the Flame, is coming out in March 2022.

Swamp Fox Bookstore & Swamp Fox Kids also has a promotion going on. They're running a book fair until the end of today! If you buy books from their link, 15% will go back to The Writers' Rooms! You can help support an indie bookstore, a non-profit, and get a book! Check out: https://bookshop.org/shop/swampfoxbookstorebookfairs

Thank you for your generous support. We hope you had an amazing time this weekend!

Questions? E-mail us at [email protected].
The Writers' Rooms: Imagine Other Worlds with Authors is this weekend!

Join us November 6th and 7th from 10am-5pm to meet 15 authors, sit in on panels and workshops, and participate in giveaways! Everything is held on facebook.com/iaotherworlds.

Authors include: MLWilliamsbooks Erin Casey Kate Bateman Haley Rhoades Austin Van Lanen Alicia Dill Brian K Morris Heather Byrd Patricia Tiffany Morris Elaine Olson Charles K. Carter Beth Hudson Wheeler Gail Kittleson Parker O'Dwyer Amy Lee Lillard

Check out our Schedule, Giveaways, and the Swamp Fox Bookstore & Swamp Fox Kids Book Fair that's happening until November 7th! If you buy through their book fair, 15% goes back to The Writers' Rooms

We hope to see you there!
It's the perfect season for urban fantasy tales! If you're looking for a good book to bundle up with alongside tea and a blanket, then check out The Purple Door District series! Werebirds, vampires, magi, witches, werewolves, fae...what other creatures go bump in the night?

Learn more about The Purple Door District series and get your signed copies today at erincasey.org! If you want to support your local bookstore, then get your copies from Swamp Fox Bookstore & Swamp Fox Kids! Are you a kindle reader? Find it at amazon.com/author/erincaseyauthor
Join author Grady Hendrix and Swamp Fox Bookstore & Swamp Fox Kids in a virtual discussion of Grady's latest book, The Final Girl Support Groups! It's happening tonight, October 28th, at 7:30pm-8:30pm. Register at the link below to join!

It sounds like it's going to be an amazing event and a great way to both support our local bookstore and meet an awesome author!

Happy birthday The Purple Wagon! We are so excited for one year birthday bash here at the West End Shops!
To help celebrate bring your receipt from today’s purchase at the Purple Wagon and receive a 10% discount on your jewelry purchase!
Check out their page for great promotions, guest vendors and don’t forget to stop by Swamp Fox Bookstore & Swamp Fox Kids and Staged Dwellings for birthday specials as well!
Happy birthday Purple Wagon! We love having a neighbor as great as you!

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Save the date and join me and Swamp Fox Bookstore & Swamp Fox Kids for a virtual event on Sunday, September 19th at 1pm with Shiela Modir and Jeffery Kashou, authors of The Proudest Color.

Sheila Modir is a pediatric psychologist, and Jeffrey Kashou is a marriage and family therapist. As Middle Eastern Americans (Iranian and Palestinian) and as clinicians, they advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion and work toward promoting resilience in children.

To register for the event, head to swampfoxbookstore.com/proudestcolor
Hello, my new book is LEAVE THE LAMP ON (ISBN: 978-1649130501) which is the tale of my own grandparents. Dear old Grandpa abandoned the family to join the Army during World War I. It is set in Texas and Europe and tells the story of how cowardice can evolve into courage and how actions impact families for generations. Yet, it is not a beat down but rather a tale of humor and perseverance. I would appreciate your consideration. *** It can be ordered from Rosedog Books to insure your industry discount and is fully refundable.
Book 3, A Game of Fae, coming soon. You can get the first 2 books from Swamp Fox Bookstore & Swamp Fox Kids, erincasey.org, or on amazon.

Swamp Fox Bookstore is a small independent bookstore located in the Uptown Marion district in Marion

Operating as usual

Marion Uptown Market returns Saturday on new festival street 06/07/2022

Marion Uptown Market returns Saturday on new festival street

We know it's only Tuesday, but who is looking forward to the weekend?! So much happening in Uptown Marion. Stop by the Marion Uptown Market and then walk over to West End Marion. The Shops at West End will be open. Plus the Diner will be serving up food. And there'll be vendors in the pavilion!

Marion Uptown Market returns Saturday on new festival street Market will use space in City Square Park as well as the new Seventh A


Tell us why you read books.


And here's one more location you can find Waldo starting July 1, Marion Chamber of Commerce !

Marion business owners, we only have 6 spots remaining for our Find Waldo Local event starting July 1. It's free! Sign up at swampfoxbookstore.com/waldo


Our hours will be a bit different this week. Our Prima's Picks Book Clubs for Kids and Teens will shift to next week due to the change in our hours.


Waldo will be taking a trip out to Allen's Orchard on 10th Street in Marion. You can find him there starting July 1.

We have just SIX spots remaining for our Find Waldo Local event. If you own a Marion-based business, you can join us for FREE. Sign up at swampfoxbookstore.com/waldo.


Swamp Fox Bookstore & Swamp Fox Kids will be closed on Wednesday, June 1.


After looking for Waldo in over 20 locations around Marion, might we suggest a pick-me-up at our next Find Waldo Local partner, Trading Grounds ? You can find Waldo here starting in July.

Marion-based business owners, time is running (and space) is running out to join our Find Waldo Local event starting in July. Only 8 spots remain. Join today for FREE at swampfoxbookstore.com/waldo.


What beautiful jewelry will you and Waldo find at our next Find Waldo Local partner, Philip's Diamond Shop ? Starting in July, drop by and find Waldo here!

Marion-based business owners, we have room for EIGHT more businesses to join the Find Waldo Scavenger Hunt starting July 1. It's free to participate (we provide you with everything you need!). Sign up at swampfoxbookstore.com/waldo


There are so many that have changed our lives! Tell us one that changed yours.


Waldo will be looking for some unique gifts for the special people in his life at our next Find Waldo Local partner, SCOUT of marion . You can find Waldo here starting in July!

Do you own a Marion-based business? Join our free Find Waldo Local event in July by signing up today at swampfoxbookstore.com/waldo.


Prima’s here!!!


Join us tomorrow for our Prima's Picks Kickoff Party from 10 am to 2 pm. Prima the Alpaca will make an appearance between 10:30 am and Noon (weather permitting).

What is Prima's Picks? Prima's Picks is our summer reading program for kids, teens and adults. We are reading as many of the Iowa Children's Choice Award, Iowa Teen Award and Iowa High School Book Award books as we can and we want you to join us! Learn more at https://bit.ly/3ypJrWe


All that walking puts some wear and tear on the body! Waldo's making a stop at Athletico Physical Therapy - Marion to get a tune up. You can find Waldo here starting in July.

Do you own a Marion-based business and want to participate in our Find Waldo Local event in July? Sign up at https://bit.ly/3NStugl


Looking for a unique gift or plants? Stop by our latest Find Waldo Local partner, Blooms Garden Center & Gift Shop. You'll be able to find Waldo here starting in July!

Time is running in out for your Marion-based business to participate in the Find Waldo Local event starting July 1. We only have room for more EIGHT more businesses to join in on this free event. Sign up at swampfoxbookstore.com/waldo


Just a heads up, but we will not be open on Wednesday, May 25. Regular hours will resume on Thursday, May 26. Shop online today at swampfoxbookstore.com and if your item is in stock, you can pick it up on Thursday!


We hear the Waldo might be looking for a new outfit at our latest Find Waldo Local partner, JOY, Women's Clothing & Accessories ! You can find Waldo at this location start July 1.

Attention Marion business owners, time is running out to be a part of this fantastic FREE event. Sign up at https://bit.ly/3KCqnGE


We are so proud to be working with the United Way of Eastern Iowa, the Cedar Rapids Community School District and the Cedar Rapids Public Library this week to get books into the hands of kids as we head into summer!


We are excited to be partnering with Frett's Barber Shop for our Find Waldo Local event starting July 1.

Do you own a Marion business interested in participating in this free event? Sign up at https://bit.ly/3KCqnGE


Oh, that's a tough one! Could you do it?


We are excited to welcome Bouslog Insurance Corporation as one of our Find Waldo Local partners. You can find Waldo at their office starting July 1.

Marion business owners we would love to have you be a part of this event! It's free to participate. Sign up at https://bit.ly/3NStugl


Saturday, May 21st Limited Grab & Go Menu


It’s the weekend! Kick back with a coffee from @westend_marion and Malibu Rising - NOW OUT IN PAPERBACK. Taylor Jenkins Reid is one of @crazyblessedmess’s favorite authors.

Swamp Fox Bookstore to host Author Fair during the Marion Arts Festival - Little Village 05/19/2022

Swamp Fox Bookstore to host Author Fair during the Marion Arts Festival - Little Village

Swamp Fox Bookstore to host Author Fair during the Marion Arts Festival - Little Village On Saturday, May 21, City Square Park in Uptown Marion will be filled to bursting with artists and art fans for this edition of the Marion Arts Festival. The enterprising folks at Swamp Fox Bookstore, located just a couple of [...]Read More...


All the world's a stage and it has cozy seats at our next Find Waldo Local partner, Giving Tree Theater .

Do you own a Marion business? We would love to have you join the FREE Find Waldo Local event. It's free to participate. Sign up at swampfoxbookstore.com/waldo


This is a bookseller first for us! @terrimleblanc reviewed This Time Tomorrow by @emmastraub and the team at @riverheadbooks sent her a shelf talker with her review on it!

Stop by soon and chat with Terri about what’s so awesome about this new release!


Doors open at 6:00 pm for our event with local author, Nic Hartmann. We hope you can join us at Craft'd !


We will be opening a bit late today (5/18). Thank you for your patience!


Finding Waldo in 25 businesses around Marion may mean A LOT of walking. You'll want to drop by our Find Waldo Local partner, Brown's Shoe Fit Marion , for some assistance. Of course, you can Find Waldo there starting in July.

We are still welcoming business to join us for the Find Waldo Local event in July. Sign up at swampfoxbookstore.com/waldo


Where will be Waldo be hiding inside Hills Bank - 11th Street starting in July? We can't wait to find out.

We are still looking for more Marion-based businesses to hide Waldo for the month long Find Waldo Local Scavenger hunt. Your business can sign up for free on our website: https://bit.ly/3NStugl


Abandoning a book is hard! But if you aren't enjoying it, don't be afraid to put it down. It might not be the right time for you to read that book now. You can always try again another time!


We hope that Waldo will be found in the new location of our Final Waldo Local partner, Marion Public Library , starting in July.

If your Marion-based business would like to Find Waldo Local event, please sign up at swampfoxbookstore.com/waldo. It's FREE!


Hey, Amanda here!

What a fun day! Marion Chamber of Commerce and Uptown Marion District created a wonderful event, encouraging people to stop by local businesses. What an honor to be included, and we're so grateful that you, our community, showed up!

I loved seeing so many of you as you picked up your pins and decorated your totes, and we hope you'll keep coming back to visit our shop time and time again!

If you ran out of time today, don't fear! Just come see us with your Marion shoPIN tote this coming week and we'll keep handing out these awesome Swamp Fox Bookstore logo pins. Plus, you should probably treat yourself to a new read while you're at it! ;)

Much Love & Happy Reading!

*Totes can be purchased at the Uptown Marion Welcome Center for $5, while supplies last.


Today's the day for the Marion shoPIN event! Drop by the Marion Chamber of Commerce and grab your exclusive bag to display all the fun pins of local businesses.


Next Wednesday we are gathering at Craft'd with local author, Nic Hartmann, to learn more about his book, Northern Lights of Christ: Lessons on Faith from Above the Birch Line. Grab your copy today: https://bit.ly/3syMeJ1, and we'll bring it to the event for you.

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It's time to draw our Independent Bookstore Day giveaway winners!
An Evening with Catherine Schaff-Stump-A Conversation with Catherine Schaff-Stump-1
An Afternoon with Elizabeth Bunce-In Conversation with Elizabeth C. Bunce-1
An Afternoon with Adele Griffin-In Conversation with Adele Griffin-1
An Afternoon with Sheila Modir and Jeffrey Kashou-In Conversation with Sheila Modir and Jeffrey Kashou-1
An Evening with Heather Gudenkauf and Kimberly Stuart
An Evening with author Matthew Sullivan-Meet author Matthew Sullivan-1




809 6th Avenue #6
Marion, IA

Opening Hours

Wednesday 10am - 2pm
Thursday 10am - 2pm
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Saturday 10am - 2pm

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