Fire Ant Grill

Fire Ant Grill


Didn't know this page was still up until I ran across it again just now. Sad that the owner passed away, but happy someone was able to buy it and put a new restaurant in the building and keep a business here in Marble......🙂
Looks like the place has finally sold, and have seen some work going on around it the last few days. Is it going to be reopened as a restaurant, or as some other type of business?
Noticed that the real estate for sale sign is down and the boards have been taken off the windows - saw folks working on that Monday, I think. Has somebody bought the place, and will it be opened again as a restaurant? Inquiring minds want to know.... 🙂
Is it still closed? My caller ID showed that they called me today.
Saw that they have for sale on the sign out front now. Sad that the owner passed away before he could get it re-opened. Also sad to see a business here in the county and especially around Marble close down, but hopefully someone will buy it and reopen it as another good little local restaurant.🙂
I see the sign has changed and the windows are boarded up...are you closing for good?
Kevin's Dad came in yesterday to Cherokee Guns....Kevin passed away last week....good guy...we will miss him!!!
are you open july 2018
is it open weeknights in July 2018
What days are you open and hours. Seems every time we try to eat there you are closed.
Picked up lunch today and this place is amazing. Food was delicious! I ordered the Grilled chicken salad and it was so good!!
Enjoyed the Fire Ant Grill for the first time today, absolutely delicious. Can't wait to try breakfast when you start, looking forward to Eggs Benedict.

A little restaurant with a big bite. We pride ourselves in only using the freshest ingredients, and hand craft all menu items.

Operating as usual


For those wording if the Fire Ant Grill will be opening.
We will be opening at some time. I tried to open back in March, but the people that I hired did not show up. Also had some vandalism to the restaurant, that I have been waiting on to be repaired.


The Fire Ant Grill Be Closing down for the winter.
Will reopen in the spring.


We will close today at 11:00 for Christmas. And be back open Tuesday at 6 am. Thanks to everyone that made the first week of our breakfast buffet great.
We at the Fire Ant Grill wish everyone a safe and happy Holidays.
Like a lot of people I’m starting my Christmas shopping today.


The breakfast buffet is now open at The Fire Ant Grill, at 6:00 am.
Come in and try our scratch made buttermilk biscuits, Logan turnpike mill grits, thick cut bacon, spiral cut backed ham, Georgia Sausage, fried potatoes, and fresh French toast made from New Orleans Gambinos French bread.


Winter hours
Breakfast 6 to 11
Lunch 11 to 2


Starting Monday the Fire Ant Grill will be offering a breakfast buffet.
Home made buttermilk biscuits, bacon sausage gravy, Logan turnpike grits, and more.
Come in and Eat.


I’m Happy to say the Fire Ant Grill is OPEN.
We will now be serving Breakfast 7 to 11, and lunch 11 to 2.
Come in and try our house scratch made buttermilk biscuits, my homemade 2 hour bacon sausage gravy. ( it takes 2 hours to make it ). Spiral cut maple baked ham, roasted pork Loin, Andouille sausage, pork sausage biscuits.
And Our Logan turnpike grits.


I will be at the restaurant sat. 12 to 3 to talk to any one looking for work.


We will be closed till I am able to find reliable staff.
Looking for exp. line cook, server/hostess.
Would prefer someone who shows up for work, not stoned, drunk or steals would be a Big +


So sorry.. the Fire Ant Grill will be closed today, due to staff issues.

Looking for exp. kitchen staff and front of house.


Starting Friday at 4:00 we’ll have our first All U care to eat fried catfish night. Bone-in or fillet.


Open today


The Fire Ant Grill will remain closed a few more days for vacation. Be open back up soon with new menu items.

Thanks for your support.


We will be closed on Sunday for a short vacation, and our usual closed on Monday. Opened back up on Tuesday.


The Fire Ant Grill is looking for 1 or 2 reliable front of house servers. Apply in person. Closed sun/ mon.


Come in and try our Andouille sausage, grilled peppers and onion Po boy today


Sorry we will be closed today due to illness


Come in to the Fire Ant Grill and try my signature Po-Boy.
The Bon Secure boil.
If you like a Low country boil, you'll love this, fresh gulf shrimp, andouille sausage, corn, 2 cheeses, and a bunch of flavor. Served on our New Orleans Gambinos bread. Then pressed panini style.

Laissez le bon ton roulet.


The Fire Ant Grill will be closed Sunday & Or regular Monday to give us time to retool the kitchen for our new menu items.
Starting Tuesday

Some new items
Chicken & okra gumbo
Marble cheese steak Po-boy.


Open Sunday. 11:00 to 3:00
Come on in to The Fire Ant Grill, for A Good Bite.
The Catfish and Shrimp are waiting, for you to eat them.


Thank's to everyone on making our first day, with the fried shrimp and catfish great. More great things to come. I like to also thank my great staff that I have now. And with there help I'm now working on the menu items that I have planed all along.

Today we will be open 11:00 am to 8:00 or later
And Sunday we will be open 11:00 to 3:00 pm.
And closed Monday



First order of our catfish and shrimp platters on the way out. Comes with homemade fries, hush puppies, slaw.


Buttermilk Fried catfish and shrimp platters starting today. Come in and try some with our home made Remoulade, cocktail and the spicy Mardi Gras sauces.


Starting Friday,the Fire Ant Grill will now be serving Fried Catfish and Shrimp, with our homemade fries.


Fire Ant Grill will be open Sunday, 11:00 to 3:00 pm.


The Fire Ant Grill will problem be closed for most of the day if not all due to the fact of a new well head install. Sorry


Fire Ant Grill is open today and Monday.


Come try our new farm house burger! 1/2 pound burger topped with grilled onion, Gouda Cheese, Country ham, and fried egg!😋 the Fire Ant Grill would like to wish everyone safe travels this weekend. We look forward to seeing everyone in our hometown and hope to see lots of you at the Fire Ant Grill. We will be open all weekend, Saturday 11-8, Sunday 9-8, Monday 9-8. Depending on business we will be open later than 8pm. Come by today!😁


Sorry for the delay, The Fire Ant Grill will be open today, unexpected business always pops up at the wrong time.


Thanks for all the well wishes, Turned out to be a kidney stone. A someone that has always been able to take a lot amount of pain. That ( A LOT ofDIRTY WORDS ) HURT.....😩 will be closed today to finish business that I was not able to do on Friday.


The Fire Ant Grill will be closed today due to a personal medical emergency last night, and this am. I like to thank all the great staff at the hospital. The knocking me out until they found out what was causing all the pain. Will be back in top form on Monday, so we can enjoy out guest.


Our New Sloppy Boudreaux only at Fire Ant Grill!


New Grilled Chicken Club at the Fire Ant Grill!

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What goes great with the great food at the Fire Ant Grill?  The new AC. Bring a jacket.
Having a wonderful start to our Saturday! We would all like to thank you guys for all your support and patience as we ge...




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