Exit 9 Marketplace

Exit 9 Marketplace


Santa is in the house at Exit9marketpla ce
New set up.
Come check it o ut. Upstairs.
Thank you Ladies for helping me g et the new set up done.
We still have room friends. Bri ng a buddy and enjoy a nig ht out of the house!
Perfectly Imperfect Creations is set up at Ex it 9 Marketplace.
Come check it out
Still a few Halloween cards le ft!
Thank you for supporting The Arts!
Ex it 9 Marketplace, Marathon, NY
Hey y'all! It's the la st week to register your kids f or the Mini Car Painting at Ex it 9. We need early registrati on to ensure that we have enou gh cars made. Cars are a ll "Built By Nick", quality toys, a nd good for any age child.

See post er for details. We will ha ve all the paints, and brushes, a nd stencils so your driver can p ut a number on his/her car! Sna ck will be provided.
Did a reading here today wi th Jennifer! Highly recommended! 😍
Getting gesso on some canvasses f or our Mixed Media Art class tomorr ow night. Participants will be making a ll kinds of cool stuff! 6 to 8 PM. Contact the store for tickets.
Hmmmmm... what is this delightful pi le of oddities? Well, in the re al world, they are fondant tools, a nd cookie cutters, and straws, and bott le tops, and packaging to be recycl ed. But in Mixed Media A rt, these things are known as " Ma rk Makers". Want to play? Sign up f or our class at Exit 9 Marketpla ce. Wednesday September 1st. 6 to 8. We a re going to play with paper a nd paint and ink and stencils a nd these mark makers -- and ha ve SO MUCH FUN creating art o ut of it!
Come check out Exit 9 Marketpla ce for all of your Mother’s D ay gifts! We have everything you c an think of ! Handbags,flowers,jewelry etc.

Marketplace for Antique, Craft and Collectibl es over 20 Vendors. Shopping is availab le in person at 79 Cortland Stre et Marathon, NY 13803 and Shop onli ne @ Exit9market.com

It is a permanent vendor fa ir. You set up a booth wi th your inventory. Included in the re nt is a cashier who services a ll booths. At the end of t he month you receive a check f or your sales. All inventory is al so on our website. It can be order ed for pick up or shipped. T he cost of a monthly rental is $2/ square foot and 10% fees to cov er the cost of credit card fe es, employees, security, internet,

Operating as usual


Today is the last day to co me in and STEAL this trundle b ed! Marked down to $300. I’m he re until 5!

Photos from Exit 9 Marketplace's po st 12/31/2021

Less than 2 hours left in o ur Store Blowout auction. Pop on an pla ce a bid, you may just g et some great items for $2.00!!



It is sad to say b ut today is our last day op en at Exit 9. I am he re from 10am - 5pm. St op down and grab some goodies. I wou ld love to see our loyal custome rs and a few new faces.

Photos from Exit 9 Marketplace's po st 12/30/2021

Exit 9 Marketplace is still op en until the end of the we ek! Stop down between 10am a nd 5pm to shop.

In the meantime, do y ou need furniture? Do you ha ve a loved one looking for ext ra furniture? Check out our onli ne auction. Current bids are und er $5.00 and there is only 36 hou rs left. Many antiques, Harley Davids on parts, wall hangings, and so mu ch more. Follow the link to che ck it out. https://hibid.com/catalog/339377/store-blowout/


3 MORE DAYS!!! Stop in to sh op at Exit 9. Many vendo rs still offering HUGE discounts.

Eltim ar Designs is still 20% off!
Twin Cre ek Farm has 50% off his cl ay jars and many items deeply discounted.
Ex it 9 products are all 50% off.
PH pottery is 50%.

I am here 10am-5 pm today, tomorrow, and Friday.


We may be closing but the re are still many great “finds” he re at Exit 9 Marketplace! This sta nd is only $15.99. Stop down th is week. We are here from 10am-5 pm everyday.

Photos from Exit 9 Marketplace's po st 12/28/2021

Here are just a few ite ms that are currently up for b id on the Hi Bid Auction. Curre nt bids are $2.00!!!! Get on the re and grab them!


Timeline photos 12/27/2021

Go to hibid.com
Search by area co de 13803
Find Store Blowout
Bid, Bid, Bid

Photos from Exit 9 Marketplace's po st 12/22/2021

Don’t run out of wrapping pap er halfway through the task! We sti ll have all of your wrapping nee ds at 50% off! Open today unt il 5pm, and tomorrow 10am-5pm.


Last minute stocking stuffers. Tea’s, hon ey, and jams from Bad Apple Fa rm.


We have several varieties of the se gorgeous wall hangings. Stop by befo re Christmas Eve to grab one f or the hard to buy man in yo ur life.


We still have Cooper Hill Map le peanuts, granulated sugar, and 1 squee ze bottle of syrup! What do y ou think? Can we empty these shelv es folks? 😁

Photos from Exit 9 Marketplace's po st 12/21/2021

We still have a few tre ss and wreaths!


Doesn’t everyone need a new com fy blanket for Christmas? All of the se beauties are $10 and under!!! Co me see me today until 5pm


Here you go Gentleman. Can’t fi nd a unique gift for your wi fe? Stop down and grab her a Bern ie Bag! I promise you she wi ll love it!!!


3 left!!! Cooper Hill Maple h as discounted these gorgeous bottles of map le syrup! Come grab one before th ey are gone.

Photos from Exit 9 Marketplace's po st 12/19/2021

Beautiful hand crafted by Eltimar Desi gn handmade cards! $3.00 each! Just a f ew of the many designs available!

Photos from Exit 9 Marketplace's po st 12/19/2021

Good jeans Baking Company is havi ng a sale! Cheesecake is only $4. 00 a slice today! What! $2-$2.50 savings !!! So yummy too! 25% off everythi ng else!


Come check out our sales ! Up to 50% off!

Photos from Exit 9 Marketplace's po st 12/19/2021

Handmade Christmas decor by Eltimar Desi gn !

Photos from Exit 9 Marketplace's po st 12/19/2021

Last minute Christmas decor!

Photos from Exit 9 Marketplace's po st 12/19/2021

Only $15.99 your choice of fru it or gift basket! New hope Mil ls pancake syrup! Yumm!

Photos from Exit 9 Marketplace's po st 12/19/2021

Christmas items everywhere! Come pick up a qui ck last minute gift ! Only 5 shoppi ng days left!


Come visit me today! I’ ll be here all day! I kn ow y’all have missed me ♥️


It may be raining outside b ut we have it warm and toas ty inside Exit 9 Marketplace. Several vendo rs have marked down there items. We a re here until 5p.m.

PS. We sti ll have wreaths and Christmas trees!!!!!


Are you struggling with getting in to the Christmas spirit and can’t affo rd a Christmas tree? Inbox me f or details ! 5 Christmas trees availab le. Must be able to pick up in Marath on NY


Do you need wrapping paper? It ’s on sale here at Exit 9. $1. 25 per roll!!!!


Do you need wrapping paper? It ’s on sale here at Exit 9. $1. 25 per roll!!!!


Good morning from Exit 9 Marketpla ce 😁. We may be closi ng our doors but we are sti ll here until then for all of yo ur holiday needs. Have a sweet too th? We are fully stocked with Coop er Hill Maple cotton candy. Only $2. 00 each. Stop down today before 5 pm!

Photos from Exit 9 Marketplace's po st 12/15/2021

Fruit baskets available until the e nd of December! Only $15.99 great gi ft for those who have everything!


The store has do ne well and we love the peop le. I need to focus on o ne business and make that succeed. I am closi ng Exit 9 Marketplace, cutting my Dj even ts in half and no long offeri ng rentals.
All hands on deck for Fingerlak es Watercraft

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