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Professional Computer Repair, repair pc, desktop computers and laptop computers. Call to make your Computer Consultant, computer repair.

Repair broken screens, remove viruses, remove adware, replace broken dvd drives, upgrade memory and operating system when possible, repair broken iphone and ipad screens. We come on site so you don't have to remove your computer and take it to a shop.


Work from home office ideas was helpful,
Office desk,
Wireless keyboard, and mouse
Standing desktop
Office Chair
Room that serves as an office,
Office lighting
Office Deduction on your income tax.


We delivered food on Christmas 2021.


It seems we are hearing about more and more businesses being hacked. Why?
Because hacking has gone up during this pandemic. Most of us with small businesses have to really pay attention to training our employees.
Did you know 90% of the problem with hackers is the computer users, not the system?
The truth is, most hackers use social engineering, or basically trick the user into either giving them the information so they can hack into your system and steal your data or hold it for ransom.
I made this video to show you some basic steps to protect yourself and your business from hackers.
Watch the video (link in the comments) and let me know what your big takeaway is and if you're going to start using these tactics to protect your company.

Ransomware Attack - How to protect your company |Cyber Security Awareness 05/13/2021

Ransomware Attack - How to protect your company |Cyber Security Awareness
Thanks for watching!

Ransomware Attack - How to protect your company |Cyber Security Awareness Ransomeware Attack how to protect my company. This is another part of cyber awareness. We need to prepare for “war in the time of peace” while your system ...

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Regina D Reed 03/08/2021

Regina D Reed

I’m currently conducting research this week on how I can best support people with personal computers. If you’re open to it, I would really appreciate it if we could hop on a quick zoom call and I could ask you a few questions. Let me know either way! If not, no worries. Here's my link just in case just pick a day and time that’s good for you

Regina D Reed Welcome to my scheduling page. Please follow the instructions to add an event to my calendar.

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We need to talk...


Or what is parents biggest computer frustrations? Share below


Did this happen to you? Me too!


Am I right??


Is your computer slow?


Answer in the comments below.


Are you the family PC Tech during Covid-19? 11/02/2020

Regina D Reed

So I will tell you a little about me.
I started an onsite computer repair business in 2004. Right after my divorce. At the time I was working a 9-5 but I needed some extra income. I was trying to save my home. And I did! I'm also remarried to a wonderful man!

I was tired of taking my computer to repair shops that were overpriced and did not repair my system. Where some silly people used a lot of technical terms to explain the problem.
My niche is so broad that I'm not sure what to ask. I made a video, but I fell back into computer repair because....that's what I do.

Then I started thinking maybe there other women like me, who wanted to learn how to repair your own computers. And make extra money doing it.
If any of you would like to learn how to repair your own computer. And make some extra money.

I need your help. I was tired of being overcharged for basic things, I wanted to know more about the inside of my computer.

The computer really is quite simple when you know what everything does.
You actually feel strong and smart when you figure out what's wrong with one. I've actually built 3 from the ground up.

I’m conducting market research interviews I have 3 scheduled, but I know there's got to be others. My goal is to speak with 60 people. These discussions will last about 20 to 30 minutes.

Please schedule a time to talk with me here:
ICA 30minutes meetings
So we can discuss this more. Thank you so much! Welcome to my scheduling page. Please follow the instructions to add an event to my calendar.


Computer Help | PC Help

If you are using a PC and want to know more about it to have a basic understanding
about your system. Instead of guessing. Or if you know someone who wants to know more about their PC.
I need your help.

If your are feeling frustrated because you don’t know enough about your PC. If you are
really busy and your PC is really slow. Or you feel scared that it might crash or get a virus.

I would love to hear from you, It will take 20 or 30 minutes of your time I’ll ask some questions of you and you can ask some questions of me. We’ll have a great conversation.
I will not be selling anything on this call. I’m just trying to learn more about you and your computer needs.

PM me and so we can schedule a time to talk. And if you know someone who this would fit.

Please share this with them. We’ll get on the phone and have a conversation. Thank you so much!.

Feel like you’re struggling with your PC or you know some who is? Do you need computer or PC help? I need your help. If you are feeling frustrated because yo...


Phishing Scams How to Avoid phishing scams

Watch out for these scammers!

Phishing Scams | How to Avoid phishing scams ____________________ Phishing scams are on the rise because of Covid19 in the video I will give you ways to avoi...


Please don't fall for this. This is a SCAM!!! They are trying to get your password.


How much of your business data can you afford to lose? For me the answer is 0. I can back up your data in the cloud for a small monthly fee. And reinstall it to a new computer in minutes pm me for more information.


I’ve partnered with a company that will allow me to back up your data to the cloud. If you’re computer is attacked by Randsomware or crashes. I get put your information back on a new system in minutes instead of days.

Are you interested?


Because of the coronavirus, I'm not able to come onsite to work on your computer. I wanted to check on you and your data.
What if I could backup your data for you from home and keep it safe?🤔 Is that something you would be interested in?🤔


Because of the coronavirus, I'm not able to go onsite to repair your computers. So I wanted to check on you to make sure you are safe and make sure your personal and business data is safe.


Working from home? Need IT support? Pm me. I can help.


If you need help setting up your home office. I can answer your questions and login remotely. I charge by the hour.


I pray everyone is staying safe. If you need computer repair I can log on and do some work remotely. Just message me.


If you are still running Windows 7. It's time to upgrade to Windows 10. Microsoft will not support it, which means you will get viruses if you are online with it.


Working on a new project!!! I will share it with you very soon!


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Work from home office ideas was helpful,   Office desk, Wireless keyboard, and mouseStanding desktop LaptopOffice ChairR...
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