Countrywide Care Pet Transport Services

Countrywide Care Pet Transport Services


Time to update your journey. Where ya at?

A one-woman hauling service for all things furry, feathery and leathery. I'll transport your pet i Website will be up soon!


Dogs at work... 😁

"I work in a vet clinic and a few weeks ago there was a competition being run through one of our suppliers for “dogs at work”. My clinic ended up winning with this pic of my dogs and thought you all might enjoy 😁

My dog on the left is wearing “stray’s anatomy” scrubs, just to add to the overall look 😂 It’s a good day to save lives 🩺🐾"


Last night ran into major traffic slowdown because of a semi fire! There were signs about it like 10 miles earlier, and then cops stationed one and 2 miles prior. Ambulance in attendance makes me wonder if the driver got hurt. I couldn’t be angry that it put me further behind, because I was just hoping no one was seriously hurt, plus thankful it wasn’t me.


So awesome! Again animals being more ‘humane’ than many humans!

When a female squirrel finds another baby squirrel, she gives him food and makes sure that he is an orphan and has no mother or father, and after 3 days of investigation and actually making sure that he is without family, she takes him gently and feeds him and makes him familiar with living with her and her young as if he was one of her children
The female squirrel is unique in receiving her husband when he returns with food with kisses and wooing him in order to ease the fatigue of bringing food to her and her young.
The male squirrel always expresses his love for his female by giving her the most beautiful roses and the largest walnuts and almonds...
Mother Squirrel and Father Squirrel A wonderful family for the future of mankind depends on their activity:
Half of the seeds you store become new bushes in the forest.
Let's learn a little wisdom from the animal ❣️



A fisherman spotted her just east of the Faralon Islands (outside the Golden Gate) and radioed for help. Within a few hours, the rescue team arrived and determined that she was so badly off, the only way to save her was to dive in and untangle her…. a very dangerous proposition. One slap of the tail could kill a rescuer.
They worked for hours with curved knives and eventually freed her. When she was free, the divers say she swam in what seemed like joyous circles. She then came back to each and every diver, one at a time, nudged them, and pushed gently, thanking them. Some said it was the most incredibly beautiful experience of their lives.
The guy who cut the rope out of her mouth says her eye was following him the whole time, and he will never be the same.
May you be so fortunate to be surrounded by people who will help you get untangled from the things that are binding you.
And, may you always know the joy of giving and receiving gratitude 🙏


Moral of the story: when you know what you want, keep at it until you get it, even if those around you don’t understand!


I updated my profile on the Citizenshipper page (where I get a lot of my new clients).

Please tell me what you think!:

Hi there!

It can probably go without saying, that I LOVE animals. Yes more than people most times. But more important than that, I have many abilities and I have extensive experience, with MANY animals! That includes receiving an AAS degree in Horse Science! 🐎 BUT I've also had, and worked with, donkeys 🐴, goats 🐐, dogs 🐕, cats 🐈, ferrets 🦝, rabbits 🐇 & small rodents 🐁 ; and I have a fair amount of experience with birds 🦜 and reptiles 🐊 🪱 as well.

[I have received numerous awards 🏆 from showing the horses & dogs I trained. And I also train both species for other people (specializing in Service Dog training 🐕‍🦺), I consult on cat behavior issues; and I have even trained cows! 🐂]

I am a great driver 🚗, and have maintained a stellar driving record 🥇all my life. I canneven handle winter snow ❄️ and other difficult road conditions 🌪💨🌨🛣 because I grew up in Minnesota, on a farm, driving all kinds of vehicles, in all sorts of terrain! Of course I carry full insurance, including full coverage for my precious ‘cargo’! 😁

I am a certified pet first responder, having been certified by the American Red Cross in Pet First Aid and CPR.🚑. I also was certified as an EMT! I let my certification expire, but that training and knowledge is always a part of me.

I make a promise to provide to your pet (in order of priority):

1) Safety.
2) Comfort and Care.
3) Love and Affection.
4) Leash- and Crate-training done in a gentle, non-stressful way.
5) Getting your pet to you in good time.
6) Make a reasonable profit.

As you can see, your pet, and you, take priority even over my potential income! 💵

All pets will travel LEGALLY, in an approved airline-style crate, securely fastened! In the unlikely event of an accident your beloved pet will not go flying through the air OR get injured from haphazardly adjusted or inexpensive, poorly made harnesses (or worse, from not being restrained at all!)

I promise to treat your pet like royalty 🏰 ! I'll make sure it has a comfortable, clean and dry bed 🛏 , that is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected; is at a pleasant temperature 🌞 (there are separate climate controls for the cargo area, AND there is a thermostat in the cargo area that has a readout next to the driver’s seat); and always has access to cool, clear and clean water 💦💧 (only filtered/bottled water, no tap water, so the water is always the same from area to area; and there will be no digestive upsets). I will make sure to give it scheduled meals 🦴🥙 (provided by you, but I will provide food that is the HIGHEST quality if it’s needed); and to stop often for elimination needs, as well as for exercise and for psychological needs 🦮. In addition, I am experienced with administering medication (by mouth or injection) if your pet should require it.

Additionally you can, and will, receive these extra pet services:

1) Leash-train puppies (automatically performed).
2) Crate-train puppies or other dogs not familiar with crating (automatically performed).
3. Nails trimmed on cats and dogs (no charge!).
4) Light grooming (brush and comb-out) on cats and dogs (no charge!).
5) GPS locator attached to the pet in case of emergency (no additional charge, but only a limited number available).
6) Microchipping at cost (approximately $12). (Available soon!)

You can also track my progress with vehicle gps if you’d like to!!!

I aim to please my clients, so I invite you to check out my feedback. But also, if you accept my bid I can also give you the names and numbers of SEVERAL references that you can call or write for more information on me, on how I do business, and how I am with animals (Citizenshipper rules do not allow sharing of ANY contact information until after a bid is accepted and the Citizenshipper fee is paid, but PLEASE DO ask for it if you would like additional information on me). In the meantime feel free to ask anything you want that will help you feel more at ease with me, and with the process.

I would LOVE to be your transporter!


Photos from Countrywide Care Pet Transport Services's post 09/18/2022

Delivered this gorgeous, sweet boy to HOT, HOT Texas yesterday. Then got to cool off and clean up (and get much needed sleep) at a local motel thanks to the WONDERFUL clients! They are terrific people and got a wonderful pup to join their family, and hopefully I have new friends for life!

Currently I’m at one of the fantastic Oklahoma Welcome Centers, where they also have beautiful and spacious dog parks (separate ones for big and small dogs!). I don’t usually take client dogs in them without express permission, but Boone got a MUCH NEEDED chance to run and blow off a little energy. And Nessi (a Doberman I’m training) also got a chance to let loose.

I didn’t get any transports going north, so I just have the long trip to home now.


My beautiful mascot and traveling companion, Figaro!


Beautiful sky in eastern Nebraska tonight! I almost missed the red sun by the time I was able to pull off and park, but I got a little of it!

I’ve got to say, this is certainly one of the best parts of traveling and being out and about, but the VERY BEST part is all the wonderful people I get to meet! What a life!


Will be transporting around the Midwest, then to Texas, starting this Saturday! If anyone needs a pet transported shoot me a message and we’ll make a deal!


So frustrating when you do a job, and even though you have a signed contract the client doesn’t want to pay the bill! Uggghh!!

Photos from Countrywide Care Pet Transport Services's post 07/29/2022

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days!

My van (the new-to-me van!) went great for the first 25 days of my ‘countrywide’ route. But it started ‘skipping’, reving, and basically I was sure it was going to totally quit any time!

I tried and tried but every mechanic said it would be AT LEAST 3 weeks! No one would even put the computer doo-hickey on it! And I was in GEORGIA!

So it seemed to do ‘ok’ as long as I kept it under 52 mph. Yup, right lane on the interstate pi***ng everyone off! I made it from Georgia to Missouri to far eastern Wisconsin, then back to My place in southern central Minnesota. I even got sick and spent 3 MORE DAYS just sleeping at a truck stop near Milwaukee! I’m actually still sick. Getting really tired of this!

But, of course, I had another route on the books in a week! The news came back the van needs a new transmission! Ugh!

So I rented a vehicle (Nissan Rouge) and left Thursday afternoon, picked up a dog in Illinois Wednesday morning, then THESE TWO CUTIES, also in Illinois, on Thursday morning.

I delivered the Tervuren boy Thursday night near Glencoe, MN, and the other dog a couple hours later (1 am!!! Way up in Staples!!)

Then I got reorganized (in the Nissan), then got an hour and a half of sleep (the first sleep I had since I left Wednesday!) and headed for MSP Airport at 6 am with that mischievous Belgian Shepherd! Got in a plane, IN FIRST CLASS, to deliver her to her new mom at DFW airport by 2:30! That’s Dallas. TX.

Now I get to catch my breath a minute before getting on the plane going back to Minneapolis (in 3 hours). I’ll be back before midnight!

And the rental car has to be back by noon tomorrow. Well, I guess it’s exciting sometimes!

Photos from Countrywide Care Pet Transport Services's post 07/26/2022

Look at this cute guy! I’ll be bringing him to his new mom in Minnesota on Thursday!

Then on Friday I’ll get on a plane with his sister, to take her to her new mom in Texas!

Going to be some happy ladies the end of this week! 😀😀😀

Photos from Countrywide Care Pet Transport Services's post 07/03/2022


The next week and a half is going to be BUSY!

Photos from Countrywide Care Pet Transport Services's post 06/29/2022

The lonely road…..

Photos from Countrywide Care Pet Transport Services's post 06/27/2022

Spent the night last night in a cabin in the woods surrounded by white-capped mountains. And I do mean surrounded by the CAPS, the cabin was at almost 7,000 feet elevation!!!

Left with this REALLY SWEET Caucasian Shepherd puppy this morning. I met his 200 pound mom when I went out to my van in the middle of the night! That’s a big dog! Only saw his father on the porch, he’s 250 pounds!

When you live in bear country you have bears of dogs for protection! 😁😁😁

(Btw, after the temps in the 100’s in California and Nevada, the 40’s felt good! The dog breeder said frost was likely! And they can get snow 12 months of the year! Wow!)


$5.05 for gas!
After almost $8 in CA & NV it’s definitely welcome!


Just a quick post while at a gas and potty stop. I’m traveling on a road in CA I’ve never been on before. I didn’t realize the entrance to Yosemite National Park was off of this road. Last night I parked about 1/2 miles from one of the entrances! You can only imagine how beautiful this route is!!

I will be sharing more pics later, but, of course, they don’t do justice to the actual beauty.

I got luck and found one of the cheapest places in CA to get gas! Still was 5.99, but the last 2 places were 7.49 and 7.69! It’s on a reservation, and apparently that is the key. Another traveler saw where I was from and told me that.

Just 4 hours away from my destination, then headed for Montana!

My new motto options:

‘For the BEST pet care, make us your FIRST call!’

‘We give a hoot about your pets!’ (Hoot’s handler gave me a business card with his eyes and suggested I blow it up and use some sort of motto like that. It isn’t under copyright so he said it would be fine, and was really animated about me maybe doing something like that!)

‘Trust your pets with ‘Auntie Sue’ when they have to travel!’

‘Safety, comfort and GREAT CARE are our priorities!’

What do you think? Like any of them? Got anything better??

Photos from Countrywide Care Pet Transport Services's post 06/22/2022


No, I DID NOT go in there! And the OTHER door on this awesome ‘restroom’ was LOCKED! I’m a farm girl, I found other options, even in this barren landscape. I’d rather take a chance someone sees me with my pants down then go in something like that (and, believe me, I have ventured into some options in the past that would make your skin crawl, and your nose curl!).

OK, take Nevada OFF my list of states I want to return to. I’ll only go through it and to it as required for my business, and NOTHING ELSE! EVER!!!


Meet Hoot! The owl from Harry Potter! He has been in 124 films including ones with Robin Williams and Kevin Costner. They were at a Rest Stop in Utah waiting to meet the director. They are making a film with Kevin Costner in Yellowstone.

How awesome is this?!?!?

Photos from Countrywide Care Pet Transport Services's post 06/19/2022

Well, I’m just at the beginning of what is going to be another long one! Besides Boone (my Brittany. More about him in a later post), I’ve got an ‘escape artist’ Husky (I’m being SOOOO careful), and a CUTE little Poochon (I think that’s the spelling). On my way to Nevada and California, then returning by way of Montana before I head to Ohio, Massachusetts and Georgia!


DARN IT ANYWAY, THE VAN IS STILL ACTING UP! It always happens on the weekend! And, of course, I have a raging migraine, and no more migraine meds until I get home to the pharmacy. I really thought this was going to be a great vehicle for this!


If you ever wondered if angels walk this earth, I’m here to tell you THEY DO! And they often take human form!

So far on this route I have traveled 8,482 miles. And I’m still a long way from home! And, even though I had a COMPLETE CHECK UP on the van before I left, it was dying (completely died after I found a parking spot for the night).

But this gentleman, Dan, saw I was in trouble, and helped me out last night, and even more this morning! I can honestly say I would still be stranded if not for him.

BUT THE VAN IS RUNNING LIKE A CHAMP NOW! Going to be heading home after a quick stop to let the dogs cool off in a local creek, that the law enforcement told me about.

West Virginia, you came through for me!

Photos from Countrywide Care Pet Transport Services's post 06/01/2022



Have 4 deliveries to make in the next 2 days!

Photos from Countrywide Care Pet Transport Services's post 05/19/2022


It takes 3 google maps to show you my next route because I can only put 10 stops on each one!

I start Friday morning (May 20th), then do a ’short’ transport: Wisconsin to North Dakota. Then I have a pickup in Minneapolis and 2 in South Dakota, and I head west! After drop-offs and pickups in California, and surrounding area, I return to the Midwest only to go east! Stops include New York City, Massachusetts, and West Virginia. Then I head back home!

I’m planning on 2 weeks. Hopefully not more! But excited to be on the road again, and hope my new van, Prudence, will continue to take care of me; at least best better than her predecessor, Dana Jae, did! Lol

Hoping for cool weather (sorry, summer lovers). If anyone needs a transport along here let me know. I have LIMITED openings.


Countrywide Care Pet Transport Services

Heading WEST on Monday! Yay!
If you need a transport let me know!

Countrywide Care Pet Transport Services Send a message to learn more


Yup, this is how I felt on my last route! Uff da!!!!


Some clients can make this vocation….shall we say…er… challenging!

The job is not even finished and she’s yelling at me, making unreasonable demands! This sweet dog is rescued from war-torn Ukraine. When the original transporter made a mistake with delivery they could not even work is out because the client had a verbal fight with her and then refused to talk to her further!

I was mediator of a sort. I agreed to pick up the dog, from the foster home she was sent to, on Tuesday night. I said I couldn’t get there until late, it would likely be midnight. The foster mother was agreeable to that. On Tuesday I drove THIRTEEN HOURS through absolute POURING rain! I got there at 2 am! This woman was complaining, saying I had said midnight, so what was going on?!? Oh. My. GAWD!

Then she wanted me to transport the LARGE crate in addition to the dog! This despite my contract stating very clearly that I cannot haul additional items (ESPECIALLY A HUGE PLASTIC CRATE!). So I spent $40 for ratcheting tie-downs, and at 3 AM, IN THE POURING RAIN, I tried to get it attached on top of my van. I finally had to call her back and say I couldn’t get it. She was upset that she was not getting it and said she was now “out” that money as well. She asked what she should do. I told her it was the same size as mine, but in better shape, and asked if she would be interested in selling it to me for $50 (I would take $50 off of the final fee) and I would leave MINE there. I even told her I wouldn’t charge her the $40 I was out getting the tie-downs I had to get just for her. She was agreeable.

So at 4 am, TOTALLY SOAKED, I went looking for a place to sleep.

When she had said I had to pick up on Tuesday night, she also asked me when I could deliver her? I said I would deliver “on Friday”. She was agreeable to that. Over the next couple days, while sending the contract, etc, we discussed that I would be delivering her on Friday. She was glad that she would have her by the weekend. But I do have it stated VERY CLEARLY, in the contract, that the pickup and delivery times given are ESTIMATES; and that “there are no guarantees or promises made as to length of time necessary to complete the transport of your pet”. “The trip could potentially last 14 days…while this is rare.”

When I book a client, I do not discuss any other client pickup and deliveries (outside of that which may be pertinent to THEIR transport). Nor do I discuss any medical conditions or issues I may or may not have, if it does not affect how I care for their pet; or the quality of the care and comfort their pet is given. But I DO try to take all those things (and others) into consideration when planning estimated days and times.

So I am set to deliver A FULL DAY AHEAD of my estimate. When she pushed me last night for the TIME I would deliver tonight (Thursday), I said I was “aiming for 6 pm.” To which she said, “perfect!” However I needed some rest, so when I told her this morning that I would still be delivering tonight, but it would be 9-10 pm instead, instead of being happy that I was still ahead of schedule, she became totally unreasonable! It has only gone DOWNHILL.

Despite being told, both verbally and in writing, not to text or message me when I am driving (not only for my safety and the other drivers on the road, but also for the client’s beloved pets, I do not read or respond while driving. BUT SHE KEPT SENDING MESSAGES, asking where I am, asking when will I get there? Telling me NOT to treat a mattery, red eye the dog has (but also not to take her to a vet!). When I tried to ignore her to drive she became irate. When I took the time to stop and answer putting my delivery another 30-45 minutes later she became irate. When I messaged her with my actual business phone number (listed in Facebook, which I believe is how she located me) she had a total meltdown about “why are there 2 phone numbers?!”

And, of course, she is trying to destroy my reputation, and the reputation of this young business that I’m proud of, with the local people, breeders, etc, where she is (and who knows where else!), because she is only telling them half the story, and even then greatly distorting it!

Not sure of my next steps. I informed her of the dog’s eye within hours of my taking possession of her; keeping the client abreast of every move, potty, p**p, eating, drinking, etc! Still, it is ME who is in the wrong???? I feel I should contact a vet for the eye because it could potentially be something she brought in from Ukraine, and now has exposed my cat and dog to something. Of course, she says she DOES NOT GIVE PERMISSION for me to take her to a vet, and will not pay (even though that is in the contract also).

Now, I’m embarrassed to say, I’m not sure I have enough gas money to get through the night. I don’t charge up front like many transporters. Or even half. The money she paid me at delivery would get me home.

Also, she is affecting the transport of another pet tomorrow! And, of course, she is asking questions of professionals, and non-professionals, but giving them only part of the situation, and a very skewed part! So then she is spouting her new wisdom of why I am wrong, with their ‘backing’, even though those people are unaware they are misinformed.

In a quandary right now.

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Furry recovery team keeping me occupied while I get better!
Figaro loves watching out the windows, even we are stopped, and when we are moving!
I have a working vehicle! I'm back in the road. These guys were GREAT! RAY'S in Onozo (I'll double check that city). The...
I've got my charge for the trip back to Minnesota, but she doesn't trust me yet, and now it seems she just might make it...



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