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🚨 VENDOR ANNOUNCEMENT 🚨 We CAN’T WAIT to try treats from Bakefully Yours at the 2022 DMV Chocolate and Coffee Festival!! For those of us that love anything and everything sweet, but are trying to adhere to a wholesome diet, Bakefully Yours has the perfect creation for you! Every single one of their delicious items are grain free, soy free, dairy free, peanut free, and even gluten free! Perfect for allergy or dietary restrictions you may have. They have a variety of brittles, cookies, and even cakes that are all made with simple ingredients that together are so delicious! Come shop with them and so many more amazing small business vendors this November at the DMV Chocolate and Coffee Festival at the Dulles Expo Center!

Click the link in our bio to get your early purchase discounted tickets!! Get ready to sip, sample, and shop away!!
Placebos - pick your poison! If only they really worked! Some of my other faves - love the coconut brittle from Bakefully Yours from VA and Snacker Crackers from LA.
Enjoy the amazing day!
| Bakefully Yours
▪ Woman - Owned
▪ Handmade in Virginia
A local company with a beautiful mission, to make wholesome treats with care and quality.
▪ Paleo Friendly ▪ Vegan Friendly ▪ Gluten Free
I 🧡 their Mini Chocolate Chip 🍪 Cookies. 3 in the pack, only 7g of sugar for the serving size (yes for once the serving size is all 3!!!!)
As many of you know Sweets are my drug, and these I can have and feel satisfied that I have indulged without going overboard.
When I find goodness like this, I can't help but want to tell others about it, so GURL.. . that's what I'm doing!
Link : #
Supporting local businesses with our Made in Virginia Awards is a passion of ours. From popcorn to oysters, here are several winning makers from our Food category. Check out more in the link below.
Fred + Elliott Food Styling & Photography SousCasa / Cherrystone Aqua-Farms / Ayoba Foods / Gearharts Fine Chocolates / Bakefully Yours / Richlands Dairy & Creamery / Heavenly Kettle Corn Mrs. Marcy's Homemades / Foggy Mountain Pasta
Behind the scenes: Art Director Ann Harvey and Fred + Elliott Food Styling & Photography shoot Made in Virginia for the November issue!
Spearman Artisanry Dominion Tea TELLiT essential oil and fragrance candles Calluna Bakefully Yours
Good morning! We are introducing a new Virginia food company, Bakefully Yours to our line up of wonderful gourmet food and beverage selections. Sarah Seligman, owner is proud to be a Certified Woman Owned Company that operates in a 100% Gluten Free Facility. Their mission is simple, "just like our products and ingredients, and the foundation of how we operate: to provide wholesome treats with the utmost care and quality."

They make and package everything by hand, focusing on high quality and dedication to make the best treats for you.


"Here at Bakefully Yours, we want our products to help you live more fully and to provide delicious, high-quality gluten-free, paleo, and vegan desserts, in hopes of providing sweets for everyone- no matter what allergy restrictions one may have. We believe everyone should enjoy a homemade dessert. Since 2016, Bakefully Yours strives to bake healthier treats that do not lack quality or taste. Thank you for living fully with Bakefully!"
Your Fellow Sweet Tooth Supporter - Sarah - Founder
Bakefully Yours Virginias Finest Virginia Specialty Food Association Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Very excited for the BOGO coupon for Coconut Bliss dairy free ice cream. I can eat dairy, but their flavors are so ood, and all gluten free! Even the flavors with cookie dough and other baked goods.
Intrigued about he Abilyn's Frozen Bakery. I've never heard of them or seen them in stores in Michigan. Coupon says they are available at Whole Foods.

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We work to find the absolute best in local products AND offer healthy choices ... Bakefully Yours is our newest addition and we are so excited for you to try them! and so much more but most importantly DELICIOUS 🤤
VDACS’ Virginia’s Finest program developed a virtual trade show series to connect specialty food and beverage products with grocery and retail buyers. Seven Virginia’s Finest companies featured products in the “Sweets & Snacks” category to US buyers and international trade reps. Check out these great Virginia products and companies!
Bakefully Yours

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Read the Press Release here:
New!! Bakefully Yours sweets, in stock today!
Cookies, brownies, coconut brittle and chai spice cakes!!
These are handmade, small batch in Manassas, VA...paleo, vegan, gluten-free, peanut-free, soy-free and delicious 😋

I found you on the FedEx small business grant page and voted for you! Can't wait to try your stuff!

This is just one of our fresh bread and baked goods tables full of homemade treats! Choose from items baked from scratch in the GFG deli, as well as local bakers like Bakefully Yours, Salt N Cinnamom micro bakery and much MORE! Come treat yourself 😋
We LOVE Bakefully Yours they are women owned and based in the DC area. Specializing in Gluten free, grain free, vegan treats, and more. They ship NATIONWIDE. use code 25 at checkout for 25% off. Order here:

Sweets for Everyone. Offering Gluten-free, Paleo, and Vegan desserts.


The biggest wedding cake I’ve made to date 😳 serves ~130 people. The best part is: the cake is AND When the bride has celiacs disease…it makes it 100 times worth it to be able to provide a wedding cake for her!


Another birthday cake order has left the building 🚗💨 a completely vanilla cake with lemon frosting 😋 Contact us for your cake needs!


So honored to create this wedding cake for an out of town couple getting married in Culpeper! Completely vegan, gluten-free, and grain-free lemon and vanilla cake. Yum! Love the natural look!


Always a sweet moment when we walk into and our stock is low. So many amazing customers at Ellwoods that continue to support us, and it’s the best feeling in the world 🤍 loving the new “local” section there too!

Photos from Bakefully Yours's post 04/06/2022

Transformation 2022 👉🏼2017 🤯 successful Virginia Food & Beverage Expo. Met a lot of amazing grocery buyers and store managers and saw ones we currently work with and to reconnect in person was amazing, as it’s typically communication via email or phone calls. Love this community and to see how far this company has come. Yes we have a long way to go but it’s been an incredible journey so far!


BRB 😭 Because we are now selling our products starting this weekend! Our brownies and coconut brittle pair quite well with wine and even some cheeses. at the winery.


Just a little reminder!


Have we mentioned we have the best customers?! We appreciate the support more than you know! 🙌🏼


We are 2 weeks away from the Virginia Food and Beverage Expo in Richmond! Courtney and I will be there passing out samples. And throwback to 2017? (I think) at an event in DC (crazy how the packaging has changed!). Courtney has helped me at events since Day 1 and not as an employee but as a friend who volunteers to help out because she’s awesome!
It truly does take a village to run a small business, and I might be biased…but my village is one of the best!


Which Brownie do you prefer: the edge pieces or the center pieces?


We’ve received some questions about how to open our cookie containers. So let’s do a demo! There’s a crease/tab on the label on the side of the container. Starting with the tab, pull off the sticker completely and pop open the container to access the cookies. Or…some people just use scissors to cut the label off 🤷🏻‍♀️

Photos from Bakefully Yours's post 02/20/2022

Thank you so much for the invite this weekend Blown away by how many incredible people I got to meet. Definitely inspirational seeing so many people dedicating their lives to the bodybuilding world with so much discipline and consistency and showing up each day giving it their all. Love connecting with others who want to better themselves and the community around them. Shoutout to for connecting us through


So excited to have our cookies on the new app! Healthy meals with no delivery fees or surcharges…they’re now delivering in Northern Virginia! Downloading the app is free and so easy to use! Grateful to be a part of this launch to NoVa.


So excited to be a part of this bodybuilding event this Saturday in Ashburn….bodybuilders and vegan treats…can’t wait to be slinging samples and meeting everyone!

Meet our guests! Many of you already know who they are ! 9 days out! .events

1. Daraja Hill - IFBBPRO Bikini x 2 Olympian ✅
2. Laurali Chapados IFBBPRO Bikini x 2 Olympian
3. Andrea Shawn Woman BB Pro x 2 Miss Olympia
4. Julia Waring - Figure Pro x 3 Olympian
5. Lorena Raguza Wellness Pro x Olympian 2021.
6. Stan Sarmiento Men’s Physique x Olympian 2021
7. Big Bundy ( Jeff) IFBBPRO Bodybuilding
8. Lenny Wicks .fit - Classic Physique IFBBPRO x 2022 Olympian.

I addition we have 20 top elite judges local, national, international level lead by Mid Atlantic Zone chairman, show promoter and Olympia judge
All information is in my bio. Link to registration included.


My cousin sent me this photo today saying this photo was taken 5 years ago. And just letting that sink in….almost 6 years into this business and literally starting it from the bottom with one tray of cookies at a farmers market. This photo reminds me that it literally takes a freakin village to support a small business. And my community has been with me since day one. My friends and family who have purchased product from me to moving the bakery to a new kitchen at 10pm on a Friday night (yes, we have moved into 5 different kitchens in the last 5 years due to growth 🤯). It just blows me away to see how far this bakery has come and can’t wait to see what the next 5 years brings! Thank you to each and everyone of you for supporting our team and following along on this journey 🤍


New sign up at the B|Y headquarters. 🙌🏼 While we always try to follow these Core Values in our business, I don’t think it ever hurts to have it up as a reminder for current and future employees, customers, and retailers. These values are the backbone of our company. I didn’t have them written down 5 years ago when I started, but I showed these values through my actions, even with my first tray of cookies at the farmers market in 2017 when it was 5 degrees 😅. And I strive to uphold these values every day because that’s what makes a company great. And I look for these values in each person that joins our team. Because it’s so damn worth it.


So many sample cups! 😅 Gearing up for our next trade show in March 🙌🏼 This one will be extra special as it was cancelled back in 2020, and we have been waiting 4 years for it. Richmond folks, we can’t wait to be there soon! Get ready for all of the samples 🍪


We are so excited to announce that the Snickerdoodle cookies and small packs of brittle and mini cookies are launching across the East Coast next week through our distributor! 🙌🏼 so excited to see the snickerdoodles take off and become everyone’s new favorite cookie. Get ready East Coast! We comin’ 💪🏼



180 cookie packs. P**f. Gone. Distributor picked them up for several retailers along the East Coast. We have been cranking out so much product for you all. And while we are so so grateful, the supply chain has been kicking our butts to get more ingredients for orders. Almond flour is unfortunately on the other side of the country….So if you place an online order, please be patient as we are trying our best to fulfill online and retailer orders. 🙏🏼🤍


If only cutting and packaging brownies actually went this quickly 😂 but the custom metal brownie cutter makes the process a whole lot faster!

Paleo and vegan-friendly treats - Bakefully Yours 01/20/2022

So cool to be featured on the GoSolo website! Want to know a little behind the scenes of how the bakery started? Check out this interview on GoSolo.

Paleo and vegan-friendly treats - Bakefully Yours Bakefully Yours is an allergy-friendly bakery, providing paleo and vegan-friendly treats to retailers and individual customers nationwide.


So many orders going out to customers across the East Coast 🙏🏼😭 People always ask if it’s worth it to invest all of this time and money into this business…and we do it because of this right here. Because all of these products are going to customers who look forward to eating the cookie or brownie. Customers who may have food allergies. And knowing we’re making a small difference, one box at a time, makes it 100% worth it….almost 6 years later.


Our favorite cookie 😍 the “pillowy” Snickerdoodle. Our customers’ new favorite. Sweetened with Organic Maple Syrup and Monk Fruit. Completely Paleo and Vegan.


After 4 months of waiting for our Coconut Brittle bags to arrive….they finally came!!! All 10,000 of them! And I may have hugged each container 😅 because I’m so damn excited. You guys…the supply chain struggle is REAL, especially for us “little, small business people”. So so grateful to have our beautiful bags back in stock. How ironic that they came right after our busy holiday season. But nonetheless, they are back! 🙌🏼


Out of all the amazing reviews we’ve received for over 5 years, this takes the cake (or brittle in this case)…. “Does Not Suck” 😂 Too good not to share with you all!


I promised the team a Christmas/New Years get together because they freakin deserve it. Such a fun night. This group of people right here. Employees, turned, friends, turned family. They are what keep this company going every week. And I wouldn’t be here today without them. They are the best!!



Let’s do a little comparison. See’s Candies Peanut Brittle vs Our Coconut Brittle. Which one would you choose?


When we say our brittle is handmade 😏💪🏼 and the awesome women making it every week 🙌🏼 Handmade. Small Batch. A lot of work goes into each batch we make. Definitely not easy but who wants to take the boring route….it’s not as fun!

Photos from Bakefully Yours's post 01/03/2022

Today has been the Monday-est of Mondays…but there’s plenty of cookies going out this week which makes us so freakin happy!!


These messages make me 🥺 truly means the most 🙏🏼 also, we’re running our BIGGEST SALE of the year now to New Years. 25% off everything + free shipping! Use code 2021 at checkout. We ship nationwide 🙌🏼


Merry Christmas! Thank you to every single one of you who purchased product this past month for the holiday season….you know who you are! We were blown away by the online orders and are so so grateful for the support. We hope you and yours has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Sarah + The Bakefully Team



These 3 ladies right here. Wow. Where to start. These ladies are my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th brains to keep this business running as smoothly as possible. They bake and package every single product. Every single week. The past 2 years of the business have been the hardest, most stressful years I have ever had to endure, and they have been by my side helping me through all of it. They really should start charging me for therapy sessions at this point. 😅 While yes, I am the owner of this company, these 3 ladies right here are the backbone and the team of this business. And I couldn’t do it without them. It truly does take a village to run a business, and knowing I can trust them to run the bakery is priceless. It truly is so hard to find people you can trust to work for you. Plus we laugh our asses off every single day, and what more could you ask for?


Thank you so much Jamie for the kind words!! Sarah created this company in 2016 because she herself was tired of spending $$$ on healthy treats that tasted terrible. A few *cough* LOTS of trial and error and here we are 5 years later. We are here to serve you all with the highest quality and best tasting paleo and vegan-friendly treats! 💜 P.S. - this is a review from someone in Pennsylvania…our products are sold in Pennsylvania 🤯 You guys, our products are reaching so many people, and it makes us SO happy!


What’d you do all day? Oh, just played with brownie batter. 😏 we smell like batter 24/7, and there’s no better smell. We joke all the time that we could be dealing with a lot worse smells. Brownie batter is not one of them. Praise be.


Cookie Pizza Decorating Kits are still live on the website! Through the end of the year. Comes with a 10 inch pizza, frosting, and sprinkles.


Customers are starting to receive our gingerbread kits. 🙌🏼 This kid is ready to dig in! Too cute

Nom nom nom 🤤 Just arrived from


Wow, wow, wow! I’m not even sure how many times UPS has come to pick up orders this week, but we are so floored by how many people purchased product from us from Black Friday and small business Saturday. Absolutely blown away by the support and having the best customers. Even customers from Kentucky, Arizona, Florida, Texas…I mean, what?! 🤯 THANK YOU 🤍


When the Coconut Brittle becomes addicting…..😏


✨Small Business Saturday!! ✨Gingerbread DIY kits and Cookie Pizza Kits are now live and on sale!! All DIY kits and our Holiday Gift Boxes are all $5 off today and tomorrow. Plus any order placed through the weekend will receive a FREE pack of our mini chocolate chip cookies! No coupon needed. And thank you to everyone who has and continues to support our We are grateful for each purchase throughout the years, and thank you for being here and following along on our journey. You all are the best! 🤍

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Monday 11am - 4pm
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