Paint the Stars Art Therapy, LLC

Helping kids and teens through creativity and psychotherapy! Now serving two locations; Manalapan and Ocean Township!

Paint The Stars is devoted to helping children and adolescents through the use of art and play as well as traditional counseling methods.

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Check out what’s coming…
Something for the girls and something for the boys
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Local Missing Teen:


Today is and YOU can take action in support of your own mental health or to help others!
Did you know that a variety of services are available to you both in and out of network with insurance? In person or online? Via traditional or creative therapy outlets? YES YES YES

Did you also know that just by checking in on a loved one or friend you are taking action and helping their mental wellbeing?
Want to check in on someone?
Try these:
🖤Hey, I was thinking about you. How are you feeling today?
🖤I saw you in class but you seemed off, everything ok?
🖤I’m here if you ever need to talk or if you just want someone to listen.

Take care of yourself. Take care of others. Just take care…


A mother is someone who sacrifices anything for the well-being of another.
A mother may have forgotten to take care of herself today or this week or this month…but she knows she needs to.
A mother is behind scenes, constantly thinking and working and doing.
A mother is someone riddled with anxiety because when they took on the responsibility of a child they took on any anxieties that could impact that child. (They’re nodding their heads right now.)

A mother might be a grandmother, an aunt, a sister, a step mom, a woman who could not have a child of her own, a woman grieving loss, a woman awaiting a due date, a father without help, a single mama, a working mom, a stay at home mom…
A mother is everything for someone; a teacher, a caretaker, a nurse, a chef, a therapist, a lawyer, a hug, a kiss, a goodnight story, a driver, a million things at once.
And they’d do it all over and over again for the happiness of someone else.
Happy Mother’s Day to all of the different mamas out there making a difference every day.
🫡 🫡🫡

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For the teachers…
My most inspiring year was fourth grade with Mrs Gronski. She always encourages creativity in EVERYTHING we did. I never forgot that. 🫶🏼


Our playroom has a new and exciting tool! An affirmation tool to be exact. Positive affirmations are one of our favorite tools to use as a way to improve self esteem with kids. Check out this incredible kit from The Mindset Tapestry. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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A night we will never forget!


Gather ‘round for a story kids…
In 2011 I contemplated starting my own practice. Needless to say ever since grad school this had been a dream of mine. But a dream that seemed very far out into the future. But in 2011, I confided in my husband and together we agreed this was a good time to make the jump.
As a therapist, I was frustrated working for larger facilities that allowed insurance to dictate care of clients. It didn’t sit right with me. I wanted my own space to determine how long I could see a client, what type of care I can offer and more in the hopes that I could really help people. And so Paint the Stars, my first baby, was born.
Fast forward… within five years I was adding some amazing therapists to my team, leading us to become a group practice. And the growth continued. Year after year, the demand for therapy grew and so did we. And now we are a busy practice, in three locations, with 12 therapists. This alone is all the validation I needed as a therapist but tonight the amazing honored myself and Paint the Stars with this humbling yet beautiful award. I share this award, 💯, with each incredible therapist, office manager, and every family we’ve seen that has been a part of our Paint the Stars journey. This could not be possible without all of you.
Grateful is such an understatement.

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Come say hi to us tomorrow!


Working through anxieties that are the result of trauma require patience and understanding that those wounds take time to heal.
But unfortunately, a person‘s life cannot stop moving forward simply because they have anxiety today, right now. In this session, We are working on gearing up for a special event that does trigger a good amount of anxiety, but this person knows that they do not want to miss that special event. They don’t want their anxiety to win!
Anyone out there working through anxiety should know and understand that the more you AVOID the bigger your anxiety gets.


Moms? Don’t you love it when someone tells you this? Gee, thanks for the stellar advice! But if it was that easy we’d all be sleeping well and not yelling at our kids 😂😂😂


Hey NY! We’ve got you covered…
Reach out today!

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Please join us in celebrating!!


The eARTh without ART is just eh 🌎 🎨
📷 credit unknown.


You see a mess.

You see paint.
You see glitter.
You see glue.
You see piles and piles of stuff.

We see confidence.
We see happiness.
We see overcoming obstacles.
We see pushing through fear.
We see learning.
We see progress.

We see therapy IN progress.

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So honored and excited to share this!
Grab a ticket and come!!!

Adult tickets:

Student free tickets:


Did you know???
🌎 🎨 🌍
We are happy and proud to celebrate all art! Whether your art is through movement or words, song or sound, drawing or painting… do not stop utilizing your creativity and celebrating all that ART can bring you!
Here at Paint the Stars, we believe in art as a healing modality, a way to communicate, a means of expression. The ability to tap into a resource EVERYONE has inside of them, even if you aren’t an artist! We know how powerful creating any form of art can be and so please celebrate today with us!


It’s National Counseling Awareness month!
This is great time to remind EVERYONE that help is out there. You are never alone and you don’t have to feel alone. If you haven’t found the right help yet, keep looking! There are millions of counselors and therapists and helpers out there just waiting to meet you and offer whatever help they can.

We are so blessed to have the team that we have and please know each one of our trained therapists are happy to not only help you but to assist you in finding the best fit therapist if we are not it! Most, if not all, therapists and counselors know that referring a client somewhere that is a better fit can save lives.

Hooray for counselors everywhere that are working to help people of all ages and backgrounds heal and feel the best that they can!


As an Art Therapist, sometimes we witness the patience that Art can provide. The time that a client takes to think and explore a piece, changing with it over time. This piece was started by someone who was 14, young and anxious,coping with new life transitions. The art, as they explained, helped them feel calmer so they were able to talk about and work through their anxiety.

This was created, by hand and from scratch, over two years in which this client and I got to know each other; they shared so much, overcame many obstacles. Of course, over two years, their anxiety changed and shifted. Their art piece remained the constant. Only changing when they wanted to change it, only adding to it when the moment felt right.

Two years later, this client is in a much different place, mentally and emotionally. This piece, which has been a staple for many to look at and admire in my office, finally went home. While this client and I continue to navigate life’s adventures together, this art adventure now feels complete.


Adults only
Immediate Daytime availability
30,45,60 min sessions
In person AND virtual options


BIG feelings are no !
But these five tips/strategies can help you keep your cool, communicate more clearly and problem solve.
Share this with someone who could use some help managing big emotions 🤚🏼 Adults, teens and children!


MOM Motivation Monday:
Moms… we are so hard on ourselves.
We want to do everything. Something within us tells us we NEED to do everything.
But we are just one person.
One person with a very long to-do list.
Every day the list seems to get longer but the more you try to do and the more you take on the longer it seems to get still!
Break the cycle.
Ask for help.
Eliminate tasks that you DO NOT need to do.
This is your motivation to stop trying to do it all! If it feels like too much it’s because it is too much.


Licensed Professional Counselor and Board Certified Art Therapist Robyn Spodek Schindler recently shared about her experiences integrating art therapy into counseling and what almost two decades of working with children and adolescents has taught her about this important work.


This was SUCH a fun experience! Thank you for this feature and for taking the time to get to know me and what I do (BECAUSE I LOVE WHAT I DO SO FREAKING MUCH!!!!) I hope others can take something away from these deep, thoughtful questions that I was asked. Humbled. Thankful. Grateful always.
🔗 in Bio

Meet Robyn Schindler 03/21/2024

This was so fun to do! Thanks CanvasRebel for taking the time to get to know me and my practice!

Meet Robyn Schindler We were lucky to catch up with Robyn Schindler recently and have shared our conversation below. Robyn, looking forward to hearing all of your stories today. Can you open up about a risk you’ve taken – what it was like taking that risk, why you took the risk and how it turned out? Once upon a

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Stop using grandma and grandpa’s feelings as an excuse and do what is best for your child! Happy holidays! 😂
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Two things for parents to start today!
“I release all things that no longer work for me…”



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