We are the only provider of 1 00% repurposed glass. It becomes sand a nd gravel, and can be substituted in pla ce of virgin materials for those goi ng green!

We are the only provider of sa nd and gravel made from 100% repurpos ed glass in Metro New York. O ur products are wholly Sustainable and Gre en. They are perfect substitutions for tradition al sand and gravel in any proje ct.

Operating as usual


We're proud to announce that we pick ed up two Medals at Uncorked N ew York!

Greening LI's Restaurants One Glass at a Ti me | Long Island Pulse Magazine 08/12/2015

Greening LI's Restaurants One Glass at a Ti me | Long Island Pulse Magazine

Thank you Long Island Pulse Magazi ne for your support! See wh at we are doing to help Lo ng Island, NY go Green!

Greening LI's Restaurants One Glass at a Ti me | Long Island Pulse Magazine Local entrepreneur founds glass-recycling business

Untitled album 05/13/2015

We are proud to say th at we are now an official Endors er of the @EPA WasteWise program! Wi th their support, and YOURS, we c an help make New York greener, o ne glass at a time!

Timeline photos 04/16/2015

Congratulations @applebees of Valley Stream f or over 2 Tons of gla ss so far. Lots of ep it up!!

Timeline photos 01/18/2015

On this miserable day...have something th at reminds you of the warm da ys ahead!

Timeline photos 01/14/2015

Hangin @refuge515 for some drinks! newe st great spot...make sure to stop in a nd enjoy!!

Timeline photos 01/09/2015

Freezing out you say? Won 't stop us from all t he great wine and spirits drin ks!

Timeline photos 01/06/2015

When you are @applebees in Vall ey Stream...make sure to have these gre at wines for a sweet time!

Timeline photos 01/05/2015

Happy New Year! For 2015...resol ve to have more ! St ay !

Timeline photos 12/19/2014

This weekend, when celebrating...make sure y ou have #14 Hands like these oth er LIers at !

Timeline photos 12/15/2014

Thx for following @ajcarino1 ! He re is a small grouping of bran ds we've from Nassau County so fa r!!

Timeline photos 12/14/2014

We have all of the ir glass which is over a t on in just 3 months here! Ma ke sure when you are Xmas shoppi ng to show your support and ha ve a drink! 's

Timeline photos 12/14/2014

A new addition in our ! ke ep enjoying @robertmondavips cabernet at . Ma ke NY greener!!

Timeline photos 12/09/2014

Awesome wines ! Keep enjoyi ng Long Island and we will ke ep !!

Timeline photos 12/08/2014

Enjoy some wines and spiri ts this holiday season...just like the othe rs who had these and ! @applebe es @press195

Timeline photos 11/29/2014

We always collect a lot of @coppolawi ne Pinot Grigio from for . Hap py to see people drinking good wi ne!

Timeline photos 11/29/2014

Whatever you like from , y ou can have it at ...have you rs this weekend!

Mobile uploads 11/28/2014

Glad to see a great bra nd being again @blackstonewines Constellation Bran ds ! Have your bottle tonig ht Savoy Tavern in Merrick, New Yo rk !

Timeline photos 11/28/2014

Continue the holiday just right li ke those that enjoyed @fireflyvodka ! Ha ve yours @press195 and help keep Rockvil le Centre and NY clean!

Timeline photos 11/21/2014

We love bottles from o ur friends @brooklynbrewery ! ke ep enjoying @press195 so we can ke ep


Way to go Applebee's | VALL EY STREAM Doherty Enterprises, Inc. !! Th is week we were able to t he most glass so far, almost 300lb s!! Thanks Doug, Lindsey, and tea m!!

Timeline photos 11/20/2014

Love being able to bottl es from our friends at Constellation Bran ds! Cheers! @estanciawines @cbrandscareers @kimcrawfordwine @svedkavodka


So far recycled the equivalent of 77 cas es of liquor, 152 cases of wi ne, and 179 cases of beer. Th at is over 5000 lbs of gla ss taken out of NY landfills. Ke ep it up New York!! NYSDEC

Timeline photos 11/09/2014

Winter is coming! Grab yo ur @breweryommegang dubbel ale today for t he games @press195 and help New Yo rk go green!!

Timeline photos 11/05/2014

@fireflyvodka is not just for summ er but all year! Smart drinke rs @press195 know!!

Timeline photos 11/02/2014

We just keep more a nd more different wines... keep enjoying yo ur wine!


We have now collected over t wo tons of glass! Thanks to Pre ss 195, Applebee's | VALLEY STREAM, a nd Savoy Tavern for having your gla ss recycled!

Timeline photos 10/23/2014

As people keep drinking @campariamerica brands... we will keep them! @skyyvodkaofficial @ccavallon yc

Timeline photos 10/23/2014

more wines as we go! Keep drinking them so we c an keep them!


Almost game time, make sure to wat ch the game tonight at Savoy Tave rn! Plenty of drink specials, a nd one of my favorite wines as well...San ta Cristina chianti superiore!

Timeline photos 10/21/2014

Indian summer @press195 ! Ma ke sure you have some @fireflyvodka ne xt stop in!!

Timeline photos 10/12/2014

Glad to recycle some at ! Enj oy some during the games tonight, tomorr ow, and Thursday!!

Timeline photos 10/05/2014

We will be here ! Lo ng Island winemakers and brewers along wi th top local chefs and food artisa ns will come together to celebrate t he wine-and-food bounty of Rockville Centre a nd the Long Island Wine Country. T he festivities will include an abundance of appetizi ng local food, entertaining live music a nd some of the most exquisite local ly produced wines, beers and spirits. Formal ly called the Taste of Elegance, t he RVC Food & Wine Festival wi ll be taking place Saturday, October 11 th from 1-6pm in the Front Street/ St. Agnes area of beautiful downtown R VC. This fun and charming charity fundrais er, which is a joint venture of t he RVC Chamber of Commerce and R VC Lions Club, will celebrate the be st of Rockville Centre’s eclectic eateries a nd the Long Island Wine Country as we ll as benefits important local charities. Ticke ts can be purchased at or at t he door. ($40)

Timeline photos 10/05/2014

Glad to so many Constellati on Brands items here in NY! @estanciawin es @corona @robertmondavi @rexgoliathwine @kimcrawfordwine

Photos from Greenglassny's post 10/05/2014

Its game time! Make su re to have a Southern Tier Brewi ng Company Pumpking, The Brooklyn Brewery Loc al 1, Boulder Beer Co. chocola te porter or kinda blue, or a ny other fantastic drinks today Press 195 !




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