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Prince II and I LOVE ABCs the 25 Days of Christmas....tree is up, ornaments are hung, candy canes are already being consumed in great, is there something else I need to do? Ah, yes, get shopping...suggestions [email protected]!


That genetically altered turkey I ate was clearly drugged! For the life of me, I was out cold every night by 7:30 snoring and drooling. What a wonderful few days with great family and friends....and rested and ready for candle land..............


Today, we are a candle making family! The whole gang will be pouring, packing, wrapping and shipping...and then, we rest....
Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday tomorrow. Stay safe, be grateful and know that one simple thing you do can make all the difference in the world to someone else.....


Last night, sitting around the dinner table, we began our Christmas lists. When we got to Prince II, he said, I don't have a list. We prodded and prompted, you must want something....knowing that the man in the Big Red Suit likes a little assistance. He shared that what he wanted was not possible to have. Oh man ran through my mind, Disney trip, hot tub, world travels. Still unwilling to share, Princess informed us that she knew of his wish. Finally, with gentle encouragement that nothing was impossible, he told us. "I wish for all of the children in the world who have so little, to have a gift this year. And Mom and Dad, I don't just mean a part of the world. I mean the whole world." And there you have it.....from the mouth of a wee one, let's remember what really matters this holiday season as we go out and rush about.


I love it when I discover something that you all have known forever with technology! Like this one...for the first time in a year, I can actually see what I am posting with my new found Google friend that enlarges the for these old eyes to hit the shop

The Intouchables Official Trailer 11/22/2014

The Intouchables Official Trailer

Make today a great day....grab a beverage a cozy blanket and watch the Intouchables....enough to fill your energy tank for a LONG time...

The Intouchables Official Trailer In Theaters May 25th! For more information, go to:


Such a great night last seeing Prince I and his chums in their element...on the stage, with sticks in hand!!!! Enjoy the day and help your little royal subjects be in their element. Of course, right after you get the 500 loads of laundry done!


I think that if I wanted to earn a little extra cash, I could just go and stand in houses for people who have fake Christmas trees and provide that balsam fragrance for them. I could take a little nap in the corner while helping to create the holiday ambiance....I may be onto something here. Sounds like win win for everyone!


I LOVE Thursdays...always have, don't know why...maybe it is because I almost made it through another work, can you say Balsam?????? How about 1008 jars of it!


Now that I have finally got Facebook on the phone, I need a 911 on how to find my friends....or a bigger screen, or younger eyes. And while I am at it, I would like a flat stomach and perhaps a little bit of smoothing out of my eye lines. Okay, just the Facebook and phone...anyone?

Timeline photos 11/17/2014

I'm just saying......


I have been up to my eyeballs in wax and scent...wanna know this weeks favorite? Balsam! Check out the website and get a Mason at a cut rate right now...I have Blueberry with your name all over it!


For those of you loving the Nolan candles, we are going to have the tree be the scent of Balsam Fir for the holidays....I have my favorite worker bee at the shop today making them special for you....she is a pretty little bee so I have to go put on some makeup!!


I am always so confused this time of calendar says that I should be polishing off the turkey recipes and perfecting the pumpkin pie, but when I go to search for spice in the aisle, I am assaulted with red and green and songs of holiday cheer. Those of you who know me would NOT describe me as type A, but folks...can we keep to one major calendar event at a time!!!! My senses are on overload.


It is really a mind tease to get Tuesday off then have hump day feeling like Monday.....

All About the Books – MDI High School [VIDEO] 11/11/2014

All About the Books – MDI High School [VIDEO]

Love these girls...

All About the Books – MDI High School [VIDEO] A fabulous video from MDI High School! Books are great! They can take you anywhere in the world, and transport you to different


I love the focus on Small Business America in the month of us for specials all month to make it easier for you to love us....Start your week off right with the coupon code ShopMaine to get $10 off your order


My house could not smell better! And I haven't even started cleaning all we want is the free HBO fairies to visit and it would make it perfect......Great job MCI last night!

Timeline photos 11/07/2014

There are some things that just should not be complicated...really. I stopped for a spot of tea yesterday in my travels and found this gem. While I love the conservation mindset, let's make it simple for the weary traveler.


After the recent storm and no power for an extended period, I am grateful for all of you who offered me your showers. It takes a village, almost literally!


I have it! I think that we should go as a coat closet. We are all going to be bundled up in winter gear that doesn't match up since I have not organized that closet yet. I could hang a bag of mixed mittens from each kids' arm. Perfect costume for Maine!!!


The busiest day of the year for us here....mad rush to figure out costumes. Yes, I embrace the manners of my mother where a ghost is a sheet, a ninja has a silver spatula as a sword and everything is out of a closet. Latest ideas....pirate on a shoulder, a Prince II in a box like a Jack in a Box and then there is the junk in a trunk. I think that Prince II might not have truly fallen asleep last time Justin Timberlake was on SNL!!


Last football night of the season and we made it without snow! Not without long johns, hats and mittens mind you, but no snow! And finished on a victory under the lights....I think I am going to like Friday night football...for now, time to hibernate!


I am a no work Halloween kinda girl. Every year, I am the same thing, a witch. I figure I might as well embrace my inner self on the day of mayhem. The children, love them, find whatever is new or old in the dress up trunk and we go with it. This is why all weekend, I lived with a Pirate, a Gladiator and what I think was supposed to be a princess but might have looked more like she should have owned a street corner. Thank God it always snows in Maine, so whatever you are wearing, we all look like winter coats!


What have I been up to? Wax, wax and more wax.......and more of the same today! I LOVE IT~ Today I will smell like a pumpkin pie by the end of the day.....last football game this week~ sad and happy all rolled into one


Princess & I headed to exhibit at the Hall Dale High School Craft Fair, all proceeds go to their music program, and you know how we feel about music programs! Everything from Castine will be at wholesale prices.....:)

Timeline photos 10/24/2014

Everyday, the poopies bring us a treat when we get home to let us know that they love us soooo much......what message do you think they were trying to give here?


Welcome to Maine this morning.....I had a fright when he said Noreaster, but he just means rain....that is spring there dear


There is not much better than catching up with old friends, unless of course it is catching up with old friends over chocolate cake and beer. I know, an unlikely combination it seems, but none the less, quite decadent. Have yourselves a marvelous Saturday!
You know where to find me....pouring that Balsam Fir!


I love it when I light a candle, go out and return only to wonder what the lovely smell is in my home! Yesterday when I returned, I asked the King where the apple pie crumble was..he said, on the mantle in the jar that says Spiced Apple wingnut. Have yourselves a fantastic Friday! WEEKEND!!!


I love small kids...truly, they are smart, witty and frankly honest like the day is long. A cherub yesterday said to me, "Are you that kid's grandma?" I explained that Princess was my daughter to which cherub replied, "Yeah, I don't think so, mommies are young and tired looking, you don't look young." I cracked up!

Old lady pulled by a dog 10/15/2014

Old lady pulled by a dog

Okay you dog lovers who want some freedom~ check out our Quirky submission for the Leashless Walkabout...will fix that bolting dog issue that we all have....

Old lady pulled by a dog More funny videos and images on

The Leashless Walkabout 10/14/2014

The Leashless Walkabout

Ever heard of Quirky? Yes, that is us in a nutshell as a family I know! We have submitted an invention idea and we need your help! Give us a look and hopefully a vote & scroll all the way down to see the woman being dragged by her dog!

The Leashless Walkabout Give your dog the freedom to walkabout together with you without a leash while ensuring they stay in range.


Love it that I only have to make 4 days of lunches this week! Like Christmas in October. Met a ton of awesome folks at the Swine and Stein this weekend. Note to self~ if you are one of those incredibly beautiful people who cause folks to stare, do not say anything important for the first 5 minutes while we are all taking your beauty inventory in awe. Jen & Jess, I am talking to you!




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