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Small Engine Repair and Plowing


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Charles Dowding No Dig Gardening

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Good Afternoon, as of Today Old Bay Farm and Small Engine will be CLOSED on the weekends.


It was a hot one on the D**e Saturday but still SO many people stopped by for some bread or treats!! Thank you to everyone that Pre-Ordered items & that stopped by !! Sourdough has been steadily selling out ...It's bitter sweet....On one hand...I'm excited when the last loaf of a certain bread sells out... on the other hand I feel bad when I have to tell someone I don't have any left.... 😅
I'll be posting this week's menu Wednesday~! Feel free to message me to Pre-Order for Friday Pickups in Harrington or Saturday on the D**e~!!

🌾 Have a Wonderful Week ~!! 🌾

Photos from Old Bay Farm Machiasport's post 07/16/2022

We at Old Bay Farm would like to welcome our newest employee!

Meet Aggie


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Good afternoon.
Due to the rising fuel cost.
Small engine services are now $55 per hour shop rate and $75 per hour mobil service rate
Thanks for your understanding!!


Picking up your unwated lawn tractors. Free pick up and removal of just about any equipment related to small engines.
Mowers, Blowers, Wackers, Saws, Tillers, Atv's and more!!
P.m. for more info.


Gardening for begginers
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Planting season is well underway, please be courteous and patient if you happen to get behind equipment. So take a moment and give thanks to the farmers. From the seed they put in the ground to the crops to our tables thank you farmers!

If there is any custom harvest crews that see this please send a private message for an inquiry thanks!!

Photos from Old Bay Farm Machiasport's post 04/25/2022

Photos from Old Bay Farm Machiasport's post


Rototilling !!

Large and Small gardens.
Price depending on size. We have 4 wheel drive Equipment for extra large plots.


Welcome to another great upcoming season.

We have a lot planned for this year. We currently have Chicken and Duck eggs available. Our gardens have been upgraded and last fall we expanded some of our services.

Our Small Engine Shop will open May 1st. Mon - Fri 10am -5pm

Lawn Care Services now available. $20 per cut/trim
Get on the schedule now or Message us for more info.

We now offer Screened Gravel, Clean Fill, Driveway Repairs and Grading.

We look forward to hearing from you. Have a great year.


Curaleaf Ellsworth Chairman holds ties to Russian Oligarch. I assure you, if your buying your cannabis here you might as well say your helping Russian conglomerates.

In the United States, Curaleaf currently operates in 23 states with 106 dispensaries, 23 cultivation sites and more than 30 processing sites, employing over 4,800 team members. Read that again. 23 states with 106 dispensaries.

Earlier this month, a federal grand jury indicted four men, in a scheme to use money from an unnamed Russian to support politicians who could potentially help them obtain retail ma*****na licenses around the country.

Curaleaf, based in Massachusetts, is led by Boris Jordan, a businessman born in the United States who went on to build the investment bank Renaissance Capital in Russia, where he now leads the Sputnik Group, which has a major private equity division. The company’s other major individual investor was Andrei Blokh, a Moscow businessman.

Vedomosti, a Russian business publication, reported earlier this year that it had talked with eight investment funds of Russian origin that were either considering cannabis investments or had already pursued them.

Some states, including Oregon and Maine, tried to reap the benefits of a cannabis industry by requiring that companies be locally controlled. But that has been a struggle as the industry has pushed for open markets in order to get access to funding, said Andrew Freedman, who helped the lead the development of Colorado’s legal cannabis market.

Federal prosecutors said the Russian money backing the business of Mr. Kukushkin and others was helping lay the groundwork of a multistate operation. The Russian partner, according to two people familiar with the case, was Andrey Muraviev — the man Mr.
Kukushkin had brought to the meeting that day with Mr. Hirsch.

At a restaurant meeting in California a few years ago, Brad Hirsch and one of his law clients gathered over a meal with two potential business partners: Andrey Kukushkin and Andrey Muraviev, an investor who had flown in from Russia.

Mr. Kukushkin and the Russian financier were hoping Mr. Hirsch could help them build a stake in the state’s burgeoning cannabis market, Mr. Hirsch said, and he helped them set up a real estate business that would cater to ma*****na operators. Over the span of just a few years, Mr. Kukushkin would join or develop cannabis companies around San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, establishing a foothold in everything from real estate and cultivation to retail and delivery.

There was a reason that people like Mr. Kukushkin, who was born in Ukraine and later worked at a Russian investment bank, had a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Federal law still treats cannabis as an illegal substance, and traditional banks have been wary of getting involved. Wealthy financiers have moved in to fill the void — including a growing cast of investors from Russia and former Soviet Union countries who have helped shape the industry's growth.

One of the nation’s largest cannabis companies, Curaleaf, is led by one of Russia’s most influential financiers and backed by another, allowing the company to pursue rapid expansion and hefty acquisitions. Investment firms have taken their own stakes: A San Francisco-based venture capital fund run by the Russian tech entrepreneur Pavel Cherkashin, backed largely by investors from Russia and the former Soviet Union, has put $2 million into Pure Spectrum, a Colorado-based business marketing CBD products

End the war. End Russian Conglomerates


Good Evening
Just a reminder
Old Bay Farm
Closes For The Season
Nov. 1st
We are no longer taking on any new work !!
Thanks For a Great Season


Best technique of planting a tree grafting


Yes Yes its finally open. If you have missed this gem its time to get your butt in gear. Go check them out and make sure to tell them Old Bay Farm sent ya!!. We promise you wont regret it.


We are now offering :

Gravel Driveway Repairs and Grading.

Installation of Gravel Driveways

Sand, Gravel and Clean Fill

2" Screened Gravel

Large and Small Garden Rototilling

Bush Hogging

Free Estimates

Yes we deliver.

Please call or text. 207-263-3696. For pricing.


A very special Thank You to our friends at Indian Trail Farms for your generosity and good eats yesterday 4/20 . If you haven't had the chance to meet these guys...GET A MOVE ON. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Thanks again David, Alex, Denise, Sharron, Misty, and the rest of the fantastic crew!

Act Now-Stop OMP Rule Making 01/10/2021

Act Now-Stop OMP Rule Making

Act Now-Stop OMP Rule Making Let Your Voice be Heard Major Substantive Rule Change Assault Where? Maine Office of Ma*****na Policy 19 Union Street First Floor Augusta, ME 04330 What Is Going On? We have a serious situation where




Good evening. We will be CLOSED tomorrow to celebrate Miss Kaylee Lynn Weston's Birthday


Another one in the works @ Old Bay Engine Repair.


Love this place. Great Food, Awesome Ice Cream and So So Much More!!!!

May drawing will be for a Shrimp dinner and a fresh lemonade!

Like and share our page for your chance to win!!🦐🍋


Hello folks. Stop by and visit our friends at Indian Trail Farm on Stackpole Rd. in Machias. Growing nothing but the best and finest herbal medicine and products in all of Washington County.

Bring us your Receipt and get $10 off your next Service


It's that time again. The weather is getting warmer and there is no time like the present.

Get your boat ready for the water with our Spring Service Special

What we do:
Uncover, Clean and Vaccum out your interior
Change Spark Plugs, Fuel Filter, Oil filter and Engine oil
Drain and change Lower Unit Oil
Check and Test Water Pump for maximum flow.
Inspect your Prop and Seals
Fresh Fuel or Stabilizer if required at local fuel station rate.
We then water test your vessel to insure proper engine temperature and performance under load.
To finish it off we then pressure wash your hull.
Inspect your Trailer for proper operation.
Test Trailer Lights
Check Tire Pressure
Grease Wheel Bearings

NO CONTACT Pickup and Delivery Available

Call for an appointment: 207-263-3696

$45 hourly rate
Plus Fuel ( if applicable)
and Parts.


ITF Delivery

We are still here, if there is anything we can do to insure that you receive the best medicine in the state delivered to your door, give us a call. 255-2757

change.org 04/03/2020

Can you spare a minute to help David Finlay?

change.org 99 signatures are still needed! Include Legal Tax Paying Medical Cannabis Businesses in the CARES ACT.


Good morning. We are open during these difficult times as an essential business.
We are offering free pick up and delivery with no personal contact. Please call 207-263-3696 to schedule an appointment. We will not be excepting any drop offs at this time. Thanks for understanding.
Bob Weston
Old Bay Farm

jainsusa.com 03/10/2020

5 Vegetables To Grow In Your Garden During Winter

jainsusa.com 5 Vegetables To Grow In Your Garden During Winter Author: Richard Restuccia November 6, 2018 4 min read Vegetables in the winter can boost your immune system, help keep your body active and give you the edge you need to ward off infection. Especially in the winter looking at food as medicine is beco...


Indian Trail Farms Smoke Lodge

ITF’s new canning procedure leaves your w**d as fresh as the day it was canned for 3 years, making ITF a necessary component of all your Virus Preparedness Kits.

The ISLDH is recommending that every person is prepared with 1 can per person per day of sickness.


Hurry up before they are sold out!!!!!!!!!!


Poke My Heart

Just a day at the farm with a boy and his trusty dog


Indian Trail Farms Smoke Lodge

The best of the best, is grown and now preserved right here. Buy it direct from us, if you are in Machias, call us for the best w**d in the state delivered to you door. Please share!


We have an open slot for repairs tomorrow...tue the 25th
Please call 207-271-0797 or message Bob Weston on Facebook. Thanks


Good morning.
We would like to inform everyone that due to the rising costs, in January our repair side of the business will be increasing the labor rate from $35 an hour to $45 an hour. This has weighed heavy on my mind. It's been 7 years since an increase and unfortunately I don't have much of a choice.

For anyone who currently has equipment repairs here at our location. Your labor rate is still $35 until the job is finished, regardless if it's here past the new year.

Thank you for your loyalty, respect and business.

Happy Holidays.
Old Bay Farm


Happy Holidays from all of us, to all of you and your families!!

gofundme.com 09/25/2019

Click here to support Ty's Emergency Vet Care organized by Heather Marie Kaufman

Our very close friends could use a helping hand. They are already suffering from a lost pet a few weeks ago. Please, every little bit helps no matter how small. Thanks Friends

gofundme.com Heather Marie Kaufman Ty's Emergency Vet Care Our dog, Ty (we call him Ty-guy ), has become extremely sick. We brought him to the vet today and they did x-r


Even this theft affects the community.
Please Share!!

Schoppee Farm Crop Theft

It is with sincere sadness that we find it necessary to make this post today. We have had a significant theft of our industrial h**p crop at the Schoppee Farm in East Kennebec. After much deliberation with friends, family, advisors, and law enforcement, we have decided that there is simply too much at stake, for too many, to not make this public. In doing so, we hope to help protect the many other hard working Downeast families who make this such a wonderful, and safe, place to live.

Earlier this week, an individual (or individuals) trespassed directly through the center of the crop in our northern most field with cutting tools, and containers, and cut off the most valuable parts of many of our plants. The degree to which the trespassers were prepared indicates that this was a premeditated theft. The individual(s) has an understanding of the plants, and the layout of the fields. Time was required to cut and carry off the crop. This was not a simple walk in and walk off affair.

Sadly, this was not the first incident this year. The earlier trespasses were not made public, because we truly hoped, and believed, that they were spontaneous, thoughtless acts of mischievous vandalism, not a premeditated crime.

This is a crime not just against us, and our farm, but also against other farmers, entrepreneurs, and all honest, hardworking, individuals in this community. So many of our friends and family have made immense sacrifices to make this farm possible. It would be unconscionable to allow an individual to purposely undo so much blood, sweat and tears by so many.

It is with this in mind that we are asking our community for help. If you have any information that can help us apprehend the perpetrator(s), and prevent future incidents such as this from happening, please let us know. We are offering a $1,000 cash reward to anyone that provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator(s) and/or return of the product. Crop insurance is not yet available for industrial h**p so this is not a simple matter of filing an insurance claim. This is a direct loss to the farm and a blow to its ability to survive.

A quick reminder: This is industrial h**p flower. You cannot get high by consuming it. While it may look and smell like ma*****na, at less than 0.3% THC, it will not produce the results that ma*****na smokers are seeking.

The amount of h**p that was stolen is far more than even a few people could use for personal consumption. Therefore, we anticipate it will likely be offered for sale, and possibly in our community. If you have purchased what you thought was ma*****na and it failed to result in any kind of high it is likely that you purchased industrial h**p flower, not ma*****na. Please contact us, or the authorities.

We can be reached by phone or txt at (207) 271-3600, by email at [email protected], or please feel free to stop by our farm in East Kennebec. You can also submit anonymous information to us via our “get in touch” form at the bottom of our website www.schoppee.com.

Thank you very much,
Ben and Allison Edwards and the Schoppee Farm team.

Please help us by sharing this


Old Bay Farm would like to send a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS !!
on your Wedding Day to our friends

Alex Diaz and Terry Sutton !!

Wishing you the best today and always

The Weston Family


Good evening followers.

I would like to announce that our farm side of the business will be closed for the next several months due to restructuring.

Currently all of our ducks and chicken are for sale. Many of them are still laying fresh eggs daily. We would like to see all the ducks go together, but will separate if needed.

$5 per duck or $50 for all 11
We have 8 Female and 3 male ducks.
7 of them are Peking
2 Rouen
2 Indian Runners

Chickens are mixed breed
2 Buff's
3 Araucana's

$20 for all 5 chickens. All still laying

Please keep in mind, the repair side of Old Bay Farm will be open during construction.
Call to schedule an appointment today @ 207-263-3696
We will be going to our winter schedule next month (October) Monday - Friday 10:00 to 4:00 pm. Closed Saturday and Sunday.

If it has a motor WE FIX IT !!

Small Engines
Residential and Commercial
Gas and Diesel Equipment
Loaders, Excavators, Backhoes, Skid Steers
And So Much More

A special thank you to all of our customers.
Without you, this wouldn't be possible.


Indian Trail Farms Smoke Lodge


Budding Potentials LLC

FYI: Until Rec sales are legal next spring, medical cards are required for purchase of cannabis from a licensed caregiver. Folks in Machias are being knowingly misled by a couple retail stores. This will absolutely jeopardize a patient's legal status. 😎


Swung into our favorite cheesecake place today. Almond Joy for the kid and caramel apple for me. omg to die for.
Thanks Momo's Always a Pleasure !!!


Hello all, It's been quite a while since we have posted. Updates.... We are currently downsizing for this years season. The purpose of the downsize is so that we can change things around to better suit the farm. Currently we still have chicken eggs available at $ 2.50 a dozen and our Small Engine Services are still available for $35 an hour M - F 9am - 7pm and Saturdays 9am - 5pm We are Closed on Sundays. We are also offering Rototilling for established garden beds.

Please Call 207-255-6263 for all services offered.

We are hoping to get the gardens planted this year.
Fruits and Veggies will be posted upon availability.

We look forward to seeing you !!!!



Did you know this?




238 East Side Road
Maine, ME

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm

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