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SteamPRO is still the premiere carpet, tile and upholstery cleaner in the area. Call today to schedule your cleaning.


We are your local water and flood damage specialists. We provide 24 hour emergency service to get your home back to normal. 936-438-2789


Amazing results in a Huntsville home we just completed. If we can cure this carpet from its dreary stains, imagine what we can do for you. Thank you to the Lindsey family for letting us take care of your rental property.


How do you spend time with your family? We work together. Cleaning the pews at Benui Baptist Church in Willis, TX. Thank you Richard Parker for allowing our family into your church home and letting SteamPRO take care of all of your needs.

[08/27/17]   We at SteamPRO are praying for those who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. When the rain stops and wind dies down, know that we are here to help you put your damaged home back together again.

Call us today if you have any questions about what we can do for you.


Let us show you a new shade of clean. Call today to schedule your cleaning today and see how clean your carpet and tile can really be.


Even natural stone floors and tile need a good cleaning once a year. Call SteamPRO today and let us take care of your floor cleaning needs.


The dance floor at Magnolia Lake is ready to go once again. Thank you to Ruby Rushing for allowing us to be your floor cleaning professionals.


Thank you to Denny's in Huntsville for caring about their customers and making sure that they have a clean dining experience. We were proud to clean your carpets today.


Thank you to the Kaiser family for allowing us into your home and helping to remove the soot damage from your carpet. Scott Pistone thank you for the referral.


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Thank you to Ruby Rushing and Magnolia Lake for letting me clean for you today. There is nothing better than showing someone what their tile is supposed to look like.

[04/13/17]   People ask me all the time, "Is it really that necessary to steam clean my upholstery?"

Absolutely! In the first video below, the couch has been treated and is ready for hot water extraction (steam). I used the rag to show how the pre-treating chemicals help release the dirt trapped in your furniture.

The second video shows the results of pre-treatment and steam cleaning's amazing results and how clean your furniture can be.

Call SteamPRO today to get your furniture back in tip-top shape for spring!


Thank you to the Frederick family for allowing SteamPRO to clean your lovely home. We hope you and your family enjoy the clean carpets!


A contractor tracked glue onto the carpet and he called us to take care of it for the home owner. If the professionals at SteamPRO can remove hardened flooring glue from your carpet, imagine what we can do for you in your home. Call and schedule us today for your hard to remove stains!


Everybody deserves a clean home. Make your carpet a priority this spring when you're cleaning. Regardless of how old your carpet is or how long it's been since your last cleaning, SteamPRO will have you loving your carpet again.


I recently had the pleasure to clean the floors at a Livingston retirement community's kitchen so that TCS Flooring and Design Center in Huntsville, TX could install new tile in the kitchen and new flooring in the dining area. #wedoitall#steamprotx


Stains are hard to remove and eventually you just stop trying and place a throw rug on top of it so you and your guests don't see it anymore. Let the professionals at SteamPRO get rid your hard to remove stains. Whether it's Kool-aid, Coke, red or blue we have the solution to your stain problems.

[02/28/17]   Something every home owner should see.


Water removal and water damage restoration is more often than not an emergency situation. That's why SteamPRO is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So, if it's a water line in your home that's busted, or flooding from rain, call SteamPRO and let us take care of you and your home.


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


Been a while since you've had your carpets professionally cleaned? Even with regular daily vacuuming, your carpet holds on to a lot of dirt, hair and other nasty the professionals at SteamPRO to let us do the dirty work for you.


Even really tough, high traffic areas in the carpet of your home are no match for our professional services. We take pride in restoring your carpets for you and your family. The really is no clean like SteamPRO clean!


When you think that the stains in your carpet are "set" in and that there's nothing you can do, we can help. We make stain removal easy and make your carpet new again. Call today and let the professionals at SteamPRO fix what you don't like about your carpet.


Some before and after photos of an apartment I did yesterday. The owner was contemplating having to replace the carpet rather than have it cleaned. He was happy with the results and was amazed on how clean the carpets looked when we were done. If you think we did an amazing job in restoring this carpet then imagine what we can do for your home.


Even the dirtiest of carpets can be revived and restored to make them look new new again. This customer had not had their carpets cleaned in a long time. They were extremely happy with the professional results they received and were even happier that we stayed within their budget. We here at SteamPRO want to give you the BEST service, at the BEST price... guaranteed!


LADIES: You love your dining room set, but after ten years and 3 kids, the promise you made to yourself to reupholster the dining room chairs hasn't been done you keep the nice ones inside around the table and then there's that one know the one with the pork and beans stain that you only bring out because you have one more guest than you were us and let us clean them for you. You may love it so much that you might not put it back in the garage when the guests leave.


A few before and after photos of some really dirty carpets I've cleaned the last couple of us your carpet, no matter how dirty, and we will show how clean your carpets can be.


Just cleaned the carpet and tile this beautiful little house in Elkins Lake. The owner, was excited about the results. Book your next cleaning today and get excited about the floors in your house too.


If it's been a while since you've had your tile a a few before and after photos from one of our jobs today. The customer knew the tile was dirty, but was amazed about how much dirt and grime was on the surface of the tile and not just embedded in the grout. She stated that once we were done the floor was two to three shades lighter and much cleaner.

Now is the time to schedule your cleaning and impress those holiday guests that will soon be coming over for thanksgiving dinner.


There are a multitude of different carpet fibers and types of pile, and knowing how each reacts to stains and spills is just as important as knowing what to use to clean them. The carpet you see here has "wicked" the stain from the bottom of the carpet to the top. The more water you use to clean it, the more it "wicks".

We here at SteamPRO know how to identify the type of carpet in your home and what chemicals are best to remove the stains in your carpet. Let the professionals at SteamPRO show you just how beautiful your carpet can be. Call today and mention that you saw us on Facebook and we will give you an additional 10% discount on your next scheduled cleaning.


This customer was extremely unhappy with their previous service from another steam cleaning company, and after trying three times to remove the stains from their carpet, they called the professionals at SteamPRO. Let us be the only one you call when you have tough stains or need your carpet cleaned.


Even the surface of your tile needs a little love and care. Homeowners are in and out of their homes so often they can become accustomed to the color of their tile and don't see the change it goes through. A thorough professional cleaning will restore your tile to its original color and state. Let us be the professionals you call to clean your home.


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Let us show you a new shade of clean. Call today to schedule your cleaning today and see how clean your carpet and tile ...
Been a while since you've had your carpets professionally cleaned? Even with regular daily vacuuming, your carpet holds ...
Even the dirtiest of carpets can be revived and restored to make them look new new again. This customer had not had thei...
Our new carpet machine eats through tough grease, dirt and grime. If we can clean the carpet in this restaurant imagine ...




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