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Madison County Farm Bureau is a non-profit, agricultural organization that seeks to promote agriculture within the county. We do that through community involvement, donations, scholarships, livestock show purchases and by working with Texas Farm Bureau.

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Effective Sept. 1, 2021, HB 365 amends the Farm Animal Liability Act (FALA) to expand liability protection for routine/customary activities on a farm, handling and managing farm animals, and ranching activities.

Farm animal professionals, farm and ranch owners, and lessees must post and maintain a sign on the premises with the new statutory language in a clearly visible location on or near the stable, corral, or arena where the farm animal activities are conducted.

Texas Farm Bureau has signs available. They are 11” x 14” and made of a metal composite material.

Learn more about the Farm Animal Liability Act:

Details on ordering signs:

[06/21/21]   Friends: By now you may have read or heard that the Texas Supreme Court declined to hear the Miles Case, which is the landmark case that while tied to the Texas Central Rail High Speed Rail project, also has wider implications in regards to private property rights and eminent domain abuses.

Below is what Judge Trey Duhon, the new president of Texans Against High Speed Rail, stated:

"We are profoundly disappointed in the Texas Supreme Court’s recent decision to deny Jim & Barbara Miles’ Petition for Review with the Texas Supreme Court. TAHSR will be filing a Motion for Rehearing in this matter.
It is difficult to imagine that we have reached a point in Texas, where someone can file a couple of pages of documents with the Secretary of State, call themselves a “railroad” without so much as owning a train or any tracks, and by doing so be able to exercise the power of condemnation on Texas citizen’s private property…. This is inexcusable.
And to be clear, this is nowhere close to being the end of the fight…. The end of this fight is still years away. Texas Central Railway does not have the funding to build this train (as evidence by their complete flip-flop on their representations for YEARS that this project would be completely privately financed). They now have their hand out asking for YOUR federal tax dollars to make their boondoggle viable…. Texas citizens have seen firsthand the biggest bait and switch ever perpetrated on this scale (on a project that has gone from projected costs of $12B to $30 BILLION+).
The Federal Railroad Administration conducted an entire Environmental Impact Assessment that was PREMISED on the project being privately financed. Otherwise, the FRA would have also looked at the feasibility of the project as well. And NOW, after the Environmental Impact Statement has been approved, TCR does a complete 180 and now wants federal tax dollars to fund their pie-in-the-sky project, so they can completely destroy thousands of Texans’ homes, farms, and ranches. Under any other type of scenario - this would be called FRAUD. Fraudulent Inducement. This is where you say or represent something to someone to induce them to act a certain way, and that representation is in fact FALSE. This is what TCR did. They have only raised a small fraction of the $30B they need to construct this project. This is because the private market and investors KNOW this is a project destined to FAIL.
Texans should not stand for this. TAHSR will continue to fight this battle on many fronts. TCR has not yet even filed an Application with the Surface Transportation Board (STB) to obtain a permit to begin construction on this project, despite their false representations to members of Congress that their project is “shovel ready”.
Texans need to channel this frustration and anger at the lack of protection in Texas for private property owners by contacting their state elected officials and our federal officials (Congressman and Senators) to demand more protection for Texas property owners. TCR should not be allowed to perpetrate this FRAUD on Texans. TCR should NOT be allowed to obtain ONE DIME of federal assistance after REPEATEDLY telling Texans AND federal authorities that this project would be PRIVATELY FINANCED for several years. This project should live or die on the private market. It is time to hold our state and federal officials accountable for whether or not they will stand idle while this FRAUD is perpetrated on our citizens. It is time for action by all of you that still believe in the importance of private property rights. Our officials need to hear from us. And we need to keep contacting them until they acknowledge that we the people fully expect to be protected from snake oil salesmen disguised as a “railroad company”.
It is past time that someone other than TAHSR stand up for property owners in Texas. We need to make our expectation crystal clear to those we have elected, which includes the Texas Supreme Court.
This fight is far from over…."

I am asking that everyone that values private property protections over those that abuse eminent domain law, contact the Texas Supreme Court as well as our local, state, and federal elected officials and urge them to hear this landmark case in the interest of all Texans. I would also ask that you contact the Texas Farm Bureau headquarters and ask them to assist us in this endeavor as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Gene Whitesides , Texans against high speed rail

Photos from Madison County Farm Bureau's post 06/12/2021

Texas Farm Bureau members receive a discount to the Texas A&M Beef cattle short course program

[04/30/21]   We would like to congratulate the graduates of 2021 with the following being named scholarship recipients from Madison County Farm Bureau Madison county is proud to offer $8400.00 to the following students Karen Ibarra $1000.00
Jake manning $1000.00
Brad Rudis $800.00
Diego Torres $800.00
Ernesto Arjon $800.00
Kallie tilton $800.00
Benjamin Tedder $800.00
Andy hinojosa $800.00
Pavia Craig $800.00
Frank emmite $800.00


Madison Co Farm Bureau reciently made a $2250.00 donation to the Madison County Health Resource Center to be used in the senior Meals on Wheels program . Pictured are Towanda Webber and TXFB county Vice President Kevin Counsil

Madison Co Farm Bureau reciently made a $2250.00 donation to the Madison County Health Resource Center to be used in the senior Meals on Wheels program . Pictured are Towanda Webber and TXFB county Vice President Kevin Counsil

Photos from Madison County Farm Bureau's post 02/16/2021

Thanks to all our farmers and Ranchers out working to keep America fed in this cold snap


Texas Farm Bureau

Calling high school and college students! Invest in your future, and apply for one of our Texas Farm Bureau scholarships today! Deadline is March 5, 2021.

Learn more about the different scholarships:

Application details, eligibility and more:

[12/05/20]   Fun fact #2 More than $900,000 were contributed to local stock shows , youth programs and ag days

[12/05/20]   Fun fact Texas county farm bureaus have given out over $520,000 in scholarships in the year 2020 #membershipmatters


87th TXFB annual meeting


Voting this morning on policy changes that will be in the American Farm bureau policy handbook, American Farm Bureau and Texas Farm Bureau will not lobby or push any policy that is not submitted or voted on by our membership.

[01/16/20]   USMCA has now been passed by the house and senate. Great things to come for American farmers and ranchers

[01/11/20]   High school seniors , don’t forget to fill out the Madison County Farm Bureau Scholarship Application
info below

Madison County Farm Bureau
402 W Main St.
Madisonville, TX 77864
(936) 348-2753
(936) 348-3267 Fax

Application Due Date: March 20, 2020

All applications must be submitted on or before the due date to be considered.

Madison County Farm Bureau Scholarship Application

Applicant must be the son or daughter of a current Madison County Farm Bureau member and must show interest in the promotion of agriculture. Applicant must also be a confirmed member of the graduating class and complete this application to be considered.

Applicant Name: ________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________
​​Street/PO Box ​​City/State​​​Zip code
Home phone: (______) _______-___________​Date of Birth: _____/______/______
Social Security Number: _________-_________-___________
Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Name(s): ___________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________
​​Street/PO Box​​​​City/State​​​Zip code
Home phone: (________) _______-___________​Farm Bureau Member No.: _____________
Do you live with: Both parents_____ One Parent_____ Other _______
Father’s Occupation: _________________________________________________
Mother’s Occupation: ________________________________________________
Number of siblings: _______________​How many in college? ___________________
High School Information
High School Attended: _________________________________________________________
High School GPA: ____________________​On what scale?; ________________________
Class Rank: _________________​​Number in graduating class: _______________
SAT score: ________________​​ACT score: _______________
University/Trade School Information
To what colleges/schools have you applied? __________________________________________
To what colleges/schools have you been accepted? ____________________________________
Planned major field of study? ____________________________________________________
Planned Career: _______________________________________________________________
In the space below, list your academic achievements. Include school affiliated clubs, offices held, awards or recognition. Please indicate the year(s) of each achievement. (Attach an additional page if necessary)

In the space below list any other clubs or extracurricular activities in which you have participated, including offices held or recognition received. Include here church activities, community service projects, hobbies, and/or interests. (Attach an additional page if necessary)

List previous work history, including jobs held throughout high school and summers:
Do you plan to work while attending college/school? ________________________________
Have you applied for other scholarships or grants? ______________
If so, please list below with the status and amount requested (pending, confirmed, or rejected):
Applicant must attach a one page essay describing future education and career plans along with life goals.

Signature: ________________________________________________________

Date: ____________________________________________________________

All applications must be completed and returned to:
Craig Bailey, President
Madison County Farm Bureau
402 W. Main
Madisonville, TX 77864


Spending the morning visiting with county commissioners court talking about the partnership with Texas 4-h extension and Texas Farm Bureaus partnership


MADISONVILLE fire dept had their annual Christmas party at the kimbro center last night so I played Santa presenting a donation check from Madison County Farm Bureau to them. The community really appreciates what these volunteers do to protect us.


Getting to the meat of the sandwich today on Resolution changes to our state policy handbook at the Texas Farm Bureau state convention in San Antonio

[12/08/19]   Collectively county farm bureau locations in Texas invest over 1 million dollars last year in local scholarships and stock shows


Senator John Cornyn visiting with us about the need for the passage of USMCA Trade agreement at the Texas Farm Bureau state convention this morning


Madison County Farm Bureau made a donation to the Brazos valley food drive on Wednesday


Thank a Vet today


Farm bureau position on voting day


Madison county Farm Bureau presenting donation checks to midway and North Zulch fire depts


We would like to thank Arnold Foster for his commitment to Madison County Farm Bureau , he was recognized for our pioneer award, a great crowd tonight at our county convention this evening with guest speaker State Representative Trent Ashby


A large crowd in attendance at our Madison county convention


Congressman kevin brady meeting with madison and grimes county Farm Bureau leaders today about the USA , Mexico, and Canada trade agreement.


Great day hosting Congressman Kevin Brady in Madisonville today and Farmers for Free trade group , we had a round table discussion on the new USMCA trade agreement


Your local farm bureau hosted a group of FFA leaders from Rusk FFA this week we talked about agriculture and the importance of a relationship with your elected officials , then we arranged a meeting with Congressman Kevin Brady


March 1st is Madison county Farm Bureau scholarship deadline , swing by our office or your local counselor office for the application


Attending Austin leadership conference , Gov Abbott talking school finance and property tax reform


Attending the annual meeting of Texas Farm Bureau in Corpus Christi today voting on bylaws changes that will be brought to our legislators in Austins next session @Texas Farm Bureau


Today is the last day to RSVP for the annual dinner at the Kimbro please call the office and RSVP if you haven't done so already


Members should be getting their cards in the mail for our annual dinner this week , please RSVP with the office by sept 13 at 936-348-2753


Attending the district 9 policy development meeting in Huntington Texas tonight , making grassroots policy for Texas farmers and ranchers in Texas


Texas Farm Bureau

Our food. Grown by farmers. Eaten by everyone. When it comes to the food we eat, we’re all in this together. Learn more about our food and ask farmers questions at

[06/26/18]   Average age of today's farmer is 58.3.
Less than 2% of the population is involved in production agriculture, of this 2% less than 6% of them are under 35 years old.




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