Jo's World Famous Schnitzel Wagon

Our Schnitzel Wagon traveled to Maine Fairs and Festivals 2013 and 2014. Scrumptious Schnitzel, home right?!! No wheelchair for this gal!

• Many of you know my passion for cooking scrumptious foods and seeing smiles on your faces after you bite into it! Cooking for hundreds of people at UMM &, WA's kitchens was my way of life until I became disabled and was unable to lift a sheetpan. Fast forward a few years, my dreams didnt quit like my body did. With the help of fantastic people thru Vocational Rehab, I ve retrained to become a Nu


Yes- we will open this year! Thanks to you all for inquiring, our phones been ringing nonstop, you v Noticed the wagon got moved. It’s on waterstreet to be worked on so we can get ready for opening soon. All the best, see you all soon.

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Owe you wonderful people an explanation.. A.m. still working on things re wagon and opening- as other job, and now, exclusively, as body allows.
Sometimes i m feeling soso, alright for too short a periods of time, but feel that I m gaining. Am Using my entire natural medicine cabinet to kick this, while waiting for specialists and whatnot. Am positive, and cannot, will not let you awesome people down. Reached out to others, very knowledgeable people, to figure out, how Wagon opening could possibly happen, despite me being temporarily reduced to “, ( lessened capabilities of working standing/ lifting etc. ) i can’t make the August deadline as so hoped. So sad and sorry, not able to see you. Your calls, messages and your help with needed chores, are so appreciated, heartwarming and tears me up, grateful to know you!!!Thank you ALL for your caring. We have perhaps an option to make it happen, not in August, but I will keep you posted when details crystallize. When we do, it will be great- it can be done.
Q- do you feel, that our cute town needs/ wants/ appreciates the wagon as an alternate venue? How about our business owners and restaurant owners, who have such a tough time?

We will strive to be open when open times are posted- healthy staff for that. ( sorry, I don’t fit that bill for a while now)
We will make the great tasty foods you like, from scratch as before.
Word- am hiring capable, awesome people, since many of us Oldtimers have health issues- we became just not as reliable as needed, so sorry.
What are your thoughts? Should We give it a go? Even if it’s just European Christmas cookies and cakes, etc? Before it snows?
Thanks to you all for your messages, comments, kindness, understanding and patience.
Miss seeing you all ❤️❤️❤️


Hello All! It’s happening soon. Worked behind the scenes to accommodate a different way of functioning, due to some healing issues and a partial immobility of arm...Plans are getting finalized and I am shooting for wagon opening in August. Thanks for your patience, we will once again be able to enjoy the Schnitzelwagon foods, better than ever! Will keep you posted🍀
Much lovs to you all!
Hope seeing yas soon


Highly recommend Whitney and crew to manage our lawns. They are very conscientious, reliable, honest and affordable! Just heard, they have a few openings for Lubec and Machias area! Sign up soon, spring s on its way


Important update for you all!
New York is treating patients with IV Vit C against Corona virus. Please go to my personal page for details how to make at home and take Liposomal Vit C, which is as effective if not better than IV Vit C! It so works against viruses, bacteria and against Cancer ( my own observations with pictured proof and facts)
This content and healing method is not evaluated by FDA and I am not licensed to give advise!
Nonetheless- I am gaining health!!! Love you all and be safe!
Page: Johanna Franz


Good morning you wonderful folks! Sorry I wasn’t posting updates lately. Some of you may know about my re-occurring health issue. It Hit me again. I have to wait another week to be able to work the wagon. This weekend it’s closed. So sorry for your wait💕


We are open Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11:30-7, Sunday til 3:30. Thank you all so much for your support and kindness💕


Thank you all! Appreciate everyone of you! Today I am off to training my team for my other job so Wagon is closed today. Afterwards I m headed to wagon and prep yumminess for this weekend. We ll have blueberry filled deep fried cheesecakes in addition to the regular cheesecakes, Raspberry topped cheesecakes as well as raspberry lemonade and unsweetened Chaga Tea, we have real Maple syrup if you like it sweetened, just ask.
Hope seeing you this weekend! Enjoy the Blueberry festival and the many activities and yummy foods everyone is offering!💕


Just for your information. Apparently it isn’t enough to mess with my generator to hinder me from opening the wagon for yas... An anonymous complaint to the Health inspector followed! He came, checked and completely cleared us from all accusations- again! My beautiful 9 yr old grand daughter is still with me. I was making her breakfast as he popped in to make sure our practices are safe for yas- and found no reason to write us up for anything. He saw, even she is wearing a hat while inside.
Afterwards, she helped cleaning tables and tray outside, placed condiments out- because she wanted to help Grandma, seeing that I work mostly alone in getting this big enterprise going and exhaust myself, giving it my all. Later, just before opening , I was closing the car door, after placing the empty waterjug into the car, that is used for filling our water reservoir. ( nothing is easy being on wheels without hookups...) my left hand didn’t quite make it out- slammed cardoor shut, fingers still inside. Blood running down my hand, very painful and couldn’t even fathom trying to get my hand into my usual food safety sorry for all you awesome people that have been so supportive and coming to the wagon, I had to stay closed yesterday. It’s been so difficult being here in Machias, it’s tiring to keep up the smile and throttle on despite the multiple ( unfounded) complaints and vandalism to keep me from opening the wagon. Then boycotting myself by not being as careful as usually. Will GOD be with us and clearing obstacles before this weekend please? I v promised daily to do my best in serving you the best possible. And pray, people will find their hearts, not vandalizing, not spreading rumors that can seriously affect others. I am very conscientious and picky about my work. I would never jeopardize your health and well-being, I have been a licensed chef for 40 years, and certainly know my stuff... let’s get cooking!!!


Our Generator has been messed with! Thank you!!!- may Karma get you back for that, triple payback is ensured, watch out!!!
Although we are working to repair the damages, but due to no electricity we cannot open yet today. So sorry for your inconvenience! 😢


I am sorry to inform yas that the wagon is closed this week until Friday or Saturday. I have my granddaughter over bc her grandfather on her mother’s side, is in very critical health condition and his Daughter (her mom) has to be on his side. Thank you for your patience, prayers and understanding💕, I appreciate you all 💕


Today is a big prep day to get everything done on the menu for tomorrow💕 Menü sign, lights outside, flags straightened out, and so on. We ll Be open tomorrow -Saturday, Sunday, 11:30 - 7. Am In the process of training and delegating some of the work required, so the wagon can open more days💕. Human cloning...-could use that option actually quite often, with multiples please 🤣🤣🤣


Just a reminder, the Wagon is closed this week today thru incl Thursday, open Friday again. See you this coming weekend 💕


Cheesecakes already sold out for today-making another batch tomorrow ! Thank you all!!!💕

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Good morning you wonderful folks! Your wait is almost over💕! We are working on some outside improvements as well as prepping everything for opening tomorrow at 11:30 til 7 pm;
Sunday we will spoil you for lunch, 11:30 til 2:30.
Closed Monday thru Wednesday, then open Thursday thru Sunday again


Good morning to you all! We are re-opening Friday and Saturday at Court street from 11:30 am til 7 pm. Closed Sunday and Monday. Lots of prep work and of course, the usual re- organizing after the move is on the agenda for us. Thank you all for your understanding and patronage! I am feeling blessed to be able to continue the wagon /cooking for you all💕

Photos from Jo's World Famous Schnitzel Wagon's post 07/23/2019

Here we are now- next to the town office; in front of EBS, right behind Skywalkers at the beginning of court street. Big shout out to our fantastic moving crew! You guys rock!!!


Sooo- it’s happening again!!!
The Schnitzel Wagon is moving today. For that reason I can’t open for service today, I am sorry to disappoint you. But hopefully back to normal tomorrow- I will let you know it’s new location later today💕!
Working on plan A, B, C and D again for movers-
Does anyone of yas has time and a big truck for towing it today? Only a few hundred feet away? 2” ball for the hitch....???

Photos from Jo's World Famous Schnitzel Wagon's post 07/17/2019

Ohh such magic can happen on this piece- and cleans up so amazingly without harsh and dangerous chemicals


Finally!!! Your wait is over! Open tomorrow 11:30-7 for the remainder of the week. Sunday I ll have to close around 5:30, my other job is taking me to places away- but only for upcoming Monday as for now. v got me cooking those yummy Schnitzels, Brats and Cheesecakes for yas this Tuesday thru Sunday💕😚, And again next week Tuesday thru Sunday. Come on over, I m delighted to spoil your tastebuds again 💖


Hello you wonderful people, I am reconstructing the inside of the wagon this weekend, making it more efficient and easier to serve. The wagon is staying closed til Monday. Come see us next week again. Thank you all, you are amazing 💕


Our Schnitzel Wagon is open Monday and Tuesday 11:00-3:00,
Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 11:30-7:00pm, Friday and Saturday
11:30am -11:30pm
Come see us for a delicious meal


Wiener Schnitzels, soo Good n crunchy,


And those Brats...yumminess 💕 on a Sub Roll

Photos from Jo's World Famous Schnitzel Wagon's post 07/07/2019

Here we are, next to Irwings Gas station in Machias💕. That picture was the moving day, Juy 3rd- wohoo shout out to that trucker Dave, what a feat

Photos from Jo's World Famous Schnitzel Wagon's post 07/07/2019

Come get your Deep-fried cheesecakes, this one is topped with Chocolate, Cookie Butter Cream and Whipped Cream


Update💖, prepped, ready to open at about 1 pm today. Sooner if I can manage. The Wagon traveled safely and is parked in front of the Redemption Center next to Irwin’s Gas Station in Machias🤩
Wishing you all a safe and happy 4th of July week


Good morning to you wonderful folks! Quick update, today the wagon will move downtown into Machias for the week. Depending on the Trucker, I may not be open for lunch today. Will keep you updated 💕


Thanks so very much to everyone for a great day in Jonesport at the boat races!!! All our Helpers and Customers- I so appreciate you all! We are getting the wagon ready to move back to Waterstreet safely today and plan to be open for business Tuesday thru Sunday here in Machias, spoiling your tastebuds💖


Jonesport Lobsterboat races- phew, what a ride it’s been already this week, Schnitzeling, marinating, cheesescaking... toppings...and of course- BRATS... you v got it, we are coming to Spoil yas with homemade from scratch yumminess


Hearts n butterflies- Schnitzeling for “my” Jonesporters💖💖💖


Hello to you all! We are going to Jonesport this Saturday💖!Come and watch the Lobsterboat Races this coming Saturday! Then come see us for all the yumminess - we will be set up at the Banks Parking lot right by the bridge. Get your Schnitzels, Brats, Hotdogs, Fries, Poutine, deepfried Cheesecakes etc, right there💕
Because of the necessary preparations for this event, the wagon is closed this week. Sorry for any inconvenience it may cause you

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125 Dublin Street
Machias, ME

Opening Hours

Monday 11am - 7pm
Tuesday 11am - 7pm
Wednesday 11am - 7pm
Thursday 11am - 7pm
Friday 11am - 7pm
Saturday 11am - 7pm

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