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We grow Maine wild blueberries and apples in Washington County. Quality berries. Every time. That i

Owned by Jon and Paulette Antil, Harmon Mountain Farms has been providing quality Maine wild blueberries since 1988. Our hand built processing equipment ensures that only the finest blueberries reach your table. Our fresh blueberries are available at the farm in August and our frozen blueberries are sold throughout the year.


Apples and Pears are ready !!!


Hello from Harmon Mountain Farm!

Due to a cold spring and much rain our blueberries will not be ready for harvest for another week or so. It is important to us that our berries continue to be of the highest quaility..

We will post when our berries are ready for harvest.


Red and Yellow Delicious, Winter Banana, Jona Reds, and Pound Sweet apples just picked today. Wolf River, Cortland, Honey Crisp, Cox Orange Pipin, Jonathans, Macs, also still available for your holiday baking or to just enjoy !!


Delicious apples are available at Harmon Mountain Farm on Rt. 192 in Northfield. We have Macs, Honey Crisp, Jonathans, Pound Sweet, Cortlands, Wolf River, Jona Reds, Delicious Pears and Red Bartlet Pears picked and ready for your enjoyment.


Fresh and Fresh Frozen Wild Blueberries available starting Aug 1st.

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Warm blueberry pie or muffins make winter a little more enjoyable. Delicious wild blueberries are still available at Harmon Mountain Farm. Drop in or call us at 255-4010.


Frozen 5# boxes of Maine Wild Blueberries still available. A perfect gift of health to love ones for the Holiday Season!!


Recent rain and plenty of sunshine has certainly helped the blueberry crop at Harmon Mountain Farm in Northfield !


Blueberries ready to enjoy starting August 4th at Harmon Mountain Farm on Rte 192 in Northfield. Available fresh in quarts and 5# boxes as well as frozen 5# boxes. Quality berries every time !!!


Red and Yellow Delicious apples are ready to enjoy. Also the Winter Pears are ready. Still have a good variety of other apples ready for your apple pies, apple crisp, cider and apple sauce, etc. Come see us!!!!.


Good crop of beautiful Jon- A- Red apples picked this morning! Also freshly picked Honey Gold! . Still have great crop of Honey Crisp, Pound Sweet, Winter Banana and Gala apples available, as well as Sickle and Delicious pears. Will be picking Red and Yellow Delicious apples soon.


Pound Sweet apples are ready. We also have Delicious Pears and Sickle Pears available. Sugar Pumpkins for baking all those wonderful fall treats i.e. pies, muffins, pancake, pumpkin bread etc. are also ready.


Apple season has arrived at Harmon Mountain Farm! McIntosh, Macoun, Honey Crisp,Cortland, Early Blaze, Gala, and Wolf River apples are now available. Other varieties will be posted when available.


Three generations of Antil blueberry rakers! Grandpa Jon, son Greg and grandsons Daryn and Bryce. Harmon Mountain Farm is truly a family farm.


It's Blueberry Season once again at Harmon Mountain Farms. Fresh and Frozen blueberries are now available. Come see us on Rt. 192 in Northfield !!!!


I love Spring!! The flowers are starting to blossom and the blueberry fields are alive with the sound of bees.....


Give your sweetheart the gift of health this Valentine Day's, buy her a 5# box Maine wild frozen blueberries. The benefits are heart healthy!!


Give the gift of health this year. Excellent frozen blueberries in 5# boxes are available.


Still have an excellent crop of Red Delicious and Pound Sweet available.


Excellent crop of Red and Yellow Delicious Apples picked today at Harmon Mountain Farms.


The sweetness of our blueberries are up to 15.1 on the Brix meter. Exceptionally sweet.
Amanda selling blueberries on the D**e during the Blueberry Festival.


Tested our blueberries this week with the Brix Meter which measures sugar content. Berries measured 14.1 which is excellent! Truly a feast from Downeast.


Harvest in full swing. Blueberries are excellent! Today's rain is very beneficial ,it will sweeten the berries


Fresh pack line up and running today. Pictures show blue berries being dumped into the winnower and grader where the leaves and small fruit are eliminated. Next the berries enter the pick over table for finale inspection to ensure only the best of wild blueberries reach your table.


Rainbow shinning over the blueberries today. Harvest starting this week! String being run to mark ricks for the rakers. It was hard walking through the field because the blueberries are so lush.


An excellent crop of Maine wild blueberries will be ready at Harmon Mountain Farms in Northfield on August 3rd for you to enjoy. Available by the qt. and 5# box. Also available frozen in 5# boxes.


Pictures of wild blueberries taken today 7-17-15 on our farm. Crop looks exceptional !! Hope to start harvesting in a couple of weeks.


Photos from Harmon Mountain Farms's post


Good to see the field white with blueberry blossoms rather than snow!!


The bees are here!!! Today was a perfect day for pollination .The bees were extremely busy doing their job.

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The Miracle Berry

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Contact Us

Treat your mom to something blue this Mother's Day.
Contact us for your box of quality, frozen Maine blueberries.



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Blueberries and lemon....mmmm! You've got to try this one! http://www.harmonmountainfarms.com/blog

harmonmountainfarms.com Recipes and updates from our beautiful blueberry farm in Northfield, Maine.

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Blueberries May Prevent Cancer and Heart Disease

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nutrition.about.com Blueberries are one of the easier superfoods to find because they are available in grocery stores all year long.




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