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Fresh seafood on the D**e in Machias, ME. and the Danforth Farmers Market in Danforth ME.


Saturday Jan 14th. Earle is loading the van and will be on the D**e today.

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PLANS FOR JAN. 10 - 13
Working around those grand boys away games this week. Thanks for your business and your patience!!


🎄Before we get too far into our Christmas celebrations, we want to pause just a moment to wish you all a very Blessed Christmas season. 🙏🏻We know too well, many of you are moving through the holidays with heavy hearts, but our hope is you can find peace and comfort with each other.
❤️We also want to thank you for the goodies that you stopped off. We are enjoying them and appreciate your thoughtfulness.
🐟Earle will be back on the D**e Tuesday. I will post next week’s schedule later.
😊As always, thank you for your continued support of our small, family business. It is truly very much appreciated.

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Check out these beauties!! Nice run of scallops. We get them right off the boat, ungraded. We have a lot of U10’s tonight. Not a drop of fresh water ever goes near our scallops.
I’m in a story mood so get your popcorn!
When I was young, many, many moons ago, my grandfather dragged scallops out of Jonesport. This would have been in the 50’s and early sixties for this tale although he dragged through the 70’s. My grandfather was Roosevelt Beal. He and another old salt, George Chandler were the only scallop draggers in the area. Scalloping started November 1st and ended April 15th. I remember him coming home at night with 3 large aluminum trash cans filled with scallop meats. My grandmother had pages of orders and she would bag those scallops in quart bags. The next day, they went out delivering their catch. They were never soaked with fresh water and I can remember sampling those sweet scallop meats.
You won’t see our scallops coming around in a cloth bag. That will suck every bit of sweetness right out of those babies. You won’t taste fresh water either. Just salty, sweet goodness. There’s nothing like it.
And a bit more family history.. my dad Frederick Beal dragged scallops (in the same dragger my grandfather had) after he retired from the Coast Guard and our son Jason, goes scalloping with a good friend and cousin, Cliffie. I like to think that those 4 generations are the reason we have some of the best scallops on the market!!

Edit: the price on these scallops $18 a pound.


🎂Happy Birthday🎂
Mr. Faulkingham
❤️Love you more❤️


11/17 I am more than thankful that Earle’s appointment went better than expected. We are getting him something to eat and heading home. No surgery today!! ❤️🙏🏻❤️


11/16. I am thankful today for Earle’s primary care doctor and the support staff at HFHC. He is a huge asset to his medical care and takes him seriously. He is definitely a bright spot and we are so fortunate to have him in this area. 🩺💉


11/15 Today I am thankful that my grandparents gave me the opportunity to take piano lessons and bought me a piano to enjoy. Even though I don’t play often, there are times when I am alone, I find it relaxing to “tinkle an ivory or two “. 🎶🎹


Earle has been patiently waiting…. Corned hake, mashed potatoes, squash, & of course.. pork scraps!!


11/14 Today I am thankful for you. If you are reading this, you are part of our seafood family. We are thankful for your support whether it is stopping for seafood, to say hi or sharing our posts.


🐟I hate to share this post but it’s only fair to let you know that the price of our FRESH HADDOCK has increased. UGH! When I called in our order this morning, I found out the price increased 50 cents a pound to us. We often try to absorb a small increase but this one is too big for us to do that. So, beginning this week, we will increase our price by the 50 cents a pound to cover our cost only. Haddock by the pound $11.00. 5 pound special $52.50. 10 pound box $100.00. Sorry for this but thank you for understanding.🐠


11/13 Today I am thankful for our law enforcement on land and sea and their families.


11/12 Today I am thankful that we have our tickets to visit our West Coast kids later this winter. (Now to stay healthy so we can go)


11/10 Today I am thankful for friends. Although my circle is small, I am thankful for those that are in it.


11/9. Today I am thankful that no matter what political situation we are in, I know there is One in control that we can trust. I need to keeping holding tight to that trust.


11/8 today I am thankful for the right and privilege to VOTE.


11/7 Today I am thankful for these beautiful warm fall days.


Monday is my order day for our seafood. Fresh needs to be ordered before NOON. If you are wanting fresh haddock, salmon, flounder it’s a good idea to preorder. We will have extra as long as it lasts.


11/6 Today I am thankful for childhood days spent with cousins at our grandparents in Masons Bay. Sleigh rides, barn swings, Christmas memories, family birthday dinners, riding in the back of the pick up, going to Blue Hill fair, to name just a few.


11/5 Today I am thankful for a roof over my head, food in the freezer and oil in the drum!!


❤️11/4 Today I am thankful for my Aunt Helen. When I was young, her house was one of my favorite places to be. She has always been more like a mother to me. I am so blessed to have her in my life. ❤️


🧡11/3 Today I am thankful for the 3 babies the Lord blessed us with and allowed us the privilege to raise them to adulthood. I am also thankful for their families and the 9 grandchildren we have been blessed with. Our lives are full. 🧡


🍁Wed 11/2🍁
Today I am thankful for Mr Faulkingham!! When I found him many moons ago we had no idea what a life we would have! We hope to have many,many more. 🧡


🍁I am tired of so much negativity in our Facebook feeds. So… for now until Thanksgiving, I am going to start a daily post with things I am thankful for…. Starting today. 11/1…


🍁❄️🌷This post makes me a little sad🥲,but also very thankful🙏🏻! We are transitioning to our winter season and that does not include me with Earle on the D**e, but I am more than thankful he is well and able to move forward this season.

With the winter season also brings a few changes:
🟠NO ORANGE CANOPY. Same van, same sign, he will be parking across from Helen’s. We made the move because it give him more protection from the wind and we believe it will be easier for you folks to pull off the road.
🐟🦀🐠🦐🐟Earle will be alone. Patience please. Seems as we get older we don’t move as quickly and it takes a little longer to think things through. I’m sure some of you can relate to this.
🤦🏼‍♀️This week I will start working the days Earle is on the d**e. I won’t be as available by phone as I usually am. Text will work best to contact me but I won’t be checking like I used to. Your best bet is to try Earle and if you can’t reach him by phone, drop by. Text & messages won’t work with him. He has not bought into the whole smart phone world and I am guessing he probably never will,(but we love him anyways).
🎄This weekend while I have been getting the paperwork done, I fixed up our Christmas Gift Certificates. We will also be offering the $5 off your next purchase coupon for every $50. you spend on Gift Certificates. These make great gifts for almost everyone on your list. Earle will have them with him or you can let me know and I can have it ready for you to stop by and pick up.🎄
🧡This has been a challenging year for everyone. We want to be sure each of you know that we appreciate you business and support.


Every Friday, we will have a “SURPRISE SPECIAL”. Not advertised, No preorders. Just stop by and check it out. If it’s something you’re interested in , grab some before they are gone.

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There are still clouds but the sun peeks now and then. We are just relaxing and enjoying our weekend at East Grand Lake. Our reward to ourselves for completing the Farmers Market season in Danforth. We love it here and Wes and Donna are great!!

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Finally, our first peek of morning!!

Photos from Earle's Fresh Seafood's post 10/08/2022

❤️🦞I don’t even know where to begin. When I met Earle in 1969, he was a lobsterman. He was in high school to please his parents, graduate and get fishing. He had an outboard boat and traps and he fished after school, weekends, & school vacations. He had been fishing probably 5 or more years before I met him. He had not only fished, he had been thrown out of a previous outboard and nearly drowned. If it had not been for his Uncle John (his mothers youngest brother), he would not be here today. That did not deter him from pursuing his dream of lobster fishing. It was in his blood.
He and his father fished together for over 40 years until his dad retired. All three of our children have worked with their dad on the lobster boat over the years. The girls worked on and off their early years to earn money and our son worked to gather knowledge to become a lobsterman himself. Five of our grandchildren have worked with their grandfather. Not only have they fished together but they have spent time together making more than money. They have made memories. Two of those five have their own traps and plan to do their own lobstering. It’s in their blood.
During our life together, we have had good years and bad years, but we always knew what he would be doing. Working hard, taking the bitter with the sweet and be thankful for what we have. I have watched him get gear ready only to change it to comply with regulation after regulation. Complain much? Yup! But he, as did the entire fishery, jumped through the hoops, year after year to be able to get in that boat and work at the only job he ever wanted to do. You see, it’s in his blood.
For us personally, it has been a challenging year. But the common comment had been.… next year will be better. But will it? We are hopeful. We are hopeful that someone, somewhere listens. Pays attention and help right the wrongs.
I personally can not imagine life in Maine without lobster fishing. It is more than a job. It is a way of life, traditions, the glue that holds our communities together. And for Earle.., it’s still in his blood ❤️

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