Riverside Take-Out

Riverside Take-Out


You guys were great this summer. The food was excellent. I was hoping to get something on your last day which I thought was today. Oh Well! Looking forward for next year. Stay safe guys!
GOOD FOOD..had clam roll yesterday ...very good

also glad for safety precautions..distancing and mask wearing..thank you all
Riverside Take-Out- I'd be happy to send in a selfie for Pride Passport.... "As we shift gears towards planning the Pride Passport for August, I'm reaching out to ask everyone to begin brainstorming and developing ideas for your regions for possible stops on the Passport map. We had hoped that things would be clearing up by now, but we need to remain mindful of social distancing, mask wearing and being very mindful about travel. So, rather than a competition, Anthony and I have discussed shifting the passport to a raffle. Participants will be invited to take selfies in their region or traveling mindfully to locations near them. Each selfie submitted will offer one submission into a raffle for prizes offered through the Health Equity Alliance."
Why do you advertise that you are open until 7 pm when the last two times I tried to place an order (including tonight at 6:20 PM) you were closed? I had to take my business elsewhere last Sunday and it looks like I will have to do the same tonight.
My monster haddock sandwich was such a nice treat today!! Thank you both for doing so much with precautions to keep everyone safe-above and beyond! No surprise there!!! I stopped to get an ice cream the other day in Machias and No One was wearing gloves or masks-no thanks!! Come on folks....
I personally have never eaten there but the next time I’m in the area I will try it.
My first visit yesterday and I'll be back whenever I'm Downeast! Wonderful, generous lobster roll. Exceptionally dog friendly, with doggie sundae and bottled water! And all-people friendly - yay!!! Super safe COVID 19 precautions in place. ❤️
Still the best Monsrah Haddock Burgah EVAH!
Thanx guys!💕
When will you guys be open for business?
The first woman to buy fish n chips after lockdown.
Just checkung to see if there might be an opening date?

Best roadside seafood in Downeast Maine, stop by the rainbow trailer and say hi to the boyz (Mark &


Hi folks! How are you? We're in the middle of the holiday season and we have a huge favor to ask. Our good friend Spike Cummings has just been diagnosed with cancer. He and his wife Janet are going to have a rough road ahead ( and we don't just mean rte. 192! Lol) going back and forth to Bangor ( 2 hours one-way). They've always been there for people in need and they also take in any furbaby who needs a home so it's (wicked) important that we help them now. So, we're reaching out to our Riverside Takeout family and we're confident you'll come through for them. Due to insurance limitations we are asking only for donations of gift cards and/or gas cards to help with their expenses. We know they use Blue Seal pet food so a gift card for there would help and if you're not local maybe from Walmart or another chain that they can get to. With gas prices so high any gas card would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be sent to Spike and Janet Cummings, 107 Palmers Landing Road East Machias Maine 04630. We know times are tough and money's tight but please do what you can because these people really deserve it! Thank you in advance and please above all STAY SAFE! You're the best! Mark and Frank Riverside Takeout. P.S. There will be a benefit at the East Machias Municipal Building on December 17th from noon. We hope everyone who's close enough will attend and contribute from there. Thanks again! M&F


Hi all! So sorry for the delay in posting but we had trouble accessing Facebook for some reason ( couldn't be our technical savvy lol). Anyway THANK YOU for another great season and we hope all of you will be back in 2023 for another round. Until then have happy holidays and a safe winter. See you in the spring! M&F Riverside Takeout


Well, here we are, the last day of the 2022 season! So today we are selling lobster rolls for $20.00 crab rolls for $15.00 haddock burgers for $10.00. We will be open until 4-ish or until we sell out of food (which might happen much sooner if today is anything like yesterday). Oh, and just in case you missed it these sale prices will be right through the end of the season! (Did you see what we did there?)


And just like that clams have sold out for the season! I guess you'll have to check with us next season!


We are offering our popular crab rolls for just $15.00 each until they're gone. As always, we have limited supply so don't wait or you may be sorry......


Just a reminder that we will be ending our 17th (!) season tomorrow (Sunday Oct.9th). We are already sold out of reubens and have just a few fresh clams left so if clams are your thing better get here early! We still have lobster, haddock, shrimp and popcorn chicken so come on down!


THE END IS NEAR! This is our last weekend of the season so get here before we sell out! We have plenty of haddock, lobster rolls, crab rolls and we will have fresh clams by around 1pm tomorrow. We open at 11am and will close by 5pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Don't be left out!


We have decided to stay open at least into Columbus Day weekend in order to give as much support to lobster fishermen and all of the support businesses that depend on lobster. Please do what you can to help as well! M&F


We at Riverside Takeout support the Maine lobster industry and encourage EVERYONE to do the same. BUY LOBSTER! (it takes a village).


Weekly Specials: Lobster Roll $25.00 Monster Lobster Roll $40.00 Crab Roll $20.00 Monster Crab Roll $35.00 Clam Basket $32.00 Clam Roll and Fries $15.00 Pint of Clams $30.00 !/2 Pint of Clams $20.00


As of Sept. we will no longer be accepting online orders. You can still view our items as well as specials online but only order at the window. M&F


Specials for this week are: Classic Lobster Roll $25.00 Monster Lobster Roll $40.00 Classic Crab Roll $20.00 Monster Crab Roll $35.00 Clam Basket $32.00 Clam Roll and Fries $15.00 Pint of Clams $30.00 1/2 pint of clams $20.00. We also offer a three way seafood combo (clams, haddock, and shrimp) for $36.00 served with fries coleslaw and fresh lemon. See you soon! M&F


Good morning! Just a quick note posting our hours for Sept. We are open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 11am to 5pm-ish. We are closed MONDAYS, as well as Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Our tentative seasonal closing is Sunday, Sept.25th but that could change due to customer volume, product availability etc. If you want that last haddock burger or lobster roll get here soon or wait 'til next season!


We have clams! By the basket, by the pint, by the half pint or by the roll. Any way you order them they are fresh downeast whole belly clams deep fried in our own breading. We also have crab rolls this weekend only. Get here quick or you might not be in time! (just sayin')


Well we all survived the Blueberry Festival! Now back to business. Our specials this week are: Classic Lobster Roll $25.00 Monster Lobster Roll $40.00 Clam basket $32.00 Clam Roll and Fries $15.00 Pint of Clams $30.00 1/2 pint of Clams $20.00 Shrimp and Haddock Combo $32.00 Haddock Roll and fries $15.00 Get yours while they last. Order at the window or online at: riversidetakeout.com


Just a quick note to say we have a very limited supply of fresh whole belly clams as well as fresh crab rolls this weekend only! These always sell fast so if you want yours get here as soon as you can. We open at 11am and will close at 5-ish. You can also order online [email protected] riversidetakeout.com


Hi all! It's blueberry festival weekend and we have many specials available. Classic Lobster Roll $25.00 Monster Lobster Roll $40.00 Classic Crab Roll $20.00 Monster Crab Roll $35.00 Clam basket $32.00 Scallop Basket $28.00 Pint of clams $30.00 1/2 pint $20.00 Clam and scallop combo $36.00 Shrimp and haddock combo $32.00 Clam, scallop, or haddock roll with fries $15.00 each. Hope everyone enjoys the beautiful weather this weekend and we hope to see you before we are sold out!


We still have a few fresh clams left. Going fast. And just for the record, we buy our clams (and all of our products) from LICENSED, REPUTABLE dealers and can prove it if asked. Ask our competitors where they get their's from and if they can show documentation to prove it. Remember the law says ALL restaurants and takeouts must do this.



Ok, so we managed to find fresh clams again this week. Our specials are: classic lobster roll, monster lobster roll, clam basket, clam roll and fries, pint 'o clams, half pint 'o clams. Go online at: riversidetakeout.com for prices and descriptions. (And you can order from there too!)



FYI: This just in! We have fresh whole belly clams! (The crowd goes wild!) We could only get a very small amount and, as always they're flying out the window.(ok, so they're not actually flying but you get the picture.....) If you wnat 'em get 'em fast while they last.


Due to unforseen circumstances we will be closed today 😘☹️ We will be open for sure on Friday with bells on.... Or maybe it's Bell's Palsy I always get those mixed up.🤔



It's Friday again and time to post our specials for this week. Classic Lobster Roll $25.00 Monster Lobster Roll $40.00 Popcorn Haddock and fries $12.00 Lucy Dog with fries $10.00 See descriptions online at: riversidetakeout.com



MONDAY SPECIAL! TODAY ONLY! We only have a small supply of fresh whole belly clams left so we are offering a clam basket today only for $25.00 That's fresh whole belly clams with fries coleslaw and fresh lemon. VERY limited supply so get here early.


Hey all! Just sayin'. Our fresh clams are going very fast just like last week so if you want 'em, better get here quick!


Hi all! Back again for another rousing weekend here at Riverside (that's RIVERSIDE, not to be confused with the other place!). Here are the specials for this week: Lobster Roll $25.00 Monster Lobster Roll $40.00 Clam Basket $32.00 Pint of Clams $28.00 1/2 pint of Clams $20.00 Clam Roll and fries $15.00 Clam Roll with sweet potato fries $17.00 Large Sweet Potato Fries $6.00 Small Sweet Potato Fries $4.00. All of our specials sell very fast so get yours early or be left behind.(just sayin')


A quick note to say we have clams this week in limited supply. Our price has increased every time we order so we don't know how long we can keep them in stock or if we will order them again. That means if you love our clams better get here this week while they last 'cuz when they're gone they're gone!


Good morning! Well we all made it through the 4th (we hope!). Here are our specials for this week: lobster roll $25.00 monster lobster roll $40.00 clam basket $32.00 pint of clams $28.00 half pint of clams $20.00 clam roll and fries $15.00 haddock roll and fries $12.00. Clams are going fast so get 'em early or......


Good morning everyone! It's the weekend before the fourth and we are open Friday-Monday 11am to 6pm. Last online order at 5pm Last window order at 5:30pm. This week's specials: Mark's baked haddock $14.00 Fresh clam basket $32.00 1/2 pint fresh clams $20.00 Full pint fresh clams $28.00 Clam roll with chips $17.00. Just so you know, clam prices took another jump this week so we may not be able to offer them again. Get here before they're all gone! (just sayin')


Do you really think dad wants another necktie or power tools for Father's Day? We know that DAD WANTS CLAMS! And we got 'em! (Ok, so maybe he wants power tools too, just sayin')


Due to unforseen circumstances we will not be open today. We will open tomorrow come hell or high water!


It appears today is a washout so we will be closed for the day. We'll see you on Friday. M&F


Here's a challenge! Yesterday we had our biggest online sales since we opened.So today we want to boost sales even more. The person whose order surpasses yesterday's total will win a $10.00 gift certificate on us! It's just like the lottery! (In order to win, YOU HAVE TO PLAY!



We are open today from 11am to 6pm. We take our last online order at 5pm. riversidetakeout.com. We take our last window order at 5:30pm.




Just a reminder that we are open today from 11am to 6pm. Last online order at 5pm: riversidetakeout.com Last window order at 5:30pm




Open today at 11am. Taking online orders at: riversidetakeout.com or order at the window from 11am. Last online order at 5pm. Last window order at 5:30pm.




Hi everyone! Our specials for this week are: Homemade lasagna for $12.00 Scallop Plate for $25.00 Classic Lobster Roll for $25.00 Monster Lobster Roll for $40.00 Classic Crab Roll for $20.00 Monster Crab Roll for $35.00 Small Sweet Potato Fry $4.00 Large Sweet Potato Fry $7.00. We are open Friday through Monday 11am to 6pm. (No matter what Facebook or Google says) order online at: riversidetakeout.com (last online order at 5pm) or at the window (last window order at 5:30). Whew! That was a lot! See you all this weekend! Riverside Guys




For some reason Facebook is telling some people we are temporarily closed. WE ARE OPEN TODAY! If you want to order online the web address is: riversidetakeout.com. Make sure there is no space and the entire web page is spelled out. We advise that you go directly to the web page and don't try to access from Facebook since Facebook is giving the wrong information.




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