The Little Cake Bakery

"Dessert is an opportunity to make something beautiful as well as delicious.”
-Roland Mesnier


Dear chocolate lovers, just a heads up that we're winding down our truffle and fudge making as the price for these ingredients keeps increasing and they are harder to source. Our last delivery of chocolates will be next Thursday, November 3rd. Thank you so much for supporting us all these months -- it's been a magical experience producing these chocolates for the community and we hope someday to be doing it again. Starting November 10th we'll be exclusively delivering our brandy-soaked fruitcakes, based on our Mother's recipe. These will continue right up to New Year's.


Just a quick post to let folks know that our TLC Bakery dog treats are back, now that the weather's cooling down. Happy news for our canine friends.


Another gorgeous, warm, sunny September day, with comfortable, cool temps at night. What more could we ask for? How about an assorted box of TLC Bakery truffles? We've packed them in boxes of 2 flavors, like Amaretto & Blueberry and Brandy & Bailey's, and 4 flavors, like Amaretto, Bailey's, Brandy & Kahlua -- a beautiful box of truffles decorated in seasonal earth-tone colors (see photo). We also have dark chocolate fudge, coconut fudge, and mocha fudge, and both coconut and coffee cream bonbons. Treat yourself to some delicious, melt-in-your-mouth, dark chocolates from The Little Cake Bakery fridge at the Machias Marketplace!


Now that we've had some real rain, we can all relax, and there's nothing more relaxing than a dark chocolate truffle flavored with a hint of blueberry, cherry or....our new flavor "pumpkin spice." No, that doesn't mean summer's over, it's only August! We're just experimenting and we're so delighted by this new flavor that we want to share it with you. We've also created sampler boxes of truffles so you can try different flavors. See you at the Marketplace!


Coffee Creams - the newest flavor of chocolate covered bonbons introduced by the Little Cake Bakery this week. I was skeptical when Anneke announced she wanted to create a new confection that wasn't a truffle, because what can compare to a dark chocolate truffle? As usual with Anneke's creations, my skepticism quickly turned to sheer delight. OMG, these are COFFEE creams with a capital "C." So good! You can find them at the Machias Marketplace, Thursday through 2 pm Saturday.


This week, the Little Cake Bakery has boosted our stash of assorted liqueur truffles, a flavor-packed box of Kahlua, Chambord, Brandy and Cointreau, dark chocolate truffles. I stress the dark chocolate factor because at one time, cacao beans were used as currency. That's right - the Aztecs traded with these amazing beans that are the foundation for all true chocolates. This makes these dark chocolate wonders even more valuable, so you might want to stock up. Visit the Machias Marketplace Thursday - Saturday and check out the TLC Bakery fridge.


What a beautiful, sunny morning we're having Downeast! This week, in keeping with summer, The Little Cake Bakery is introducing blueberry liqueur truffles. These dark chocolate delights have a burst of blueberry flavor that beautifully complements their melty, truffle centers. We're also introducing marzipan truffles for the almond lovers out there. If you're an almond lover like we are, you won't want to miss these dark chocolate covered truffles infused with almond paste. We're at the Machias Marketplace Thursdays through Saturdays until 2 pm. See you there!


Hello TLC Bakery friends,
Another beautiful June day in downeast Maine, a great day for a trip into Machias to visit the Marketplace for fresh farm produce, breads, and of course chocolates and baked goodies! The Little Cake Bakery is keeping our fridge stocked with truffles, fudge and chocolate covered bonbons, so make sure to stop by and check us out. Fun fact about chocolate: According to 20 Things You Never Knew About Chocolate by Kate Erbland, CHOCOLATE IS ACTUALLY A VEGETABLE—KIND OF. “Milk and dark chocolate come from the cacao bean, which grows on the cacao tree (Theobroma cacao), an evergreen from the family Malvaceae (other members of the family include okra and cotton). This makes the most important part of the sweet treat a vegetable.” Isn’t that incredible? So, no guilt necessary when eating a chocolate truffle – it’s like eating a carrot. Well, maybe that’s a stretch, but think about all the antioxidants! You can’t go wrong with a dark chocolate truffle from TLC Bakery.


Looking forward to the long weekend? How about a little Keto Almond Butter Truffle for energy to tackle those garden projects? Yes, we are introducing a new truffle flavor to our TLC Bakery fridge at the Machias Marketplace this week: Keto Almond Butter - made of bittersweet chocolate, almond butter, heavy cream and a hint of vanilla extract. Chocolatey, almond buttery goodness! We're also bringing back peppermint fudge for those of you who crave that chocolate-mint experience. So browse our fridge for chocolate-coconut bonbons, truffles and fudge. There's sure to be a flavor just for you!


TGIF -- and what a glorious evening it is! TLC Bakery continues its focus on chocolates this week. New truffle flavors include maple walnut (see pic) and Cherry Amaretto. We've branched out a bit to coconut bon bons dipped in dark chocolate, and are offering boxes of mixed truffle flavors, like hazelnut and maple walnut. All of these chocolate treats are in the Fridge at the Machias Marketplace. We don't temper our chocolate so it melts in your mouth, but untempered chocolate needs to keep cool so the cocoa butter crystals don't melt. There's a whole lot of chemistry to chocolate-making! While storing them in the fridge, to get the maximum flavor, let your truffles sit out at room temperature for a bit, then enjoy!


Quick update on The Little Cake Bakery: we are focusing on our chocolates right now, which you can find in the TLC Bakery fridge at the Machias Marketplace. We're also producing our 3-ingredient dog treats and sugar scrub (great for hands taking a beating from gardening). This week we introduced hazelnut truffles, adding to our collection that includes mocha, rum, chambord, bailey's Irish cream and kahlua. Our fudge flavors include mocha, dark chocolate, and Almond. In the words of Wayne Gerard Trotman: "As long as there is chocolate, there will be happiness."


Champagne truffles anyone? This week we're focusing on chocolates for mother's day: dark chocolate truffles infused with champagne, chambord, brandy and other liquors, or flavored with coconut - some dipped in a pretty pastel or white candy coating so they don't need to be chilled - and dark chocolate fudge, some flavored with almond extract. We also have peanut butter, pumpkin and rolled oat doggie treats for the 4-legged moms in our community.


Good windy Thursday afternoon! The Little Cake Bakery is introducing a new treat: TLC biscuits for your canine companions. These little "bones" are made of just 3 ingredients: organic pumpkin puree, peanut butter and oat flour. We're selling them in bags of 12. We also have pastel mocha and white coconut truffles - our intense, dark chocolate core with dark chocolate coating and an outer fondant-like coating, creating an amazing taste sensation. And we're offering croissants, pain au chocolate and wild blueberry einkorn scones. Visit our table at the Machias Marketplace, surrounded by a wealth of gorgeous, organic fruits and vegetables.


So it's holy week and we're gearing up for Easter this Sunday. The Little Cake Bakery elves have partnered with the Easter Bunny on Easter Egg Truffles (see photo). These are slightly sweeter than our regular dark chocolate truffles with their pastel candy coating flecked with chocolate (the blue is a dead ringer for Robin eggs, I swear). We also have peppermint and mocha fudge and dark chocolate truffles in the fridge at the Marketplace. On our TLC Bakery table are pound cakes, wild blueberry einkorn scones, croissants and pain au chocolat for an amazing Easter brunch. And if Easter isn't your thing or you have a hard time waiting (like me), then you can enjoy these goodies right now!


Another beautiful sunny day, starting to cloud up a bit, but can't complain as spring is definitely on the way. Just a summary of this week's TLC Bakery treats available at the Machias Marketplace: Croissants, pain au chocolat, blueberry einkorn scones, Kahlua truffles, peppermint fudge & mocha fudge (samples of both available) and a new product for this week only: almond macaroons. We are almond fanatics and these little gems are loaded with almond paste and just a hint of fiori di sicilia -- a truly awesome experience for your palate. Care to try one?


Hello TLC Bakery friends, we have two new treats for you to try this week: Mocha Fudge (try a sample) which is seriously java-flavored and my new obsession, and mini pound cakes topped with dark chocolate-- a plain and an almond version. We've also brought in more chocolate peppermint pound cake slices, English Tea Scones, Croissants, Pain au Chocolat and amaretto truffles (in the fridge). I think I could live on truffles and fudge... and croissants, and also pound cake, and of course coffee. Actually, I think I AM living on all those things right now and loving life! Join the fun at the Machias Marketplace, Thursday 9:30 am through Saturday 2 pm. Maybe we'll see you there!


Spring has sprung (somewhere in the world) and the Little Cake Bakery is introducing a new treat this week: chocolate peppermint pound cake slices, because freshly baked pound cake -- OMG! We also have Irish Soda Bread, croissants, pain au chocolate, English tea scones, truffles and fudge (don't forget to check the fridge!). Because we're so into desserts there are lots more treats to arrive in coming weeks, so stay tuned and be sure to check us out at the Machias Marketplace, Thursdays through Saturdays.


Happy Almost St Patrick's Day! ( Fhéile Beagnach Pádraig for you Gaels) Yes, we are celebrating early and have baked up another batch of Irish soda bread and fudge topped with Bailey's Irish Cream frosting. Join us tomorrow at the Machias Marketplace for these goodies and frosted fudge, pain au chocolat, croissants, and dark chocolate truffles. Éire go brách!


Hello, on this beautiful, sunny day in March! It feels like spring...but let's not put away the snow shovel just yet. In anticipation for St Patrick's Day next week, the Little Cake Bakery elves have been creating fudge with flavored creamy toppings, like Bailey's Irish Cream and Mint (pictured below). Anneke also added coconut to her dark chocolate fudge, and may I just say "Wow!" We have more samples for you to try at our table in the Machias Marketplace, and some of them include this new coconut flavor. You'll find all of these, plus truffles (including Bailey's Irish Cream truffles in honor of St Patrick's Day) in our new fridge (more coming Friday). Plus, we've baked up a batch of traditional Irish soda bread loaded with golden and brown raisons, and of course, croissants and pain au chocolat. Check out the fudge samples, and as the Irish Gaels say, "Saol fada agus breac-shláinte chugat" (Long-life and fair health to you)!


Brrrr, it's a cool start to March with a few inches of fresh snow. Winter always makes me crave chocolate. Does it have that effect on you too? This week the Little Cake Bakery has ramped up our chocolate offerings with assorted dark chocolate truffles (Amaretto, Kahlua, Brandy and Chambord) and fudge! Visitors to the Machias Marketplace will get to sample our fudge so be sure to stop by. Because we don't temper our chocolate, we are now keeping our chocolate products in a glass-front fridge, right next to our table at the Marketplace. This means we have even more room for all our croissants, pain au chocolate and scones. So make sure to check us out and don't forget to sample some fudge!


Happy Stormy Thursday evening! Looks like we're in for some windy, yucky weather. Luckily, the Little Cake Bakery elves have been busy baking up some scones, croissants and a new item this week: Wild Blueberry Chai Tea Cakes. Our delicious tea cake recipe just got a bit spicy with a hint of cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg.
Packed with wild blueberries and topped with a vanilla glaze, this tea cake reminds me of a chai latte with some downeast wild blueberry magic. Perfect for this weather!


I stand corrected: our grandmother-inspired cherry almond cakes are loaded with amaretto and topped with an almond glaze, so almond lovers be sure to check these out at the Machias Marketplace Thursday -- Saturday.


Valentine's Day is coming right up and the Little Cake Bakery is here to help you get ready. Tomorrow (Thursday) we'll be bringing in an assortment of truffles, including Chambord (raspberry liqueur) truffles, dusted with organic freeze-dried raspberries that we grind for just this purpose. Another treat we're introducing for Valentine's Day is a recipe for tea cakes created from one of our favorite childhood treats baked by our grandmother. These cakes are made with naturally low-gluten einkorn flour, filled with cherries and almonds, and topped with an amaretto glaze. We'll also have some of our standards, like croissants, pain au chocolat, and our einkorn scones. So whether you're shopping for a gift or just want to treat yourself, make sure to visit our table at the Machias Marketplace!


Everybody ready for another snowstorm? Stock up on some cheese straws (great with soup) made from low-gluten einkorn flour. We're bringing a dozen packages of these crispy, yet somehow chewy wonders to the Machias Marketplace (re-heat or eat them at room temp), enough for everyone this week. We're also introducing pain au chocolat so you have a choice between buttery croissants or their slightly more decadent cousin, pain au chocolat. We also have two flavors of English tea scones this week: our raison scones and wild blueberry-lemon -- some great comfort food to munch on, cuddled up by the wood stove with a cup of tea, while it rains, sleets and snows outside. Sounds like a plan!


A frosty good morning! Since there's nothing like warm pastry on a sub-zero morning, the Little Cake Bakery is featuring croissants (just heat to 350 for 5-8 minutes), einkorn scones, cinnamon-pecan cupcakes and a few boxes of chocolate truffles for fun. No cheese straws this week, but hopefully next week. Stay warm everyone!


We're introducing a new baked good to the Machias Marketplace this week: English pub style cheese straws (made of Einkorn flour which is naturally low in gluten) - these are amazing strips of buttery pastry made slightly chewy by the addition of cheddar cheese and just a hint of spice... so good! We're also bringing croissants, einkorn scones, chocolate truffles, cranberry amaretto tea cakes (this may be the last batch until cranberries are back in season) and mini cinnamon pecan tea cakes -- cupcake size versions of our cinnamon pecan tea cakes (we're selling them in packages of 2). So c'mon over to the Marketplace Thursday, Friday or Saturday!




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