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Little B's specializes in made to order sugar cookies, Cookies are iced using royal icing and are nut free. Located in Machesney Park, IL for local pick ups and deliveries, but there are shipping options available!

Operating as usual


How cute is this melon theme!? I swear, I have some of the most creative customers with the party themes! 🎉🍉


First & foremost, I love you all so much. Crying happy tears as I fill out my schedule this morning. 💛

But also, get your orders in while you can! June has only one spot left & the last few days have been me getting slammed with messages about July orders and even a couple August orders. I am booking FAST, so don't wait!!

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When your mom is a cookies, you and your friends will always get birthday cookies 😍

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From fiestas to par-tees, last weekend was filled with the cutest 2nd birthdays!


Honestly, I HATE mixing colors. It's time consuming, it's finicky, I always manage to somehow dye my hands no matter how many gloves I use, and don't even get me started on the dishes! SO MANY BOWLS.

But it is so worth it when they are all done and flow so perfectly together!

Who can guess what I'm making with these colors!?


Tried something new for .

Gonna have to switch some things to perfect it but it's a nice switch from the all the peens 😝


Ayo! It's everyone's favorite day of the week! And on this gloomy spring day, I spent way too much time picking up all the random bottles of bubbles that ended up at my house on Easter....soooo 😜

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Photos from Little B's Cookie Jar's post


I failed at Freaky Friday last week! So I pushed the limit this week 😬.....again, if you do not want to see offensive things, do not click on this post! But also Happy Easter! 😂


I almost forgot , but the day isnt over yet!


It's about to get freaky in here 😜

Starting today, I'm going to start doing a Freaky Friday every week! Now I know so many of you love the "adult" cookies but I've never posted them here because I know not everyone feels the same way. However, I do need to showcase these in some type of way. So for now on, on Freaky Fridays as well as custom orders, I will make a post with a warning image on it and then post the actual cookie image in the comments. If you want to see them, go to the comments to do so & if not, then just keep scrolling.

With that being said, welcome to the 1st of many ! Who doesn't love Mary Poppins!? 😜

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Fun fact! The birthday boy shares his birthday with his momma, so of course I had to throw in a little something for her too. 💛

It was the mid thank you cut off "-wait is that me!?" for me 😍

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This little penguin lovin birthday boy gets to enjoy these cookies with the polar bears this weekend...and I'm definitely jealous 😜

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Only the best for my favorite star wars lovin', cigar smokin', bourbon sippin' person. 🖤

**Please note; I do not sell copyrighted cookies. These were a birthday gift for my dad**

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Photos from Little B's Cookie Jar's post


Pumpkin Spice Latte flavored dunkers pair GREAT with vanilla buttercream! $15/bag includes 1.5 dozen mini cookies and a 2oz tub of buttercream icing topped with sprinkles.

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Fall baby showers may very well be my new favorite thing! I am obsessed with these pumpkins!

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So much pride, love, and happiness went into these cookies. Congratulations, Dr. Stone!! 🖤💙

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The cutest little critters😍

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We all scream for ice cream! 🍦🎉

Or in this case, ice cream shaped sugar cookies! 😜


First & foremost, thank you for everyone who has patiently been waiting for this post. I'm back & taking orders again!

To everyone who has been turned away, thank you all so much for your understanding and compassion. I never expected it would be take this long to take an order again, but here we are. That being said, I would like to take a moment to talk about mental health & postpartum depression.

With my daughter, I was baking orders 2 weeks after her birth.
With my son, it took over 6 weeks before I wasn't even hurting anymore. And even then, I had my moments.

With my daughter, I was happier than I had ever been, she slept through the night since day 1, I had immediately lost all of my baby weight plus some, I never missed a milestone, etc.
With my son, I seemed to always be snapping on someone or crying, I couldn't sleep in my bed for a month and was so incredibly sleep deprived, I'm bigger than I have ever been, and once my maternity leave ended, I felt like I was missing everything with both of my kids.

I knew, mentally, something wasn't right, but I figured it was just me. I had a 5 yr old craving attention that I wasn't capable of providing at that time, and a newborn that screamed every time I put him down. I was failing. But, I got out up every morning and still took care of my kids. I never thought about harming myself or anyone else. I didn't have any problems connecting with my son. I didn't have any issues after my daughter was born. I never had any of the major signs we always hear about, so i figured it just had to be me.

Postpartum depression comes in so many different forms and how I thought otherwise at 29 years old still baffles me. This is not a one size fits all situation. Don't push your mental health (PPD or other) aside just because your symptoms aren't the same as someone else's. Take care of yourself & take care of your mind.

It's been almost 7 months since I had my son, even longer since I took an order. Almost 7 months (&still counting)of making changes, working on my mental health, learning about self care, and most importantly, learning to love myself again. I am the best version of me for myself and my family. So again, thank you all for your patience. I can't wait to make all of your cookies!

"Self care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what's left of you."


I've been struggling a bit with this pregnancy and haven't been on here or taking orders the last month or so. I hate having to turn people away, but it was just becoming too much for me to handle. I will let everyone know once I am able to take orders again. That being said, I wanted to reach out one last time before the baby arrives and thank you all for your understanding and patience. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. 💚❤️


Guess what I haaaave!


Available in mini dunkers and regular sized cookies!


Remember dunk-a-roos?

I got something a little better!

Bag includes 1 dozen 2" mini cookies with a 2 oz cup of buttercream icing and sprinkles for dipping .


And don't worry!! I got some for all the adults too, check the comments for another fun (yet slightly inappropriate) set!

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They're here! They're here!

Halloween presales are officially open!

*** Orders are open until 5 pm on Oct 23rd. ***

Important information to know:
*Payment is due upfront and is non refundable.
*There are two pickup options to choose from, these are the ONLY options to choose from.
-Oct 30 between 4:30 & 5:30 pm
-Oct 31 between 10am & 12pm

How to order:
*Send a message to order
*Please include which set(s) you are ordering, pick up date/time, and an email.
*You will then be e-mailed an invoice which will include information on making your payment.

Now for the fun stuff!

*Trick or Treat set - $8
*Stick cookies - $15
*Stick cookies (monsters only) -$10
*Personalized cauldron - $6

And to add in just a bit more fun, I've decided to throw in an adult set this year! Check out the comments for something a little more fun & slightly less appropriate. 😉

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Custom orders for the weekend have been completed,. Finishing up halloween presales now! They will be posted today! **Stay tuned** 🖤

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School during covid regulations is weird, but cookies make everything better! 💜😷

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I had the pleasure of making cookies for a local small business. Check out Beauty By Taj! She currently has a labor day sale going on this weekend, so don't wait! 💜

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I'm back & with announcements!

2020 has been quite the year for our family! We started the year as a family of 3 and will be ending the year as a family of 4! 💙

All that being said, this pregnancy has not been particularly easy & I am also still working my full time job. So to make sure I am keeping mine and the baby's health as the #1 priority, I will be limiting the number of orders that I accept.

I will be accepting custom orders on a case to case basis, depending on quantity and level of design for each set, so be sure to get your orders in in advanced.

I also know we are coming up to the holiday season and I know everyone loves the holiday sets. On a normal year, I have done 100s of cookies during the holiday season, but that just will not be possible this year. So here is a glimpse of what this year's pre-sales will look like.

*Halloween will definitely have a couple sets to choose from. I will post samples and open orders on Oct 1st. Orders will be closed off by Oct 17 at the latest, earlier depending on how quickly I reach my max limit. The max limit is undecided at this time and will depend on what type of Halloween sets I choose to offer this year, so be sure to check back on the 1st.

*Thanksgiving samples will be posted for ordering on Nov 7th. Orders will be closed off by Nov 14th at the latest, so again, be sure you are checking back.

*Christmas will be very different this year. My official due date is Dec 27th, so promising any type of Christmas cookies at this time is unrealistic. I will likely stick with custom sets only for the month of December and no later than Dec 19th. Christmas is always the busiest, but even the beginning of Dec is very busy with Christmas parties and other events so do not hesitate to get your orders in.

It is going to be weird not doing my normal holiday orders, but I am excited & thankful to be back at all! Looking forward to all the cookies! 💙💙





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