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We are members of the National Court Reporters Association, as well as the Massachusetts Court Reporters Association. Copley specializes in all fields of expert witness depositions, provides services for arbitrations, hearings, administrative panels, and all other forums for legal discover. Copley has all of the resources and up-to-date technology for all of your court reporting needs. Client serv


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According to historians, the history of shorthand can be traced back to Marcus Tullius Tiro around 63 BC. A slave to the Roman orator Cicero, Tiro was highly intelligent. He was put in charge of taking dictation from his master and developed a system of symbols to keep up with Cicero's speeches.


The stenotype follows the basic principle of taking advantage of the fact that a person can type faster than they can write. This fact, combined with the symbols of short hand produces the ability to record the spoken word as quickly as one speaks.


Up until the late 19th century, a quill was the primary means of court recordings! It was not until the late 1870’s that the first automated machine was developed by Miles Bartholomew, in the form of a stenotype.


What are the Tironian notes? The notes are one of the first forms of shorthand, created in Ancient Rome by Marcus Tillius Tiro which were used to record the speeches of the famous Roman philosopher Cicero. The notes are formulated using Latin word stem abbreviations and included 4,000 signs.


If a company is about to hold its annual meeting and wants to publish a verbatim account of the speech by the CEO on its website and elsewhere, the easiest way to do that is to hire a court reporter.


Examinations Before Trial are conducted as part of the discovery phase of a proceeding in order to clarify the nature and details of a lawsuit, and to provide all parties with the information they need and are entitled to.


Many law firms use court reporters during practice trials. By going over the transcript of the trial, a lawyer can determine mistakes that were made and areas that need to be improved.


Court reporters do not pay attention to inflection, intent, or sub-context. They only record sound and sound combinations. Because of this training, you will receive an unadulterated, accurate transcript of the proceedings.


How are court reporters able to capture a verbatim manuscript of a deposition or trial testimony? Normal speech varies between 120 and 150 words per minutes, which a trained court reporter generally must perform at 225 words per minute.


When it comes to your trial and all related proceedings, we will ensure that complete and accurate documentation is kept throughout. Our professional reporters can provide you with a variety of services, from transcript preparation to close captioning.


Did you know that football teams regularly use stenographers for press conferences and other statements by coaches and players? Fans enjoy reading a verbatim account of what their star player had to say at a press conference.


Laws vary from county to county regarding who is responsible for providing court reporters. In some counties, the courts will not provide them and the attorney(s) must. If you are not sure, we can help with that information.


A stenotype keyboard used in court reporting has considerably fewer keys than a regular computer or typewriter keyboard. That's because multiple keys pressed at the same time can spell out whole syllables, words and phrases without the use of individual letters.


To help the transcription process proceed smoothly, it is best if the court reporter is provided with a list of names and technical or case-related terms prior to the beginning of the deposition. Also, all acronyms need to be identified.


What is it like to operate a stenotype machine? It's something like playing chords on a piano. A stenographer learns shorthand methods to create words and phrases by hitting several keys at the same time - like creating chords on a piano.


Having an accurate transcript of your trial and any other legal proceedings is important. Essentially, it is the transcript that helps safeguard everyone’s rights in the legal process and can be relied on in the case of appeal or any later litigation.


Did you know that a court reporter can often provide you with real-time translation of a testimony? This can be helpful because it allows you to see whether an answer given is clear enough when translated into text. If it isn't, you have the opportunity to clear up any ambiguities right away.


The keys on a stenotype resemble piano keys more than a computer keyboard. In order to type at the required speed, more than one key is pressed at the same time, much like a chord on the piano and each key contains multiple letters.


Stenographers don’t only work in courtrooms. Stenography is used for business meetings and proceedings, transcribing business notes, or even in television providing real-time captioning for deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers.


A system of shorthand that relied on symbols was described in a 1588 book by Dr. Timothie Bright of Britain. This system of 500 symbols was improved and expanded for use by royalty and in court and was one of the first modern shorthand systems.


There are many occasions when computer malfunction because of events such as an electrical outage or software problem. Not having a meeting recorded properly can be detrimental to your case or proceeding. This is where court reporting services are helpful.


Did you know that the idea of using a shorthand system to record speeches dates back to the 4th Century B.C.? According to historians, Marcus Tullius Tiro recorded the speeches of Roman leaders.


When it comes to litigation support, every case is unique. However, our team of professionals has been trained to adhere to the highest industry standards to ensure that all data is handled in a cost-effective, time-efficient, and accurate manner to best support your case.


Marcus Tullius Tiro was a slave owned by Cicero, a Roman philosopher. It is believed that Tiro was the first person to have created a shorthand writing system in 63 B.C., which he regularly used to transcribe Cicero's speeches word-for-word.


If a portion of testimony needs to be read or reread during a deposition, it can be difficult to locate the exact spot that needs to be replayed. On the other hand, a court reporter can visually scan his or her notes and quickly find the portion to be read.


The introduction of the stenotype machine in 1913 marked the beginning of the modern court reporting era. The machine had keys that represented sounds or syllables, instead of the letters of the alphabet.


Who is Ward Stone Ireland? Known as the “Father of the Modern Shorthand Machine,” he was an American inventor who patented a machine that utilized a typewriter-like keyboard for the use of shorthand reporting.


Stenotype machines, originally called shorthand machines, have been in use since 1830. The first shorthand machine was built by German inventor Karl Drais: it operated on a system in which a paper strip was punched to convey syllables and words.


One system of shorthand which had a huge impact on the world of shorthand was designed by the famous poet John Byrom in the early 1700s. Eventually named the “New Universal Shorthand,” Byrom’s system was taught at Oxford and Cambridge Universities.



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