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And just when I thought I couldn't love Ola Ka Ola more than I already do, I receive a Shapa in the mail! O.M.G. I LOVE Ola Ka Ola!!
Thank you all so much for this incredibly cool gift!!
Amazing programs tailored for women over 40: pelvic floor restore, face yoga, Pilates for Menopause Symptoms, yoga, balance, strength, Coredio, meditation and so much more!!
Live instructors who watch and correct form! For me it's so much easier than going to a gym - half the time I'm in my pj's working out! My arms have completely changed. Every other month they send a box chock full of equipment that we all use. I sign up for classes a minute before the class and I love that flexibility!
Aggy Sapienza, is an incredible trainer! I love the 30 minute classes - I'm sweating and most times burn over 200 calories a class. All I can really say is that for the first time in my life, I'm hooked and addicted and it couldn't be easier! What they offer is just outstanding! DM if you have any more questions - I could talk about Olakaola non-stop!!😆
I wanted to give a HUGE shout out to www.Olakaola.com for changing my life! I did a free Olakaola class months ago thanks to The Woolfers and now can't live without it!
Aggy Sapienza, you are a godsend!
She’s off. Good luck Ada Luz Coonerty-Vazquez
Hello I received my boxes here in Canada
So happy with everything. Thank You !! Here in my trails behind my home !
I had the nicest surprise yesterday. I received the Ola Ka Ola mat, towel, water bottle, hat, muscle roller and Physio ball! I had previously mentioned that the hat and water bottle were pretty....and voila, they(plus+) arrived at my door. Thank you so very much!
Love my coffee/tea mug and all the other great things in the Exercise Box. Thankful for this group! Happy Thanksgiving!
Okay ladies and gentlemen....let the fun begin! Super excited to start.
The Exercise box is such an amazing program, i really enjoyed the classes, the community is awesome and the results are mind blowing - i lost weight and more importantly - i feel great. Thank you Ola team!!!
My attempt at the splits. I did day 1. Tanya you are so motivating!
For those are you that are familiar with Zaatar. Trader Joe’s has the spice. I put it on chicken thighs today and even the kids ate it.
Amazing class as usual!

The Only Platform For Women In Their 40s, 50s, 60s, And Beyond Who Want To Become STRONGER Ola Ka Ola.

Life Goes On (in Hawaiian)

Getting in shape in your 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond is not the same as it was in your 20s. We are committed to providing the best possible member experience to help you stay committed to your health after the age of 40. Because life goes on, and we choose to get stronger and carry on.


Reverse prayer is achieved by placing both hands in a prayer position behind the back.
It’s great to improve posture and strengthens back muscles and it’s also a heart opening pose and it helps with wrists mobility.
Namaste 🙏
Yoga instructor Sabrina Marr


I am starting to feel the change of seasons. Chilly mornings and evenings, summer flowers dying off, (I’m replacing mine with fake fall flowers 😂 one less chore!) colors starting to change, and the smell of the air has more of an earthy tone. A reminder that change is constant, change is necessary, change is growth, change is beautiful.

With the change of seasons is also an opportunity to make little beautiful changes in your health & fitness routine.
Change is always happening so it makes no sense to resist.
"Change is the force of life. Resisting it only creates struggle; embracing it transforms challenges into opportunities.

So maybe the question is not ‘Are you ready for change?’ But rather Are you ready to embrace your own opportunities?
Trainer Cheryl Coppa


“Each day is an opportunity to build the opportunity that you want.”

Every morning you wake up is a chance to begin again.

With each new day comes a new opportunity. Don’t dwell on the past. Live in the present. Make the most of the current day you are blessed with. Live intentionally. Choose actions today that will create a better tomorrow. Each day, strive to be a little bit better than the person you were the day before.
Little by little, step by step, you will get to where you want to be! 💪🏽

Happy Saturday everyone!
Have a blessed weekend 😇
Trainer Tasha Malkiel


‏Galaxy pose is one of those poses that you can do with more freedom. It offers an opening to act outside the confines of doing things “the right way” without feeling limited and bound up by expectations imposed on us by others. In this free space to express, we enter a realm of self discovery and new possibilities that can alter our lives both on and off the mat.
Engage and expand in this chest and heart opening pose

Yoga instructor Sabrina Marr


The protein impact for women over 40!

Do you know how much protein you get in a day?
Did you know you should be getting at least 100 grams a day?
Even as a personal trainer, I have to make a conscious effort to hit this goal or even just come close to it.

It is worth it to start paying attention to your protein intake and here is why ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
Enjoy my dinner pic from last night 🤗🤤😋😛 It was a big training day with classes so my muscles were happy to be properly fed.

Protein plays crucial roles for women over 40, including:
1. Muscle Maintenance: Adequate protein intake helps preserve muscle mass, counteracting age-related muscle loss (sarcopenia).
2. Metabolism: Protein boosts metabolism, aiding in weight management and preventing age-related weight gain.
3. Bone Health: It supports bone density and strength, reducing the risk of osteoporosis.
4. Hormonal Balance: Protein supports hormone production and regulation, which can help with menopausal symptoms.
5. Tissue Repair: It aids tissue repair and recovery, promoting faster healing and resilience.
6. Blood Sugar Control: Protein helps stabilize blood sugar levels, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes.
7. Satiety: It keeps you feeling full, reducing the chances of overeating and supporting weight management.
8. Skin Health: Protein contributes to collagen production, maintaining skin elasticity and reducing signs of aging.
9. Immune Function: It supports a healthy immune system, which is crucial for fighting infections and illnesses.
10. Mental Health: Protein provides essential amino acids that affect mood regulation and cognitive function.

As you can see, incorporating protein-rich foods into the diet is essential for women over 40 to promote overall health and well-being.
Go ahead, EAT!!!
Trainer Cheryl Coppa


🇺🇸 Squat in Remembrance - 9/11 Squat Challenge

Join trainer Cheryl Coppa for 343 squats incorporated with other movements to keep us challenged and our heart rates up.

343 for the number of firefighters who lost their lives on this day, along with the thousands of others and the lives that have been forever changed, we remember.

Monday, September 11t at 8:30 am EST/ 5:30 am PST
This class is free and open to the public
Sign up for FREE here: https://myeb.olakaola.com/session/Yk7CO5ScMR


Hopefully, we all had a great summer creating memories; long nights, amazing food.
Now that days are becoming shorter, we’re back to work, back to school, and more structure we can more easily make our health & fitness a priority in just 30 min a day. Progress, not perfection.
Small, sustainable disciplined habits will get you realistic, lasting results
Trainer Tasha Malkiel


A great pose for better posture is Bridge Pose which is also a great chest opener and back bending pose. Guaranteed to help overall health of the spine and back


🌼 NEW! Sabrina's Live Face Yoga Sessions Are Back

Join Yoga instructor, Sabrina Marr, and learn how to strengthen and build up underlying muscles in key areas such as cheeks, jawline, neck, eyelids, and eyebrows that can help you look and feel better.

Days: Saturdays at 10:00 am EST, only 15 min during September.
Equipment: Just you and the mat.

The program is also available on demand.
Only on www.olakaola.com


🇺🇸 Labor Day Workouts!

This holiday is all about celebrating fitness and well-being.
On Monday, September 4th, we're starting the day strong:

8:00 am EST - Yoga with Sabrina
8:30 am EST - Leg training with Cheryl (intermediate)
9:30 am EST - Full body (Beginners)
10:00 am EST - B***y training (intermediate)

Happy Labor Day!

Try us out for 7 days free here: www.olakaola.com


Welcome September 🌸🌷🌼

Choose movement you enjoy
The "secret" to staying active and loving it - choosing movements you enjoy!⁠

Why is it crucial? Because when you find activities that bring you joy, staying active becomes a breeze! You're more likely to stick with it, and that consistency is key.⁠

Whether it's dancing like nobody's watching, hiking in nature's playground, or zen-ing out in a yoga class, your options are endless! ⁠🙌🏽🙌🏽

So remember, it's not about what you have to do; it's about what you want to do. Explore, experiment, and have fun with your fitness journey! ⁠💪🏽💪🏽

❤️Trainer Tasha


Posture! Is your back hunching from all the long hours spent at the desk? Try puppy 🐶 pose. At any level, this shoulder stretch is sure to improve
your posture
Yoga instructor Sabrina Marr


I will be starting a new job tomorrow and I was thinking of ways to stay active while sitting in an office all day.
We are allotted 2 15-minute breaks, and this is what I came up with:
👉🏽 Perform each exercise for 45 seconds, followed by a 15-second rest, and repeat the circuit 3 times.
🖥️ Desk Push-ups: Place your hands on the edge of your desk, shoulder-width apart. Lower yourself toward the desk and then push back up.

🪑 Chair dips: Sit on the edge of your chair with your hands gripping the seat. Slide your bottom off the chair and lower yourself by bending your elbows. Push back up to the starting position.

🦵🏼Wall Sits: Stand against a wall and slide down into a seated position as if sitting in an invisible chair. Hold the position for 45 seconds.

Seated Leg Raises: Sit on the edge of your chair with your hands dripping the sides, and lift your legs straight out in front of you, engaging your core.

Cool down (3 Min.)
Staying active during short breaks can help you improve circulation, reduce stiffness, and boost your energy levels throughout your workday.
Trainer Aggy Sapienza


Aging is inevitable, but the rate at which we age is a matter of choice.

These women are between the ages of 39 and 73 in this clip (but our oldest member is 83). We train together, WITH our bodies at this age, so we can continue to THRIVE! 💕 Small movement deposits of just 30 minutes at a time, right at home 🏡.

Exercise is the closest thing to a miracle drug that we have.
Trainer Cheryl Coppa


No Time to Tone Your Arms? Try Just 10 Minutes a Day With Aggy

Get ready to sculpt and tone your arms in just 10 minutes with this fast-paced and effective arm workout during September only! Whether you're short on time or looking to add a targeted arm routine to your fitness regimen, this workout is designed to give you maximum results in minimal time.

Tuesday - Thursday at 6:35 pm EST
Fridays at 6:05 pm EST
Only in September (Live or on-demand)
Register here: www.olakaola.com


Progress, not perfection.
Small, sustainable disciplined habits will get you realistic, lasting results.

It does not have to be complicated and you don’t need a lot of time to get a good workout in. Move your body, and start your day right.⁣

I needed to remind myself to stop over complicating things. Our bodies are incredible machines. I am able to run, walk, and do simple bodyweight exercises. ⁣

⁣No more excuses.

If you are serious about getting on track, it’s time we chat.
Trainer Tasha Malkiel

Meet Tasha and your trainers at www.olakaola.com


Hang on to the sweetness and flavors of summer with this!!

Peach 🍑 Basil 🌿 bruschetta
So easy too 👌🏽
I whip this up for lunch or an appetizer.

➡️ Bread of choice brush with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper and stick it right in the oven at 350 directly on the rack until the desired crisp is reached. Should only take 3 minutes

Dice up
➡️ Tomatoes
➡️ Peaches
➡️ Onion of choice
➡️ Fresh Basil
➡️ Jalapeños if you want a little kick🦵🏼
➡️ Salt & pepper and a few dashes of balsamic vinegar.

This can be enjoyed on top of your toasted bread or eaten as a salsa with tortilla chips. Anyway you enjoy it, it’s fresh and bursting with summer flavors.
Trainer Cheryl Coppa


💓 What Heart Rate Range Is Considered Safe During Exercise?
Ola Ka Ola's Exercise Physiologist, Shirit Rosenberg, explains how to calculate it and when it's advisable to stop and take a break:



Remember your WHY! When times get tough, look internally for your motivation.
Intrinsic motivation is so important to have. It comes with within you! When your values and your goals align, it makes it so much easier to wake up and chase after them!
Sometimes external motivators can be like a finish line, and we don’t know what to do once we’ve achieved them. The excitement of them can ware off.
So we need to dig DEEP within ourselves to determine our why! Internal motivators can never be taken from us, because they’re safe within our souls!
“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.”
-Zig Ziglar

Happy Saturday! Have a blessed weekend! 🙏🏼
Trainer - T❤️

Join Tasha’s classes www.olakaola.com


Pigeon pose is a great hip opener and the best antidote to sitting for long periods. You can do it with your arms up like in the picture or hands on the mat or as sleeping pigeon with the forehead resting on your hands. You can add this pose to any stretching routine. Give it a try!!
Yoga instructor Sabrina Matt

Join Sabrina’s yoga classes and Face yoga classes at www.olakaola.com


Back in high school, I smoked ci******es. My mom would give me $5 a day and I would pay for the bus for school, buy a pack of ci******es, a cup of coffee, and a devil dog. I didn’t smoke the whole pack because I split it with my girlfriend. When I got engaged to my husband in 1986, we both decided to quit smoking so that we when we got married, we would both be smoke-free people. In 1986, I was a fitness instructor for several years and it just didn’t seem to go together, the smoking and working out.
Also, back then I was running a lot. I ran in several 5K races, and the smoking wasn’t helping me run faster. It was very tough to quit smoking, but I am known to have very strong willpower. If I set my mind to something, I usually can do it. I sometimes refer to myself as a “thick-headed Italian”. If you tell me I can’t do something, I want to do it even more. So, I just tossed the ci******es in the street and that was that. I never regretted quitting.

In 2018, I decided to stop drinking. I was working out so hard and eating right but the few glasses of wine that I consumed every night at dinner weren’t helping me meet my goals. I wanted muscle definition, and I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted because of the wine.
I never thought I had a drinking problem because I always gave up wine for Lent and it was never an issue. I knew that giving it up for good though was going to be a challenge because I did enjoy my wine.

I set my mind to it one day in 2018. I don’t even remember the date, and I haven’t had a single drink since then. It was difficult in the beginning when we went out and everyone was drinking. So many ladies said to me “Wow Aggy, good for you, I could never do this” or “I would never give up my wine”.

At first, it felt weird. I remember I ate more snacks, but the weight started to fall off and my muscles started to pop. My belly pooch went down so much, and I had a ton of energy. I loved waking up refreshed every single day. My skin is always glowing and I look a lot younger too. And I’m always present. It’s a win-win.

My willpower won! I will never regret this decision.

If you feel like this is something you may want to do, I read a book called This Naked Mind. It helped a lot. It’s an eye-opening book about how alcohol is pure poison and the negative effects it has on your brain and body. It shook me up a bit.

I don’t judge anyone who drinks. As they say, you do you. My husband and everyone I know still drink and that’s fine. All I know is that it worked for me. I have never felt better.
Trainer Aggy Sapienza


Think of it as an upgrade! Make a little upgrade to ensure your body feels and performs great all throughout the mid life years and beyond!

1) Time to give your pelvic floor health some love ! Learn how to properly train your core and pelvic floor.
Trainer Cheryl Coppa

2) Ditch long endurance cardio workouts for short interval training.

3) Effective strength training ! Get the most out of your time by working big muscle groups and/ or compound movements.

4) Keep your joints and tendons oiled to move freely and pain free . Do this by incorporating flexibility and mobility training.

To dig deeper on the why and how , check out this latest blog.



“No matter how bad yesterday was, today is a new day full of new opportunities.” Anonymous

Onwards & upwards. Don’t dwell on the past. Pick yourself back up and brush it off. The only reason you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come. If you mess up, fail forward. We must live & learn, and use every day as a new opportunity to keep chasing after all our dreams and goals!
This is your Saturday morning reminder that YOU’VE GOT THIS! Trainer - Tasha ❤️


Yoga always offers the option to improve gradually.
If you can’t do the full version today, do the half version and maybe tomorrow you will get to the full version ❤️
Yoga instructor Sabrina Marr


We all know how our schedules change once fall and school start. Summer is easy and breezy and fall to me is very different.
I feel the need to get everything done before it gets dark.
Here are some tips to make sure you fit in a workout when your days may be busier.

1) Look at your schedule and try to identify what you have going on and when you can fit in a workout.
2) Prioritize your workout. Choose specific times and days that you commit to working out.
3) Make sure your goals are realistic. Choose shorter workouts rather than longer ones. Aim for more intense short workouts. This will help you stay consistent.
4) Be flexible – We all know our life can be unpredictable, be willing to adjust your workout schedule and don’t feel guilty.
Remember balance in life is everything. But be sure to prioritize yourself!
Trainer Aggy Sapienza


Fresh & flavorful Orzo Salad

- Package of Orzo pasta cooked and cooled
- Artichoke hearts diced
- Bell peppers of choice
- Sun-dried tomatoes
- Green onions
- Parsley
- Cucumbers
- Cheese of choice

Salt and pepper to taste and squeezed limes over top 👌🏽👌🏽
Trainer Cheryl Coppa


“To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.” Gene Tunney

You gotta work for it!🌞💪🏽🤩
Exercise truly spills into all other aspects of our life! Physical, mental, & emotional health all greatly improve when we get more active! 🙌🏽

❤️Trainer - Tasha


Also known as legs-up-the-wall.
Waterfall is a soothing pose that relieves fatigue in the legs and feet. It helps prevent varicose veins and symptoms of arthritis. It also increases circulation and helps calm the mind.
Give it a try!
Yoga instructor Sabrina Marr


In my workout room, I have a quote on the wall "Mindset is everything".

I really believe in this quote. A positive mindset is a great tool when trying to achieve your fitness goals.
A positive mindset or believing in yourself is very powerful. It can positively impact your workout journey in several ways:
🥰 When you have confidence in your abilities and potential, it can enhance your overall fitness progress.
🥰 When you have faith in your capabilities, you are more likely to stay consistent in your workouts.
🥰 When you believe in yourself, you will set ambitious goals.
🥰 When you believe in yourself and hit a wall or a challenge, you will be able to deal with these in a positive way to overcome them.
🥰 Believing in yourself helps you push through plateaus.
🥰 Self-belief can improve your performance during workouts. You are more likely to challenge yourself and push harder.
🥰 A positive mindset and self-belief can lead to more energy, reduce stress and you will enjoy your workouts!
Trainer Aggy Sapienza


You cannot spot train fat like you can a muscle.
Burning belly fat is not about training the core muscles. In many cases, one will try to target belly fat by doing things such as abdominal crunches, which can actually give you more of a bulkier look. You might feel a burn and continue to invest time with no result. This is frustrating and discouraging.
When it comes to fat burn, especially stubborn belly fat, think big muscles! Big muscles = Big fat burn!
“Muscles are your armor against fat” - Jack LaLanne

Check out this latest blog on my top 6 go-to exercises for belly fat loss and reshaping the midsection.


“Failure will never overtake you if your determination to succeed is strong enough.״ anonymous

Failing isn’t a reason to give up, it’s a reason to work harder💪🏼

Always fail forward.

Don’t let one mistake stop you from pursuing your goals. Failure is an opportunity to learn. If you mess up, brush it off, learn a lesson, & keep moving forward!

Here’s your mid-week reminder, that YOU’VE GOT THIS. 🙌🏼
Trainer Tasha Malkiel


We are happy to share with you that you can now watch our on-demand videos using closed captions.
How do I turn it on?
Go to any video on the on-demand library. Click on the CC icon located on the bottom right (see picture). Choose English, and start working out.
To cancel, simply click on the OFF option.

Only on www.olakaola.com


Rest Between Sets!

When I teach my daily class at 6 pm, I really try to lift heavy. When I use heavy weights along with using big muscles, such as the quads and glutes, my heart rate goes higher, and I need to rest between sets.

When you rest between sets, you replenish oxygen levels. During intense exercise, your muscles use more oxygen to meet the demand of the exercise. Resting between sets allows your body to restore oxygen, and improve your performance for the next set.
Weightlifting requires concentration. Resting between sets allows you to mentally prepare for the next set.

The optimal rest time between sets can vary. I generally rest for about 30 seconds to 1 minute so that I maintain an elevated heart rate.
Proper rest between sets is important when weightlifting to prevent overtraining and injury.
Trainer Aggy Sapienza


Traveling pelvic floor tips!
Sitting for prolonged periods of time is the worst! Since I’m so active, I feel it immediately. Excessive sitting will leave you with aches and pains in your low back and hips, and also triggers sciatic issues. Sitting is the new smoking!

If you are driving or flying, here are some tips to offset the negative effects of prolonged sitting:

1- 🚰 Stay hydrated and regular! I chose coffee, water, and kombucha when I travel. Not only because I drink these daily but they also keep the gut in check, especially when traveling as you are prone to dehydration and constipation, which are horrible for your pelvic floor.

2- 🚶🏼‍♀️Move as often as you can! Walk around when you can.

3- Stretch! My go-to is the standing figure 4 stretch followed by a calf stretch (heel on the ground toe to the ceiling, hinge forward ). Everything is connected! Tight calves and hamstrings will pull your pelvis out of alignment and result in an achy back and tight pelvic floor.

4- Fire up the cheeks!! 🔥🍑 Any kind of squat will do, but I took mine to level 3 with Bulgarian Split squats. Waking up those muscles will help so much, and raise your heart rate too so you will feel better overall!
Safe travels ❤️
Core Specialist Cheryl Coppa


NEW! Body Reset - Restorative Exercise Training With Tania

Starting on July 31st, Tania's Monday evening classes will be all about RESTORATIVE and you're invited to join her new Body Reset class to wipe away that Monday blues.

Reset & Restore is designed to literally, physically, and mentally, reset and restore your body’s alignment, both physical and mental. Our focus will be deep breathing techniques, gentle stretches to work out the kinks of daily living, and inversions for oxygenation, circulation, and lymphatic drainage.

It is proven that Meditation & Restoration are key to longevity and a healthy mind.
Everyone's invited!

Monday, 7pm EST/4pm PST, starting July 31st only on www.olakaola.com


NEW! Beginner’s Cardio Dance with Tasha

Join trainer Tasha for a Beginner’s Cardio Dance class every Thursday at 6:30 am EST starting 7/27.

Don't miss this fun, joyful, dance hip-hop session infused with core-strengthening exercises. In each song, we'll learn 4 to 5 simple dance moves. This class is open to all!
Get ready,
3, 2, 1...
Let's Dance 👯



Half seated twist is a great pose for beginners and is very helpful for back health. If you are a beginner and hesitate to try yoga, keep in mind, there are poses for beginners and most poses can be modified to ease every beginner into the world of yoga. Give it a try today!
Yoga instructor Sabrina Marr


Trainer Aggy Sapienze Shares Fitness Tips For Women Over 40

Staying fit and healthy is important at any age but it becomes even more important as we grow older. Here are some fitness tips for women over 40:
💪 Make strength training a priority. As we age, we lose muscle mass. Lifting weights can help preserve muscle mass, increase bone density, and improve health.
👣 Walk – cardiovascular exercise such as a brisk walk is essential for heart health, weight management, and overall fitness.
👯‍♀️ Stretch – keeping flexible is crucial for preventing injuries.
Always listen to your body. Respect your body's limits and avoided overtraining or pushing too hard.
🥗 Maintain a balanced diet – I eat well during the week and splurge a bit on the weekends.
🥳 Enjoy Life – Find what makes you happy and stick with it. Happiness is essential for our good health.
Trainer Aggy Sapienza


Just like anything, (especially as women over 40) if you are not training or practicing balance & flexibility you lose it! T
ry this fun exercise to put all that to the test! Scale it to your level, and let me know in the comments how you did
Trainer Cheryl Coppa


The Power Tool That Will Heal and Reshape Your Core & Pelvic Floor

Core Specialist, Cheryl Coppa, shares everything you need to know about this no-sweat technique that will alleviate your pelvic floor dysfunction and change your life.

Click 👇🏽 to read more

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