Young Truck Line

Young Truck Line


Beautiful Rigg's Heard great things about ya'll
Growing up in lyle I always knew about Young Truck Lines & even after moving I still check to see if the yellow truck going down the highway is from Lyle.
Reed Strong Cruise In
August 19 2017
3 to 8 pm
Located at Mangohick Vol. Fire Dept.
$ 10 dollar entry fee
Classes = Truck, Car, Bike, Big Rig, SUV-Jeep, Peoples choice
Whoever is driving your truck with the license plate 1717STM cut us off and almost ran us off the road on an on-ramp in St. Paul. My family was in the car and it was very dangerous and frightening. I seriously hope you talk to that driver. I was on the side that would have been hit first - it was way too close and terrifying.

"Our Service Makes a Difference" Young Truck Lines LLP is a L.T.L and full load trucking company.

We use light weight 50' x 102" MAC and Retinouer trailers with 7' 6" FAST TRACK tarp kits to service all your cargo needs. Young Truck Lines guarantees next day deliver covering all of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indian. We use well maintained, top of the line equipment to prevent break downs, making sure your product is delivered safely and on time.




Looking for shop help, here are the details:
- must have experience as a mechanic
- Saturday mornings 7/8am - noon/1pm
- Flexible schedule-- 1,2,3 or 4 Saturdays a month
- maintenance work -- tires, brakes, chambers, services, ect.




Shippers: We have carriers offering rates $500 below yours.

The Carriers:

Photos from Twin Cities Truckspotting's post 07/30/2022

That's a siiick 60


Bryan gettin' that sand delivered so the kids can get back to having fun


Happy Friday!


Nick enjoying the Lake Life


Joey tryin' to impress those Texas folk.



Photos from Young Truck Line's post 05/29/2022

Friday night lights, Bill and Bryan 😎


Zach looking good while taking his mandatory 30 minute break in the perfect parking spot.


RM looking good in his new whip! Probably has his seat on the floor and knuckles draggin' the headliner!



Photos from Young Truck Line's post 05/07/2022

"The πŸ‘‘" got some fresh gear this weekend.


Headed out for MATS! Gonna be an awesome show!

Photos from Young Truck Line's post 03/19/2022

Got Rick looking fresh for next week


"πŸ‘‘" Bryan late night trucking


Just keep sendin' it like you own the road boyz!

Who goes there?

Have you ever approached a roundabout next to a semi tractor-trailer and wondered who has the right of way? (Spoiler alert – it’s the semi)

Wisconsin state statute 346.18( 8 ) specifies that drivers shall yield the right of way to vehicles longer than 40 feet or wider than 10 feet when approaching or driving through a roundabout at approximately the same time.


Couple hustlers hustlin'


Looking for a Kenworth Tech that's good with electrical. I need an issue diagnosed and fixed. I have $2000 cash on the table. If it takes you 2hrs, I guess you just made $1,000hr.
Message the page for info.


New hire for the W9: Hey, I like to jake pulling up to the pumps & when I shift, can I get a visor to match.

Emoney: Yup!! Me n the Boyz will hook you up this weekend!

Volume up!!! πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€˜πŸΌπŸ¦…

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Volume up!!! πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€˜πŸΌπŸ¦…

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New list


Harlem and 79th needs a hero like this


The snow is a day late!


We wish you all a Merry Christmas!


As hard as it will be for some of you.... don't be this guy... you can talk about your 379 the other 364 days..🀣🀣🀣




Bryan's new whip rides like a cadillac and is ready to hit the road for now...Stay tuned...


That time of year again


The 70s were fun


When the broker tells you to download the tracking app on your phone


YTL Christmas Party handout


They hate him cuz they ain't him...


Siiick 60 livin' the night life


Rain, rain, go away...


Nick going after that high dollar freight... Joey's got competition tomorrow


Owner OP Independents Wanted:

- Our authority/our trailer average $2.40/ mile (take home) on all speedo miles Loaded and Empty.

- Our authority/your trailer average $2.55/Mile (take home) on all speedo miles Loaded and Empty

- Your Authority/Our trailer average $2.55/Mile (take home) on all speedo miles Loaded and Empty.

-Your Authority/Your Trailer average $2.67/mile on all speedo miles Loaded and Empty.


Big shout-out to the EPA😘


Its been impossible to find good help, or just help period, so we are doing a 180 with our business operations in hopes to align with what drivers seem to want these days...

By the end of September we'll be Looking for some sucker to pilot this rat trap. We won't maintain the rig, I promise! I don't want to hear about anything being broke until you're on the side of 94 in DT Chicago. We'll make sure you won't make a penny more than 70k a year. Dispatch will treat you like garbage. No more benefits or bonus! Not interested in long term employees, if you are going to quit after 3 months without a 2 week notice, we want you!!!


The 3 Stooges




Typical Saturday at the shop working on trucks with the crew.


If he hasn't already, this guy will most likely cause many fatality accidents with the lack of reflective tape on the back end of the trailer.
Photo Credit: Bryan


Ordering herd bumpers so we don't have to worry about hitting our brakes anymore...


Nick looking large!

Our Story

Young truck Line was started back in 1958 by David and Joyce Young with just 1 tractor trailer and the goal to make a Difference through providing a superior service in the trucking industry. David hauled grain locally, eventually hauling grain to Chicago, IL and steel back to Minnesota. Through the years more trucks and drivers were added and a solid customer based started to grow. As the business grew and relationships developed Dave slowly switched gears, got out of grain and stuck strictly to steel. Dave and Joyce’s son Doug took over running the business back in the late 1990’s and is the current owner today. In 2018, Young Truck Line is still growing and providing the same great service that Dave envisioned 60 years ago. Our superior service speaks for itself through a number of customers that have used us for anywhere from 15-40 years. We couldn’t be more grateful for the continued business and great relationships we have built with these people along with all our new and future customers!

Young Truck Line LLP is a L.T.L and Full load trucking company that guarantees great service. Whether you need a Van or Flatbed we have you covered. At Young Truck Line we use New, light weight 50' x 102" MAC/Retinouer flatbed trailers with rolling tarp kits along with 2019 Great Dane vans to service all your special cargo needs. We cover all of Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan as well as different lanes towards the East Coast. Using well maintained, top of the line, new and refurbished equipment, we minimize break downs making sure your product is delivered safely and on time.

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They hate him cuz they ain't him... #siiick60 #coastintrans #wheresmynewtrailer
Ordering herd bumpers so we don't have to worry about hitting our brakes anymore...#typical4wheeler #dayinthelife
Every now n then the shop boyz get a little treat
Bryan had the drone out this week on his way to NC.
This old girl hasn't seen the road in 4 years... ✌✌✌
Zach Cambron and Parker Hucks with Evans Detailing and Polishing are knocking things out of the park this weekend.
Wishing you all a prosperous 2019!!!
Looks like Rogers got 'er in the big hole
Owner operator Mark Nelson of Berwin, IL finally got his One Off  2013 T680 Kenworth glider on the road. CAT powered bac...
Headed down to the No Coast Large Car Truck Show!




509 1st Street
Lyle, MN