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Making poetry with each photo. ✨

Photos from Jamie Meile Photography LLC's post 12/08/2023

Life’s greatest blessing is family! So honored that this family continues to trust me throughout the years. I love growing with my families. ❤️


“One life. Just one. Why aren’t we running like we are on fire towards our wildest dreams?” ~unknown

✨ This gorgeous gallery is going out today. I’ll share more soon!

I’m so excited for 2024!! Who’s coming with me?! Repeat clients message me! 😘I’m so grateful for all of you! Growing with your families is the always best honor.

Photographers— Nicole & I are excited about our Shoot Along this June! Can’t wait to meet everyone and make some magic together. We have so much planned. Booking link in bio. We have spots left. Message me anytime with questions.

WI/MN clients! So so excited for this summer! I am pretty booked up since I’m only taking a very limited amount of sessions since it’s also my time visiting with family. I may be able to take one more this summer and fall!

NJ clients- May is pretty much booked up.

Hope you all are enjoying the holiday season! I have so many beautiful photos to share when I’m cooped up in January. Foot surgery is in my near future! (Don’t drop a metal tripod on your bare foot) 😬


Christmas Boho Sessions coming at you! ✨✨ I’m editing these sessions as we speak! Lots of emails going out this week! Stay tuned!

Congratulations to this mama and family! They just had their sweet babe! 🫶🏻


I had the CUTEST Mother/Daughter session for our longtime babysitter/helper! She’s been with our family since she was 15 and now she is almost 21. How sweet is it that she gifted this session to her Mother! 🥹❤️

Rental gowns from the best of the best 😍

Designer hats are part of my client closet made by 😍


My favorite prompt for my sessions is to have a dance party. :) This family understood the assignment! ❤️😀 I have a funny story with my wild family at our family session last spring. My boys broke out the beats to a song that became a joke in our house since we never knew it existed called “Big b***y butt cheeks” If you have wild kids around 9 years of age you may want to try the song. 🤣 This family did not use that song but their older boy sure could dance! I have many more photos of his moves! 😍

Photos from Jamie Meile Photography LLC's post 12/03/2023

Let me introduce you to Ray! Ray wins the reward for the sweetest session of 2023! And yes he is a fur babe. An old fur baby that was rescued years ago into the best family imaginable. His mama booked this session before he got much older since he is having some health issues and you just never know how long you’ll get with them. Ray has been misunderstood by the public his entire life—people get scared at his size etc. Let me tell you—he’s the sweetest soul I’ve ever met! What a lover! He hugged. He kissed. He showed so much emotion. I would be lying if I didn’t tear up editing these. Ray, you are a beautiful loving soul and I hope these photos show just that. 🫶🏻

Photos from Jamie Meile Photography LLC's post 12/01/2023

“Kiss the wild winds and embrace the wild flurry of sand, trace your dreams on star trails like the wild flowers across broken land.” ~Sunjhini

💃 Gorgeous Rental from

On another note for anyone that may have missed it our Wild Revelry Shoot Along is LIVE! Hosted by &

Booking link is in my Instagram bio and also in my story. A few details:
🗓️June 1st!
📍Nestled near the Poconos!
📸 2 fully styled shoots.

Come adventure with us and lets make some magic! ✨

Photos from Jamie Meile Photography LLC's post 11/30/2023

You know what sticks out about this session?! Besides the point I can completely relate to the chapter they are living right now. I once upon a time was consumed with babies… once I had three babies all at home all the while I tried to manage this business without any sleep. 🤯 But what stood out is that this mama told me she loves getting her yearly photo sessions for the memories. Remember that next time.. It’s not so much about that perfect shot but about your natural moments unfolding. That included the chaos. I’ll run laps after your little ones and have dance parties. We will have fun and those sweet and adorable memories will unfold. ❤️

On an entirely different note the VIP emails have been sent for our Wild Revelry Shoot Along! Please reach out if you did not receive it. Booking opens to the public tomorrow. So grateful for all the positive feedback I’ve been receiving over this. I’m happy to bring some inspiration, love, and light into this photography world. Can’t wait to create with all of you! ❤️💫


✨Registration opens to the public Friday for our Wild Revelry Shoot Along hosted by & ! VIP listers will be emailed by Thursday night to grab your spot before it opens to the public. If you are a photographer and interested in joining us and would like to be added to this VIP list please message me or Nicole.

We had so much fun scouting out the Poconos PA area we are having this shoot along! It’s going to be beautiful and so much fun! We are promising two styled shoots at two different breathtaking locations that you could add to your portfolio. We are offering you a peek into how we guide our sessions authentically and the beauty of all being together at the same place but creating unique art through your own lens. I can not wait to see everyone’s twist on this. The collage is peeks of where we adventured.

✨ Headshots included 🫶🏻


Sweet Face! 😍😍😍

✨✨ Just a reminder to all my 2023 clients I’ll be having one more way you could save money on a session in 2024! Don’t forget I always do a photo contest for New Years! 🎊 Winner gets a special discount and also is my cover on my website for the entire next year. 💫 That info comes out after Christmas!


Black Friday Sales are going strong! I still have a few more Storytelling Sessions available for 2024! This package includes all my travel destinations—mountains, waterfalls, creeks, special pine barren spots, overlooks and more! For WI/MN clients these sessions include the Northshore cliffs, pink rock beach, black sand beach, overlook, Lake Superior, Lighthouse, unique lakes & woods and waterfalls! This also includes my client closet where I have unique stand out gowns that range from $200-$1500. I have a variety of little girl gowns too! Accessories galore, as well. Bottom line is if you are looking to have a professional experience from start to finish and would like to save a little my deal lasts until Monday! But only a few left! I’m only taking 10 this year.

Second deal is a free keepsake video for Black Friday sessions booked between March-May. WI & MN clients you will get these for any Black Friday booking since I’m only there two times a year.

Third Deal! 2023 clients go into your galleries. Print sale is 25% off until Monday.

Gift Certificates Available! This year give the gift of memories. 💫


Reach out to book! Let’s make magic together in 2024! ✨


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Grateful for all the small things, big things, and everything in between. Remember to give thanks and count every blessing today. Focus on the light. ❤️✨

*Reclamation dress from my client closet.

Photos from Jamie Meile Photography LLC's post 11/21/2023

“A storm was coming but that’s not what I smelled. It was adventure on the wind, and it shivered down my spine. ~Atticus

When booking a session with me I take care of you from start to finish. I have a membership for my clients to use the program that most of my clients including this family use to help style everyone. Right now I’m an ambassador for rental gowns so you could get a discount on a unique luxury Reclamation gown for your session. I also have many of these gowns in my client closet for my clients to use. So I got you! Let’s make some magic! ✨😘

*Dress rented by

*Hat, daughter’s Reclamation dress, and shrug sweater all from my client closet.


“Wind beneath my wings”

Sending this session out today! Then I’m tackling all the editing of my Mental Health Minis. Thank you to all my clients for your patience as I navigate through this busy season. I am finished taking on sessions this year and solely focused on editing this lineup! There are a couple of these sessions that don’t have to be finished before Christmas thankfully so I will be moving faster through some of this.

Go hug your photographer. We are all working so hard for all your memories. The editing takes the longest especially when you spend 10 plus hours on a session like I do.

Editing Queue~ (I go in the order you come)

1. Mental Health Minis
2. Defeo Family
3. Nikki’s Family
4. Tara & Pup
5. Robinson Family
6. Maddie’s 2nd Maternity
7. Sam’s family Session
8. Boho Christmas Minis
9. Bri’s Session

Photos from Jamie Meile Photography LLC's post 11/16/2023

43rd trip around the ☀️! What a gift life is! 🫶🏻 All that being said my Black Friday Sale is LIVE! 🎊 Check your email if on my email list or look on my website for details!

Photos of your photographer done by the talented Nicole Wendler Photography

Edited by yours truly here at Jamie Meile Photography LLC

Dress rented by the amazing ✨Reclamation Design Company I’m an ambassador right now for Kindred Soul Rentals and you could get 20% off a Reclamation rental through me.

Photos from Jamie Meile Photography LLC's post 11/15/2023

Another beautiful fall session! I loved seeing daisy’s in the middle of fall! Such a treat! ❤️ Sweet memories in this gallery! 🫶🏻

Photos from Jamie Meile Photography LLC's post 11/14/2023

(Sharing to my Facebook community 🖤)

Hello! Two reels in one day?! (See post below)🤣 Who am I? That should cover me for the week! Ha Instagram would say otherwise. Well, I finally did those self portraits I was telling you all about last weekend! And after a year and a half of owning this gorgeous turquoise hat I finally put it to use! It needs to get in a session! Maybe for one of the models in our shoot along in June! (That will be getting advertised in the next couple weeks!)

But Hey it’s me! 👋
Just a few things about me…
-Thursday makes my 43rd trip around the ☀️
-I’m a mama of 4–twin boys and two girls.
-I met my hubby in Cancun on spring break in 2001.
-I’m a NJ transplant now for almost 18 years 🤯.
-Born and raised in WI.
-I’m a times two melanoma survivor.
-I love hiking and adventure.
-I have two bachelor degrees I’m not using. 🤣
-There are no regrets on the above.
-I LOVE sushi!
-This year is pivoting me toward Jesus and going to church Sundays as a family.
-I’m always a mama first before anything. 🦁
-I’ve been doing this since 2011.
-This is my career. Not a hobby. (There’s a big difference between those two words)
-I put my whole heart and soul into my sessions and love all of my clients. 😘 I love where this journey has taken me.
-2024 brings changes for my business. It’s growing..I’m taking on WI & MN sessions two times a year. And Nicole Wendler Photography and I are doing our first Shoot Along for photographers which is going to be so much fun! 🤗

Thanks for being here! It won’t be the last of me. Wait until you see the magic we created for my birthday shoot! ✨ That number may be getting higher but life gets better and better.


✨Reminder! Get on my mailing list if you aren’t already. An email is going out soon about the Black Friday Sale Coming Soon! You won’t want to miss it. It’s the only sale I do every year and this year there is a few of them but I’m limiting the amount of bookings. You can find my mailing list on my website. I also linked it in my stories. ✨

Photos from Jamie Meile Photography LLC's post 11/10/2023

I had the BEST time with this bunch again! I photographed her last maternity session and this time hubby surprised her with this one. ❤️ My favorite part was these two little wild things! Cutest little boys! And another on the way!

Photos from Jamie Meile Photography LLC's post 11/08/2023

“This little light of mine.. I’m gonna let it shine!” 🎶 ✨

Photos from Jamie Meile Photography LLC's post 11/07/2023

How do you and your loved ones love? Have any of you read “The Five Love Languages,” by Gary Chapman? It’s such a great book! Or at least what I remember it being was eye opening. I read it about 20 years ago and I’m sure much has changed for me personally. I love watching as I photograph other couples and families love. I try to have my clients bring their true selves and more personal items into each session. This makes them more meaningful and adds symbolism to the shoot. The little details bring so much depth and character to a session. But how beautiful would a love note be to your partner, a gift etc. One of the other love languages too? Love is beautiful & uniquely yours. 🫶🏻

Photos from Jamie Meile Photography LLC's post 11/04/2023

“Darling, you’re right where you belong.” whispered the sky in its golden tone.

✨ Part 2 of the WI Engagement Session ~ Lake Superior!

We ended our night about ten minutes away with a gorgeous sunset over Lake Superior. Jamie took me up on renting a gorgeous gown from 🤌 It really all came together perfectly! After months of planning I think we made all the magic happen. ✨ Thank you so much for having me. Jamie is an old friend from back in my early twenties when I still lived in WI. So honored that she traveled the three hours to this part of WI to where I visit my family to have her special session. 🫶🏻

Photos from Jamie Meile Photography LLC's post 11/03/2023

Part One of the WI Engagement Session ~ The Waterfall 🔥💦

I told them to pretend I wasn’t there and that they were on a really 🔥 date. They understood the assignment! ❤️ Congratulations Jamie & Thadd!

Photos from Jamie Meile Photography LLC's post 10/27/2023

When you hire me to photograph your family it is such an honor. You know why… because I get to create art for you that is unique to its own because your love and joy is something special and different from one family to the next. I love how different each session can be just from all the different personalities. For this family I love watching them grow together. How Mom embraced another little love after twins. That’s no easy feat—embracing that chaos is hard work. 😆 Dad too! And how much love they all have for one another! 👏🏻

💃 Rental gown from


This gorgeous family! ❤️ Always happy to catch up and see my repeat clients. There’s something special you gain with loyalty! I’ll always go that extra mile for my yearly clients.

✨Rental gown by 😍😍😍 OBSESSED!

✨ Also many items from my client closet in use: hat, gown, swag sweater, and even some boots that are hidden. ;)

Photos from Jamie Meile Photography LLC's post 10/18/2023

“The love between a mother & daughter is forever. The bond between their hearts is unbreakable. The connection between their souls is eternal.” ~Simply Well Balanced

✨ Celebrating a special little trip together before her daughter’s first day of kindergarten. ❤️ you and your daughter are so precious! I’m a bit slow at posting but this adventure was so beautiful! ❤️


The clouds were showing off tonight! 😍 ☁️ My favorite sessions have clouds! Keep in mind some sessions may have a little rain too. We got lucky tonight. I had rain on my way. It’s all part of the story. We try to embrace it all over here especially during busy season. 🫶🏻

Photos from Jamie Meile Photography LLC's post 10/12/2023

Aren’t they adorable!? Let me start by saying this is not a wedding. I still do not do weddings. Lol However, I would do an elopement, anniversary, engagement, or in their case special bridal portraits. This was gifted to them. It may be the most meaningful gift you could give to someone too. We did special portraits in the boho studio room and then at a nearby outdoor location. She told me on their wedding day she didn’t get any of her gorgeous butterfly wedding veil so we absolutely had to make that happen. Many more to come too. She was also excited about photographing their special love—she noticed the emotion in my photographs and wanted their story to unfold. Here’s a little peek with a combination of posing and letting them have fun during the session so I could photograph who they truly are together. Such a sweet couple. I truly enjoyed doing something a little different. ❤️

Photos from Jamie Meile Photography LLC's post 10/10/2023

“Let yourself fall into this wild love.” ~ Butterflies Rising

Another 🔥 couples session from Wisconsin! I had so much fun scouting for these and even more fun having my Dad as my ride or die side kick. Haha For this session he was also my pyro or there definitely wouldn’t have been a fire. 🤣 But this couples love for each other was pretty incredible. 🫶🏻 You’ll be seeing more of them! Obsessed!

✨✨I’ll be back in northwest WI this summer for an extended amount of time! Perfect time to catch up with me on those professional photos! Let’s make some magic. 😘


The very moment you want all your kids to go ahead and run around but they realize you and Dad are having a moment… 🤣❤️

Photos from Jamie Meile Photography LLC's post 10/08/2023

✨🎄Christmas Boho Minis 🎄✨
November 11th & 12th 9am-1pm
20 Minutes
Includes 6 digital images
Upgrade to full gallery $100
Booking link on website under Christmas Minis! 🫶🏻

✨I’m waiting for a few things that are arriving in the next week or two but wanted to get some example photos before then. Modeled by my baby. ❤️ (tree topper, tree skirt, plants, & candles coming)


“Souls like yours might be hard to come by, but timing is everything, and you’re a shooting star.” ~Eloise Night

✨Another beautiful session last night in Wisconsin. Until next time. I’ll be back this summer. 🫶🏻

Photos from Jamie Meile Photography LLC's post 10/04/2023

“May my heart be the softest place you fall, May this love be the wildest place you run.” ~ Butterflies Rising

✨ Beautiful engagement session for one of my old friends in Wisconsin. I haven’t seen her in about 20 years. Thank you for taking the 3 1/2 hour trip to this side of WI to make this happen on my visit and trusting me with these special memories. For those that don’t know I’m originally from WI and I visit my family’s cabin in the Northwoods by Lake Superior once or we may be making it twice a year! For anyone interested in a session I’ll be back for a month this summer with my family. ❤️

This session is so gorgeous and there will be many more posts on this. 😍

✨ White gown on Lake Superior is a rental from 🥰 Ask me about making your next session just as magical?!


Such a beautiful engagement session last night in Wisconsin! 😍


Hey hey! It’s me! Unapologetic me enjoying myself with my family over here in WI. Here’s a pretty overlook up in the Northwoods of WI we hiked today. Perfect little photoshoot spot so couldn’t resist. Ha! This is my favorite time of year and this may just start being my new tradition every year for myself. Maybe I’ll be able to bring a kid or two or even my husband next time. But I’m also loving a little well deserved me time. The next two nights I have WI sessions in between time spent at the cabin. But I’m back to the dirty Jerz by Friday so don’t worry everyone’s pictures are coming soon. ❤️😘

Photos from Jamie Meile Photography LLC's post 09/30/2023

“Just walk with me on this path and let the light that is inside us lead the way.” ~ JmStorm

✨Dress Rental

Photos from Jamie Meile Photography LLC's post 09/26/2023

Next up on the editing queue! Don’t let overcast days push you away! ❤️

Photos from Jamie Meile Photography LLC's post 09/24/2023

I’m heading to WI this week to visit with my family during their peek of fall! I have two sessions on the books too! I’m so excited to share them with you all! Engagement & a couples session! Celebrating lots of love on my visit. ❤️❤️❤️ If you live in WI or surrounding areas and want to connect or have a session in the future reach out. I am planning a longer visit this summer.


Did you know that photography has a positive benefit to your children?! Research suggests that family portraits have the power to boost confidence in children. It makes sense if you think about it. When your child gets a good grade on a test or sends home an art piece we hang it up to honor it right? Well this tells our children we are proud of them. What do you think those family photos do?? You guessed it—it gives the children a sense of belonging and security on top of it. It isn’t just the photos either it’s actually the session too. The feeling of acceptance, where they fit in the family, time spent together for those photos loving and playing, how important they are to be in these photos, and how beautiful or handsome because they got special outfits and their hair done etc. It all may seem stressful at the time but believe it or not we are helping our children feel secure within themselves and our family unit. Just a little something to think about.. and why I make my wild circus get photos every year. 🙃❤️

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