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Operating as usual 01/18/2017

These are the most dangerous states for drunken driving

Which states are the most dangerous drunken driving states? Maybe interlocks could help. Survey: Northern states in the Midwest and West are most dangerous for drunken driving, fueled by higher-than-average alcohol consumption and bad... 01/17/2017

GETTING THERE: Can self-driving vehicles help curb drunk driving?

This article suggests that self-driving cars could act as chauffeurs for repeat drunk drivers. Why not just require an ignition interlock device? Interlocks do more than preventing drunk driving. They change lives and behaviors - for the better. A NEW National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report shows a rise in drunk driving-related deaths between 2014 and 2015.


Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

The Super Bowl is coming up. We don't yet know who will play, but we do know it's time to start planning for a safe ride home. Designate a driver, call an Uber or taxi or take public transportation if your Game Day includes alcohol. 01/14/2017

More Police Sobriety Checkpoints Lead To Decreased Drunk Driving Incidents

Study shows more police checkpoints would help to deter drunk driving. Read more. Are police sobriety checkpoints helping in reducing drunk driving incidents? 01/13/2017

Drunk Driving Charge: Can You Supersize That?

This 4x Wisconsin drunk driving offender is arrested in an unusual location. If an interlock was installed, this offender wouldn't have had the option to drive. Luckily, nobody was hurt this time... SHEBOYGAN, Wis. (WHBL) - A Sheboygan man turns a fast food DRIVE thru into a STOP thru - and it leads to his arrest. Police say 37 year old Joseph... 01/11/2017

5 steps to the most effective interlock law

Ignition interlocks can be extremely effective in preventing repeat drunk driving. What makes a strong program? Interlock laws drastically cut down on the number of alcohol-related traffic fatalities. There are 5 key components ever interlock law should have. 01/09/2017

Ignition Interlock Laws: Effects on Fatal Motor Vehicle Crashes, 1982–2013

New study shows just how effective interlocks are at saving lives. Alcohol-involved motor vehicle crashes are a major cause of preventable mortality in the U.S., leading to more than 10,000 fatalities in 2013.... 01/06/2017

Study: Drunk drivers think twice when faced with threat of ignition...

Drivers are less likely to "chance it" they are threatened with an ignition interlock. What other proof is needed? Traffic deaths have declined 7 percent in states that mandate ignition interlocks for first-time offenders, research shows. 01/05/2017

Gov. Kasich signs "Annie's Law" bill to help limit drunk driving deaths

Annie's Law has officially been signed by Gov. Kasich. Congratulations, Ohio! You're saving lives. The bill will increase the use of ignition interlock systems for drunk drivers. 01/04/2017

Why choose Intoxalock as your ignition interlock provider

There are many ignition interlock providers you could choose from. Why should you choose Intoxalock? Intoxalock services over 90,000 customers annually and is the industry leading provider of ignition interlock devices. Our top-rated customer... 12/30/2016

Avoid a DUI this holiday season | Intoxalock

What are you doing to combat drunk driving this weekend? The number of drunk driving-related injuries and deaths increases dramatically during the holiday season. Take the proper steps ahead of time to... 12/29/2016

What is an Ignition Interlock Device? | Intoxalock

What is an ignition interlock device? How do I use it? Intoxalock is here to help. An ignition interlock device is a car breathalyzer which controls the vehicle’s ignition system based on alcohol concentration (BrAC), to prevent...

[12/28/16]   Wisconsin will close some loopholes to it's drunk driving laws on Jan. 1. There is still progress to be made...

[12/23/16]   New bill would make driving drunk with a child in the car a felony in all states. Learn more here. "Driving drunk with a child in the car is child abuse, plain and simple, " US Rep. Kathleen Rice said.



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