Juli’s 64 Pontiac LeMans Makeover

Juli’s 64 Pontiac LeMans Makeover

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Crash Courses Grays

I have created this page to document the progress of turning my wife’s 64 Pontiac LeMans convertible into the car of our dreams.


OK, for those that put RARE HO exhaust on 64/65 LeMans/GTO how did you run the battery cable. Is there a 67 GTO battery cable tube available that can be used? If so, from where? Did you fabricate something? Photos would be great!


Need some help with a problem vibration at RPM since installing TKX transmission. The install instructions recommended resurfacing the flywheel and balancing it with the clutch plate installed. I resurfaced it, but skipped the balancing because Pontiac engines have an externally balance offset at the flywheel. The car was cammed when I bought it and has a year newer block than the car so I assume it was rebuilt. What I do not know is if it had been internally balanced. Also done at the time the TKX was installed was a new clutch and driveshaft both ordered through Silversport Transmissions. Now that I have a vibration I never had before the TKX install, should I pull the flywheel and have it balanced with the pressure plate assuming it is the new pressure plate. What if I do that and the vibration is worse because I eliminated the natual offset?

Recommendations please.
(Picture just for fun)


For those who have installed HO exhaust manifolds on a 64 LeMans/GTO. The clutch petal return spring used to connect to the exhaust to manifold clamp but the new manifolds/clamps have no provision for it. What did you hook it to? Did you have to fabricate something? Pictures if you got them please.

Photos from Juli’s 64 Pontiac LeMans Makeover's post 12/21/2023

Has anyone installed HO exhaust manifolds on a 64 LeMans with a manual transmission?

I’m in the process of installing HO exhaust manifolds on my wife’s 64 LeMans that has a manual TKX trans. I finished the passenger side with a slight lift of the engine by removing the passenger motor mount bolt. Looking at the drivers side there is no bolt in the manifolds rear mounting hole. It looks like it was left out due to an interference with the clutch pivot shaft. From the looks of things i will need to pull all of the clutch linkage off in order to install the drivers side manifold. The steering shaft is going to make torquing the bolts preety tough. Will I again need to leave the rear bolt off? Seeking advice from those with experience with this modification.


Well, another car season gone by. I have some plans for the winter. I need to install the HO exhaust manifolds and modify the exhaust to mate up to them. Change rear axle l**e after last year's rebuild. Thinking of pulling the TKX and having the flywheel balanced with the pressure plate installed to get rid of a vibration. Replace window felts and quarter window seals. Clean up MSD EFI wiring, and possibly add an electric trunk release and emergency flashers. There is always moving the driver's seat back a few inches as well. We will see what I am able to accomplish.


I can relate to that. It is easy to do when most follow the lies of Main Stream Media and you happen to be better informed of the truth because you follow alternative news sources.


Timeline photos 10/12/2023

Nooooooo!!! It’s too much!

Photos from Juli’s 64 Pontiac LeMans Makeover's post 08/15/2023

It was a beautiful day on Saturday for Indian Uprising in Crystal Lake, IL. I took the 64 LeMans. Was looking for some of my friends from Chicago Holden Connection but only saw one car with CHC stickers. It was a sharp 06 blue GTO that I don’t believe I’ve seen before. First time at this venue at the Holiday Inn, Much nicer than Pheasant Run. I was suprised though that there were less than 200 cars with probably less than 40 inside. Attendance seems to have dropped since last time I was there 4 years ago. I also noticed they no longer park you by car type. I liked having like cars together better than parking it anywhere. Couldn’t make it back on Sunday as church has priority. I know there were other CHC guys out there on Sunday. I’ve only had the G8 out once or twice this year. In fact the focus has been on the 64 since we purchased it 3 years ago. Most all my photos are on my camera so I only have a few available on my phone. For putting together this post.

Photos from Juli’s 64 Pontiac LeMans Makeover's post 08/05/2023

It has been a crazy summer and we haven’t done a ton of car stuff but did do 2 events on Tuesday and one on Thursday. Tuesday I crashed Lunch on the Lawn car show at my employer (Collins Aerospace) of 36 years before retirement. Then Tuesday evening we went to National Night Out car show in Roscoe where they closed off main street for the event. Then on Thursday evening I went up to the Sophia’s Cruise in Roscoe this time with the G8 which hasn’t been out yet this year. Actually cleaned off some cobwebs when wiping it off.

Photos from Juli’s 64 Pontiac LeMans Makeover's post 06/12/2023

Back from Vacation of which the first part consisted of a trip to Pontiacs In Pigeon Forge (PIPF), Tennessee that is: Firebirds, GTO’s.

It was my first time attending this show which is in its 23rd year. Pigeon Forge reminds me of Wisconsin Dells on mega steroids. I really don’t like attraction towns like this, but the surrounding mountains are sure beautiful. As for the event, not only was at for a good cause, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, it was also expertly organized. It consisted of both indoor and outdoor venues at the LeConte Center. This was the first year at this venue which was required to accommodate the 450+ cars of which up to 100 or so were inside. The quality of the inside cars, of which most were trailered, was incredible. My favorite, a 64 Tempest was featured on Bitchin Rides and was a Kindig design. There was also a frame off, bolt by bolt, restored 77 LeMans Can Am. I’m a little partial to them as I oned one for 25 years after buying it new. We went on the tour Friday evening that went up the Foothils Parkway. The Solstice GXP eats up roads like that. Not that the 64 wouldn’t have with its Stage 4 UMI suspension but that will have to wait until another year. Saturday we skipped the tour to the Newfound Gap as we would take it out of town the next day to visit friends in Maggie Valley; so we did some shopping instead. The Sunday morning service prior to the awards ceremony was very will done. It compared the Bible to a cars service manual and how both are required to get things in proper order. Well, it was a wonderful show that I can definately see myself going back to.

After visiting our friends in NC we stopped at the Creation Museum on the way home. We had seen the Ark on our last trip out East and preferred it over the Museum but both are worth taking in if you are in Northwest Kentucky area.

We put 1774 miles on the Sole on the trip. It was our first big trip in this little convertible. Packing room is tight especially when bringing folding chairs and cleaning supplies, but it does prevent the wife from purchasing too much. You can’t really put the top down until you have reached your destination and unloaded, and duffle bag that can be smooched into small areas are a must. Here are some photos from the trip.

Photos from Juli’s 64 Pontiac LeMans Makeover's post 05/29/2023

We’ll look what showed up on my porch while I had the 64 at the 6th Annual Miracle Mile Cruise & Car Show. My RARE oversized (2.5”) HO exhaust manifolds. There will not be enough time to install prior to leaving Wednesday morning for Pontiacs in Pigeon Forge. Engine will require lifting a little and the exhaust will then need to be modified to mate up with the existing system. I’m not going to make the 1500 mile round trip with the exhaust pipe hanging from 1 manifold stud. We will be bringing the Solstice GXP instead. Here are a couple shots from a local cruise nite last Tuesday where we had both the 64 & the Sole. The 64 did win a trophy at Saturday’s Miracle Mile Cruise and Show. See all you PIPF attendees on Friday.

Photos from Juli’s 64 Pontiac LeMans Makeover's post 05/29/2023

It was a beautiful week for car stuff. We stopped in at the Portillo’s cruise nite with the 64 on Tuesday for dinner. Thursday night we took both the Solsitce and the 64 to the Machine Shed cruise nite. Couldn’t pass up the free desert.

Then on Saturday I took the 64 up to the Miracle Mile car show. Julia Lesko stayed home to supposedly garden all day but my daughter came over and they ended up going shopping. This is the second time the 64 took a trophy when she was not there. There were about 400 cars and a successful 50/50 where someone walked away with $1060 and the other half went to Vets Roll (not car but those who served). Here are some shots from the events.

Photos from Juli’s 64 Pontiac LeMans Makeover's post 04/25/2023

Ok, it is finally back on the road! After I pulled the axle I just had to clean things up underneath while I had it out. First it was above the axle, then above the mufflers, then it was the exhaust itself. I hate how projects just keep expanding as our strives for perfection weigh heavy on our conscience.

Slight fuel leak on first start but quickly fixed. Now for the speedo calibration and the 500 mile break-in prior to heading to Pontiacs in a Pigeon Forge!

Well, here are a few of under carriage shots after the cleanup.

Photos from Juli’s 64 Pontiac LeMans Makeover's post 04/06/2023

So spent some time under the car last week undercoated and painted most of what didn’t get done last year when I installed the TKX trans. Still need to paint the exhaust. Then things can start going back together.


Well the bling is back and Speed and Sport Chrome Plating did a wonderful job. Three day turn time at shop. Saw their ad in the POCI Smoke Signals magazine. Don’t think I will be doing much more of this as it wasnt cheap and they were one of the lower quotes. Total cost with shipping was $750.

The rear diff is also in the process of being rebuilt but I received some bad news yesterday in that I will also need new axles because one of the bearings spun on the axle. These 64 diff’s with there 8.2 in ring gear and shorter axles are kind of like unicorns. To make things worse when the previous owner had disc brakes installed they had to turndown the axle hub to fit inside the rotors. I don’t know why the brake kit didn’t fit. At this point if I had known all this up front, I’m getting pretty close to breakeven point of putting in a new 12 bolt Moser rear end assembly.


Finally! The shop that will be inspecting and hopefully repairing my locked up rear axle called and said they are ready for me to bring it up.

In other 64 news, I sent off the power steering and alternator brackets and water pump pulley to the chrome shop. Should have them back by the end of the month.


Where would you like to go honey? Woodward Avenue? That would be my dream cruise!


Follow the Law!


Correction: and still drive the coolest cars.


I look back at everything but the Silverado.

truer words have never been spoken!…


Only if it goes in the garage!


👉 www.HeatonHotRods.com 👈


Got to get that darn thing off the jackstands!


Dad and I would drive down the road point at cars and name them.



Been there, done that.

Breaking a bolt is the easiest way to ruin your day.

Photos from Juli’s 64 Pontiac LeMans Makeover's post 12/03/2022

Ok, I must admit I have been in procrastination mode.

Had to do a little mod to add slots to the brake line brackets because whoever installed the right stuff 4 disk brake kit welded the brake line mounting bracket to the axle without a way to remove the axle without breaking open the brake lines. I was determined to cut the slot and had to make sure I didn’t cut a brake line. Saws-alls tend to jump around a little. It is still locked up. The trans jack I purchased for last years TKX conversion worked out perfectly. So it is out, Going to try to call the recommended mechanic back now that I’m able to take it in. Now if I could only find where I put the rear cover and bolts I took off 3 months ago. LOL.




Finally bought a parts washer so this wouldn’t happen. Thank the Lord my wife is pretty forgiving but not that forgiving!

I am fairly certain this is when the argument started…

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