august 21 1962 queen of angels hospital,

if this means anything to anybody contact me
Were must I go if need someone to adopt my son

Helping Build Happy Families 06/26/2015

Urgent | We have been given one month to find four brothers a family by Lisa Trinh

I'm not familiar with this agency, but I hate the idea of the brothers being separated... A $10,000 child-specific grant is available to their adoptive family. A group of four handsome brothers urgently needs a permanent family as they are at risk of being separated! The brothers, ages 16, 12, 10 and 6, have various interests, but have one thing in common: a close, secure bond with one a


Adoption and Jewish Identity Project: Adoptee Questionnaire Survey

The Adoption and Jewish Identity Project (AJIP) is pleased to launch the first-ever project to gather the stories of young adult adoptees (ages 18 to 36) raised in American Jewish families. This effort is part of a research study by AJIP, which aims to improve the lives of Jewish adoptive families by creating broader understanding of the unique religious, cultural, and identity issues they face.

We’re eager to collect stories that represent the wide range of experiences of today’s adoptees, including, for example, different types of adoption, varieties of family composition, varying relationships with birth heritage, and a range of Jewish identities and backgrounds. Adoptees may contribute their stories in several formats, from written accounts to in-depth interviews.

Please note: adoptees do not need to identify currently as Jewish in order to contribute their stories.

Adoptees interested in contributing their stories should visit to tell us a little bit about themselves, and we’ll be back in touch with more details. Are you an adoptee between the ages of 18 and 36, who was raised in a family that identified, at least in part, as Jewish? If so, we're interested in your story! In the coming year, the Adoption and Jewish Identity Project (AJIP) will conduct a research study in which we will gather stories from you… 02/21/2014

The Lives Of Blind Brothers Changed When 'Dad' Came Knocking

Heartwarming story. Leo, Nick and Steven are triplets whose single mother had a hard time caring for them. Their lives changed when a blind man in their community heard about their situation. 12/30/2013

Carroll's Journey of Adoption: Stuck

Tragic situation for adoptive families stuck in the Democratic Republic of Congo. If you know of anyway to help, please contact this family directly...


Crack Babies: A Tale From the Drug Wars - Retro Report

Good news for anyone considering adopting a drug exposed baby...

Retro Report: In the 1980s, many government officials, scientists and journalists warned that the country would be plagued by a generation of "crack babies."... 09/18/2013

International adoptions in decline as number of orphans grows In April 1999, Laura Blitzer -- a 41-year-old single university professor -- decided to adopt a child. Fifteen months later the native of Brooklyn, New York, was in Hunan Province, China, holding her 9-month-old adoptive daughter, Cydney, for the first time.


Corteisha C08423

Meet Corteisha. She's smart, funny, respectful and in search of a family that truly cares. Meet Corteisha! "Like" us on Facebook:

[08/28/13]   For those of you in New York, there is a rumor that Spence-Chapin is closing their infant adoption program. I will try to find out if it is true. 08/23/2013

Foster Teen Parents

I have worked with pregnant foster teens. Their one wish -- that their kids never enter the foster care system. Becoming a parent in your teens is challenging under the best of circumstances; it’s even more so for teens in foster care. 08/23/2013

Jeffery C08337 & Jacob C08338

These two brothers are looking for a home where they can be together... Meet Jeffery & Jacob! "Like" us on Facebook: https://www.faceb... 08/20/2013

How the love of a gay couple who adopted a 14-year-old boy who had been in 29 foster homes and a...

Beautiful story... By the time Jed met his future family, he had already been to 29 foster homes and a mental institute and was beginning to believe he was a lost cause.


Excellent graphic showing how many kids are awaiting permanent homes in each state in the US.

There are more than 104,000 children in the United States waiting to get adopted. Our newest infographic shows how many are waiting in each state.

Want to help? LEARN. DONATE. ADOPT. 08/02/2013

'Crack baby' study ends with unexpected but clear result

Although this article is not about adoption, many adopted children were exposed to drugs in utero. Good news for drug-exposed children, but not so great for those living in poverty. Jaimee Drakewood hurried in from the rain, eager to get to her final appointment at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Ever since her birth 23 years ago, a team of researchers has been tracking...


4 Hurtful Adoption Myths - Post-Adoption E-Magazine. June 2013

The last one is especially hard... It's said that ignorance is bliss. This may be true in some situations, but when it comes to the truth about adoption--for all members of the adoption triad--ignorance on key topics and issues in the adoption community can actually be hurtful and harmful. While many stereotypes and assumptions come…

[05/28/13]   I'm don't know the people involved in this project -- I'm just passing along the info...

Researchers at Montclair State University invite you to participate in a research project that they are conducting to learn more about the counseling experiences of adult adoptees and about the counselors who work with adult adoptees. Our research team at Montclair State University is led by Dr. Amanda Baden and the team members include three graduate students in the Counseling Program. The team includes two adult transracial adoptees, two adoptive parents, and a graduate student with adoption in his extended family. We are looking for participants for our project from two different groups: (1) Adult Adoptees; and (2) Clinicians (e.g., Therapists/ Counselors/ Psychologists/ Social Workers /Marriage and Family Therapists/ Psychoanalysts). We will ask the Adult Adoptee participants about what led them to seek therapy, how it went, what they looked for in a therapist, and what their adjustment has been. We will ask Clinicians of all different training backgrounds about their work with Adoptees.

We are looking for Adult Adoptees to participate in an IRB-approved study on adoption treatment. The qualifications of participation for Adult Adoptees are as follows:

· 18 years or older
· Adopted through any circumstances (i.e., foster, domestic, international, etc.)
· Willing to complete an online survey that takes approximately 45 minutes to complete
We are looking for Clinicians who are therapists, psychologists, counselors, social workers, marriage and family therapists, psychoanalysts, and psychiatrists to participate in an IRB-approved study on adoption treatment.

· Licensed or license eligible in their discipline of therapy
· Has provided therapeutic services for adults
· Willing to complete an online survey that takes approximately 30 minutes to complete

This study is intended to provide information that will help improve the clinical treatment of Adult Adoptees and improve the training of clinicians who treat Adult Adoptees. The information provided by participants will inform future research and help shape training and practice.

If you have met the aforementioned qualifications and are interested in participating, please visit the appropriate surveys:

Clinician Survey:
Adult Adoptee Survey:
If would like additional information, please contact Dr. Amanda Baden at [email protected] or at 973-655-7336. Thanks and please pass this along to anyone who might be eligible or know of other eligible participants.


Montclair State University Adoption Research Team

(IRB Approval #001344) 05/10/2013

NACAC | Training

Some low cost adoption related webinars... NACAC has scheduled a series of webinars on a variety of topics. Each session below is taught by experienced individuals who are all adoption professionals and adoptive parents. Each is an acclaimed speaker who has received rave reviews at the NACAC conference and other speaking venues around the U.... 04/30/2013

My Family Is Not a 'Second-Best Option' I hadn't known it until just this week, but Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, President Ronald Reagan, singer Marie Osmond, actor Hugh Jackman, journalist Judy Woodruff, basketball great Magic Johnson and I all have something in common: Our families are inferior. 04/29/2013

Adopted against her will: One woman shares her story — MSNBC

Very sad. Tarikuwa Lemma talks about being adopted as a 13-year-old in what she thought was an educational exchange program. 04/22/2013

Adoption often leaves older children behind, alone, but waiting families change the future | Deseret

Something to consider if you're looking to build your family through adoption... Babies are sought after by adoptive parents, but by the time a child is 8, the pool of hopeful parents has thinned. When a child reaches the teen years, that pool of parents shrinks, and many older ch 04/18/2013

Adoption Case Brings Rare Family Law Dispute To High Court : NPR

It will be interesting to see how the court decides... After a South Carolina couple adopted a baby girl, her biological father sought full custody. Normally, the Supreme Court does not hear such disputes, but this case tests a federal law meant to stop Native American children's being improperly taken from their families. 03/26/2013

After years of separation from foster mom, 32-year-old man finally adopted

Very moving story... A boyhood wish is finally about to come true. But Maurice Griffin had to wait until he was a man for it to happen. At age 32, he about to be adopted.

[01/02/13]   The US Adoption Tax Credit appears to have been made permanent, but as of this moment will not be refundable. This is good news, but still a blow to low income adoptive families. Which means there will be more work to do once the dust settles.


Russian ban on U.S. adoptions meant to cast Americans as abusers

No matter where you stand on international adoption, children should never be used as political footballs! Anyone unfamiliar with the hyperbole of post-Cold War politics might be perplexed by Moscow ’s move to outlaw American adoption of Russian orphans. 12/20/2012

Putin backs ban on US adoptions

BBC World Service Radio in London's Newshour is covering President Putin and the Russian ban on US adoptions. They're hoping to speak to a US family who adopted Russian children. Their number is 011-44 20 361 43800 or cell 011-44 75902 66630.

Newshour is the flagship news and current affairs programme broadcast twice a day on the BBC World Service and on over 200 NPR stations in the United States. They have in excess of 40 million listeners globally. Russia's President Putin defends a proposed ban on Americans adopting Russian children, calling a US human rights law "unfriendly". 12/19/2012

Russia will vote on banning U.S. adoption

Children should never be used as political pawns... Long running tension between the U.S. and Russia finally in danger of boiling over. What will happen to Russia’s 650,000 orphans?


Internet Use in Adoptions Cuts 2 Ways, Report Says The widespread use of the Web has allowed adoptees and their birth parents to reunite, but it has also brought fraud and other dangers. 12/11/2012

The Truth About Older-Child Adoption | Adoption Information from Adoptive Families Magazine: Domesti The Truth About Older-Child Adoption. Researching adoption? Adoptive Families magazine has domestic, international, foster and embryo adoption information and resources for couples and individuals adopting a baby from the U.S., Russia, China, Korea, Ethiopia and beyond.


Save the Adoption Tax Credit Help children find forever families; give families who adopt the credit they deserve.


Abandoned boy meets Texas fireman who saved him

A heartwarming follow-up story to the safe surrender laws. When fourth-grader Koregan Quintanilla was talking with his classmates about where they wanted to go more than anyplace else in the world, his answer wasn't an amusement park, sporting event or kids restaurant. It was "his" fire station.


Deadline looming for renewal of adoption tax credit

Call congress and let them know you support the renewal of the Adoption Tax Credit!

House Bill 4373 is a bipartisan bill that would renew the adoption tax credit, but Congress won't take it up until after November's election. 10/03/2012

6-year-old tries to find homes for foster kids |

Beautiful child with a beautiful spirit... HIRAM, Ga. -- Foster care kids are often seen as damaged goods, a tragic byproduct of a failed family and state support system. 09/15/2012

Egg Freezing Before IVF Not Harmful for Pregnancy Rates

This is excellent news for those undergoing fertility treatment! a blog by Claire, September 14, 2012 Embryos created from eggs (oocytes) that have been frozen (vitrified) have a similar chance at achieving a pregnancy as those created from fresh eggs, finds a new study conducted by Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey (RMANJ). In addition, the embryos


This is so important! 09/06/2012

Helping Foster Kids Even After Adoption : NPR

Support is so important for kids who have lived through early childhood trauma... The U.S. adoption system was set up to place babies, but today the vast majority of adoptions are of older children in foster care. Many have experienced trauma, but advocates say there's little support to help families cope with that.



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