Information Technology

Information Technology

Parallel universe or alternative reality is a self-contained separate reality co-existing with, or replacing, one's own. A specific group of parallel universes is called a multiverse, although this term can also be used to describe the eternity.

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Fizzing Sodium Could Explain Asteroid Phaethon’s Cometlike Activity 08/21/2021

Fizzing Sodium Could Explain Asteroid Phaethon’s Cometlike Activity

Fizzing Sodium Could Explain Asteroid Phaethon’s Cometlike Activity ​Models and lab tests suggest the asteroid could be venting sodium v***r as it orbits close to the Sun, explaining its increase in brightness.

Timeline Photos 08/21/2021

Timeline Photos

🌠 Dress up your place with some space!

NASA Exoplanets has NEW posters featuring our space telescopes that uncover the wonders of the universe – like NASA's James Webb Space Telescope which will soon study 13.5 billion years of cosmic history:

Timeline Photos 04/25/2021

Timeline Photos

Did you know that Earth is a giant magnet? 🧲 This protects Earth from space radiation and also enabled our Fermi mission to measure that there is extra antimatter (positrons) compared to normal matter (electrons). #EarthDay

The World in 2050 01/16/2021

The World in 2050

The World in 2050 The world in 2050 is a future filled with amazing technology. By 2050, artificial intelligence and virtual reality will be ubiquitous. Quantum computing and ...


NASA Universe

Astronomers have caught a fireworks show from the dance of two supermassive black holes at the center of a galaxy about 5 billion light-years away. 🎆

At the center of galaxy OJ 287 is a monster black hole weighing in with a mass of about 18 billion Suns accompanied by a smaller 150-million-Sun companion. As they orbit the smaller black hole plunges through the swirling disk of gas and dust around the larger black hole, causing bright X-ray flares that can last weeks.

Astronomers predicted this plunge would also cause secondary “after-flares” that could come months later. Earlier this year, our Swift and NuSTAR satellites, along with ESA’s XMM-Newton, observed an after-flare from these binary black holes for the first time.

Learn more:


NASA Goddard

Our Sun-watching satellite saw a lunar transit from space. The Moon passed through our Solar Dynamics Observatory’s field of view for about 50 minutes on Friday, covering up to 44% of the Sun’s face at peak.

During this time, the Moon also happened to cover two of the spacecraft’s fine-guidance sensors — causing its view of the Sun to jitter slightly. The spacecraft, called SDO for short, recovered its steady view soon after the transit ended.

SDO captured these images in a wavelength of extreme ultraviolet light. This kind of light is invisible to human eyes, and colorized here in gold.

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NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

This is where stars are born.

This image from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope shows a frEGG, or a Free-floating Ev***rating Gaseous Globule. It occurs when a massive new star starts to shine while still within the cool gas cloud from which it formed:


NASA Goddard

A Goddard intern working with data from NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite - TESS last summer discovered a planet orbiting two stars, like the fictional Tatooine of Star Wars. At first, he thought it was one star eclipsing the other, but the timing was wrong.

The planet, called TOI 1338b, is around 6.9 times larger than Earth, or between the sizes of Neptune and Saturn. The system lies 1,300 light-years away in the constellation Pictor.

The two stars eclipse each other as they orbit. One is about 10% more massive than our Sun, while the other is cooler, dimmer and only one-third the Sun’s mass.

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Elon Musk wants to nuke Mars. What would happen?

[12/28/19]   Time to say good bye 2019 and only 72 hours left to get into 2020


Information Technology


Bridget Regan

#tbt #collinstark ☀️



China plans to launch an artificial moon to light up the night skies and save electricity. What would be the consequences?


NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

How will we establish sustainable architecture on the Moon? 🤔Lunar water! Astronauts in the #Artemis program will use water for various crew needs, including rocket fuel. In order to study water distribution and interaction on the Moon, we will deploy a small lunar satellite called Lunar IceCube! More:


NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Aging stars pollute their surroundings as they burn, but galaxies recycle! ♻️ The cloud of dust and gas surrounding a galaxy absorbs byproducts and pushes them back in, fueling the formation of new stars. About the process and a new sounding rocket mission set to observe it:


NASA's Johnson Space Center

TOMORROW: Houston, come celebrate the #Apollo11 anniversary with us at Discovery Green on July 20! 🚀 Stop by our Driven to Explore trailer, participate in STEM engagement activities, learn about our future plans and more. At the end of the night, watch a screening of Apollo 11 before a perfectly timed countdown to Neil Armstrong's first step on the Moon 50 years ago. 🌙 More here: #Apollo50th


NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Like rockets and social media? Apply to attend a #NASASocial event in July at NASA's Kennedy Space Center to witness the next SpaceX cargo launch to the International Space Station. Details and application:


NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

The mystery of why Earth has so much water, allowing our “blue marble” to support an array of life, is clearer with new research that reinforces the idea that comets played a key role in bringing water to our planet billions of years ago. More:



Robots and cars team-up to dominate the world! Or, they just want to deliver packages to your front door.


NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Behold: Our Moon at the beginning of an orbital sunrise, cloaked in the calmness of space & just above the bluish hue of the atmosphere. The crew aboard the International Space Station captured this image right before the dawn of a new Moon cycle. 🌒 Enjoy:


NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

An astronaut aboard the International Space Station snapped this image of the South Indian Ocean as the station flew 265 miles above the cloudy formation. The off-world laboratory orbits the Earth about every 90 minutes and helps us prepare for deep space exploration. Gaze in awe:


NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Infused with swaths of red, blue and yellow, this infrared image of Jupiter’s atmosphere reveals that solar wind has a strong influence on the planet. Within just a day of solar wind hitting Jupiter, scientists observed the chemistry in its atmosphere changing and its temperature rising. Learn more:


First Image of a Black Hole!

The Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration observed the supermassive black hole at the center of M87, finding the dark central shadow in accordance with Gener...


Brian Greene

Special Relativity says nothing can travel through space faster than the speed of light, but this does not constrain the speed at which space itself expands. Galaxies, pushed by swelling space, can move apart at faster than light speed.


NASA Goddard

Did you know that our planet is surrounded by giant, donut-shaped clouds of radiation? 🍩

No? Well then, have a look at "5 Facts About Earth’s Radiation Donuts"


NASA Goddard

Bending, bleeding and blooming — oh, my!

NASA’s Sun-observing spacecraft produce some pretty breathtaking images — but the acrobatics of light can also create some odd photographic effects.

Here are some of the more common imaging anomalies recorded by NASA’s solar observatories and explanations for why they occur:


Brian Greene

Special Relativity says nothing can travel through space faster than the speed of light, but this does not constrain the speed at which space itself expands. Galaxies, pushed by swelling space, can move apart at faster than light speed.


NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

In less than a week, SpaceX’s #Dragon spacecraft will lift off to deliver cargo and science to the crew living and working aboard the International Space Station! 🚀Starting at 1 p.m. EST, hear from our researchers who are preparing to launch their science investigations to space, including robotic technology for refueling spacecraft, a project to map the world’s forests, and studies in several areas to benefit future space explorers as well as lives on Earth. Get more details:


NASA Goddard

Did you know our Milky Way galaxy is blowing bubbles? Two of them, each 25,000 light-years tall! They extend above and below the disk of the galaxy, like the two halves of an hourglass. We can’t see them with our own eyes because they’re only apparent in gamma rays, the highest-energy light in the universe.

Scientists found the bubbles in 2010 when reviewing NASA Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope data.

Learn more:



Taking public transportation to the next level.


There has been recent evidence of large planets around relatively close stars less than a hundred light-years away. This leads to the speculation that Earth-sized moons around such large planets, if located at the appropriate distance from the star, could potentially contain life. Yet thousands or millions of likely situations must be studied to understand the opportunities for life as we know it.



This is the first flying car you can actually buy!



Tips To Give Your Memory A Boost


Salvation Season 2 Promo (HD)

Salvation is back, Monday, June 25. Only CBS. Subscribe for more Salvation season 2 promos in HD! Salvation official website:

Our existence is the paradox of infinity

We are living in the planetary time but our time is limited on the other hand time is infinite. Are we part of the universe? Yes, our existence is the paradox of infinity that means we are expired but nothing is lost forever even death.

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