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Hello Sir.
These days, to sell yourself on social media, you need to be active 24/7.
I myself had to deal with a lot of postings, content creation, etc., and
it was hard.
But Crowdfire has helped a lot, it helps you manage your social media tasks and
reduces the time you need to spend to literally 30 minutes a day.
Crowdfire is your all-in-one social media management tool that helps you plan
posts, generate advanced analytics and manage social conversations, and
you get it all at an affordable price.
If you want to reduce your time spent on social media, this is your opportunity.
You can sign up for a FREE 14 day trial here: https: //bit.ly/3xaZMuv
Yours sincerely.,

If you’ve ever wanted to combine email, webinars, video email and landing pages to juice-up the flow of your sales funnel, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Here’s a link to the details — no opt-in required.


In recent years, GetResponse has come up groundbreaking innovations:

Responsive Email Design – They were first in the industry to introduce a design interface that automatically formats every message to fit the screens of any mobile or desktop device and any operating system.

Landing Pages – And they added a slick, new design interface to their platform that turns out high-converting landing pages in minutes.

Forms – They also integrated forms with landing pages to funnel sign-ups into email campaigns automatically.

Webinars - Their latest innovation is a webinar platform, now an integrated component of their PRO service option — great for demos.

And more – They’ve produced innovations in video email marketing, smartphone apps, QR codes, A/B testing, inbox preview, email timing, global view, perfect timing, and custom fields.

Just as important, they constantly update the long-time favorites:

Autoresponders – GetResponse added sophisticated timing controls and action-triggered emails and then combined it with advanced segmentation for targeted campaigns with the look and feel of one-to-one communication.

Email Creator – Likewise, they reinvented the email design interface, giving users access to hundreds of professionally designed templates, a drag-and-drop editing interface, and point-and-click tools for campaign development.

Email Analytics – And they expanded email analytics to report autoresponder performance and social media sharing. They even dovetailed it with segmentation, so users can click to create segments for finer targeting.

Can you see that I’m a big fan of GetResponse? Check it out, and you’ll discover it’s an all-inclusive platform — the only online lead-generation tool you’ll ever need.

Best regards,


Just Digital Inc. is a top rated digital marketing agency focused on delivering real business results Los Angeles Digital Marketing Agency

Operating as usual


Advertising Trends 2020-2021 | My Predictions About Advertising + How It Affects Your Business

2020 was not the year any of us were expecting. These unforeseen changes have dramatically changed what’s happening in advertising and accelerated the trends that were already happening.

In this video, CEO of Just Digital Inc. and author of The Client Acquisition Blueprint Hugo Fernandez focuses on the changes that are happening with the biggest ad platforms so you can be prepared and stay ahead of the advertising trend.

The biggest change is regulation. Privacy concerns are paramount. Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple are getting hammered by congress for privacy concerns. Now that more things are happening online, people are becoming more concerned about where their data ends up and how their information is used. Strict regulations are going to be put in place to protect consumers and to have a more transparent system. In other words, the advertising platforms that we enjoyed and made money from are going to be more difficult to manage.

What does stricter regulation mean for you?
Less data, less targeting, and overall less visibility into how you’re spending your advertising dollars
Higher advertising costs

Social and political issues are also a factor that will affect your marketing strategy. In the middle of 2020 a lot of advertisers took their ads off of Facebook to protest social issues going on in the political and social climate. Now, more than ever, business are being forced to take a stand, or in other words, to be about something beyond products and services

What should you do when advertising in this political and social climate?
Be tactful in your approach and always take the higher road.
Make sure whatever you’re promoting is something you actually believe in. This is important because those beliefs are going to get attacked and judged. Make sure whatever you’re standing for serves your customers.

On a fundamental level, a business has to deliver real value to real people. Those real people are a complex mix of needs, wants, emotions, and desires. The more you understand those complex needs, wants, emotions, and desires, the more valuable and successful you are going to be as a company to serve them. In order to do this, you have to go back to the fundamentals of your business. Make time to examine your business’s core values and mission.

Tips for Staying Ahead of Advertising Trends for Your Business:

1. Have a clear budget for marketing. Without a clear budget, you will be lost and discouraged by the higher advertising costs or dip in results from your existing advertising. Click here to learn more about setting a marketing budget.

2. Look at your marketing from all channels and all angels and create a comprehensive marketing strategy. In a world that is changing all the time, it’s important to have multiple advertising channels instead of relying on just one.

3. Invest in talent. You’re only good as your team. Invest in hiring the right agency partners that can bring the latest trends, knowledge, ex*****on to the table as things continue to change.


Our final Core Value. We lead.

We lead by taking action. Our clients often come to us "stuck" – they have a lot of pieces to the puzzle, but they're overwhelmed and don't know how to put it all together to bring their business to the next level. We help sort the pieces and make the next move to keep their business growing. We believe good leaders know how to take action when action is needed.

We lead by embracing innovation and fresh ideas. We know our own business can always be improved, so we're always checking in on what we could do better. Plus there's always a new strategy to be discovered to help our clients, and it's our job to lead the way and find it.

We lead.

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Branding Goals 💯 Minimal and cute!

This sanitizing line uses illustrations of germs being erased as parts of the illustration touches the gel. You can see the brand name BOO! peeking thorough as if it's scaring the little germs away 🦠👻

Amazing work Eva Abramova 👏

#designinspiration #brandingdesign #packagingdesign #bestofpackaging


How many service companies actually serve?

At the end of the day, we like to acknowledge and appreciate the privilege we have of serving our clients. They trust us to do our jobs with excellence, and we don't take that for granted. Our team serves to the best of our ability, no exceptions. It's built right into our core values, and you can tell by the results. Here's a snippet from one of our recent reviews:

"Working with the Just Digital team was wonderful. The intake and process flow were seamless. Everyone on the team communicated clearly, set expectations and always followed through on schedule. They took the time to really GET our vision and understood not just our industry, but what makes us different. I really felt like they saw our vision and who we are as people, and were able to translate everything perfectly on www.towertaxrelief.com. The finished product is something we are proud of and the overall experience with Just Digital was great. I would also like to thank Hugo Fernandez for taking time to give us solid guidance for our marketing strategy. What a great team from top to bottom! I highly recommend."

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Some behind-the-scenes shots of Hugo Fernandez and Michael Rozbruch crushing it at the Tax Resolution Success Summit!

Congrats to the Michael Rozbruch's Tax and Business Solutions Academy team for putting on such an awesome virtual event! 👏🏼 We are pumped about the turnout, especially since it was marketed by yours truly 😉
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As humans

As a team

We believe that all of this growth is interconnected. Individual growth contributes greatly to the growth of the company and our team, and as the team grows, so does the number of businesses we can help. Our team is ALWAYS improving our processes, skills, and client experience. We love to grow! 🌱 #corevalues #justdigitalinc


Barbecue Mob Website

When a barbecue-loving brotherhood comes to you for an e-commerce site, you make them a site that's practically smoke flavored 🔥

We achieved a 'grungy' look for Barbecue Mob with textured backgrounds, a spraypainted wall, and fun little details like a bullethole SALE sticker. High quality, on-theme images really contributed to the overall visual impact of this site. And who's that pushing the cart? 🤔

Check out http://barbecuemob.com/ to see the finished product!



In a world that consumes and critisizes so often, we choose to create.

We create digital products that help businesses grow.

We create online experiences that attract new business.

We create person-to-person experiences with our clients to ensure they feel valued and heard.

We create because we love it and because we love helping people. To go back to our first core value, we create because we care.

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This fun one-pager was designed by our recently introduced graphic designer, Adrian 👏🏼 We love the bright colors, the upbeat design elements, and super importantly for the client, how quickly it all came together! Check out NoPay.ca, a new Cash Discount program in Canada, to see for yourself! #madebyjustdigital


The first of our core values, and the most important. Everything we do starts right here.


...about our clients, about their businesses, and as marketers, we care about our clients' clients. There's no getting around it – to do great work for your clients, you have to care about your clients. Period. Our team has bought into the fact that relational companies win over transactional ones.

...about our work. We believe that being engaged in what we do because WE CARE is one of the keys to doing great work and being happy doing that work.

...about each other. You can see real, genuine care for the other members of the team being fostered in our team meetings. Every week, someone chooses a video and topic that they think will be helpful or interesting to the team. We talk about mental health, new marketing strategies, racism, workflow improvements, the key to happiness in life, our different cultures... the list goes on. These conversations force us to think of each other as real, interesting, complex humans, not just faces on a screen. We take care of each other's health, wellness, and personal growth better as we learn more about each other.

We care.


Since we introduced our team almost a year ago, we've gained some new members! Meet Adrian, a graphic designer who's been designing websites and brands with us for 5 months now! As is customary with intros, here come the fun facts!

⚡️TOP 3 BOOKS RN: Do More Great Work, Brand Gap, and the Bible

⚡️FOR FUN: Right now, I'm obssessed with everything correlated to the Bible. Science, historical connections, space discoveries, and even design! I'm also mildly dabbling in terrarium making, bonsai competitions and long walks.

⚡️FOR JD: I'm a graphic designer, making designs for our clients and FORCING them to love it, because they have to 😏

⚡️HOME IS: I live in Biñan, Laguna, PH where our national hero was educated and raised, so that's a flex. Our village has more trees than stores and malls. It's fairly quiet, but also not that far away from the business district. We are so lucky that our humble abode is interconnected with almost all the major cities (including Manila) so it's a stress-free commute.

Thanks for bringing your humor, talent, and creativity to the team, Adrian!



We've been reflecting a lot over the past couple weeks and months, as I think most people have. One of the things we keep coming back to is that our team has a set of skills that we can use to make the world a better place, and it's our responsibility to do that to the best of our ability.

We went back to the basics – who is Just Digital? What do we stand for? And we landed on 5 core values that we're going to share over the next little while.

Our hope is that you are encouraged to take heart and choose a life that is meaningful and a force for good in the world. We try to do that every single day, both in our work and outside of it. And we'd love to hear from you – what values are you living by during this time?

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justdigital.marketing 05/29/2020

Social Media Advertising for Businesses: How to Advertise on Social Media - A Digital Marketing Agency and Web Design Company | Just Digital Inc

Wondering if social media advertising is right for your business?

It's actually our preferred method of marketing. You only have to create a really good ad once, and you'll see a payoff for much longer than a 24-hour organic social media post.

In fact, we’ve had ads that have been running for 2-3 years and are still producing predictable results.

If "predictable" and "results" are not words you connect with your social media efforts, it's time to look into social media advertising. Click the link to learn all about it.

#socialmediaadvertising #smallbusinessmarketing

justdigital.marketing Social media advertising is a targeted and efficient method that has a huge return on investment compared to organic social media marketing.


Before & after. This logo refresh elevated YesMasters's look and introduced a new symbol into their brand. The 7 sides represent Kevin Ward's 7 domains of life, which he teaches real estate agents how to master. Head to YesMasters.com to see this logo in action on YesMasters's new website!

#rebrand #graphicdesigner #logorefresh


NEW WEBSITE! YesMasters.com is live!

We are very happy to introduce YesMasters's new website! This site has a more professional, mature look than the previous version, but still keeps the same energy that YesMasters is known for. Lots of footage from their events and engaging, high quality photos really brought the website to life! Check it out at https://yesmasters.com/


How to Start Advertising on Google in 2020

📈 Need help with Advertising on Google or want to speak with a Google Ads expert?
Click Here: https://bit.ly/googleadsu

Every second, there are 40,000 searches on Google and the holy grail of any business today is to be at the top of Google search results. Just imagine the amount of website traffic you could generate if you were ranking #1 for your relevant keywords and search queries!

Building up a site that takes the top spot on Google is a long, ongoing process that could take months, even years – this is called Search Engine Optimization. Although this can result in free organic traffic, it certainly takes resources and time to get to the top of Google. Many businesses need customers NOW, not few months later down the road...

So how do you get customers on Google today and see quick results? Google Ads.

Google makes over $100 million dollars from ads a DAY. That’s a solid indicator that it is working for many different businesses. It remains a big source of leads, conversions, and revenue for the businesses running profitable campaign.

Google Ads can seem intimidating, but putting together a plan is simple. If you know you can convert traffic into customers, the right strategy can work wonders.

You may have questions such as: How can they be profitable? How do I avoid spending money on the wrong traffic?

This video isn't overly technical and will help you understand the overall concepts to make Google ads work for your business.

To your success and designing an epic future!

Free Resources:
📘Get my Free Book "The Client Acquisition Blueprint": http://bit.ly/2XRfmtf
✅7 Secrets To Get More Leads From Your Website Checklist: http://bit.ly/2XT3HKP

justdigital.marketing 05/13/2020

How to Manage and Market Your Business During Coronavirus

We've come a long way... but we're not out of the woods yet.

In this video/blog, Hugo talks about Just Digital's response to COVID-19, and how we're taking care of our clients and ourselves mid-pandemic. Hopefully it's helpful for you too!

#covid19 #smallbusinesshelp

justdigital.marketing COVID-19 left the world reeling, and business owners are not exempt. Here's what we've learned about how to market your business during coronavirus.


Custom look and feel. Completely customizable.

This is the type of website we set our clients up with.

NO TEMPLATES: We create our own designs that reflect the look and feel of your company. We help you get your message across with your website design, and that message is not "just like everyone else”

UNIQUE FEATURES: This client wanted a survey in the hero section of the homepage, so we created one just for him that works beautifully on desktop and mobile. This isn't something we do often, but we were up for the challenge and everyone was very pleased with the result!

EASILY EDITABLE: Post launch, our clients get a walkthrough of how to edit their website. Our WordPress sites make it easy to change contact info, add a new staff member on the About page, update images, and add blog posts. We never hand you a site and then leave you high and dry.

To see the rest of this new site, head to AcePlusTaxResolution.com. To learn more about our services, you can visit justdigital.marketing/services 🙌🏻👨🏻‍💻

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Creating a SIMPLE Marketing Plan for Your Business

Download Your Free Guide: Acquisition Channels:

Every business owner wants to grow their business...

Even Fortune 500 Companies are spending billions each year to acquire new customers and are looking for the best strategies to stay top of mind.

But with a thousand different things you can do to find & attract new clients, it’s tough to choose the right marketing strategies and have a focused plan.

People will try to pull you in different directions and grab your attention to believe why their technique, channel, or way of doing business is the best. You read about the latest AI-powered tech, the best structure for your landing pages, and the latest in SEO algorithm change. It can become overwhelming!

But this doesn't have to be complicated. That's why I created this video "How to Create A Marketing Plan for Your Business". All you need to do is simply ask the right questions.

Free Resources:
📘Get my Free Book "The Client Acquisition Blueprint": http://bit.ly/2XRfmtf
✅7 Secrets To Get More Leads From Your Website Checklist: http://bit.ly/2XT3HKP


The final conclusion of our team discussion yesterday. Good marketing is about caring for people because

1. You need to know your target market deeply to speak directly to them. You need to know their pain points, what they love, and what would make their lives better. You need to care about them.

2. Deceptive marketing is bad marketing. Deceiving people in order to get them to buy from you is the worst marketing tactic you can employ. It might work for a bit, but long term, it's no way to build a company. Good marketing is about caring about people enough to create/offer something you actually believe will make their lives better, and then communicating that.

3. Everything you do as a marketer has an effect. If you sell a product that gives people lung cancer, that's on you. Good marketing is making stuff you're actually proud of, that will make the world a better place.

Conversation inspiration: Seth Godin’s “What is Marketing Today?” video.

What is good marketing to you?

Our Story

We’re a Los Angeles-based digital marketing agency founded in 2012, and we’re on a mission to help small businesses succeed. Strategy consulting, branding, web design, video production, photography, and social media marketing are all ways we make that happen. We want to help you communicate your value to your customers and see real, sustainable growth for your business. Ask us what we can do for you.

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Advertising Trends 2020-2021 | My Predictions About Advertising + How It Affects Your Business
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NEW WEBSITE! YesMasters.com is live!
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What ACTUALLY Matters with Social Media and Your Business
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