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Manny Soprano PR Group

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Music Album Release Coordination
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Fashion & Image Consultation
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Business Coaching

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Manny Soprano PR Group updated their address. 07/20/2021

Manny Soprano PR Group updated their address.

Manny Soprano PR Group updated their address.




Turning Point USA

You HAVE TO Watch This... In Only 5 Minutes, Charlie Kirk EXPOSES The Russian Witch Hunt, Spy Gate & So Much More

WATCH Until The End! 03/05/2019

TSA workers busted running $100 million co***ne smuggling ring Federal employees are facing 10 years to life in prison after being indicted for using their posts to smuggle over $100 million of co***ne into the U.S.


Why Dogs Follow You Into The Bathroom & Other Strange Behaviors Explained

Top odd dog behaviors explained! Watch this video to find out about dog communication and canine behaviors and all of the weird dog habits your pooch exhibit...



Ben Stein didn't mince words when discussing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's "New Green Deal."

To say this was blunt would be an understatement.


PRESS BRIEFING 🔴 President Trump Signs Memorandum Launching Global Women Initiative

Our PR Group [mspr] is #proAmerica #proWomen #proFreeEnterprise #proAfrica #proPEPSI #proUPS #proTrumpInstincts #proLeadership #proPersonalFreedom #proNationalSecurity #proCourage #AmericanValues

(Please Support as little as $1 to Keep This Channel Up) 02/03/2019

U.S. Unemployment Rate Drops To 3.7 Percent, Lowest In Nearly 50 Years The jobless rate last month was the lowest since 1969, though the economy added a less-than-expected 134,000 jobs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said. Wage growth slowed to a 2.8 percent rate. 02/03/2019

Mike Bolger | Credits | AllMusic Find Mike Bolger credit information on AllMusic


President Trump Hosts a Roundtable with Hispanic Pastors

The President of the United States of America meets with prominent Latino Pastors in roundtable meeting.

The White House 02/02/2019

Science says liberals, not conservatives, are psychotic Turns out liberals are the real authoritarians. A political-science journal that published an oft-cited study claiming conservatives were more likely to show traits associated with “psychoticism” n…


What Your Dog's Sleeping Position Reveals About Its Character

What does a dog’s sleeping position mean? Most dog owners know about their pets' habits and easily understand when their dog is happy, worried, surprised, or... 01/22/2019

Supreme Court Allows Trump Restrictions on Transgender Military Service for Now 01/13/2019

Eastwood Crushes De Niro, Spike Lee & Christian Bale In Movie Hollywood H..ates Source: Eastwood Crushes De Niro, Spike Lee & Christian Bale In Movie Hollywood H..ates


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Coffey Anderson

What do you actually do when you get pulled over by the police? Here is a video that helps diffuse tension at traffic stop, it gives solid steps into ways of staying safe, and getting home. SHARE this. It's a must for all to see and show to your loved ones.


Where Are The Men Project

Instigated by Chaim Dunbar's "Where Are The Men?" video, this page is for common hero men to be recognized by their community, friends and loved ones.


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La Hora de Lala



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Mayor Eric Garcetti

Fantastic to see today how vibrant Boyle's Heights future looks as 45 teenagers received high school diplomas and pledged to give back to their community as they go on college, all thanks to College Track.


Bernie Sanders

video: killer pr ad. #spikeLee

Spike Lee has a message for you (and, yeah, it’s worth sticking around five minutes ’til the end). 03/05/2016

ML Spotlight: Lester Lands It always amazes me how many doors can be opened through amazing artistry. I know several great musicians who are living out their dreams because of it. I am pleased to announce and launch my new s…


Timeline Photos 02/09/2016

Agencies, Marketing-Tech Companies on Quest for Personalized Content Recent examples include Salesforce and MDC co-investing in Pierry and Wunderman teaming up with Marketo.


University of Southern California

Coming this spring: Games published by USC Games Publishing. #GameOn ✌️



#video #Editorial: Danny Glover on Oscars' money trail, a new narrative, and exclusion.

Danny Glover: Maybe we should do away with the Oscars (Watch) #VarietyStudio #Sundance 01/27/2016

'Animal House' Star Stephen Furst Protests Academy Rule Changes

Editorial: ageism and sexism in Hollywood. Stephen Furst, an actor known for playing "Flounder" in "Animal House" and appearing on "Babylon 5" who has more recently worked mostly as a director and producer, wrote to the Academy of Motion Pi... 01/22/2016

Academy Overhauls Membership, Voting Rules to Promote Oscar Diversity

#OscarsUpdate The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has approved a sweeping series of substantive changes designed to make the Academy’s membership, its governing bodies, and its voting members signi... 01/22/2016

Officials Cover Up Dangers of HPV Vaccine Declares Scientist Washington, D.C., Jan. 18, 2016-- Dr. Sin Hang Lee, MD, Director, Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, has submitted an official, open-letter complaint to the Director-General of the World Health ... 01/20/2016

Bernie Sanders Does His Own Laundry (and Grocery Shopping): Inside the Family Life of the... "How far we've come is really incredible," Bernie Sanders tells PEOPLE 01/20/2016

'Boyz n the Hood' Director John Singleton Not 'Worried' About White Oscars: 'There's Only So... While Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith have called for an Oscar boycott, John Singleton, who became the first African-American nominated for the best director Academy Award for his 1991 film "Boyz ... 01/18/2016

Glenn Frey, Eagles Guitarist, Dies at 67 Glenn Frey, a founding member and guitarist for Eagles, died Monday. He was 67. "It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce the passing of our comrade, Eagles founder, Glenn Frey, in Ne... 12/24/2015

Final Ruling for Air Travel With Musical Instruments As of March 6, 2015, it’s official and no longer at the discretion of the various airlines. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, musicians who board planes must be allowed to carry on their instruments provided they fit in the overhead bin. If this space isn’t large enough, the musici…


- social media and traditional media
- press releases
- weekly business coaching
- wardrobe & couture (tailoring)
- filming & editing for web (video production)


Los Angeles, CA
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