Invitesite Wedding Invitations

Invitesite Wedding Invitations

No longer in business

Couture + DIY + Eco wedding stationey : Giant Love : Small Footprint BUSINESS ENDED INDEPENDENCE DAY, JULY 4, 2014
Thank you to our thousands of customers.

Sophisticated DIY wedding invitations affordably priced. Our specialty is eco or green wedding stationery. You assemble these unique invitations, save-the-date cards, wedding programs, and thank you notes from these exclusive kits from Invitesite in Los Angeles, California. We offer letterpress and offset printing, but you may print your own desktop using our templates. Our wedding invitations have been sent by thousands of couples since 1995.


Thanks to all our customers over the years and your good wishes for our health moving forward. We will miss you! Helen and Scott.


InviteSite has left the building, just in time for Independence Day.


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5 Time Winners
We Won the WeddingWire Couples' Choice Awards 2014!
Thanks to our past clients! The winners of the WeddingWire Couples' Choice Awards 2014 are determined by recent reviews from newlyweds, recognizing the top 5% of Wedding Pros in the WeddingWire Network. 03/27/2013

Wedding Venues in NorthEast LA: Sustainable + Romantic Guide. Part 1 — Invitesite Blog

Part I of comprehensive listing of Sustainable Venues in NorthEast Los Angeles. NorthEast LA (aka NELA) is dotted with secret gems that offer fabulous locations for heartful weddings. Neighborhoods are diverse: hillside communities fold into the rolling hills between downtown LA and Pasadena. Bordered where the Los Angeles River and Arroyo Seco meet.

Recent Custom Designs 01/07/2013

Recent Custom Designs


Invitesite Wedding Invitations's cover photo


Invitesite Wedding Invitations's cover photo


Yowzie! Wedding Wire Brides Choice Award 2013. InviteSite team blushes. That's 4 years in a row folks! We are thankful and deeply appreciative :)


Arthur - the InviteSite kitty - is making himself at home:


ANTI-MALL, people b4 profit

Exciting! Vex Art Center, down the street from our new digs, is hosting the AntiMall this Sunday:

An ARTivist Marketplace, music fest and more. - People b4 Profit! Conscious Consuming! Recycling our Money!


Sale Wedding Invitations | InviteSite

25% off sale this week. Celebrating the New Digs. InviteSite offers a select number of wedding invitation designs and diy wedding invitation kits at affordable sale prices.


Ok! the big move is almost complete. All the presses are in, electrician coming tomorrow to get us off extension cords... 09/23/2012

Sale Wedding Invitations | InviteSite

Once in a BLUE MOON SALE is on! Up to 50% off some of our most popular designs. Sept 22 - 29 2012 Why? We're moving from Pasadena to LA. Yippie! InviteSite offers a select number of wedding invitation designs and diy wedding invitation kits at affordable sale prices.


Adding your personality to the creative 'mix' is what our DIY wedding invite kits is all about. Some designs are more flexible than others. Other than graphics and wording, you can add personal decoration to the designs:


We are having a giant moving sale this weekend - probably next week too! Crafty Extravaganza!
Lots of really cool envelopes, cut sheets. Ribbons, guest books, feathers, invitation wrappers. Handmade papers.
Will be adding pixs all day.
Time: From 11 am - 6 pm Saturday September 15th and 16th.


Invitesite Wedding Invitations's cover photo 02/23/2012

Hebrew Letterpress Wedding Invitations — Invitesite Blog

New Post: Letterpress Wedding Invitations in both English and Hebrew Letterpress printed English and Hebrew Wedding Invitation, mounted on letterpress printed panel, offset printed rsvp set 09/20/2011

Green Festival - Los Angeles

InviteSite | 3Muse Press is going to be exhibiting at the upcoming Green Festival at LA Convention Center. October 29 + 30th. We're making lots of really cool stuff to sell, all limited editions of really fun cards, gift tags, etc. All completely eco, of course. Found 100% plant based shrink wrap for packaging. This is the first Green Festival is LA. The San Francisco show totally rocks. Couldn't believe how amazing the SF show was. Green Festival


Putting together a line of lux letterpress inspired by the Royal's BAFTA event. It will be super affordable too. Dusting off our cleverness :)

BAFTA Brits to Watch 07/14/2011

BAFTA Brits to Watch


New plantable paper arrived! Full of seeds that grow into a mix of wildflowers that the bees love. The seeds are smaller than the cosmo flower seeds we have been using, so the paper is a less bumpy looking.
New pictures with our fabulous art (drawn by Scott and by Diana Huff) on the new papers soon.


Custom Invitations, Unique Wedding Invitations, Letterpress :: 3 Muse Press Pasadena CA

Scott and I are launching a new website for custom work and for wholesale letterpress lines. The line is called 3Muse Press -- for the 3 of us, Scott, Helen and Cindy. We can't wait to share it next week. Just the basics up no. 3 MUSE PRESS: A place where honest materials become exquisitely printed signature stationery. We help you convey your messages to friends and family, business


Latest In Eco-Friendly Dresses, Rings, and Stationery from Recycled Bride! - Wedding Blog - OneWed's

We got new attention in a write-up by One Wed with a few good pictures.

Our friends at InviteSite set the industry standard for eco-friendly
wedding stationery and invitations. Their tree-free and recycled papers,
vegetable-based inks, and DIY production kits all cut down on the carbon
footprint produced by traditional wedding stationery. All designs are exclusive to
InviteSite, the pioneers of eco-couture wedding stationery. About Recycled Bride New York City's October 2010 bridal fashion week featured an exciting new Green Pavilion, hosted by The Green Bride Guide. The pavilion featured… 10/24/2010

Prop 8 $50,000 Wedding Giveaway Winners — Invitesite Blog

The Pink Cloud Prop 8 Gay Wedding Giveaway Winners have been chosen. Meet Andrea Lambert & Katie Jacobson, Corgrats!

Invitesite is totally excited to help create and produce the fabulous invitations for such an artistic couple. Both are poets and produce a poetry reading series in LA: Featherless.
It’s going to be fun documenting this process. Helen & Scott 09/07/2010

Eco-Fabulous Wedding Program Giveaway! – RB Blog

Eco-Fabulous Wedding Program Giveaway at Recycled Bride.
September 6, 2010 at 10:38 AM by Tracy
Win $350 in eco-couture wedding
programs from InviteSite & Recycled Bride Win $350 in eco-couture wedding programs from InviteSite & Recycled Bride You already know how much we adore InviteSite for eco-friendly wedding stationery


Letterpress Printed Monogram on Copper shimmery Cardstock


Poetica Designer Diana Huff + Chelsea Clinton Wedding
Diana Huff painted a fanciful piece of artwork for Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding, which has been all over the TV news. She also painted an original Mazel Tov sign, for Samuel’s of Rhinebeck, also featured. Isn’t the Chelsea + Marc Wedding Painting fabulous??


Wedding invitations, holiday cards, save the date cards, ceremony programs, and thank you notes.


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