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Veterans & Networking !!

Hi 💛 Jessica & Hawthorne Advertising💛, Thank you for the connection! I love networking & sharing new ways help our Veterans live better. Right now, we are focused on the idea of helping Vets raise money, by saving you money. No donation necessary.

Simply grab a FREE $200 or $2,000 VIP Club Card which saves you money on hotels, resorts, car rentals & fun activities worldwide. As you use your card to save money, up to 10% of your savings is tracked and donated to our Vets by me. It's a win, win. Simply visit http://etofree.com to learn more and get a card.

PS: For more info on supporting our Vets, please visit The Home Deployment Project http://www.thehdp.org. I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you and answer any questions you have.

Frank Tirisacco(Veteran)


[email protected]

We make smart brands smarter. Smarter brands make better decisions. Better decisions drive measurable results. With creative, media, and analytics all under one roof, we uncover insights that enrich your campaign and empower your brand.

Operating as usual


It’s officially National Dog Day. And bow wow, we’re celebrating. Meet the loveable and huggable hounds of Hawthorne. These precious pups entertain us and inspire us every day with their wagging tails and wet kisses. They say that “every dog has its day”, and today is that day!


Go behind the scenes and discover how Hawthorne Direct evolved into Hawthorne Advertising. Meet the founding father and the groundbreaking daughter who transformed the agency into the powerhouse it is today. For 35 years, Hawthorne has led the industry with our proprietary attribution technology, unsurpassed media buying and award-winning creative. And that’s only the beginning.

Hawthorne Advertising Celebrates 35 Years of Accountable Advertising 08/03/2021

Hawthorne Advertising Celebrates 35 Years of Accountable Advertising

Happy 35th Anniversary to us!


Hawthorne Advertising Celebrates 35 Years of Accountable Advertising /PRNewswire/ -- Hawthorne Advertising, a full-service independent advertising agency, is celebrating its 35th Anniversary. Performance and accountability have...


Congrats, Jessica!

Phonexa will be serving as a title sponsor for the 2021 Los Angeles Times & L.A. Times B2B Publishing Awards.

The CFO & CEO Leadership Awards will recognize C-Suite executives for their contributions and leadership within their organizations, the business world, and the community at large.

The awards will take place on August 5, 2021. Good luck to all of the CEO and CFO finalists!

Teresa Campbell, San Diego County Credit Union
Greg Seibly, Union Bank
Rodric D., Thunder Studios
Bonnie Lee, Hanmi Bank
Ed Bagdasarian, Intrepid Investment Bankers
Jason Nazar, Comparably
Jessica Hawthorne-Castro, Hawthorne Advertising
Ashley Merrill, Lunya


Say hello to the furry and fluffy pets of our media team. While we’re on our laptops, these cozy cuddlers snuggle in our laps and curl up at our feet. What a treat for us humans!


Celebrating our awesome employees who are dads and the awesome dads of our employees. Happy and healthy Father’s Day with love from everyone at Hawthorne!

Photos from Hawthorne Advertising's post 06/15/2021

Lights. Camera. Back in Action. As COVID winds down, our productions are cranking up. Here’s a “Behind the Scenes” look at our latest shoot.


35th Anniversary

We’re honored to celebrate our 35th anniversary as a proven leader! Long before accountable advertising became standard in the industry, Hawthorne was a pioneer in response attribution. Thirty five years later, we’re still at the forefront of data science employing cutting-edge proprietary tools and technology that drive our creative, media and analytics. Follow the leader!


Please join us as we proudly salute and honor the many veterans who courageously and selflessly sacrificed their lives for our freedom. We live in the land of the free, because of the brave.

#ThankYou #MemorialDay


We’re proud to celebrate Wear Purple for Peace Day!

Many thanks to our photographer Paulina for sharing her purplish pics!

Whether it’s plum, periwinkle, lilac or lavender, purple is all about passion. And we’re passionate about world peace.

We’re proud to celebrate Wear Purple for Peace Day!

Many thanks to our photographer Paulina for sharing her purplish pics!

Whether it’s plum, periwinkle, lilac or lavender, purple is all about passion. And we’re passionate about world peace.


Celebrating our amazing employees who are moms and the amazing moms of our employees! Happy and healthy Mother’s Day with love from everyone at Hawthorne!


Join us today as we celebrate the true heroes of reading, writing and arithmetic.

We are forever grateful for the lifelong lessons we’ve learned from our teachers.

You get an “A” for AWESOME!


Wishing everyone a great Cinco de Mayo from the Hawthorne team!

Photos from Hawthorne Advertising's post 03/20/2021

Spring is in the air and the signs are everywhere.🌷Many thanks to our talented photographer
@p4ulin4e for capturing the splendor of the season. Here’s to warmer weather and brighter days ahead. ☀️


Greener Days Ahead. Legend tells us that the leaves of the four-leaf clover stand for faith, hope, love and luck. Wishing you all four — all year long. 🍀


We are so honored to celebrate the amazing women of Hawthorne on International Women’s Day. You inspire us each and every day with your talent, your passion and your commitment to excellence. #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021

We are so honored to celebrate the amazing women of Hawthorne on International Women’s Day. You inspire us each and every day with your talent, your passion and your commitment to excellence. #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021

Photos from Hawthorne Advertising's post 02/23/2021

Two hemispheres are better than one. 🧠
How does our Executive Creative Director Julian stay creative at all times? On the days he needs to rely more on his right brain, Julian keeps his left brain active by creating original graphic art. He’ll tri-angle anything that comes to mind. Check out some his designs here.

Photos from Hawthorne Advertising's post 02/18/2021

Whether it’s red, white or rose, a glass of wine is a great way to chill this winter. ❄️
Many thanks to our expert photographer @p4ulin4e for capturing the essence and effervescence of this celebratory day. #NationalDrinkWineDay 🍷


From our hearts to yours. Wishing everyone the happiest and healthiest Valentine’s Day 💐


He’s Got Game. Our new Marketing Manager, Nicholas Luberger, brings a wealth of experience to our agency and to our clients. Nick’s extensive sports marketing background gives him a competitive edge when it comes to executing winning strategies. Discover what drives Nick in this one-on-one interview.

What’s the one thing you like most about working at Hawthorne?
Hands down it’s the people. This group is so passionate about their work, their clients, this company, and the people around them. When you have a great culture and team around you working towards a common goal, the possibilities are endless.

How do you personally stay focused and motivated during these turbulent times?
Balance is so important especially working through this drastic shift in our everyday lives. With our offices now in our homes, work is literally closer to home now more than ever. It is critical to respect my own schedule and set aside time to rest and unwind during evening hours and on weekends so that I can bring the best, most productive version of myself to work every day.

You previously worked with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Sacramento Kings, D.C. United, and the Cleveland Browns. Can you tell us a little about those experiences?
I was extremely fortunate to get the chance to work in pro sports for eight seasons. I’ll forever be immensely proud of the teams I was a part of for making the impossible happen on a day-to-day basis due to our ingenuity and work ethic. Opening the Golden1 Center for the Sacramento Kings and selling out FirstEnergy Stadium after a winless Cleveland Browns season will always be some of my proudest accomplishments in my career.

What’s the biggest challenge facing brands and marketers in 2021?
The biggest challenge will be anticipating consumer trends. The landscape continues to shift at an accelerated rate based on new technology and behavioral patterns. Brands must look to create and market the best customer experience to retain and attract new customers or risk missing an enormous opportunity.

Photos from Hawthorne Advertising's post 01/29/2021

Paulina from our Iowa office captures the splendor of winter with these majestic pics. It may be a cold spell, but it’s the perfect time to grab a hot cocoa and enjoy the virtual view. ❄️☕️

Photos from Hawthorne Advertising's post 01/27/2021

Although we worked remotely for most of 2020, it didn’t stop us from making renovations and progress for when we look forward to welcoming employees back in person. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the newest additions. We are so excited to share the progress, more to come!


Today we honor Martin Luther King Jr. and the monumental work he did during his lifetime that has transcended to our country today and forevermore.

Today we honor Martin Luther King Jr. and the monumental work he did during his lifetime that has transcended to our country today and forevermore.

Photos from Hawthorne Advertising's post 12/23/2020

A sneak peek into the week to come. What holiday tradition are you looking forward to? 🎄


As the New Year grows closer, the light shines brighter. Wishing you and your family a very healthy, hopeful and peaceful New Year.
—From all of us at Hawthorne ✨

Photos from Hawthorne Advertising's post 12/18/2020

Winter is officially upon us! Check out these icy photos from @p4ulin4e around the town in Fairfield, Iowa. And say hello to Chonky the Squirrel! 🐿❄️


Meet James Ruiz. Passionate DevOps Engineer. Insatiable explorer of life. His natural curiosity and innate talent led him from a degree in criminal justice to a successful career in JavaScript and AWS technologies. Whether he’s architecting a cloud infrastructure or ziplining through California, James develops big and dreams big. Get to know him from his answers below and epic photos above.

What’s the one thing you like most about working at Hawthorne?
I really enjoy the environment that is very collaborative, communicative, and friendly which makes it very easy to get to know many people from other teams. It brings a feeling of a workplace that is family oriented with people who genuinely care for not only each other but for the common goal.

How do you personally stay focused and motivated during these turbulent times?
Staying mindful that being productive will leave me feeling great and accomplished at the end of the day.

What advice would you offer to new grads looking to start a career as a DevOps Engineer?
Study the trends and master one: currently with the switch to work from home, cloud infrastructure is booming. Pick one of the most popular cloud platforms and master the fundamental DevOps concepts with it.

We know you love to travel. Where are you headed next?
Driving through the entirety of Iceland’s Ring Road!


Wishing everyone the healthiest and happiest Thanksgiving! #grateful #gobblegobble 🍂🦃

Photos from Hawthorne Advertising's post 10/26/2020

Art from the Heart: Today we celebrate National Art Day — the birthday of Spanish Artist Pablo Picasso.
It’s the perfect time to share some awesome art from our own talented team.
Kudos to Lauryn, VP of Production, and Seth, Motion Graphics Designer, for sharing
their ingenuity, artistry and creativity. Picasso himself would be impressed. #artday


Do what truly makes you happy and you'll be better at avoiding fatigue. Read more from Jessica Hawthorne-Castro and The Business Journals about strategies to help you and your team proactively combat burnout.


#team #mentalhealth


Fall is finally in the air. And that means a brisk 85 degrees in Los Angeles. Our Project Manager James is excited to get some new projects on the calendar and break out those checkered fall fashions — as he turns up the a/c. Throwback to our LA office that is currently under renovations!


A good sales development pipeline will ensure your sales team is only receiving the best leads. Jessica Hawthorne-Castro and The Business Journals discuss pipeline strategies for bringing the best leads to your sales team.



Not only can AI automate aspects of the acquisition process, but it can also use customer data to help determine your audience's needs. Read more on how AI can boost your customer acquisition efforts from Jessica Hawthorne-Castro and The Business Journals.


#artificialintelligence #technology #audienceengagement


Unless you've spent a lot of time studying and practicing social media marketing, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction as a business. Jessica Hawthorne-Castro and The Business Journals discuss marketing myths you shouldn’t believe in the link below.


#socialmediamarketing #mythbusters #businesstips

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35th Anniversary


Creative development, planning, production, media buying, and performance tracking for Short Form television, Long Form television (infomercials), and Digital Media.



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