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New track “Alternate Helix” by Y ui SensationaL☆ is just out! Pls che ck it out!
You can research “Alterna te Helix by Yui SensationaL”, check it o ut, If you have listened to it by t he end of the song, you mu st be SensationaL! Yes, why not? A nd stay SensationaL!

Alternate Helix by Yui SensationaL
Mix ed by MONOLisa Studiosdio
Mastered by Jett [email protected]
Bake ry Mastering
Art work by KaiYamamoto @AKainotora
🎶🥳 Happy release day! I’m absolute ly thrilled to announce that Joy Spi ce Soul is out in the wor ld! This explosion of love is a massi ve celebration of diversity, featuring the magnifice nt voices of Fyütch and recent GRAMM winner, Falu. 🎶🥳

I feel so gratef ul and blessed to have an amazi ng team to bring this track to life:
Lin us on sax and vocals, Larry on ba ss and vocals, Darius on vocals, a nd Rich on drums, percussion and voca ls, Nahuel on guitar
Recorded by Denise Barbari ta at MONOLisa Studios and Lucy Kalantari
Mix ed by Nahuel Bronzini
Mastered by Emily Laz ar and Chris Allgood at The Lod ge Mastering
Artwork by Kristina Carroll
PR by Maye rs Consulting

💙🧡💗 Spread the joy, the spi ce and the soul of life! Bri ng it everywhere! 💙🧡💗

#NewMusic #lucyandthejazzcats #diversity #upli ft #music #NewRelease #kindie #familymusic #celebration
New album out today!! Check o ut your favorite streaming platform for Saraswa ti Trading Company's full release (I'll p ut some links in the comments). A hu ge thank you to everyone involved in t he making of this album, it's be en a long and hard 2 yea rs for many reasons, but things a re looking up!

The Gotham Easy synths
Arun Ramamurt hy violin
Easwar Ramakrishnan violin
Bala Skandan mridhangam
Swaminathan Selvagane sh kanjira
Monte Antrim graphics
Indofunk Satish producer
MONOLisa Studi os engineer
One year ago today #AlltheLadi es won the #GRAMMY for Best Children ’s Album!

The album was created wi th a purpose: lift up girls a nd women, support gender equality, break gla ss ceilings and promote equity in t he music industry.

All the Ladies w as produced by Lucy Kalantari & includ es a female creative, technical, artistic, graph ic, promotional, photography & glamour team!

Tha nk you to the Recording Academy / GRAMM Ys once again for this honor! I ’m looking forward to celebrating in pers on in Vegas next month and rooti ng on current #grammynominees Pierce Freelon Fa lu Shah 1TribeCollective 123 Andrés Luc ky Diaz and the Family Jam Ban d💜

Much love to ALLLL the ladi es: MONOLisa Studios The Lodge Mastering Maye rs Consulting Stephanie Rothschild The Blanc Hou se Sonia De Los Santos Chava Mir el Lisa Loeb Edie Chase Carey Kyl er England Lori Henriques Caylen Bryant Car ly Ciarrocchi Vered Ronen Tina Kenny Jon es Suzi Shelton-Mitri Lisette Santiago Rosa Avi la Libby Weitnauer Nelly Rocha Amelia Robins on Polly Hall Lisa Brigantino!
I am sharing this NEW lyr ic VIDEO and very thankful for peop le like Lucy Kalantari She's not on ly talented and very accomplished as a 2x GRAMM Award winning artist, composer and produc er but she has a BIG hea rt with BIG ideas and a B IG musical number in mind with B IG HOPE that I had the hon or to be featured on. Without furth er delay, check out “What Kind of World ?” by Lucy Kalantari and the Ja zz Cats

As Lucy Kalantari shares, "t 's a big song with a B IG message, brought to visual life by Maye rs Films in this wonderful vid eo! 🎬 Share, share SHARE! This so ng features a beautifully diverse cast of ca ts from all over the country. I ’m SO PROUD of how this so ng went from being an idea wi th so many sounds in my he ad, to sketches and notes on pap er and sheet music and zoom meetin gs, to this BIG recording!!! Each pers on in this track has so mu ch to offer on their own, a nd together it felt like an explosi on of love:

Choir: Flor Bromley-Mass Joan ie Leeds Julie Be (from Ants on a L og Music ), Larry Cook, Linus Wyrs ch, Little Miss Ann, Snooknuk , Son ia De Los Santos (and the ja zz cats: Linus, Larry, Rich, Darius) Ri ch Kulsar

Choir kids: Alistair, Darius, Declan, Jo ya, Yve
Strings: Charisa the ViolinDiva (Violin), Ele na Moon Park(Violin), Paul Laraia (Viola), Eri ch Schoen-René (Cello), Darius Kalantari (Cello)
Drums Ri ch Kulsar
Bass Larry Cook
Mixed by Denise Barbari ta at MONOLisa Studios
Mastered by Al an Silverman, Arf Mastering"

GRAMMY® voters, please consid er this for:
Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals
“Wh at Kind of World?”
Lucy Kalantari and t he Jazz Cats, featuring SaulPaul
WATCH! 👀 Brand spanking NEW lyr ic video for “What Kind of World ?” featuring amazing friend and co-writer, SaulPa ul ! It's a big song wi th a BIG message, brought to visu al life by Mayers Films in th is wonderful video! 🎬 Share, share SHA RE!

This song features a beautifully diver se cast of cats from all ov er the country. I’m SO PROUD of h ow this song went from being an id ea with so many sounds in my he ad, to sketches and notes on pap er and sheet music and zoom meetin gs, to this BIG recording!!! Each pers on in this track has so mu ch to offer on their own, a nd together it felt like an explosi on of love:

Choir: Flor Bromley Music, Joan ie Leeds, Julie Be (from Ants on a Lo g), Lachi, Larry Cook, Linus Wyrsch, Litt le Miss Ann, Snooknuk, Sonia De L os Santos, (and my jazz cats: Lin us, Larry, Rich, Darius) Rich Kulsar

Choir ki ds: Alistair, Darius, Declan, Joya, Yve

Strings: Chari sa the ViolinDiva (Violin), Elena Moon Pa rk (Violin), Paul Laraia (Viola), Erich Schoen-Re (Cello), Darius Kalantari (Cello)

Drums Rich Kulsar
Ba ss Larry Cook
Mixed by Denise Barbarita at MONOLi sa Studios
Mastered by Alan Silverman, A rf Mastering

GRAMMY® voters, please consider this for:
Be st Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals
“What Kind of World?”
Lu cy Kalantari and the Jazz Cats, featuri ng SaulPaul

HAPPY RELEASE DAY! Join me in welcomi ng What Kind of World? into t he world! This collection of tunes wi ll awaken your joy, connect you wi th your community and highlight the pow er of your resilience. I'm thrilled to ha ve AMAZING guests throughout the album!

A nd then keep reading about the amazi ng cast of cats:
Jazzy Ash, Joelle Lur ie, Syreeta Thompson, Ron Wilkins, Mary Ro bb D. Edward - Dale Edward Chu ng, SaulPaul, Charisa the ViolinDiva, Elena Mo on Park, Erich Schoen-René, Paul Laraia, Fl or Bromley-Mass, Joanie Leeds, Julie Be Lac hi, Little Miss Ann Snooknuk, Sonia De L os Santos
And additional children: Declan, Joya a nd Yve

And of course, my brilliant ja zz cats Linus Wyrsch, Larry Cook, Ri ch Kulsar, and my little man Dari us Kalantari.

Recorded at MONOLisa Studios by Deni se Barbarita, and by me at my ho me studio, and a bunch of remo te recordings from people all around t he country. Mixed by Denise Barbarita. Master ed by Alan Silverman. Art by T im Carrier.

Released on 8 Pound Gorilla Recor ds, and Produced and arranged by you rs truly. Enjoyyyy!!!
I’m absolutely delighted to share t he news that “Haunting Days of Hallowee n” won The @intlsongcomp in the “Inspi re Your Songs” promotion category!
The thing th at I’m most moved about, is th at I wrote this tune during t he heavy and dark times of COV ID here in Brooklyn, and pushing th is song out of my brain beca me a time of pure joy. I LOOOV ED making this tune, and LOOOOVED to s ee how much fun everyone who to ok part in recording it had t oo. 🎶💜🙏🏼

Let’s keep musicking, my friends!
Rich Kuls ar Linus Wyrsch, Larry Cook, Libby Weitnau er, Nathalia, Rina Miele, MONOLisa Studios a nd Arf Mastering!

And a million than ks to International Songwriting Competition, iZotope a nd Audeze for the wonderful recognition a nd prizes!

#isc #songwriting #makehalloweeneveryday #believe #keepgoing
Darling Disasters: our latest single, "Houdin i," is out TODAY, just in ti me for your Halloween playlists, and it com es with a spooky true story!

G et it on Bandcamp:
Add it to a ll of your Spotify playlists:

After WWI a nd the 1918 flu pandemic, the populari ty of spiritualism and séances skyrocketed arou nd the world, as nearly everyone h ad recently lost a loved one wh om they longed to reach on t he other side of the mortal ve il.

The great stage magician Harry Houdi ni was no exception; he and h is wife even had a pact th at whoever died first would try to conta ct the other with a secret co de. He spent years searching for a spir it medium who wasn't a fraud. Inste ad, he found charlatan after charlatan -- a nd a second career as a debunk er of their fakery. After his dea th, his wife held annual séances at h is grave, awaiting word from him, b ut it never came.

But we imagi ne him trapped on the other si de of the veil, trying desperately to bre ak through, in the greatest escape attem pt of all time.

Happy Halloween.
Charming Disaster

Ellia Bisk er: vocals, ukulele, glockenspiel
Jeff Morris: vocals, guit ar, piano
Jerome Morris: drums, percussion
Robert T Smi th: bass
Written & composed by Ellia Bisk er & Jeff Morris
Engineered by Denise Barbari ta at MONOLisa Studios in Long Isla nd City, NY
Mixed by Don Godwin a nd mastered by Randy LeRoy at Ton al Park in Takoma Park, MD
Produced by Charmi ng Disaster
Graphic design and lettering by Je ff Morris
Cover art by Jeff Ritchie
As we wrap up the fin al week of our Sound Thinking N YC virtual #SummerCamp, we want to s ay 🎉THANK YOU!🎉 to our guest panelis ts for sharing your wisdom with o ur students!

Made in NY NY is Mus ic #musicbiz #genderequity #artsed
Mandy Hoffman Music Platin um Sound Recording Studios Feirstein Graduate Scho ol of Cinema MONOLisa Studios Cecilia Vill ar Eljuri @ari.gelaw @bintabrown @angela.piva.7
Welcome to Episode 15 of t he Mil's Trills daily songwriting show! Tod ay we are joined by Grammy Winn er Denise Barbarita - producer / engine er / owner of MONOLisa Studios w ho will help us write an origin al song. Tune in to contribute yo ur ideas & be part of t he creative process!

Tip Jar: Your generosity is great ly appreciated via Venmo: Amelia-Robinson or

Than ks so much everyone! We are getti ng through this - one song at a time!

Cat ch LIVE Interactive Songwriting Streams DAILY at 2:30 pm EST right here on this Mil 's Trills page!

More info about Deni se and her studio can be fou nd at

MONOLisa is the perfect environment f or your tracking, overdubbing, editing and mixi ng needs. Head engineer/Owner: Denise Barbarita

Operating as usual

Photos from Sharon Kenny's post 05/01/2022

Super fun Vocal sessions for Sharon ’s new musical “Normal Teenage girl” T he music and the story is so compelli ng! 01/10/2022

It’s a new year and we ha ve a new website!
Big thanks to Jacquel yn Ryal Laufer of for h er exceptional work and dedication!

(Caveat: We sti ll have some updates to do on o ur media page,.)

Please don’t be shy! Ta ke a look! NYC, recording studio, Long Island Ci ty, tracking, mixing, overdub, music, AudioPost aud io resotration and repair

Pachamama by Flor Bromley 08/10/2021

Pachamama by Flor Bromley

I am SOOOOO excited for a ll to experience Flor Bromley-Mass new alb um Pachamama!
This is our 2nd album togeth er and I’m so proud of o ur work together.

Adults and kids alike wi ll love it!
Stream here on Apple Music
(It ’s also available on other streaming servic es too)

Pachamama by Flor Bromley Album · 2021 · 21 Son gs


To say I’m proud of t he work we did on “All t he ladies” is an understatement.

Congrats to Joan ie Leeds and Lucy Kalantari and T he Lodge (Emily Lazar) for this win!

A nd congrats to,.. all the ladies,.. w ho contributed their talents and their voices.

B ig round of Applause to all!

Behold, stat ue #2

Timeline Photos 05/19/2021

I can't tell you how hap py I am to be part of th is Organization!

It's time to stop talking abo ut the lack of women in o ur industry and time to start doi ng something about it!

And not just throu gh advocacy- but through education, job referra ls, internship opportunities, product sponsorships and individu al mentorship.

Anyone who is interested in joini ng this mission- Please visit the websi te to sign up and see h ow you can make a difference!

I al so want to make clear-We encourage m en to join too!
Be part of t he solution!
I was very blessed to ha ve quite a few amazing men as mento rs as I was moving up in my caree r,.
You are welcome and needed voices.
So please- do what you can- si gn up!

Introducing soundBoard member, Denise Barbarita 🎶

3x Grammy Winning NYC based Engineer, Musician/Songwrit er, Denise Barbarita, works on album projec ts, scores, and audio post production f or Film/TV. As an Engineer/Producer, she h as worked with artists from many genr es, from hip hop, rock, and pu nk, to theater, jazz and classical.

Deni se has released 4 albums of h er own with her band "The Morni ng Papers", through her label and publishi ng company, MyShyTune Music. Being the he ad engineer of MONOLisa, she spends mo st of her time there, but is comfortab le working at other studios.

NEW Webby Gallery + Index 05/18/2021

NEW Webby Gallery + Index

Propaganda: The Musical pocast won a Webby!

Congra ts to the whole creative team!

We a re super proud to have had t he honor of working on this proje ct in 2019!

NEW Webby Gallery + Index DISCOVER THE BEST OF THE INTERN ET. Welcome to the NEW Webby Galle ry + Index. Discover the best of t he Internet and uncover trends, insights a nd talent that define the future of Intern et excellence.


Vocals complete! Let the mixing commen ce!

Portraits of a recording artist.
Bei ng in the studio is one of my favori te places. Today we wrapped up t he recording of an upcoming album wi th many (many!) surprises. I can’t wa it to share it with you a nd your little ones.


Don’t worry everybody,.. we bought t he motherload.

Carry on!

Photos from We Are Moving T he Needle's post 05/04/2021

Congrats to “All the Ladies” as we ll as ALL THESE LADIES!

Vote for the best of t he Internet 05/04/2021

Vote for the best of t he Internet

We recorded the vocals for “Propagan da! The musical” in the before tim es (2019) and I’m so excited th at the show has been nominated f or a Webby!
Vote vote vote!


Vote for the best of t he Internet I just voted in The Web by People's Voice Awards and checked my vot er registration.


Congratulations to artist/songwriter Joanie Leeds a nd producer extraordinaire Lucy Kalantari!
Congrats to Emi ly Lazar and Chris Allgood at T he Lodge and to all the ladi es who contributed to the success of th is album!

It takes a village indeed!

What an hon or to win the Grammy for be st children’s album!

Thank you for trusting me to m ix the beautiful album!

❤️you grrrrrrrls!


Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!

Tha nk you to everyone who have be en so supportive of our little sli ce of Heaven in such a difficu lt year for so many!

We wish y ou all the happiness the season c an bring and a music and a rt filled 2021!


MONOLisa Studios


This post is to a ll of us,.

Wear a mask, wash yo ur hands, don’t throw parties, order ta ke out if you can’t stand yo ur own cooking, be smart, be safe!
❤️you all!

Let’s stay open and ma ke some gosh darnt music!!


MONOLisa Studios


Penny for your thoughts! 10/04/2020

Denise Barbarita: It's

Thank you TapeOp!

We love you! Tape Op is a free magazi ne exclusively about recording music. Subscribe (y ep, for free) at


Flor Bromley - Actress, Singer, Storytell er, Puppeteer

This is NOT a speed up vid eo. This is the actual speediness of “SALT A”! And in the congas we ha ve super percussionist Raphael Torn who to ok on the challenge with joy! 😁Ha ve you heard FIESTA GLOBAL yet? Y ou can stream it NOW on yo ur favorite digital platform


PSA: MONOLisa Studios is now s et up with Source-Connect service.

LIC VOICE TALE NT- if you have a job a nd you don't want to take t he train into the city, come on over!

Vocalis ts, Voice talent and musicians anywhere- We c an record/edit remotely from the safety of yo ur home.

I will have this service at my ho me available as well by Monday (ju st in case)

That is all.

ADDITION** We c an also provide audio restoration services f or Voice actors/vocalists who are finding the ir "at home" set ups are noi sy or need polishing. We are hap py to help in any way possib le, get in touch with any questio ns!


May all of your wishes co me true in the decade to co me!


MONOLisa Studios


Wishing everyone a merry Christmas a nd Happy New year!!!


MONOLisa Studios


“Ultimately, mixing is about heart -- nobo dy leaves a session dancing to wh at kind of gear you used.”
- Ed Cherney

The recording community lost a gia nt today.


MONOLisa Studios


When conversation turns to last night ’s GOT episode during the lunch bre ak



Congrats to Movers&Shakers for the WebbyAwa rd Win!

Thrilled to share Movers+Shakers' first b ig award win - The Webby Awar ds Honoree for "Match: The Musical"! 💃🕺 (S ee it here:

Thanks to the amazi ng team at Match - what a delig ht to tell the story of meeti ng that special new guy/girl! Congra ts Geoffrey Goldberg for the creative visi on and so-catchy lyrics, Todd Alsup & An dy Roninson for the music that ge ts stuck in your head, Sean Robins on for directing & editing, DP Esteb an Robles for the cinematic look, Heath er McDevitt Barton for the amazing se ts & wardrobes, makeup by Mariana Collign on, line producer Jessica Fernando, lighting by Striki ng NY, AD Dan Bratman, recording by Deni se Barbarita - and our incredible ca st Sami Griffith and Hayden Stanes, wi th Renée Albulario, Christina Eskridge, Corey Desjardi ns, and Andrew Cristi, who brought t he magic to life.


Happy new year to all!!!!


MONOLisa Studios


MONOLisa Studios



All of us at MONOLisa a re super proud to have played a pa rt in the making of “All t he Sounds”!

Congrats Lucy!!!!


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


MONOLisa Studios


MONOLisa Studios

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When conversation turns to last night ’s GOT episode during the lunch bre ak



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