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Feeling low on those creative juic es? How about you turn up th at stereo? Music has the inherent properti es to speed up the production of “hap py hormones” that induce creativity. Let’s di ve in and explore more about lyric al goodness. Sage Music
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How to Release Stress with Mus ic - A guest article by Curt is Dean of Sage Music:

Now is a perfect time to advan ce your guitar playing!

A big thanks to Sa ge Music for the collaboration on th is post.
Mother's Day is coming up fa st! Swipe through our guide of gi ft ideas from some wonderful local business es, museums, and service providers. #MothersDay #supportliclocal

Bo ok Culture BrickHouse Ceramic Art Center La dy M Cake Boutique Long Island Ci ty Artists Matted LIC MoMA PS1 Muse um of the Moving Image New Yo rk Stage of Mind Cannelle Patisserie Coff ee Project New York Doughnut Plant IL HA Candles Manhattan Fruitier My City Plan ts Murray's Cheese The Noguchi Museum Sa ge Music Urban Wanderlust Candles
Mother’s Day is May 10th. Scro ll through for some gift ideas fr om some wonderful local businesses, museums, a nd shops. Share the love when y ou purchase and use hashtag #supportliclocal
Bo ok Culture LIC BrickHouse Ceramic Art Cent er Lady M Cake Boutique Long Isla nd City Artists Matted LIC MoMA P S1 Museum of the Moving Image N ew York Stage of Mind Cannelle Patisser ie Coffee Project New York Doughnut Pla nt ILHA Candles Manhattan Fruitier My Ci ty Plants Murray's Cheese The Noguchi Muse um Sage Music Urban Wanderlust Candles
#TGIF Had a blast performing t he first movement of Jaime Zenamon’s L uz y Sombra(Jaime Zenamon Music Page)for guit ar and clarinet at the Sage Mus ic open mic! @michaelpconklin will be on my deb ut Chamber music album of music compos ed entirely by Jaime Zenamon. Than ks for listening! .
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Transforming students into musicians with priva te lessons and groups classes for studen ts of all ages. Lessons offered onli ne and at our New York Ci ty locations.

Sage Music school’s unique and innovati ve curriculum is derived from traditional mus ic school pedagogy combined with tenets fr om psychology, holistic approaches to health a nd well-being, and communal creativity. Sage Mus ic focuses on teaching the skills th at enable musicians to play with confiden ce and ease. The school’s educational co re encompasses proper instrument mechanics, proper bo dy usage (

Operating as usual


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yo ur family on behalf of the te am at Sage Music!

There are no lesso ns or classes from Thursday through Sund ay, so our hard working teachers a nd talented students can spend some we ll deserved time off with their frien ds and family.

But if you need assistan ce, call +1 (833) 537-0680 or vis it


Check out Sage Music guitar instruct or @benjaminschnake’s newest release. The Joy of Playi ng is available at the link in h is bio.


Sage Music - Children's Recital


Sage Music - Adult Recital


Sage Music - Children's Recital

Photos from Sage Music's post 10/16/2021

Fall recitals are here.

Tune in on Facebo ok live.

Saturday, October 23
Children’s Recital
2:00 p .m. EST

Adult’s Recital
6:00 p.m. EST

Sunday, October 24
Children ’s Recital
4:00 p.m. EST

Adult’s Recital
6: 00 p.m.


"Summertime" | Sage Music Strings Ensemb le

We know, we know... it's Octob er.
But we're not ready to s ay goodbye to summer just yet.

T he Sage Music Strings Ensemble bids farewe ll with Gershwin's "Summertime."


Live Student Recital - 6/12 4 pm EST

Live Student Recital - 6/12 4 pm EST


Live Student Recital - 6/12 2 pm EST

Live Student Recital - 6/12 2 pm EST


Live Student Recital - 6/13 6 pm EST


Live Student Recital - 6/13 4 pm EST


Live Student Recital - 6/13 2 pm EST

Photos from Sage Music's post 06/05/2021

Spring Recitals are here.
Join us rig ht here on Facebook Live.

Children’s Recitals
Sat 6/ 12 & Sun 6/13
2:00 p.m. | 4: 00 p.m. EST

Adult’s Recitals
Sat 6/12 & S un 6/13
6:00 p.m. EST


Open Mic - Live!


Sage Music Community—we’ve got a challen ge for you.

Post a video practici ng the Sage way for 7 da ys in a row.

Tag us @sagemusic co and use

Your video may be repost ed on our page.


Open Mic Live - Performer Anniversa ry (Navin Day!)

Open Mic Live - Performer Anniversa ry (Navin Day!)


Open Mic Live - Polka Night ... April Fools'!

Open Mic Live - Polka Night ... April Fools'!


Open Mic - Live!


Live Open Mic!


Time to celebrate.

Sage Music students a re learning music the smarter way acro ss 30 states.

And 5 countries.

You c an, too.

Contact us to learn how we c an help you reach your musical goa ls.

Photos from Sage Music's post 01/23/2021

Virtual Winter Recitals are here.

Our studen ts have been practicing hard all semester.

N ow you can watch them perform. Li ve from home. Right here on Facebook.

Children 's Recitals
Saturday, January 30 | Sunday, Janua ry 31
4:00 p.m. EST

Adult's Recitals
Saturday, January 30 | Sund ay, January 31
6:00 p.m. EST


Live Open Mic!

Live Open Mic!


See you next year.

Lessons and class es are in recess. But you c an still reach us at the Sa ge Music office over Winter Break.

Ha ve a happy one.


Live Stream Open Mic!


Wishing a safe and healthy Thanksgivi ng to all.

Don’t forget to practi ce. We’ll see you on Monday.

And if y ou need us, the office is op en Friday-Sunday. We’re here for you.

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Sage Music - Children's Recital
Sage Music - Adult Recital
Sage Music - Children's Recital
"Summertime" | Sage Music Strings Ensemb le
Live Student Recital - 6/12 4 pm EST
Live Student Recital - 6/12 2 pm EST
Open Mic Live - Performer Anniversa ry (Navin Day!)
Open Mic Live - Polka Night ... April Fools'!
Open Mic - Live!
Live Open Mic!


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