Seashell Nutrition

Seashell Nutrition

Nutrition Counseling by a Registered Dietitian; Vitamin and Supplements; Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan, Keto foods; Essential Oils, Teas, Natural Products

Operating as usual


Our last day open is tomorrow 😢. Come by today until 5, tomorrow 10-3 and receive 50% off your purchase.


We have 4 days left at Seashell Nutrition. Our hours this week are:
Wednesday 10-5
Thursday 10-3
Friday 10-5
Saturday 10-3

Starting today, everything in the store is 40% off.


We have one week left at Seashell Nutrition- come in today for 30% off entire store!


We still have plenty of stock in vitamins and essential oils and herbal teas as well as gluten free flour, pastas, and many other things. Everything in the store is 20% off this week.


It is with great sadness that we are announcing that we will be closing in 2 weeks. We have enjoyed meeting each of you that have come into our store this past year and we truly will miss you all.
Starting today, everything in our store is 20% off including vitamins, supplements, and essential oils. Our clearance products will be an additional 20% off as well.


Happy Healthy Hippie arrived today! See comments for a description of each supplement.


Arrived today! Plant Therapy multi-Surface cleaners 😊
Two of their blends are available: Defender (green bottle) & Germ Fighter (orange bottle)


📢📢We will be closing early at 2:00 today 📢📢

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So excited about this shipment!!! We have GREAT new product in stock for your workout needs, more coming soon!!


We’re open until 7 pm today only!!

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Did you know today is national blueberry pancake day??

All pancake mixes and syrups are 28% off!!!!!!!!!

Flours are also 40% off!!! Lots of savings today, so come in while it lasts!


Anyone else been craving ice cream?🤤🤤


Ooooo it’s National chocolate cake day😋😋

All our pictures baked goods are 27% percent off!!

AND don’t forget all our flours are 40% off‼️

Watch this reel by seashellnutrition on Instagram 01/24/2022

Watch this reel by seashellnutrition on Instagram

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We have loyalty cards!!!!!

With your 10th vitamin or supplement purchase, you’ll receive 50% off one vitamin or supplement.

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Did you know January is national slow cooker month?🧐🧐

We have slow cooker seasoning packets on sale for buy one get one FREE!! All month long while supplies last😜

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It’s national soup month!!!!!!! Nothing beats cold nights like soup🥰

All broths or quick heat up soups are 20% off all month long!! 🥵

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It’s National granola day, so all our granola is 21% off😍😍


It’s national hot tea month!!!! Buy one get one 50% off all month long!!!!!

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HAPPY NATIONAL CHEESE LOVER’S DAY!!! Come in and get 20% off all organic and vegan cheeses😋😋


We sell BCAA! Don’t know what that is? I’ll explain it!

BCAA (branched amino acids) are the amino acids your body doesn’t produce, but needs. So you have to get it from your diet.

BCAAs increase muscle growth, reduce soreness, reduce exercise fatigue, and prevent the muscle from breaking down.

I’ve been using Racked by Bucked Up, and my workouts have astronomically improved. I’m also not as sore even though my weights went from 5 pounds to 20 pounds in 1 week. And even though I’m lifting a lot heavier than last week, I’m not exhausted at the end of my workout (and I workout at midnight😜)

Definitely come by the store and get you some🥳


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It’s National Tin Can Day!! 19% off anything in a tin can!

Did you know jackfruit is the PERFECT vegan substitute for pulled pork or shredded chicken?

Here’s a couple recipes:
-jackfruit stew:

-jackfruit carnitas:

- jackfruit pot roast:

-pulled pork sandwiches-

If you try any of these recipes, let us know how they came out!!


Unfortunately we have to be closed today, but we will open back up tomorrow and carry the coffee sale over to tomorrow ❤️❤️

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January 18th is National Gourmet Coffee day! All our coffee, sweeteners, and almond milk is on sale for 18% off!!

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January 15th is national bagel day and National fresh squeezed juice day!! We’re celebrating with 15% off bagels and all juices are included in the 40% off sale


Is trying new foods in your 2022 resolutions? Come try the Righteous Felon beef jerky!

There’s Maryland Monroe, which is hickory smoked with a hint of Chesapeake crab spice. Habanero Escobar, seasoned with habanero peppers.

And for our adventurous friends, we have VOODOO Chile… a beef jerky seasoned with Carolina Reaper and garlic 😜


Check out our sale! 40% off many products in the store!!!!


We’re open from 10 am - 5 pm today!!!!! And we have ciabatta bread!

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New inventory arrived to the store today! Many of you have asked for Just Egg and Gluten Free peanut butter pretzels and we have them! Many other new products are available to fit into your low carb and/or high protein needs! And don’t forget the awesome sale we have on many of our products! Hope to see you this weekend!

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Super Sale!!! Making way for new products!!!!

40% off sale!!

All juices
All cereals (including AIP cereals!)
All rices
All flours
All couscous
All pasta
Essential oil jewelry
Essential oil bases
Laundry balls
Shower bombs
Essential oil car diffusers

I have never asked this before, but please share this post. Our FB posts are reaching very few of our customers and many people still do not know we are in the area. We greatly appreciate your continued support.


We’re down to our last 2 gluten free pumpkin pies ! Bring yourself back into Fall just 1 more time😌

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There’s a little cold going around! Come in and get some immune boosting vitamins to protect yourself❤️❤️


We’re open 10-12 today, have a safe and happy new year❤️❤️


At Seashell Nutrition, we want to help you be your healthiest you! We offer vitamins, supplements, workout supplements, and foods to meet your dietary needs. As a Registered Dietitian I offer nutrition counseling. Appointments are available now for January to help you meet your health goals- whether it be developing healthier eating habits, weight loss, menu planning, or nutrition need for a specific condition. Message us on here for more information about your counseling needs and comment down below how we can help you meet your health goals for 2022!


Have a college student in your life? Send them back to college with dorm friendly noodles!💪🥰




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Long Beach, MS

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