DJ Bill France

DJ Bill France


Friends, I’m directing this show.
Go to the Southern WV Community & Win some prizes! 🎟🎟👕🧠🔑
Nowadays, everybody wanna talk like they got somethin’ to say
But nothin’ comes out when they move their lips
Just a bunch of gibberish
And all of y’all act like they forgot about DJBF!
Never say never.
Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!
Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!
Have a happy, safe Halloween!
I’m no longer accepting bookings for my DJ service. I appreciate all the support over the years, but at this time I am focused on my new position at Southern West Virginia Community & Technical College. I have learned to never say never, but at this time It’s not something I am actively doing.

Thank you for understanding.
For the first time in literally decades, I will not be hosting a BLOCK PARTY at this year's West Virginia Freedom Festival. I was asked if I would participate this year and I decided against it. I'm just at a different point in my life now. I am not upset with anyone. My choice had nothing to do with any negative energy. I fully support anything that helps the local community, and certainly, the Freedom Festival does. I have learned to never say never, but at this point in the game, I want to focus on my job at the college. I wish everyone involved another successful event.
My new job
THANK YOU for all the likes!
You guys and gals rock!!!
It’s been impossible for me to do what I do with Covid looming large. Just know that when this is over and it will be over, I’ll be back doing what I love! I look forward to attending your celebrations and helping you make memories that will last a lifetime. We will get through this. In the meantime, love your family and friends and have a joyous holiday!

DJ Bill France has nearly forty years of experience hosting wedding receptions, dances and parties.


My DJ shirts have finally arrived. If you ordered one, I’ll be reaching out and shipping them this weekend. If you don’t hear from me or want one of the extra ones, shoot me an email. Just let me know what size you want. I have a limited supply. I am sending a free vinyl sticker with every shirt purchased. The shirts are $15 each or you can dance your tail off for one at my next event. 😊
Hope to see everyone soon.

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If you are near Danville, WV stop by its Street Fair THIS AFTERNOON! We are here pumping out the music until 3 pm. You can win $100 cash in the pumpkin pie eating contest at 2 pm. Stop by and say hi! Good hometown atmosphere. 😊


I would like to send out congratulations to the best DJ assistant ever! Congrats Jacob France, on being elected State Beta Club President this week in Charleston.



Check out these cool new clear vinyl DJ stickers. They look great on any background!

The first five people to respond to this post and say, “I want one!” I will you mail you one for free.



It’s official!

I will be bringing the party to Man High School’s winter formal. I’ve missed my friends in the Man area. Glad to be coming back!

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Enjoyed myself DJing at a private Halloween Party this weekend. Despite wearing a full replica Elvis Aloha from Hawaii jumpsuit the entire time. Trust me, I have learned my lesson. 🤣😂🤣😂


Here's a little glimpse of last night's Halloween Dance at the Barn! Good times!


Aloha from Hawaii (Well, from the dance tonight) 😂


Nothing makes me smile more than getting new DJ equipment. I fully upgraded my sound right before the Pandemic. Speakers, subs, cables, laptop, and music library is BRAND NEW! Well, this week I overhauled my light show. NOW "EVERYTHING" IS BRAND SPANKIN' NEW. It looks INCREDIBLE!! I can't wait to share some videos. Only the best for my customers!


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**Weddings Done Right!**
One of the most important days of your life is approaching. Trust in knowing that I want it to be everything you ever dreamed of. I will create a fun-filled event for you and your guests. Everything will done YOUR way! Make it an event that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives. When you want your reception done right, contact me and reserve your date. Reach out to [email protected].

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The wedding reception that I DJ’d for last night was truly unique and beautiful. It had a black and scarlet gothic theme and even featured a “black” wedding cake. I love it when folks step out of the norm and do something daring! Not for everyone, but perfect for the newlyweds. 😊

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Had a great time with some good folks tonight at a wedding reception! They even fed us well. That’s always a plus. 😊


I stumbled acoss this post in my feed yesterday. It was too hilarious not to post. 😂🤣😂🤣

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So this just happened!
DJ Bill France just got to play for a full gym of little ones! Had a blast! Can’t wait to see everyone at the upcoming dances. Thanks for all the bookings. This weekend, I’ll start with weddings again. I honestly never thought it would ever catch back on so quick. I’m thankful and grateful.


There is no day more important than your wedding day, and that's why I take it so seriously. I also understand that the after-party (the reception) should be an all-out celebration. Maybe that's why so many people have trusted me with helping them make memories that will last a lifetime. Reserve your date early, and know that everything will be just the way you want! Contact me at [email protected] and let's plan the perfect wedding celebration for you and your guests! ❤️💜❤️



Thank you to everyone who has booked with me over the past couple weeks! I never imagined how many people would reach out in such a short amount of time. Some of you booking a year in advance. I appreciate you trusting me with your events. The Party is Back!!!

If you have a wedding, dance or party coming up, reach out to me on here! I would love to take your celebration to the next level. 🔈🔈🎤🔈🔈


The boys are back in town!


One more day.
Final sound check.


Thanks to Brian Stowers at Brian’s Man Cave at Chapmanville for hooking me and my son up with our formal wear for the Savas/Kostas Gala. Always try to support local small businesses. They are the backbone of our community!


Fresh cut for DJ Bill France’s return!

I spend about 45 minutes on the road (to and from) every couple weeks for the privilege to sit in this guy’s chair. Ain’t nobody better. PERIOD! I taught him in high school. He was a handful 😂. He even helped me DJ a few gigs. He takes pride in his work, he is self-made, worked hard for it, and I have nothing but respect for that. DJ BILL FRANCE APPROVED!


There has been an avalanche of requests for bookings today. I thought maybe one of two. I am humbled and honored that so many of you would be willing to trust me with your most special events. Rest assured, I will get back to all of you. I am working on it now. I haven't left my day job, and that is what I am focused on during the day. I am only taking limited bookings at the moment. Just getting my feet wet. So I will not be able to respond until the evenings. Be patient with me. It will all be worth it. People seem ready for me to come back and I am ready to come back. It's all happening.


"Once upon a time, we had the best parties and dances in Southern West Virginia!" It's not a fairy tale. It WAS REAL! Not exaggerated. The stories are all true. It's not some kind of urban legend. Block parties, school dances, wedding receptions, reunions, company parties, birthdays, community events, pool parties, proms, you name it. If there was music thumping and people having a great time, I was usually there. The party is back!!! I'm going to make sure I live up to every single one of those stories and claims. I was only as good as my crowds at these functions, and I had THE BEST people at my events. I want to come and see you again. We need to get back to smiling and having fun. Life is too short for anything less. Enjoy every second of it! The party still starts here!


I'm back!



I have hosted countless dances, parties, and wedding receptions for more than three decades as my alter ego. I retired from that chapter of my life a few years back, just before the Pandemic. I just felt like it was time to walk away and move on.

A short time later, I was hired as Director of Communications at Southern. The new job has been my only focus. I still receive requests to DJ each week, but I have passed on all of them.

When Southern started planning the Savas/Kostas Gala last year, some of my co-workers started asking if I would be willing to DJ. My answer was always no. I even asked several other DJs to host the event, but in the end, I decided if I was ever going to DJ again it should be for Southern.

I won’t be performing alone on the night of the Gala. I will also be introducing my son, DJ Jacob France, in his first-ever public show. He has always tagged along at my dances growing up, but this will be his first time joining me center stage.

It will be like the old school meeting the new school. Jake is great with all the new technology. His skills and my experience should provide for an entertaining evening.

The party doesn’t end at the Gala. I will once again be accepting limited bookings (if my schedule permits) for special events, including wedding receptions, corporate parties, and reunions. DJ Bill France will once again be hitting the road.

For information or to check availability, contact me directly at [email protected] or call my business phone at (304) 688-6842. You can also follow my DJ page here on Facebook for the latest on my DJ adventures. Here is the link to the page

I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I started preparing for this event. Pulling out the equipment, the cables, the lights, and the music felt like visiting an old friend.

There is still interest in me as a DJ in this region. I’ve met so many wonderful people on my journey. I’ve been blessed to have been included in so many people’s special moments and memories. I just think I needed a break. Now it’s time to get back to business.

Our formal wear for the Gala is sponsored by Brian Stowers’ Man Cave at Chapmanville. I want to thank him for supporting us. He does a great job getting you sized perfectly and making sure it’s exactly what you want. If you have a formal event coming up, support small business, and give him a call. His prices are great too. You can reach him here on Facebook at

I also want to thank Dylan Vidovich for taking this awesome photo of us at the Convention Center. His photos are always amazing, plus he’s one heck of a guy. You can visit his business page at

The party “still” starts here!



Get ready!


I have reached 3,000 Followers! Thank you for supporting DJ Bill France!!


Framed article from DJ Times magazine. I was featured in the magazine just before the Pandemic hit and the world was put on pause. I haven't entertained since. People frequently ask me to host parties and dances, but I have passed on all of them. I have to admit, I am starting to miss those days. Maybe...

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When it’s safe again...


Everybody dance now!


Your wedding reception should be everything you have ever dreamed of, and it will be.

France Entertainment


Make your wedding reception a celebration with DJ Bill France


Have an amazing after party on your wedding day with DJ Bill France. Decades of experience in doing the job right! Competitively priced and ready to turn your reception into a true celebration that will be remembered for years to come!

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Let’s dance!


My display mount arrived today. It turned out great!


My boom box. Yeah, they still make them.


The hard copy of DJ Times magazine arrived. It’s hard to believe that a publication based in New York did a story on me and my DJ service.


The Valentine’s Tour is about to kickoff. I’ll be visiting multiple dances and parties all over our region. Hope to see you!


Now reserving dates for 2020. I look forward to entertaining at your event!

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Get ready!




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