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Bergen Laundry & The Laundry Room of Lodi, NJ Lodi Laundry, a member of the Bergen Laundry Company, was founded in 2006 to provide inexpensive and reliable laundering services to the Lodi community.

We strive to provide the very best self-serve experience while also providing the luxury of same-day wash & fold service. At Lodi we aim to keep you happy and your clothes clean.

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The power of Tide® with a gentle side, now awarded with seals from both the National Psoriasis Foundation and National Eczema Association! Tide® Free and Gentle is safe for skin with psoriasis, eczema, and severe sensitive skin.



The power of Tide with a gentle side, now awarded with seals from both the National Psoriasis Foundation and National Eczema Association! Tide® Free and Gentle is safe for skin with psoriasis, eczema, and severe sensitive skin.


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Getting Easter Egg Dye Out of Clothes!
Categories: Cleaning Tips, Laundry Tips

Dyeing eggs is a fun tradition, but it can be a pretty messy one too if the kids get careless. So if one of your little artists ends up dyeing his or her shirt instead of the eggs, make sure you try this laundry tip.

Remember, though, the food dyes used on most Easter egg dyes are a bit tough to treat. The sooner you can clean the stain the better.

Step 1
Begin by running cold water through the back of the spot. Make sure the water (which will be carrying some dye) doesn’t touch other parts of the clothing, or you’ll just make the problem worse.

Step 2
Put on a rubber glove and work a liquid laundry detergent or stain pretreatment into the fabric by hand. Don’t scrub away at the spot – just work in the detergent.

Step 3
Run the shirt/pants through the wash (by itself). Check and see if the spot has disappeared. If it’s gone, you can dry the clothing and breath a sigh of relief. If it’s still there, go to the next step.

Step 4
In a bowl, mix a color-safe bleach with warm water and let the item soak overnight (follow all instructions on the bleach).

Step 5
Thoroughly rinse out the item come morning and launder it by itself.
After all that, the stain should be gone. If it’s still there, well, you may have the beginnings of a new tie-dye shirt! 03/10/2018

How to Wash Bed Sheets

Some tips on washing bed sheets from Tide. Your bed should be a calm and peaceful retreat. You deserve ultimate comfort in perfectly clean and nicely smelling, absolutely fresh sheets.



* About these recommendations: Here we provide you with some tips that will help you eliminate stains from your laundry. Since stain removal depends on the fabric, stain type and size these tips may not be 100% effective, but will help you take better care of your clothes.

Say no to impossible stains on your laundry!

Here are the ABC's for taking care of your garments when they have stains.

Often stains can be stubborn, but following this guide, you will see that many can be eliminated.

General Tips

If a stain resists, do not experiment. Leave the garment in the hands of a professional.

Do not iron stained laundry as you will only settle them in.

The immediate stain removal action taken is very important: wash the stain out with cold water immediately; this will prevent the stain from settling in.
Use a good detergent to help eliminate any stains on your garments, and don´t forget to use Suavitel according to your laundry´s needs.

Cooking oil – Grease

Before washing the garment, rub any oil stains with liquid soap while dry and without adding any water. Be careful if the fabric is washed cotton, because the stain may form a white ring.
You can also sprinkle the stain with baby powder, and then place a piece of toilet paper over the powder. Iron over the toilet paper at a very low temperature – this allows the powder to absorb the grease, and will help the stain on the garment disappear.

Let the stain dry, and remove all residues possible by carefully scraping it. Apply butter, margarine or olive oil on any remaining stains and rub it with a clean cloth. Then wash as directed by the label.

Shoe Polish

Apply some paint thinner (turpentine oil) on the stain and wash as directed by the label.


Dilute an egg yolk in water and rub the stain, and then rinse only with cold water.
A second option is to rub the stain with equal amounts of vinegar and alcohol, then wash and dry the garment as directed by the label.
Candle Wax

First, remove all the wax possible from the garment by scraping it. Then place the fabric between two pieces of paper towels or parchment paper and iron the stain at medium temperature. This makes the wax stick to the paper. Then wash the garment as directed by the label.


You should rub the stain with a mixture of ¼ parts vinegar and ¾ parts water. Following this rinse with water.
If this does not work, spray the stain with a little hydrogen peroxide and then soak in water with a few drops of ammonia. Then wash the garment as directed by the label.

Rub the stain with ice or put the garment in the freezer inside a plastic bag to harden the gum. Next, remove as much of the hardened gum as possible by scraping it. Then wash the garment as directed by the label.


If you have a garment with a deodorant stain, try to dissolve the stain by soaking it in detergent and warm water. Then wash as directed by the label.

Nail Polish

Use nail polish remover or acetone on the stain (do not use on synthetic fabrics such as acetates, or bright colors, or black, you can spread the stain). Then wash the garment as directed by the label.


Rub the stain with a raw potato and later wash the garment with soap and water.


To remove stains from fruits, first wash with soap and water and then rub them with a cloth soaked in alcohol.
If traces of fruit remain, you must first remove by scraping. Then apply some coarse salt on the stain and brush. Finally, put a damp cloth on it, all preferably immediately after the stain occurs.
If the spots are from red fruits, you should make a mixture of water and detergent. Apply the mixture on the stain and let it dry. Then wash the garment as usual.
Ice Cream

Wash clothes with warm water. If the stain persists, dilute hydrogen peroxide in water and apply on the stain using a cotton ball.


To remove a mildew stain from your clothing, make a paste with vinegar and baking soda, apply it on the stain and leave it on for a while and then wash the garment as directed by the label.


Remove any excess sauce from clothing. Then rinse with detergent and water and let the garment soak overnight. Wash as usual the next day.


Sprinkle a little salt on the stain, then squeeze a little lemon juice and leave it on the garment overnight. Then wash as usual.
If you do not want to use lemon, use vinegar the same way.
Glues and Adhesives

Check if the glue has a single component, because unfortunately strong glue stains and / or combined cannot be removed. If not, try to remove the stain with nail polish remover or acetone (do not use on synthetic fabrics).
You can also try soaking the garment for a few hours with a mixture of warm water and vinegar, and then wash the garment as usual.
Paint, Lacquer and Enamel

For oily paints and varnish, clean the stain with a sponge soaked in turpentine or commercial paint solvent before washing.
If a garment has been stained with resin, soak the stain with olive oil and then rub thoroughly with water and detergent, then put your garment in the washing machine and you're done!

Beet stains can be removed by rubbing the affected area with a clean, damp cloth. Then let the garment soak an hour and wash as usual.
If after that the stain has not come out, try adding a little lemon juice to water or using soap.

If the stain is recent, immediately rinse the garment and rinse with cold water and wash as directed by label. Never wash the garment in hot water.
If the blood stain has dried, it is best to wash the garment with water and ammonia.

To remove sweat stains from your clothes, it is best to soak them with water and vinegar.
Try changing deodorant, there are some specially formulated to prevent stains on clothing.

Soak garment in cold water for an hour. Then wash as usual. If the stain does not come off, try removal with a mixture of white vinegar and alcohol.


To remove pen ink stains, soak the garment overnight with liquid detergent. Then wash as directed by label.
You can also dip the stain in warm milk or lemon juice for an hour and then rinse with water.
Red Wine

You should soak the stain for a few hours in cold milk, then wash your garment as usual.
You can also remove the stain by spreading white wine on the stain. Soak for a few hours and then wash the garment as usual.
If you dropped wine on a white shirt or blouse, try to soak the affected area in boiled milk. If it is colored, gently rub the stain with cold water mixed with a little ammonia.
Mix a little liquid soap with hydrogen peroxide and rub mix on the stain. If it resists, add a bit more peroxide to the mixture.


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Every single day crew members at Walt Disney Word wash approximately 290,000 pounds of laundry! Every Day! If you did one load per day, every day it would take you over 40 YEARS to do that much laundry! And that does not include the 30,000 garments that are dry cleaned every day! you know!


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Your Comprehensive Guide on How to Do Laundry

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Going Green - The Laundry Room | Lodi, NJ Laundromat

Happy Earth Day! Our green initiatives make sure the earth stays clean and healthy (like your clothes)! Learn more: Here at the Laundry Room we firmly believe that going green is the key to global sustainability. That is why we’ve recently finished our biggest... 04/01/2014

Get Dirty! It's baseball season.

Get Dirty! And wash out those tough stains with our high-power washers. Kids get extra dirty. Our washers get their clothes extra clean. When you can't get a tough stain out, try out industrial strength cleaning solutions.


Wash, Dry, or Fold? Which is your favorite? If none sound great, try out our wash/dry/fold service! 03/10/2014

How to Wash a Dry Clean Only Garment

Dry Clean Only? Think again. Here are some ways to save money while keeping your clothes clean. Manufacturers label their garments with washing and drying instructions designed to help the item last as long as possible. However, if you have a... 03/06/2014

How to Remove Lint from Clothes

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We're green, even in the winter! Our solar panels work year-round to provide the cleanest clothes and cleanest environment! 02/25/2014

Tide Pod Stains | How To Remove Stains - Consumer Reports News –...

What is Consumer Reports' take on the new Tide Pods? Hint: It's not good. After readers spoke out about stained laundry from Tide Pods, Consumer Reports contacted Tide and asked what to do. Here's what the company said.


The Superbowl is OVER! It's time to get back to your daily routine...such as doing the laundry.


Your mother called. It's time to do the laundry. 01/09/2014

Survey: Attracting Business, Building on Quality Staff Among Top 2014...

Survey: Laundry was "Good" in 2013. How do you think your laundromat did? CHICAGO — More than half of laundry/linen operators polled say 2013 was a “good” year for their operation/business (53.9%), according to this...


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