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Here you can purchase Organic aloe vera health & wellness products or book a Reiki or sound healing appointment. I have been a Reiki Master for over 8 years, & am here to help you with mind body and spirit, Danielle

Veterans Discount..... 15%


I have openings for Reiki this weekend, message me if you would like an appointment

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UPDATE.... Reiki Hours have changed to not just daytime and early evening. Extended until 9 pm, as well as every Saturday now. Massage Therapist and Medium will be starting in Clinic soon as well, exciting times are coming on this Sacred Space. I have a bit of moving around to do.....


I have openings for Reiki Clients this week, or you can come for a private sound healing session if you like 🙏


Hello Reiki clients. If I brought a Massage Therapist into my clinic, how would you feel about that? Many of you have asked if I do Massage, I’m not qualified and with my arthritis, I just can’t.. I have a wonderful friend, we have been brainstorming 😉. There is space in my clinic for both of us if I move thing a little, and still able to do sound baths.

So, Reiki, Massage and Sound Baths. Possible readings as well, that’s in the works…. It’s all happening 🌛🌗🌜. Things are shifting with my hive.


Let's create some positive energy together. Let me know if you would like to attend x


It is very important to face your trauma, no matter how difficult it is. Reiki is one of the ways you can release it, unblock the negative energy that has built up.


I am booking Reiki Clients for this week. Littleton kids are back to School this Wednesday. I am also doing 20 min Throat Chakra/Trauma Sessions for $20
This is something new that came with my 2nd level of Sound Healing. It focusses on just the Throat Chakra, and deep emotion, and residual trauma that needs to be cleared from this chakra. This is something to be done monthly until we both notice a difference. Some people have deep rooted emotional trauma, the throat chakra is where we hold a lot of it. Where we struggle to release it, communicate, hold it in, or let it go in the wrong way. Either cry, get emotional or angry. A lot is held in the throat, where we try to stick up for ourselves, be our own voice.
I am here for you x


I still have 2 spots open for this Saturday night, and 2 spots open for Reiki Saturday morning. Message me for spots and appointments 🙏


Orders went in tonight, can’t wait to start mine Monday 💪🏼

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Placing DX 4 orders today. This is a 4 day plant based nutritional cleanse, where you still eat , but it resets healthy eating habits. I did one months ago and felt amazing, as well as lost weight. I’m starting another on Monday. DM me to place an order, these are so popular 💜


Spaces still available, come and relax, guided meditation will begin your journey. Then enjoy the singing bowls for an hour whilst I release Reiki into the room to balance your chakras and help ground you. The full moon energy adds to the healing experience, and as we are at the end of the Lion's Gate Portal on the Full Moon, the timing for this session is perfect. Danielle


I still have spaces available, DM me for a spot 🙏

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Six days away, come along and enjoy sound healing, a few spaces are still available 💜


Placing an ALOE order, FREE SHIPPING if you need anything x


Full Moon Sound Bath This Wed 7 pm. (July 13) This is a Super Moon 🌛🌗🌜 message me for a spot $20


Two spots left for tonight’s Sound Bath / Healing Session at 7 PM. One hour $20 per person. Message me for a spot

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I will be holding a Sound Bath in my Reiki Clinic this Saturday evening July 9th at 7 pm for one hour, book in advance through me. The cost is $20 per person, everything is provided, you just show up and relax to the sounds of Crystal Bowls being played, and letting everything go for an hour. I am on Taylor street in Littleton, and a Reiki Master/Sound Healer. Please message me for a spot, I have 8 places available.


I have Reiki Appointments available, message me 💜


I will be there doing 20 min Reiki/Crystal Healing Sessions for $25 I will have a Privacy Screen as well and a quiet corner as usual. Hope to see you there, this event never disappoints.

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DX4 Results, 4 days! Wow….
Let’s chat.

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Hello, my name is Danielle, and I am a Reiki Master, Sound healer and an Advanced Crystal Practitioner. I have been a Healer for over 8 years, I became one for my own children who are adopted, had trauma, and needed me to help and heal them, I felt the calling, and I answered. I see many families and clients in Littleton and surrounding towns, I have a clinic attached to our home that is separate from our living space with a separate entrance. I have a beautiful and relaxing area for clients to relax, unwind, and find peace. I specialize in Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. I see adults and children with mental health issues and special needs. Please feel free to reach out to me to chat, everything is confidential.
The last two years have been a challenge for so many, adults, and children of all ages. Before I was a healer, I was a Medical Assistant, not only do I deeply care about helping people, but your needs and privacy are my first concern.

I do one hour parent and child sessions, they consist of the parent having a 30 min Reiki session, and the child having a 30 min Reiki session as well. The cost for that is $50.00 I have a totally relaxed environment, and no one else will be there whilst we do reiki. The entire area shown in the photos is the clinic space, so your child, and you can relax and enjoy your session.
I also do 30 min Reiki sessions for $35- and 60-min Reiki session for $65 I do not see back to back clients, I pause between each client, I Palo Santo between each session, which is similar to sage. It cleanses the air and energy of each person, which is very important. There is a private bathroom in the clinic for clients as well, this is also cleaned regularly. I have a coffee making area so if you are waiting for your child, or your companion, you can make a tea, coffee or hot chocolate whilst sitting relaxing on the sofa. (See photos) Some clients come with a friend and have a back-to-back session, so having the whole clinic, seating area, coffee and books seems to be enjoyed by my clients.

I also do sound healing/sound baths. I have the yoga mats to lay on the carpet, as shown in the photos, and you can have 1-1 sessions, or I can do a max of 8 people in the clinic at one time at the moment.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you with your healing journey, Danielle
You can find me on Facebook under Danielle Fryer and New England Aloe and Wellness


Mookaite; the many benefits- supporting negative emotions, grounding, optimism, emotional support, helps to remove negative emotions, stabilizes your aura, insomnia and night terrors, protection. Motivation, stabilizing the physical body, just to name a few. It is a long read, but worth it, and worth a Healing session with Mookaite. I have some in my Clinic.
Is an Australian Jasper, rich and earthy, an excellent stone for grounding and re centering ones self with Mother Earth. Also beneficial for placing tumbled stones around your home, or workplace to increase productivity and creativity. Mookaite jasper is often carried or worn around in order to connect with the elemental Earth powers for increasing self-worth and self-confidence. It can be used to boost motivation while also bring personal power.
This stone is said to promote an ageless spirit that is willing to accept changes and seeking new adventures and experiences. It can help in awakening your natural instincts and in knowing which direction to take.
Mookaite Metaphysical Properties;
This stone also helps you understand just how close the body and mind work together. It brings the belief about determination and aging to the conscious mind. Then it impacts the wisdom and knowledge that change is possible. Then, by raising the vibrations of your body and thoughts, this stone can greatly reduce the process of physical aging and keeping you young in spirit.
If you are prone to feelings of sadness and loneliness, the Mookaite stone can be a good ally. It shall fill you with feelings of joy, happiness, excitement and hope. Then, it removes any feelings or emotions that do not help you in achieving emotional balance.
For Physical Healing;
The Mookaite jasper is a powerful stabilizer of the physical body. It is believed to boost the functioning of your immune system and help in countering the effects of aging. This stone is also considered to help in restoring the deterioration of your tissues as well as the internal organs.
Furthermore, it is said to be useful in treating high blood sugar, cystitis, and disorders of the bladder and kidneys. It helps in supporting proper fluid intake and balancing the mineral content within your body. Also, the Mookaite jasper is said to help enhance blood purification and is quite beneficial in healing wounds and cuts. It is also said to be a powerful mineral for assisting in reproduction as well as aiding the body during pregnancy.
In addition, the Mookaite stone is said to help soothe your digestive system by reducing stress. It can also be used as a gem elixir since it does not overstimulate your body. This elixir can be made with the indirect method or allowing the stone to soak in demineralized water overnight.
For Emotional Healing;
Mookaite jasper is a wonderfully supportive crystal for going beneath the surface of emotions. This helps you find core issues that might be creating an emotional upset. The stone can create a stable and calm frame of mind in which you can examine and release negative experiences.
From there, it will inspire confidence, energy and the desire for new adventures and experiences. In addition, the Mookaite can also make it easier for you to accept change and to take the chance without fear. It will also help encourage flexibility by promoting you to envision several possibilities in a situation while assisting you to choose the right one.
For Chakra Healing and Balancing;
The harmonious combination of colors in the Mookaite stone makes it a powerful tool for stimulating several chakras at once.
The red energies of Mookaite mainly stimulate your root chakra or base chakra. This chakra is located at the base of your spine and mainly controls your energy for kinesthetic movement and feelings. This is also the foundation of spiritual and physical energy for your body.
With the fiery, red color energies of Mookaite, you can keep your base chakra balance. This way, your physical body will gain the needed stamina and strength to tackle daily challenges in life. Not only that, but your spiritual energy will be rekindled in the form of stability, security and a sense of your own power. It usually results in spontaneous leadership and independence.
Meanwhile, the dominantly scarlet and golden shade of Mookaite stirs your second chakra, known as the sacral chakra. This chakra is located below your navel and just above the p***c bone at the front of your pelvis. It mainly controls the flow of life force and energy within the body. Not only that, but it also manages the flow of information from the mind to the body and vice versa.
Mookaite can keep your sacral chakra in balance. This way, you can strengthen your intuition, gut feelings and other non-linear communications. You will also feel the pleasure in life, experience flexibility to go with the flow and doing so with grace and in good spirits.
Lastly, the yellow energies of the Mookaite stone stimulate your solar plexus chakra. This is the energy distribution center of the body and is dubbed as the Chakra of Relationship. Located between the navel and ribcage, the solar plexus chakra mainly controls your digestive and immune system.
Mookaite jasper can help keep it balanced, providing you the strength to fight infections, easy digestion of nutrients and freeing you from allergic reactions. Spiritually, when the solar plexus chakra is stimulated by the Mookaite jasper, you will be more courageous. You are free to interpret the world through your own emotions and thoughts and not live in fear of violating the expectations and standards of others.
For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance;
All jasper stones carry the energies of determination and motivation. And with increased motivation, you get to increase your wealth and improving your financial situation. This stone can help in boosting your productivity and stamina so you can get more things done. Not only that, it should help you stay focused so you can reach your financial goals.
In addition, jasper has long been associated with prosperity and abundance. It is believed that this stone can help in attracting more wealth, luck and good fortune into your life.
For Relationship and Love;
The Mookaite stone is a supportive ally that can help put your mind and heart at ease during times of difficulty. This stone can act as your best partner that can help absorb all your fears, pains and worries caused by a chaotic relationship. Then, it helps in releasing them so you open yourself to more loving energies from the universe.
Furthermore, the strong vibrations of this stone can help inspire you to be more confident, braver and optimistic about new experiences in your relationship. It teaches you that you can’t change someone.
Mookaite can also help you to be more perceptive about your relationship. This crystal can help you show your partner’s perspective so that you can reach or respond more appropriately. It helps you see the sides to a story, so you can make the right decisions.
Mookaite jasper is a gentle healer for a broken heart. This stone can make you appreciate the experience of having been loved or loving someone. Then it also helps in releasing the old patterns that might inhibit you from being a loving partner.
Jasper stones also help in inspiring faithfulness’s honesty and trust. This stone teaches your contentedness, bringing you peace, serenity and tranquility into your relationship.
For Protection;
Jasper was used and worn throughout history as an amulet against evil spirits, phantasms and witchcraft. It was also believed to help protect its wearer from drowning as well as poisonous creatures such as scorpions and spiders. For the American Indians, this stone was known as a powerful protective amulet for their shamanic rituals and against the unseen hazards of the night. As a variety of jasper, Mookaite carries the general protective energies of jasper with other properties. This stone is said to act as a protective shield against negative or dangerous situations. Not only that, but it also helps in protecting you from unwanted distractions and influences. Also, it is a grounding stone that can keep you stable and strong.
For Sleep Insomnia;
The Mookaite jasper is very conducive to deep and peaceful sleep. With its calming energy, this stone can stabilize and soothing chaotic thinking or emotions. It helps in dissolving emotional blockages and negative energies which can help in keeping you awake at night. Not only that, it helps in calming the body and mind and helping you let go of the worries. This encourages gentleness to yourself and in promoting quality sleep. Therefore, it can be used to prevent sleep insomnia. It is also a wonderful stone for banishing night terror or nightmares. With this stone placed on your bedside, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep and feeling more rejuvenated in the morning.
For Depression and Anxiety;
Like all jasper, the Mookaite jasper can induce serenity and in relieving tension and stress. It also has a cleansing effect which can remove the negative energies within you to stabilize your aura. This makes it a suitable rubbing or worry crystal for soothing your nerves and increasing your focus. Furthermore, it is a great stone for removing harmful or anxious thoughts.
Mookaite Jasper is also a powerful grounding and stabilizing stone. It provides the needed emotional support and strength, especially when you are at the lowest point of your life. Its energies can also help in the release of negative thoughts and feelings that you might have.
It helps in offering much-needed peace and comfort during your painful moments. It can provide strength and courage so your can move forward in life. Its warming and loving vibrations will shine positivity and optimism in your life, erasing the depressive moments and anxious thought patterns.
For Confidence and Career Success;
The Mookaite jasper is a powerful stone to fight procrastination or laziness. This crystal can help inspire you to accomplish your projects and tasks with excitement and enthusiasm in the most efficient and quickest fashion. Not only that, but this stone can also help in reducing distractions while increasing your focus and concentration for any opportunities. This can help lead to a more favorable and successful result in the future. So, the constant energy can also help keep you focused and well-grounded while quieting your distracting thoughts and soothing the mind. Thus, it is a great ally for focusing on a specific goal or for a quick motivation boost in the workplace.
Mookaite also helps you in advancing your career life by presenting you with concrete and pragmatic steps in order to make it happen. What’s more, Mookaite can uplift your self-esteem and confidence, so you can reach your full potential. In addition, the Mookaite stone is said to help amplify your own instincts and intuition when making decisions, particularly when there are conflicting factors you need to consider. By simply holding it close to your solar plexus chakra, you will gain a gut answer and have the confidence to go with it.

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For Reiki: Please contact me to make an appointment. I charge $50.00 for a 45 min energy healing session for adults, and I charge $20.00 for a child session as their appointments can vary in time depending on the child and their issues, if any. Please feel free to message me w questions, or call me on 978-501-5779 I also distribute HempWorx CBD Products, here is my link.

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