If you missed this weekend's event, all is not lost. More dates are loading!
Lakeisha Holden Sharpley through her company Lux+Soul has a great event coming up at the Rock It Lab on August 13th! Can you imagine getting to make your own luxury candles while enjoying cocktails (Kind of like Makeup and Mimosas oh so many years ago for those that remember!) - you should definitely sign up!
Come through !!! I know I’ll be attending because smell goods & cocktails ? Who wouldn’t. Lux+Soul has the BEST smelling products PERIOD ! Don’t meet me there BEAT me there ! Save the date !
After a long day relaxing with a hot bath & Lux+Soul’s Cocoa Butter cashmere spray & lotion candle is a MUST ! The smell is AMAZING (like cupcakes 🤩) & the lotion candle has my skin feeling SOFT as a baby’s bottom 😊. Proud to announce myself as one of the brand ambassadors for this wonderful brand ! Use my code REESAT for 15% off your next purchase SHOP SHOP SHOP ❤️❤️❤️😊
Once again Lux+Soul has did it again with this Lavender Spring Apricot spray , it smells AMAZING ( long lasting smell ) . If you haven’t checked her out please do ! My favorite is the cocoa butter cashmere 😍 she also has scrubs , candles & more ! SHOP SHOP SHOO
At the doctor & everyone keeps telling me how good I smell 🥰 one thing about it ima always smell FYE. & yes y’all gotta try Lux+Soul cocoa butter scent ! 🔥
Y’all better get some of these candles! The cocoa butter cashmere scent is my fave! Lux+Soul
It’s smells so good omg it’s like being in heaven !!! Y’all gotta try it ! Lux+Soul
I tried the lotion candles and was amazed at how wonderful they were! You light the candle for a few moments and then blow it out. The liquid is warm and so rich feeling. Your skin instantly feels moisturized and you feel like you have treated yourself to a spa treatment. I love that it comes in a little tin - so easy to travel with. I'm buying them as gifts and a few for myself. Treat yourself! You won't be sorry!
Met the most beautiful lady today… and this Mahogany Teakeood candle is everything!!!!
I love EVERYTHING that I ordered! And that candle/lotion concept😍😍. Packaging embodied the name of the company🥰🥰🥰I'm in love! Thank you so much!
My daughter Jordan A'Lee got hers yesterday also. She loves hers. Thank you for doing this for them.
My oldest daughter got her candle today! She loves it! She said it was really nice and smelled really good. Thank you for sending it to Tyler Renee
Loving my cocoa and cashmere candle! I don't even have the candle lit and it smells so good! The whole room smells good and it's giving me a vibe! ❤❤❤

A curation of home decor and self care products for the busy soul who enjoys the magic and beauty of their own space. We sell the following:
Home Decor
Self Care and Wellness Products

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Trimming the wick allows the flame to have a clearer and brighter burn. Keeping wicks shorter also means your candles will have a cleaner burn. Some candles create a black, sooty residue when you burn them. This can leave marks on ceilings or other nearby surfaces.


Mindfulness Monday💛

Photos from Lux+Soul's post 09/19/2022

Candles+Cocktails September 17, 2022 Mosaic Templars Cultural Center💛💛💛

Photos from Lux+Soul's post 09/14/2022

Lux+Soul is rebranding…stay tuned!




Sunday morning words of wisdom. Be blessed SFU friends!

Candles.Home.Self Care. 08/17/2022

Candles.Home.Self Care.

Lux+Soul is a vibe and an experience every busy person needs in their life. Luxury candles, satin pjs, statement pieces, self care, home goods and events. Your tool box for taking care of YOU. Take time to look at what we have to offer at

Candles.Home.Self Care. Candles home decor and self care products for the busy soul. Here you will find our top selling variety of organic hand poured candles, home accents and custom gift items .


Getting ready for Candles+Cocktails! See you tomorrow!💛LS


How to use the Lux+Soul™️ Scented Soy Candle💛

Watch this reel by evolve.wellness.and.aesthetics on Instagram 08/06/2022

Watch this reel by evolve.wellness.and.aesthetics on Instagram

Dope Soul Tee worn by Lux+Soul Brand Ambassador Shayla Sewell, Owner of Evolve Wellness and Aesthetics! Get yours today!

Watch this reel by evolve.wellness.and.aesthetics on Instagram Shayla Sewell, FNP-C/AKA 🐸💗💚 posted on Instagram: “I Got A Mad Hustle And A Dope Soul Constantly Evolving Into A Better Me Follow Me And Let’s Evolve…” • See all of .wellness.and.aesthetics's photos and videos on their profile.


River Shop is open!

Today is a great day to shop small!!! Come by the River Shop today…120 River Market Ave, Little Rock. We are open 10am-4pm.


Candles+Cocktails event is sold out ya’ll! Don’t worry, if you missed out, follow and like Lux+Soul for updates on our next Candles+Cocktails!💛-LS

Lux+Soul added a View Shop button to their Page. 07/29/2022

Lux+Soul added a View Shop button to their Page.

Lux+Soul added a View Shop button to their Page.

Lux+Soul added a View Shop button to their Page. 07/29/2022

Lux+Soul added a View Shop button to their Page.

Lux+Soul added a View Shop button to their Page.


Lux+Soul Brand Ambassador Shayla Sewell is owner of Evolved Wellness. Check out what all she does at

Hey there! Allow me to introduce myself my name is S. Sewell, Nurse Practitioner.

I want to help you live life at your optimal level.

I waited and now it's my time.

Do me a favor and follow me to see how you can live a healthy life at your optimal level.

Let's Evolve 🟢


Reserve Your Spot By August 1st!



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Thank you Posh Formals & Events! You can now find Lux+Soul at Posh located in the Outlet Mall! Posh is where you can find some of the most beautiful formal wear and receive amazing specialized services and custom wear for special events!!!

Lux+Soul added a View Shop button to their Page. 07/21/2022

Lux+Soul added a View Shop button to their Page.

Lux+Soul added a View Shop button to their Page.


Candle Care 101: Candle Accessories

To all the true candle lovers out there❤️


Check out my shared post from my personal page. My very limited edition of candles made with pottery and ceramics from Peru are up for sale NOW!


Inbox or email [email protected] for more details!

Minority entrepreneurs showcased at Rock It! Lab 07/13/2022

Minority entrepreneurs showcased at Rock It! Lab

I spy a Lux+Soul Candle! Learn a little about the incubator program that helped put Lux+Soul on the map! Thank you Leah Patterson for including Lux+Soul!

Minority entrepreneurs showcased at Rock It! Lab The Rock It! Lab was developed as a place for aspiring business owners to access support and resources to launch their big ideas!

Photos from Lux+Soul's post 07/13/2022

The Lux+Soul Travel Tin Candles. Now for $8 at

Black Rose
Lavender Vanilla


Customer Love! We love our customers. The Nzuri Candle Bowl is sold out at the moment but we will restock soon!


The Sea and Sand Travel Tin Candle. Perfect for the summer getaway. Fits in the carry on bag perfectly!

Scent Notes:
Notes of salty sea air, jasmine, and bergamot with base notes of musk, woods, and patchouli are the components of this fresh, aquatic scent.

Photos from Lux+Soul's post 07/10/2022

The benefits of the lotion candle. Try our Lux+Soul Lotion Candle. It won’t disappoint!


We are so grateful for our customers! Thank you Theresa Marie Taylor for the shout out! Have you tried the Lux+Soul Room Mist? If you haven’t what are you waiting for?!?!

Once again Lux+Soul has did it again with this Lavender Spring Apricot spray , it smells AMAZING ( long lasting smell ) . If you haven’t checked her out please do ! My favorite is the cocoa butter cashmere 😍 she also has scrubs , candles & more ! SHOP SHOP SHOO



Peru owes me nothing! So here’s a little background of my latest adventure. I was selected as an NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellow in 2019 right before COVID. I was one of 43 teachers chosen across the country to represent their state. It was such a huge honor. I was so surprised that I, a dance teacher at a middle school, was chosen to represent Arkansas! Humbling!!! We were set to do a field study in the summer of 2020 but it was postponed due to the pandemic. We were finally able to make our big trip this month and it was 10 days of life changing experiences! Lima, Cusco, the town of Misminay, Macchu Pichu and the Sacred Valley, the food, the people, the beautiful landscapes and of course the amazing culture and history…mind blowing! This video is a very small snippet of my adventure. I was able to grab a few beautiful treasures at the markets of Cusco that I will be featuring on the website! Hit that notifications button for first notice of the Peruvian candle collection coming soon!



Lux+Soul in Lima…as I start my journey on the long awaited trip to Peru with the NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellowship I make sure that this hard working teacher takes care of herself. With my LS Satin PJs, my LS mini lotion candle and of course the LS travel Tin candle in Lavender Vanilla the international lux experience has begun. I look forward to touring beautiful Peru with my fellow cohorts as we experience how to bring global learning into our classroom…but first I must take care of me💛


Square biz!

LS is talkin’ square biz! We strive to be different!


Room Mist Restock This Week!
•Cocoa Butter Cashmere
•Lavender Spring Apricot


So excited!


Ujima Maternity Network and the Black Birth Experience Expo welcomes Lux + Soul. Lakeisha Sharpley and her self-care brand will be joining us with a fabulous giveaway!!

Join us June 11th to learn how Lux+Soul can help up your self-care game! 🧘🏽‍♀️

*If you are interested in joining them as a vendor, please contact Ujima Maternity Network


To our fallen soldiers and other loved ones…we celebrate you. Who will you light your candle for today?
Type “I light my candle for_____________________ “ in the comments so that we may acknowledge them on today.


Great news! Visit now to get started!


The Lux+Soul Travel Tin Candle in Rose Garden is the added luxury I need when traveling. It’s small but has a big scent throw. Turns my hotel room into home. Find it and the Lavender Vanilla at

10% Off at Lux + Soul 05/13/2022

10% Off at Lux + Soul

Thank you for being a top customer

As a token of our appreciation for being one of our best customers, here’s something special just for you

10% Off at Lux + Soul Click here for a free 10% coupon at Lux + Soul!

Get a coupon when you join our Text Messaging Marketing program! 05/13/2022

Get a coupon when you join our Text Messaging Marketing program!

Sign up to receive info and discounts via text message

If you say yes to getting occasional text messages from us, you’ll be the first to hear about special offers, events, and updates from our business. We’ll also give you a coupon today.

It’s easy to sign up, just text JOIN to (833) 210-6945.

By signing up, you agree to receive periodic promotional texts from Lux + Soul. Joining this program is not a condition of purchase. Standard messaging rates may apply. Text END to unsubscribe from texts from this business at any point, or HELP for more information.

Get a coupon when you join our Text Messaging Marketing program! Click here for an update from Lux + Soul!


It’s always tough for me. I lost my mom unexpectedly in 2006. She was 52 years old. The fact that her birthday is also two weeks away. It’s double jeopardy on my emotions. But I’m thankful. Thankful for the gems she left with me. Thankful for the voice she gave me(although it back fired a few times BUT that same energy was met when I did…mama didn’t play). I was an adult, married and pregnant with my third child when she left…the scar will always be there. BUT I am grateful…grateful of the love (easy and tough) she gave and sacrifices made. Mama, I hope I made you proud and I vow to live out your beautiful legacy of being a loving mom a strong woman and just a beautiful human inside and out!

Photos from Lux+Soul's post 05/05/2022

Thank you so much Memphis Voyager Magazine for giving me the opportunity to tell the story of my journey into business ownership! Click the link in my bio to read the article💛


Shop small today! The River Shop at the Rock It Lab is open and Lux+Soul is in the building! 120 River Market Avenue, Little Rock, AR. We will be open 10am-4pm every Saturday!


Happy Earth Day!
Did you know that you are doing your part of saving the Earth when you burn a Lux+Soul™️ Candle? Our coconut soy wax candles are eco-friendly, non-toxic and slow burning. Also, when you’ve burned all the wax in the vessel it is easy to clean out and you can repurpose the beautiful square glass vessel for other uses! You can’t get anymore Earth friendlier than that! Starting now until Sunday get 20% off the LS Scented Coconut Soy Candle . Type code EARTHDAY at checkout. Have an amazing weekend!


Hello! My name is Lakeisha Holden Sharpley and I am the Owner and Chandler of Lux+Soul™️. I am also a k-12 dance educator/choreographer and Fine Arts Chairperson for a middle school in Little Rock, Arkansas, wife of 22 years to my amazing husband, and mother to 4 of the coolest and smartest kids out there (insert a big breath and “woohsah” here)😂🥰Just as much as I love dance, I absolutely love candles! During “COVID Break” I found a new hobby to feed my addiction for great smelling candles and to finally start a self care routine for my very busy life. After heavy research and many trials and epic fails, I eventually made a breakthrough! My candles went from being just a secretive past time at home to now Lux+Soul™️ and I’m loving every bit of the journey! I chose to make soy wax candles because they are clean burning, slow burning and good for the environment. That means you’ll never see soot and black smoke while burning my candles because there aren’t any synthetic waxes, parabens or chemicals in them. If you are a current, past or prospective customer thank you so much for believing and trusting in the Lux+Soul™️ brand. Your love and support is carrying my small business into places and spaces that’s unimaginable. I promise to continue to make quality, safe and beautiful products that represent “simple luxury” and “luxury for EVERYONE”. I strive to have A1 customer service for EVERYONE who choose to experience the Lux+Soul™️ brand…whether it be face 2 face contact, online shopping experience, packaging, inventory and pricing…if it doesn’t meet your expectation, I want to hear about it and I WILL FIX IT💪🏾 Again thank you all for your support I hope to see you soon! And as always…Enjoy. Home. 💛LS

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Don’t miss out on this one! Purchase your ticket by September 1st to reserve your seat. Different place…same fun! Purcha...
River Shop is open!
Candle Care 101: Candle Accessories
I absolutely love packaging pjs for my customers. I’ve added a satchel of dried lavender for one of my amazing repeat cu...
Square biz!
Did a thing this morning! I had quite the adventure earrrrrlly this morning! The Rock It Lab (a small business incubator...
Feeling real “vloggy”…



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