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The first Wisdom Wednesdays event @ Akasha's Journey is only 2 days away! Each Playshop will offer a different theme for meditation throughout the week and will feature perspectives from a different spiritual teacher, honoring a diverse range of wise ladies & gentlemen along our journey. Additionally, I will be sharing unique content I've been developing for more than 10 years, designed to nurture & cultivate the lucid dreamer and light healer potential within each of us.

This Wed we will feature the life and philosophy of Parmahansa Yogananda, the influential 20th century sage who introduced the practices of meditation and self-realization to the West. Our meditation theme will be Gratitude.

This week will be the the only exception for focusing on individual and group intuitive practice, as we will be spending our time establishing expectations for these Meetups. Instead, I will be offering a powerful Intuitive Demonstration, something everyone can learn to do. This exercise will serve to lay the foundation for the potential of consciousness. In time, you will be able to use this exercise to show others how consciousness truly operates.

I'm deeply honored and excited to be sharing this experience and knowledge with you. I appreciate all those attending in person, as well as following along here online!

- Steve

Steven Mark Blais - Intuitive Biography

I have been a practicing Psychic for more than 20 years and a practicing medium for more than 10 years. In 1995, I began studying applications for light and deep trance meditation through the Upward Bound college preparatory program. In 1997, during my first year of college, I became introduced to mediums Ed & Lorraine Warren, intuitive practitioners & authors from CT. At the time, they were touring the United States encouraging people to study the newly-released government Project Stargate protocol for Remote Viewing (RV). RV vastly expanded my understanding of Trance Meditation.

Between 2007-2010, while living in D.C., I became acquainted with Darshan Kaur Khalsa and Guru Dev Singh Khalsa, each stewarding the Sat Nam Rasayan® Kundalini Yoga tradition. With their guidance, I discovered Past Life Regression Therapy, Gong Therapy, and studied new applications of deep trance meditation. From 2013-2016 & 2019, with the guidance of Psychic Medium and prolific Author Elaine Kuzmeskus from CT, I delved more deeply into practicing Mediumship at the New England School of Metaphysics (NESM). NESM courses are primarily aligned with traditions of the Spiritualist Church. At NESM, I graciously accepted an apprenticeship with Elaine, earning many certificates, including: Medical Intuitive modalities and Advanced Mediumship. In 2019, I earned an Usui Reiki III Energy Healing Practitioner certificate through Rev. Maryalyce Merritt, a very skilled energy worker of many disciplines, at Akasha's Journey in Dover Plains, NY.

My intuitive journey is focused upon better-understanding the nature of consciousness. From 1997-2006, I studied Religion & Philosophy at Western New England University (WNE). I also studied Media & Communications, as well as Finance, Business, & Economics. Having many outstanding opportunities to develop my own intuitive capacity over more than 2 decades, in addition to studying many other paths of spiritual and intuitive development, I've come to understand much about a diverse range of slow, deliberate processes for becoming an ever-more effective servant to Highest Tao; navigating through many unique stages of spiritual growth. At this time in my life, I feel very inspired to help people develop their own intuition & spirituality, which naturally become available to all of us, as we practice Self Care and expand Self-Awareness.



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