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United Scientific Supplies, Inc.


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Mind Business., is a leading Manufacturing and exporting the fine
quality Dental, Surgical, Medical, Beauty Care, Holloware Instruments and all
kinds of Scissors and Forceps.

We the management, staff and workforce at Mind Business. , are
sincerely grateful to all our customers and patrons around the world
who have supported us right from the beginning and helped us earn such
a brilliant name in this industry.

Material: Our range of products is a very comprehensive and we use
100% Stainless Steel material, which we import from Japan and Europe.

Important: We would like to inform you that we at Mind Business., can
supply you the complete range of Dental Surgical Instruments from
world famous catalogs. i.e Aesculap, Martin, Miltex, Dawns, Dimeda
Germany and etc.

However we request to you please give us a chance and quote us for
your require items or first you need a few samples and our catalogs
for your evaluation so please don't feel hesitation to write us return
by e-mail referred as below.

Your kind consideration would be very appreciated for us,

With thanks and warm regards,

Rana Mubashar Sohail,
Mind Business
Office # 111, City Bazar, Shahab Pura Sialkot Pakistan,
E-Mail: [email protected]
Tell : +92-523-572020
+92-315-6330420 Whats app.
Thank you to all of the ILDA members who toured the United Scientific Facility today. We hope you had a great time!
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Manufacturer & wholesaler of laboratory products and scientific supplies


Level up any physics lesson with these two top demonstration kits!

Learn more: https://conta.cc/3AO8P9i


This exciting activity kit and model teaches the water cycle in its natural environment.

Learn more: https://conta.cc/3NUpwTX


Comfortable material handling is yours with these easy to hold, soft-grip silicone spatulas.

Learn more: https://conta.cc/3z4rZa6


Looking for a convenient way to separate soil or sediment samples? Look no further than United Scientific's metal sieves and water sampler.

Learn more: https://conta.cc/3FMCtfE

United Scientific Supplies, Inc. updated their phone number. 04/29/2022

United Scientific Supplies, Inc. updated their phone number.

United Scientific Supplies, Inc. updated their phone number.

United Scientific Supplies, Inc. updated their address. 04/29/2022

United Scientific Supplies, Inc. updated their address.

United Scientific Supplies, Inc. updated their address.


Suitable for any lab, these disposable culture tubes with screw cap finishes (screw caps not included) put cultures on display clearly and safely.

Learn more: https://conta.cc/3LyROTa


With United Scientific's advanced electricity and magnetism kit, you can demonstrate the principles of electric charges, magnetic fields, voltage, current, and more!

Learn more: https://conta.cc/3EzWnJT


Get a hold of support stands, lab frames, and any support rod with a diameter of up to 0.88" with this 3-Prong Clamp and Chain Clamp system.

Learn more: https://conta.cc/3jD9wbM


Demonstrate thermal conduction and expansion with United Scientific's heat conductometer and compound bar set!

Learn more: https://conta.cc/3v2GDLa


Provide support for your funnels, filters, and crucibles with these synthetic rubber adapter cones.

Learn more: https://conta.cc/3qOE26o


United Scientific's quality-constructed insect net allows students to capture and study a variety of specimens.

Learn more: https://conta.cc/3LeqpW1


Put your hard work on display with United Scientific's high-quality specimen jars!

Learn more: https://conta.cc/3py0bVW


United Scientific's laser diffraction kit allows students an enormous amount of flexibility and creativity; they can create, view, and measure diffraction and interference patterns with two laser pointers in red and green.

Learn more: https://conta.cc/3BLZr4o


Teach water clarity measurements with this excellent quality, inexpensive Secchi disk!

Learn more: https://conta.cc/3I17psI


United Scientific is proud to bring you our bench-top, mini centrifuge!

Learn more: https://conta.cc/3oE4Ipo


Looking for an efficient way to investigate thermal energy? Don't sweat it!

Learn more: https://conta.cc/3Gf0xWY


With United Scientific's metal straight point and disposable plastic tweezers, you can handle a variety of delicate items with ease.

Learn more: https://conta.cc/33Q3Dna

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Looking to teach mechanics or light reflection-refraction? Our easy-to-use, durable kits contain everything to give your students their "light bulb" moment!

Learn more: https://conta.cc/3Agw5Kz


Facilitate hands-on biology lessons that help students better understand the anatomical structures of plants and animals with United Scientific's durable aluminum dissecting pans.

Learn more: https://conta.cc/3HkUPUt


Create any set-up you can imagine with these lightweight, aluminum frames. With an assortment of rods from 18"-48" long, you can easily assemble the support you need for your apparatus.

See more at: https://conta.cc/30xuL8k


These clear, curved rods make for an excellent demonstration tool when teaching about the science of fiber optics. Made in acrylic, these rods conduct light by internal reflection.

See more at: https://conta.cc/3vOUg0B


Ensure optical accuracy with our exceptionally clear polystyrene Petri dishes. Available in 55mmx15mm size and 500pk, these pre-sterilized dishes offer the highest quality for an economical price.

Learn more at: https://conta.cc/3oDE7JG


Demonstrate the conversion of solar power to mechanical, light, and sound energy with our Basic Solar Kit.

Learn more at https://conta.cc/3ujaZZg


Increase the precision of your measurement with our LDPE dropping bottles.

Learn more at: https://conta.cc/3CG8za5


Safely transfer biological materials up to 8cc in volume with our sterilized polystyrene transport tubes. Featuring a self-standing design and attached cap, these products are constructed for maximum efficiency during high-throughput processes.

Learn more: https://conta.cc/3yzimfw

Examining the physical properties of materials (DBLST12) 08/30/2021

Examining the physical properties of materials (DBLST12)

Help students explore the basics of motion with our set of 12 pendulum-ready masses. They're also great for discussions around the physical properties of various materials!

Take a closer look here: https://bit.ly/35hFbrh

Examining the physical properties of materials (DBLST12) This set of pendulum-ready drilled balls allows students to explore motion-related topics including acceleration, as well as material properties like density...


Time to restock the chemistry lab? Check out these thoughtfully designed product collections from United Scientific.

Learn more: https://conta.cc/2Wrziag

Generating electrical energy (ACDCSET) 08/23/2021

Generating electrical energy (ACDCSET)

Our AC/DC Generator Demo Set is the perfect tool to help students study energy conversion and understand the relationship between generators and motors.

Here's how it works: https://bit.ly/2JT8shS

Generating electrical energy (ACDCSET) Demonstrate electrical energy production in both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). Spin a hand crank to move coils through a magnetic field t...


Our porcelain evaporating dishes deliver lab-friendly durability at budget-friendly prices. Built to withstand temperatures up to 1150°C (2100°F), these products offer excellent resistance to thermal shock and to most acids and alkalies. Each dish is finished with a bright white glaze to enhance visibility during procedures.

More details: https://conta.cc/2XuxbTL

Understanding meiosis (MEIKIT) 08/16/2021

Understanding meiosis (MEIKIT)

Our Meiosis Manipulatives Kit contains everything students need to visualize this unique cell division process.

Take a closer look in our demo: https://bit.ly/387T1xB

Understanding meiosis (MEIKIT) Help students to visualize the process of meiosis with this complete set of tactile models. The kit includes 30 colorful chromosome models large enough to be...


Help students visualize how Earth's rotation influences everything from wind patterns to ocean currents with a tool that's both easy and fun to use: our new Coriolis Effect Apparatus!

Learn more: https://conta.cc/3fSZNwp


United Scientific teamed up with Illinois State Rep. Rita Mayfield and the Lake County Health Department and Community Health Center to donate and distribute 50,000 masks to teachers, students and citizens in need. We're proud to support our local community and encourage everyone to take the proper precautions to stay safe and healthy. We're in this together!


With the Olympic Games in full swing, we're highlighting some gold medalists from the United Scientific roster: our best-selling beaker and flask sets. Crafted from borosilicate glass, these products offer exceptional thermal shock and chemical resistance.

Learn more: https://conta.cc/3lwgtNM

Investigating Morse code (MCE001) 08/02/2021

Investigating Morse code (MCE001)

Help students explore telegraphy and develop a better understanding of life before modern communication technologies with our Morse Code Experiment Kit!

Check it out here: https://bit.ly/3erofmk

Investigating Morse code (MCE001) Help students explore telegraphy and develop a better understanding of life before modern communication technologies with this convenient kit. The complete s...


Our new Pulley Demonstration Set contains everything students need to design a wide range of systems and investigate concepts like mechanical advantage and work.

Learn more: https://conta.cc/371TTUO

Investigating the Hall effect (HLEF01) 07/26/2021

Investigating the Hall effect (HLEF01)

Study the basic characteristics of the Hall Effect in an n-type semiconductor with our easy-to-use apparatus!

We'll show you how it works here: https://bit.ly/3fHk3iK

Investigating the Hall effect (HLEF01) Explore electromagnetism concepts by demonstrating the Hall effect in an n-type semiconductor (GaAs).The apparatus features:* n-type GaAs Hall sensor chip* H...


Our heavy duty clamps with stainless steel extension rods are designed to safeguard laboratory equipment during everyday procedures.

Learn more: https://conta.cc/3rl7RdS

Investigating density (DCSET10, DCSET12) 07/19/2021

Investigating density (DCSET10, DCSET12)

Our density cube sets are hands-on tools that help students explore the unique properties of various materials. They're ideal for studies of buoyant force, electrical conductivity and more!

Check them out here: https://bit.ly/2VQm2t9

Investigating density (DCSET10, DCSET12) Visualize the unique densities of various materials and explore concepts ranging from buoyant force to electrical conductivity with these hands-on tools.Set ...


Explore the relationship between pressure and volume with our new Precision Boyle's Law Apparatus. The included bicycle pump and dial gauge allow students to better control and monitor pressure, delivering more reliable results than standard syringe-based tools.

Learn more: https://conta.cc/3r771kP

Our Story

United Scientific Supplies, Inc. develops, manufactures and delivers top-quality educational and laboratory products for distributors around the world. From our headquarters in Waukegan, Illinois, we have reliably served the scientific and laboratory community since 1992.



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