Hair by Nicole Eagle

Hair by Nicole Eagle


I would love some help as to which color I should get do?! Jessi Marie Jolly what you think? I went down from 4 to 2 now.
Oh my gosh, I'm in love with this little sample shampoo I won from your scratch off. My hair smells SOOOO good and feels so soft. Haha. Yes, I will need a bigger bottle.
I love, love, love my pink hilites. Thanks so much for listening to what I want - and nailing it!!! Love you and your new business!!
Thanks Hair by Nicole Eagle!! My perm turned out so nice!! My husband even likes it! No frizzy hair - just soft curls!!

specializing in grey coverage, lived in color, h Located in the Liberty Hill's historic district, bringing an Austin vibe to a small town.

The Indigo Salon, one of two salons in Texas using Organic Pure Care hair color and products.

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Goals for todays appointment:
1. Repair previous chemical damage.
2. Transition to a lower maintenance color and less damaging blonding service.
3. Create balance through out the style. *bonus also makes the hair appear longer!
4. Make the color look more, youthful and dimensional as much as possible with out sacrificing length.
5. Haircut. (She originally wanted to forgo, until I showed her what I saw.

What did she have to book?
Full highlight + lowlite + extra time and product
Toner / gaze
Shadow Root
Conditioning treatment

Time investment: 3.5 hours (going from chunky blonde damaged hair to lower maintence style is possible! Sometimes a haircut can make a big difference to also create balance!)

If you notice hairstylists love to add treatments! It is so important in maintaining the longevity of your color. Healthier hair = longer lasting color

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Goals for todays appointment:
1. Cover grey
2. Total blonding and blending of lines of demarcation.
3. Even out tone, preparing for a lighter all over color.
4. Repair as much damage as possible from previous coloring services, and prep for future blonding.

What did she have to book for?
Root touch up
Full highlight + extra time and product
Tonal glaze
Deep conditioning treatment

*we can get to her cut at her future reservation.

Time investment: Just under 4 hours. (But everyone is different, in her case; I was working with fine hair, but extremely porous and fragile hair.)

Going from *black* 10 minute grey coverage home color to blonde IS possible, it just might take a few visits!

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This year’s haircut vs last years 💇‍♀️ haircut!!!


Y’all, I made it 10 years in the industry this year!!!
And, I have to say it’s the best thing I ever did for myself.
I was just thinking back to all the amazing educators I’ve had a chance to work with, and the list continues to grow.
The list of things the industry requires to grow has changed so much, and gets more and more exciting.

Some of the people I’ve learned under:
Ian Michael Black
Oscar Bond
Sara Helfand-Pestella
Alberto Rossell-Davis
Arsalan Hafezi
Brit Seva

The list could go on, but those were a few of my favorites. That’s a lot of learning, growing, mistaking, succeeding, and loving what I do.
Cheers 🥂 to another 10 years, and thank you every single one of you who trusted me with your hair!

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“Chop it like it’s hot 🥵 “ ……
It’s been the HOTTEST May, June, July but what about August?!

I’m still seeing clients for the first time since the pandemic! Why don’t you treat yourself with some self care?
Diane was looking for much shorter, and less maintenance for her first appointment out side of the pandemic. I suggested a bob, but long enough in the front to still pull back out of her face. Since she spend 2 years growing out her color, instead of the every 8 weeks full grey coverage color I used to give her, we opted for a new look. I did a partial lowlite with a softer shade of brown, with Demi permanent hair color that will gradually wash away, thus requiring less visits in the salon.
Because of the natural texture of grey hair, we finished her service of with a smoothing treatment, when taken care of properly will last her up to 16 weeks.

Ask me how to change your look behind the chair to fit your needs!

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Hair Myth series:

Deep conditioning treatments are too time consuming.
FALSE! We offer a wide variety of 5 minute treatments in salon or for take home. These awesome products process for 5 minutes and then stop. Get moisturized, stronger, healthier hair in the time it takes Pandora to play a song!

Photos from Hair by Nicole Eagle's post 08/05/2022

You’ll never guess her formula!!!!

Neutral dark brown with YELLOW!

One of my absolute favorite colors taught me years ago, my first 6 months behind the chair, that I absolutely love.

Are you dark flat brown, almost black? Interested in shifting your color the tiniest bit? Adding yellow to your formula with give slight dimension and unbelievable shine. Don’t be scared of tones in your formulation, even the warm family tones!



I don’t post often about makeup, but I just wanted to share a technique I use every day.
After becoming a mom, I stopped wearing ALL.THE.MAKE.UP
I use 3 products, concealer, bronzer and blush.
I hope this inspires someone to try something new! ❤️

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I know it’s still July, y’all BUT………..
If you are contemplating going darker for the fall season, let’s discuss it with a free consultation!

Typically, going darker is a relatively easy process, but occasionally it can be a bit complicated.

So let’s talk about possible issues that you should discuss in your consult:
🚿 hard water / mineral deposits (from your shower water, they can fade colors to brassy shades quickly)
🏊‍♀️ life style setting (if you’re in the pool, lake or beach water a lot this can quickly fade your new color)
🧴 home care regimen (this would be the time to switch to a color safe, or color depositing shampoo and conditioner combo)
🎨 Demi / Semi / permanent hair colors (discuss the difference with your stylist and which color is best suited for you)
🔥 Hot Tools (let’s dial those temps down, we’re not trying to bake cookies y’all 😂)
And lastly, 💇‍♀️ damaged hair, especially those ends. ( we often suggest hair cuts / treatments to complete your look, especially because damaged hair can “grab” unexpectedly darker OR completely let go and rinse down the drain… treatments are a nice way to “prep” your hair AND also “lock in” hair color

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O.M.G sqweeeee!
I love me some Monica! And, I love learning in my chair.
Monica is my first client that I’ve had with skin grafts. In a consultation, she explained to me that her skin grafts lack the sweating function.
What’s that mean for her? Well, if ya don’t sweat….you get extra extra extra hot!!
She also needed a cut that could be easily styled with her limited mobility.
I loved working on solutions with her, to help her stay cool, and look cool in these 10000 degree days.
Remember: your stylist is there to Help you, and give you SOLUTIONS! We love a challenge!

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We’re super proud to announce the launch of our very own “CONDITIONER BAR”

We all have been certified and are L O V I N G our new product launch.

This product is the perfect addition to:
🌻 current vivid hair color clients to keep color bright at home (see photos)
🌻 reds who “brown out” but aren’t ready for a full color
🌻 someone with very light blonde or grey hair who wants to temporarily change to something fun
🌻 blondes who’s toners fade faster, like rose golds and platinums!

Photos from Hair by Nicole Eagle's post 07/20/2022

Proof the *energizing* blend shampoo works!
Check out the before photo in slide number 3,
And after photo (at her next appointment) in slide number 4!

There is a difference in haircolor, because I did change her formulation. HOWEVER, You can definitely see the noticeable difference in length and density alone with using this amazing product.

Also, most of the staff here at use the energizing blend, including myself!


to beauty school 11 years ago! 😂😂 I’ve always been happy doing hair!

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Now offering a PROFESSIONAL product customized at your salon chair in front of you for you to take home! Introducing Fab Pro color depositing conditioning treatment

Photos from Hair by Nicole Eagle's post 07/03/2022

Do you know why hair color fades?………………..[trick question, there’s so many reasons]
•shampooing too often OR shampooing with non-color safe, clarifying shampoos (*don’t worry, all the shampoos The Indigo Salon sells are color safe!)
•washing your hair in hard water (invest in a demineralizing shower head or a water softener!)
•improper use of hot tools: without heat protection, over usage or high temperatures (cream, spray or oils, I offer soooo many types, and textures of heat protection!)
•excessive submerging in water: CHLORINE, salt water, lake/beach water (rinse your hair with shower water first or apply a protective barrier products before)
•forgetting the SPF! Your hair needs sunscreen too (YES, we have a sunscreen for scalp and hair!)
•using poor quality hair color (Don’t worry, one of my favorite things about our exclusive haircolor , is the use of PREMIUM ingredients, with superior performance. )

Adding glosses/toners on to your haircuts between hair colors or highlights can definitely help!


back in stock: limited edition buddies

Cheers to the perfect addition to your haircare regime!

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Did you know that if your hair is colored with our staino vivid colors, we can gently remove them without bleaching your hair again!?

We have an exclusive decolonizing product that gently buffs off vivids, allowing hairstylist to immediately apply vivid colors on a wet black canvas.
VIVID CLIENTS!!! What does this mean for you?
: Healthier hair
: Less breakage
: Less “jelly fish hair”
: Hair that grows longer, faster, and happier
: Less guessing with color formulation and more predictable results
: Less time spent in the chair


First time CURL CULT clients:
One of my favorite parts of this service, that makes it a luxury service apart from our salons traditional perms:

Your take home kit!
Full size shampoo 🧴
Full size conditioner
Full size detangling / refresh spray
Full size curl crème
Microfiber head towel
And comb!

These all are designed to completely support your new restructured hair! There’s no need to worry about going to the store to painstakingly search for the proper haircare for your new look, you get it all with your service! Book a consultation with me, and I can tell you all about it!

INDIGO | The Indigo Salon 05/10/2022

INDIGO | The Indigo Salon

INDIGO | The Indigo Salon


Behind the scenes:

One of the things I love about our salon, is working together 🤣 we’re not flower professionals, but I think 🤔 we did a great job celebrating mom’s this year! 💐 plus, I enjoy expanding our teams creative side, not just in hair!


Happppy Mommy day! 🥰


Treat moms to one of the best smelling products we have! THATS MADE WITH REAL CHAMPAGNE!

and have collaborated for some pretty awesome soaps “bars” featuring some of our favorite alcoholic beverages! 🥂

Photos from Hair by Nicole Eagle's post 05/02/2022

Objective: give hair shine, more youthful color, cover grey, blur previous box color, add texture and volume.

Whew* that’s a lot to do in one session! If you’re doing more than just a maintenance appointment or a transitioning appointment, you’re most likely considered a
Custom color creation.
BIG TRANSFORMATIONS. We charge by the hour by those services. That’s why we book consultations! Completely complementary!!!

We discuss your desired look *I love to see photos for inspiration, and photos of things you like and DONT like. It gives us service providers a nice place to start.

We always discuss hair history to help us formulate or map out what we are planning. We need to know about ANY hair color you’ve done home or in the salon [no judgement to where you were previously to us!]

We discuss maintenance scheduling, home styling, haircare you’ll need to invest in.

We discuss concerns, questions or anything else you might think we need to know

And finally we discuss your beauty budget. I always to suggest 2 or 3 options or solutions in a consult. I like offering choices! Xoxox


I will be taking vacation towards the end of May to fly up to Iowa for my parents 25th wedding anniversary!

Soooo, I’ve extended hours during my week and added extra days :
Monday May 16th
Tuesday May 17
And Tuesday May 24!!

These are perfect slots for graduation hair, smoothing treatments before summer! Reach out to me or the salon if any of these extra days work for you!


PSA: Get summer ready, your hair will thank you. Trust me.

Smells great, keeps your hair hydrated, and kills frizz.

Photos from Hair by Nicole Eagle's post 04/15/2022

My favorite trick to get smooth baby fine hair to look like it has more movement and texture! Imprint cutting!

Let’s give my client a 👏 for STILLLLL rocking this cute, bomb pixie! So adorable.


We don’t post a lot of behind the scenes, however, knows the 🔑 to my heart.
She got me hooked on energy drinks! 🥰🎉 I love the fruit roll up, but usually let the girls make whatever they want to make me.

It’s not a secret, I am NOT a morning person. 😩 energies make my quarky come out 🤷‍♀️😂🎉

Photos from Hair by Nicole Eagle's post 04/07/2022

Not ready for the full investment of fashion colors or a whole head of extensions?
Color pops 🥳
We keep a variety of fashion colors in stock for a quick 5 minute service!
Tape-in extensions are damage free, fade free and chemical free
When taken care of properly they can last up to 6 weeks before needing to be moved up at your next appointment.

They are attached to your natural hair using medical grade tape adhesive, grow out with your natural hair, and can be removed with an alcohol based dissolving solution!

Photos from Hair by Nicole Eagle's post 03/31/2022

The, "I only get my hair done once a year because I live in the sticks, but I have a few sparkles" hair appointments:
Not every client is the type to come in every 6 -10 weeks to cover those dang "sparkles"
Previously we just opted for the 'ol partial foil and a few teasy-lights on the ends with a low volume developer. I adore highlights, but sometimes we want to feel a little EXTRA, amiright?? Keeping in mind, this guests only visits once a year, I kept the foiling to a minimum for a less annoying grow out.... and I added a semi permanent base color identical to her natural color.
This will soften those grey hairs, and smooth them out, giving her extra control. Now, with semi color, it isn't 100% grey coverage, so we still see a sparkle or two, but that blend is so much nicer. Since identical to her base color, we won't see a line of demarcation in 10 weeks. The color will just gently loose its pigment.
See ya Next year, Lady!


Did you know today is National MOM and pop business owners day?

Quick Shout out to my FAVORITE person , Jaime! You've probably seen her walkin around the salon, servicing guests, running our salon company, and fixing "it" what ever the problem might be.
Leading a team of equally badass (and short) ladies. You can hear us laughing in the break room, no one ever runs to hide when she walks into the room! We all love her!
She's also got to be one of the smartest people I have EVER met, and most compassionate, giving, generous, adventurous, best taste in music (which really comes in handy on road trips and long days behind the chair) soul I that I have the special honor of being her second in command to this wonderful "baby" (or salon as you all call it) she has created.

Photos from Hair by Nicole Eagle's post 03/26/2022

What’s the process 🤷‍♀️….

Step 1: decolonization! We have to get the hair as light as possible (*preferably pale yellow)
Step 2: formulate! Depending on what the hair lifts to…we can start mixing customized colors! Very rarely are “fashion” colors just a single color straight from the tube. Use that color wheel, baby! Then Apply away!
Step 3: because vivids don’t require an activator (also called developer) the can just be rinsed, no shampoo necessary!
Step 4: Apply heat protectant and style away!

🔮what questions do you have about the vivid process?

Photos from Hair by Nicole Eagle's post 03/25/2022

Lets Flip out!

Did you know you can use chemical services to support your new style?
highlights + keratin smoothing treatment + haircut
We can use different techniques to make hair fuller looking with highlights, and smooth down fizz on even the finest of hair.

Jared Leto is known for committing to roles, so it's no surprise he also gained weight for a role — in his case, 67 pounds for his role in the film Chapter 27. To gain the weight, he drank microwaved pints of ice cream mixed with olive oil and... 03/25/2022

Jared Leto is known for committing to roles, so it's no surprise he also gained weight for a role — in his case, 67 pounds for his role in the film Chapter 27. To gain the weight, he drank microwaved pints of ice cream mixed with olive oil and...

Just sayin,
Even the celebrity clients have difficultly going back and forth from hair colors.
This is a great article from someone who’s wanting to do a drastic change in color!

Jared Leto is known for committing to roles, so it's no surprise he also gained weight for a role — in his case, 67 pounds for his role in the film Chapter 27. To gain the weight, he drank microwaved pints of ice cream mixed with olive oil and... I'm not sure any role is worth losing your hair or getting arthritis.

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First time CURL CULT clients:One of my favorite parts of this service, that makes it a luxury service apart from our sal...
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