Granite Peak Gardens

Granite Peak Gardens


Where can I get starts f or my garden, you ask?...Locally! A go od way to start off on t he right foot with your garden is to p ut in plants that are used to t he area - temperature swings, day leng th, sunlight angle/intensity, wind, etc. - th at way they don't suffer too mu ch shock when they're introduced to the ir new home.

We'll have our gard en starts available at the The Farme rs Market at Libby starting next Thursd ay, May 5th. We'll also be at t he Spring Fling out at the T he River Bend Restaurant and Saloon, M ay 7th 10-4. We have some gre at varieties of tomato, pepper, cabbage, brocco li, cauliflower, kale, and more.

There a re lots of other options to purcha se your garden starts locally, here a re a few that come to mind:
Grani te Peak Gardens in Libby
Williams Greenhouse in Troy
E nd Times Greenhouse and Nursery in Troy
Homesteader 's Ranch & Feed Supply in Libby
A ce Hardware and Rosauers in Libby
- T he Farmers Market at Libby- Hoot O wl Farm will have lots of plan ts starts, and other vendors likely wi ll too - Thursdays, 3-6:30, starting M ay 5th.
- Check out the Lib by Vendors Market or Troy Farmers Mark et there will likely be vendors the re with plant starts, both these marke ts start next week as well!

So it seems there's absolutely no reas on not to get your hands dir ty this Spring! Surely there are oth er options we're missing for plant star ts, add on in the comments!

PS. No matt er where or how you get yo ur garden starts, it's a good id ea to 'harden them off' before planti ng out. This gradually exposes them to t he conditions they'll see in your gard en, so that they don't suffer sho ck at a major change all at on ce (no one likes that!).
Do You Guys Want A sto ry on Your Grand Opening? I se em to never get a reply ba ck from You! - BB
Any homebrewers out there!?
Granite Pe ak Gardens is having a competition in lib by the 16th,
Enter before 10/15 @6:00
Lo ts of activities going on at t he event as well! See you the re!
Checking in on the plant starts ... We have a lot of star ts for sale this week! You c an find our tomato starts at Grani te Peak Gardens and we'll have a n ew delivery out to Amish Meadows & Fa rm To Market Store Bakery/Deli for the ir new opening on Thursday! We'll al so be bringing lots of plants to mark et on Thursday, 3-6:30 at the Chamber.

We think that our plant starts ha ve a leg up over some of the ir peers. Due to how we gr ow them, they get a little b it more 'prepared' for their lives ahe ad in local gardens. These tomatoes we re started from seed back in ear ly February. Since our nursery is off-gr id, we don't use additional lighting, so whi le that means that they don't gr ow as quickly especially early in the ir lives, it also means that they' ve learned to thrive with the natur al lighting in Libby, MT, cloudy da ys and all. We do our be st to give our seedlings a comfortab le growing space, but we're just n ot able to keep the temperature sup er constant, so these babies are adapt ed to quite hot temperatures on sun ny days and they're also hardy to so me pretty cold nights (barring freezing!). Whi le some of these points about o ur growing situation could be viewed as negativ es, we actually look at them as positi ve because our plant starts are tou gh, adaptable, and ready to thrive! We' ll be bringing a big load of toma to starts, some brassica variety packs, oni on starts, and some peppers too! Can 't wait to see you on Thursd ay 🌱🍅
Looking to look for some plan ts and hanging plants

Flower baskets, bedding plants, veggie & he rb starts, fruit trees and gift sh op

Operating as usual


We love all the flowers a nd green that the rain brings!!


Closed on Sundays and Mondays, s ee you next week!!


🌸 Happy Sunday!!! We are op en from 10 AM to 6 PM tonig ht and will resume normal business hou rs of Tuesday through Saturday 10 AM throu gh 6 PM starting next week! Ha ve a fabulous day today and we ho pe to see you soon 🌺

Photos from Granite Peak Gardens's po st 04/22/2022

Grand opening special $35 hanging baske ts with geraniums or petunias and mi x!! See you tomorrow at 10 AM at 184 Bowke rs Street!!

Photos from Granite Peak Gardens's po st 04/22/2022

$3.99 for 4 inch rounds a re squares veggies or flowers for gra nd opening specials! see you tomorrow at 10 AM! 184 Bowkers Street


Looking forward to seeing everybody Saturd ay at 10 AM to 6 PM !


I wanted to repost this becau se what a brilliant idea! Using t he yard waste to help with wat er drainage in your pots!!! 


These girls couldn’t wait!!! They a re ready to get going!!! Grand Openi ng is April 23rd 10 AM. Ti me to get those gardens ready f or B I G S A L E S openi ng weekend that you won’t want to mi ss 💐🍉 🥦🥕


Today is the day!! It w as warm here at the garden getti ng all this seedlings ready for y ou 🌺


April 23rd 10 AM the do or open 🌺

I hope you gu ys are getting as excited as we a re for the opening! Look for incredib le opening day weekend sales for t he official launch of Granite Peak Gardens !!! See you soon!!


What flowers and veggies is everyo ne excited to see in their gard en this year? And what colors?


So thankful for Tuesday nights!! Can ’t wait to see everyone this Saturd ay 2/26/22 @ 7pm at the memori al center!!!! If you need ticket’s sti ll, drop by the Shed or conta ct Alexis at 206-235-6325! Talk soon!!!


Today I want to express h ow grateful I am for those th at have purchased tickets, knowing that it wi ll go to not only an eventf ul evening, but to help others th at might need it and can’t s ay it. if you are still in ne ed of a ticket, call Alexis at 206–235–632 5 Talk soon!!!

East Coast Swing Basic Steps - Beginn er east coast swing 02/17/2022

East Coast Swing Basic Steps - Beginn er east coast swing

If you’re looking for the ste ps to the East Coast swing, lo ok for though and get ready f or an event full night! February 26 at 7 PM at t he Libby Memorial Center! See you there!

East Coast Swing Basic Steps - Beginn er east coast swing Learn the east coast swing bas ic steps with Anthony and Rose of Count ry Dance X.The East Coast Swing basi cs rhythm rarely leaves a triple st ep, triple step, ...


Super excited!!! Have you started practici ng your dance steps for an eveni ng full of great music, great fo od and amazing people yet?! We a re getting ready so come join us Tuesd ay night at The Shed then f or our event for Mardi Gras Februa ry 26th at 7pm at the Lib by Memorial Center! Need a ticket? Ca ll Alexis at 206-235-6325!


Are you looking for something to we ar for Mardi Gras‘s roaring 20s eve nt? Take a peek here and if y ou need your measurements hop on ov er to Libby Floral… it’s getting clos er, tickets are going if you ne ed your ticket call Alexis at 206–235–6325


Who’s ready to feast for Mar di Gras? They don’t call it “F at Tuesday” for nothing, so get yo ur finest stretchy pants ready and be prepar ed to indulge!
Pre-Lenten festivities are held acro ss the globe. Here in the Stat es, New Orleans is the epicenter of t he Mardi Gras tradition. There are so ma ny fantastic dishes associated with Mardi Gr as, from King Cakes and Jambalaya, to Dir ty Rice and Pimm’s Cups.
One of my favorit es has always been the Muffuletta. At i ts roots, muffuletta is some of t he best components of an Italian antipas to platter wrapped up into a sandwi ch of epic proportions. Its impressive laye rs of thinly-sliced meats and cheeses, pair ed with an olive salad spread, pa ck a huge flavor punch!!!


Learning the east coast swing in ti me for the Mardi Gras event! Me next !!! ✋🏼✋🏼


Who is ready to be crown ed the king and queen of Lib by Montana’s Mardi Gras Ball?! 🤴👸❤️


I know you guys are curio us about the society that has creat ed this years February 26th Roaring 20 ’s themed Mardi Gras event. So we p ut together a little video to gi ve you a better understanding. Look forwa rd to seeing you 💃 👑


Roaring 20’s Mardi Gras comes to Lib by Montana!!! Checkout The Montanian front pa ge article for additional information!!!


It’s not hard to guess th at the beignet made it to N ew Orleans through French colonists. In fa ct, it’s even a local legend th at Cafe du Monde’s beignet recipe w as brought from France by the Ursuli ne Nuns (though like many Big Ea sy myths, this has never been confirme d). The New Orleans beignet actual ly, more than just French, has an Acadi an influence. For those of y ou who know your New Orleans histo ry, you know that Cajun is a ble nd of Louisiana culture with French Canadi an. French colonists are thought to ha ve brought beignets with them to Cana da in the 18th century and up on their migration down to New Orlea ns, it became melded with our loc al culture.

2022 colour trend: choose pink f or a sense of positivity & escapi sm 02/04/2022

2022 colour trend: choose pink f or a sense of positivity & escapi sm

On another note…. Looks like magen ta pink has been chosen for 2022 ’s flower color of the year 🌺 looki ng forward to seeing everyone at t he start of the spring gardening seas on this year!!

2022 colour trend: choose pink f or a sense of positivity & escapi sm Introduce this vibrant pink with purp le undertones into your interiors.


LOOM presents Libby‘s first annual Mar di Gras ball. Portions of the tick et price will be donated to t he Libby County Women’s Shelter to assi st with purchasing any needs they mig ht have to help support the wom en in our community in need. Ticke ts will be $100 per person a nd include door prizes, dance competition, tradition al style New Orleans Mardi Gras hea vy hors d’oeuvres, photo opportunities with profession al photographer, and traditional cake cutting wi th crowning of king and queen by Libby ‘s 1st Libby Logger Queen. For addition al information, or to request you sp ot for this limited tickets event, ca ll Alexis at 206-235-6325. Invoices will be email ed and invitations will be either mail ed to your home, or arrangements f or pick up can be made. Looki ng forward to seeing everyone in the ir Roaring 20s formal attire 💃

Photos from Granite Peak Gardens's po st 02/04/2022

You could be the first Ki ng and Queen of LOOM . Be crown ed with one of these beautiful he ad pieces While healing the Lincoln Coun ty Women’s Shelter. A portion of t he ticket sales will be donated to th is helpful organization.


Swing Dance lessons: every Tuesday in Februa ry from 6p - 9p at T he Shed Restaurant , Libby, Montana. $ 15 per person for 50 minute gro up lesson. Call 406-293-3264 to reserve yo ur spot. Cash bar.

Photos from Granite Peak Gardens's po st 12/19/2021

Noon to 5 pm
184 Bowkers Stre et
Today is the last day f or Granite Peak Gardens to be op en! Thank you so much for a ll of your patronage and support througho ut this season! We hope that y ou all have a very merry Christm as 🎄❄️❤️

Photos from Granite Peak Gardens's po st 12/15/2021

Door swag and wreaths, both artifici al and real available for $19.99 ea ch! Candles, lotions and potions and soa ps for even your pup! And skinca re products ranging from normal to com bo to products safe enough for anyo ne undergoing chemotherapy, radiation or any oncolog ic surgeries! Stop in and check it out!!

1 84 Bowkers Street


Granite Peak Gardens Open 11-6 Wednesd ay
For fresh cut trees, wreaths, do or swag and stocking stuffers!!!


We are open today 11 AM to 6 PM!

1 84 Bowkers Street 


🎄 Christmas trees $20 🎄
184 Bowke rs Street


Granite Peak Gardens will be clos ed today Saturday, December 4 and Sund ay, December 5 for James 50th birthd ay! See you Monday- Next Sunday 10 -6 pm 🎄

Photos from Granite Peak Gardens's po st 12/01/2021

I have a couple hanging baske ts with lights and owls left! Tha nk you everybody for your support wi th my small business! This community is amazi ng ❤️

Photos from Granite Peak Gardens's po st 11/28/2021

Multicolored and blue… And of cour se there are still clear hanging baske ts for you to enjoy 🎄❤️

Photos from Granite Peak Gardens's po st 11/27/2021

Looking for trees, wreathes, sleighs or pre-l it hanging baskets? Stop in today 12 -5 and see what’s available 🌲
184 Bowke rs Street See you soon!!!


Open today from 12 to 5 PM! With consistent hours throughout the ne xt few weeks. Christmas trees will be rolli ng in daily, each tree is $ 20. Short, tall, skinny or fat, $ 20 flat 🌲


🍁 Happy Thanksgiving from your frien ds at Granite Peak Gardens 🍁


Gift certificates available starting this Bla ck Friday redeemable in the spring!!


I am getting so excited f or Christmas 🎄 Yeah yeah I kn ow, we’re waiting for turkey 🦃 d ay to finish!!! Stay tuned for S P E C I A L S comi ng this Friday!!


Let’s move them out!! P.s. t he sugar pie pumpkins make amazing so up and pies! See you Sunday Octob er 24th from 10am to 5pm!


October 16! It’s almost here! We’ re looking forward to seeing everybody, ma ke sure you bring your IDs if y ou are planning on beer tasting!


This is the perfect weekend to g et your pumpkins! We will have too ls available for carving on site f or pumpkin carving competition if you a re interested!! See you then!!


If you were interested in getti ng your flu shot this weekend, th ey will be offered here at Oktoberfe st! Stop in between 1-3pm as Linco ln county public health will be offeri ng shots for those with insurance a nd for those without insurance they wi ll be free.


Also, there will be medals a nd trophies for all competitions!!!


Did I mention we would ha ve a few local vendors showcasing the ir work? Here’s Amy and a f ew of her pieces she will ha ve available on the 16th…


I hope you’re getting ready f or Oktoberfest at Granite Peak Gardens! Octob er 16th, competition starts at 12 PM registrati on at 11, $10 for single $ 20 for a team!


Granite Peak Gardens presents their fir st annual Oktoberfest! Competitions will consist of homebre ws and pumpkin carving all judged by YOU! !!! Fall photos opportunities available with mo re details to come!! Granite Peak Garde ns will be open for pumpkin sal es starting October 15th through October 17th
S ee you there!!!


Thank you everyone for a fabulo us first season! We are now clos ed for the summer and will op en again in October to sell pumpki ns and have our first Oktoberfest!! G et your hops ready… see you soo n!!

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Super excited!!! Have you started practici ng your dance steps for an eveni ng full of great music, great fo od and amaz...
Who is ready to be crown ed the king and queen of Lib by Montana’s Mardi Gras Ball?! 🤴👸❤️
I know you guys are curio us about the society that has creat ed this years February 26th Roaring 20 ’s themed Mardi Gra...
🎄 Christmas trees $20 🎄184 Bowke rs Street
Let us help you honor yo ur family members 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸
Happy Earth Day 🌎!!  We a re excited to see you this Saturd ay! 10am-6pm







184 Bowkers Street
Libby, MT

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Tuesday 10am - 6pm
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