Jrs Soft Pretzles & more

Jrs Soft Pretzles & more


Great food! Pick up some sticks for your next gathering. not that expensive, and a big hit everytime!!
The layer salad is amazing!!!!!! I love it!
Your mint cheesecake was delicious as all get out and the macroni & Cheese was very yummy..
Definitely will look for both again
Lets send a virtual hello to Jrs Soft Pretzles & more! We are so thankful that they opened their shop to learn about pretzel making. Im excited to schedule more events in the future.
Your blueberry crumb muffins and the new Graham cracker cheesecake were very very delicious.

I'm looking forward to buying more slices
The deserts are very reasonably priced and great tasting.
Your French bread was delicious i heated it up with butter and I couldn't get enough.
Your chips that you sell are very tasty and addicting..
They taste better then name brand chips
These were very very very delicious thank you again for such an awesome treat.

I just love coming into your store I feel like Norm from cheers when I come in..
My little one gives JR’s a 5 star rating
The banana bread was delicious as usual along with the breakfast pretzels.
I am so glad I discovered your delicious shop.

thank you for the awesome t-shirt and thank you for everything you guys do keep up the great work.

I really look forward to seeing you guys grow and come up with Even more delicious food items
Your homemade bread was awesome and very delicious. I'm definitely be looking forward to getting more of it in the future
I purchased an apple fruit cake yesterday and it exceeded my expectations.
I definitely will be buying it again..

soft pretzels
baked goods
grocery items
and more.. freshly baked goods made in house
over 30 pretzel options available

Operating as usual


Happy Saturday friends!

Whos coming to the festival downtown today?! You can find us trying our best to keep after the demand, please know that we will be doing our best and we will be shutting phone orders down after 9 or before. Please allow more time to get food than normal. Thanks for understanding and we hope to see you downtown today!!

Open 5:30am to 4pm or until sold out!

And to you vendors, we got you covered for breakfast on the go!! Come on in!!


Happy Friday!!

Lots of goodies out on the shelves for your weekend!!

Aaanndd the arts festival is downtown tomorrow!! Whos excited?! Whos coming?!!🙋‍♀️its gonna be a grand time!!

Open till 5:30 today

Tomorrow (Saturday) we will be open 5:30am to 4pm or until sold out. So for those of you vendors of the festival setting up early or anyone, we've got you covered for a quick breakfast on the run!!

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Lunch in a pretzel is a wonderful idea, who else agrees?!🙋‍♀️😀

Open till 3pm today
Hope to see you downtown!


Hoping everyone had a wonderful Easter, time spent with family and friends. Reminder, we are closed today. We'll be back bright and early tomorrow 7:30am to 3pm.

A big thank you for your continued support. We love you all.

Also this weeks hours are slightly changed, we are sorry for any inconvenience this may bring.
Tuesday 7:30am to 3pm
Wednesday & Thursday 7:30am to 4pm
Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm
Saturday 7:30am to 4pm.


CARROT CUPCAKES >> homemade from scratch, these are so moist and made with the same recipe as our carrot cake which has been a staple hit ever since I've made it for over 2 years now!

Come on downtown and sn**ch yours today for a rainy day treat! Or preorder yours for Easter, available in 6 or 12 packs!

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Photos from Jrs Soft Pretzles & more's post 04/06/2022

Delightful specialty pies.. a lighter choice of dessert, perfect for Easter. Everything is made from scratch including the whipped cream.

A few have asked for for more details on these pies. Swipe to see description of each one.. chocolate mousse pie and salted caramel cream pie are not pictured.

Preorder yours for Easter now, orders will close in a week for pickup Saturday April 16.

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Photos from Jrs Soft Pretzles & more's post 04/06/2022

Wednesday morning routine >>> our sticky buns are made fresh every Wednesday and are available after 9am until supplies last. Each one is hand rolled, spread with brown sugar, butter & cinnamon, cut to fit, placed in syrup, risen and baked to perfection.

Stop by today and treat yourself. Even better bring a friend and share❤

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Give me allll the spring colors💙💜💛

Find me in chocolate world today, lots of peanut butter crackers, easter eggs, rice Krispy treats and more will be goin on.

Stop by and get all your favorites.
Also get your Easter orders in! Deadline is in a week!

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Happy Saturday friends.

Hoping your weekend is gonna be a sweet one. Stop by and get those weekend snacks.. lots of options out!

Also a reminder to get your Easter orders in, check stories for a repost of the menu!

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Monday morning goodness🫐

Freshly baked Blueberry muffins, made from scratch with fresh blueberries. The simplest ingredients can make the most delightful appearance..

Open till 3pm today!!

Photos from Jrs Soft Pretzles & more's post 03/25/2022

Taking orders for Easter! Deadline for ordering is April 13th for pickup April 14th or 16th!

How to place your order⬇️
Call: 717.327.7558
Email: [email protected]
Stop in or DM me.

Thank you for your continued support💜

Photos from Jrs Soft Pretzles & more's post 03/24/2022

Rainy day finds at your local pretzel shop...

Open 7:30 to 5:30 today.


Come on downtown today, sweeten up the md week, grab a snack or two for yourself and a friend!

Fresh warm sticky buns available after 9.

Open 7:30 to 5:30.


Be a good egg🐣

One that reminds people that there's still a lot of good left in this world.


Wednesday Goals:⬇️😄
1. Make someone smile
2. Be kind
3. Enjoy the simple things
4. Eat sticky buns😋

Find fresh warm sticky buns on the shelves after 9 every Wednesday until supplies last!


Easter eggs on the agenda for today.. from now till Easter you can find these homemade, hand rolled with love, delicious eggs on the shelf.. the recipe handed down from my grandmother is still the best!

Open till 3pm today!!


Photos from Jrs Soft Pretzles & more's post 03/14/2022

Easter is slowly peeping around the corner 👀💜 with that being said, swipe to see the easter baked good menu!! Place your order preferably by phone~717.327.7558 or
email [email protected]
or shoot me a dm!


Good morning snowy town.
We are OPEN..
We made it up before the snow started falling and we've got some orders to get ready and other things to get done, so we'll be here, but please travel safe if you do come out.

Feel free to call ahead and place your order.

There's a big possibility we won't be open all day so again feel free to call and ask! Ill keep it updated on the stories so stay tuned.
And please be safe friends❄

Photos from Jrs Soft Pretzles & more's post 03/11/2022


We're open till 5:30 today.
Be sure to stop by and grab your weekend treats before the storm! Theres lots to choose from.. cheesecakes are fully stocked, got a few carrot cakes, some new cupcake flavors, shoofly pie along with a few other pies, you can also find some easter goodies including rice Krispy treats, and eggs! Along with all that goodness there's chocolate chip cookies and tandy cakes in the oven!!

Hope to see you on market street in downtown Lewisburg today!!



..the way it looks when i cut it up always gets me😍 and personally its a favorite of mine!!

Available for preorder for Easter! Along with lots of other goodies, watch for flyers coming soon!!


Warm sticky buns and a snowy day make the perfect match.

Come get yours while they're still warm and supplies last!
Open till 5:30 today!

Photos from Jrs Soft Pretzles & more's post 03/05/2022

Hope your weekend is sweet!

See you downtown today, we're open till 4pm.

Eli has freshly popped chocolate peanut butter popcorn.
Lots of cheesecakes in the case
Warm chocolate chip cookies
And as always, we've got breakfast hot & ready to go!


We are CLOSED today, due to a wedding. Sorry about any inconvenience.

See you on the weekend!
Friday 7:30 to 5:30
Saturday 7:30 to 4.

Photos from Jrs Soft Pretzles & more's post 03/02/2022

A little golden shine for your Wednesday >> the sunshine is what got me🌞

Homemade sticky buns, still warm and out! Come on downtown... get your goodies for the week.

We will be closed tomorrow due to a wedding.


Due to winter storm icy weather we will be opening at 9am today.
(If anything should change ill post on stories! )

Stay safe friends!


🐣💭 "ino I'm kinda cute"

You can find these little cuties in store available until Easter. Slowly I'm getting easter eggs out as well, and I'm working on a full Easter baked goods menu for the website!


Happy Wednesday

Stop in, we've got those mid-week pick-me-ups covered for ya! Fresh sticky buns will be available after 9 this morning.

Open 7:30 to 5:30 today!


A small picture of "realness"
// some days ya get it, some days ya don't//

Today was one of those days that the raw truth of this quote got me. As you can tell this cake is NOT supposed to be falling out the sides🤦‍♀️and it only took me like 5 times to write and rewrite on another cake till I finally figured out how to space the words correctly.
But.. there's always a good side somewhere, I finally got a buttercream recipe more how I like it and we'll get to try this ALMOND JOY CAKE, cause who agrees sometimes flops are actually the best😄

Here's to these days when things don't go as perfectly as we would like, they teach me a lesson in the learning and challenge me to find good in every small thing.


Come on downtown.. We've got 30 different pretzel rolls to choose from, breakfast, lunch and dessert options!

Pictured here: Buffalo chicken & cheese pretzel roll.


💕 happy valentines day 💕

We are open till 3pm today, stop in for your last minute gifts! Ill be dipping chocolate covered strawberries this morning and will have them available while supplies last.. also ill have a few valentine cakes in the case after 11 or so!

Remember to stop and pause to take a moment and love those you love a little harder❤


Happy weekend friends.
Open 7:30 to 4pm today.
Come on downtown, we've got snacks and baked goods for your weekend!

Also check out our new cream cheese dips that go great with our seasoned pretzels!

We hope you enjoy your weekend and hope to see you soon!

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Making pumpkin rolls..



230 Market Street
Lewisburg, PA

Opening Hours

Monday 7:30am - 3pm
Tuesday 7:30am - 3pm
Wednesday 7:30am - 5:30pm
Thursday 7:30am - 5:30pm
Friday 7:30am - 5:30pm
Saturday 7:30am - 4pm

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