Little Moments Photography, LLC

Little Moments Photography, LLC

Let me capture all your little moments � Message me with any questions !!

Operating as usual

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Twinkle twinkle little star, do you know how loved you are

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Calling all SENIORS!! This is an important time to document this milestone you have worked so hard for. Im booking senior session as we speak. Message me now and let's talk.

I had so much fun photographing this beautiful girl. UNC Greensboro has never looked so good. I cant wait to see this girl move mountains as she moves forward with her degree.

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Got to work with Twisted Ks Boutique this morning on some business promo shots for their website. I love working with other small local businesses around our area. Tonight they will be live showing some of these cute summer tops.

Go check them out at

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I take you exactly as you are,
loving you today and for all our days to come,
From this day forward,
I promise to be thankful for our adventures as one,
To love and cherish every moment,
To give generously to our life together,
I will always put us first,
Every day for the rest of our lives.

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Evans

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It was a honor to photograph this sweet couple yesterday. I'm sure most of you know who this famous lady right here is if you have ever had a newborn session. Lauren is literally the baby whisper when it comes to newborn photography. Im not going to lie, I was so nervous shooting another photographer that Ive always looked up to but Lauren has the sweetest soul and we click so perfectly!! So with that being said.. If you're in need of a newborn session you have to check out her work.

Lauren Grey

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😳😳I’ve been keeping a huge secret!!!! 😳😳 While I was in Vegas, I entered some of my images into a magazine never thinking this would happen! Got a email saying I made it into the magazine and I was thrilled then a few days later a email saying I MADE THE COVER 🤩🤩!!! Like what? The cover !!! Who is this! How did this happen! I would never dreamed in my life one of my images being on the cover of a boudoir magazine! This is a dream! I’m officially living my dream! 🥰🥰

Girls! Never doubt yourself! Each and everyone of you can do anything you put your mind too! No matter what your past is, your hardships, your insecurities or what your mind is telling you! You put in the work and it can happen! I’m living proof!

Now don’t mind me while I sit and cry all day 🙈

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Calling all SENIORS!! The books are open for any senior sessions in studio!! Are you needing something fun and very creative? Shoot me a message and lets talk


The big reveal we have all been waiting on!!!! Im so excited to announce the new branding/business name that we will slowly transitioning to. My photography business has truly taken off and Im really wanting to start focusing on where my photog heart really is. As these last few years that have passed, my love for weddings, couples, seniors and portraits is something I truly enjoy shooting. I have worked my tail off on educating myself on these styles of art and bringing the best experience to the table.

Why Lovers of Love Photography? That's a good question. When I decided to rebrand and rename my business I wanted to really have a name that stands out and represents my work. As most of you know, I also run a boudoir studio. I wanted to make sure both business represent each other and carry the same meaning behind the two. Its actually a sign of strength and bravery to admit that you too are a lover of love. Come on you know you are. Lovers of love photography will be focusing on telling a story through the lens. Whether its your special wedding day, your intimate couples session or celebrating a huge milestone in your life... love never goes out of style.

**Keep in mind, if you have a session planned with us in the future or a wedding, nothing will be changing on that end** We will slowly be changing the name through this profile as we move forward. Once the website is launched we will be giving a huge 2023 wedding collection away. I encourage each and everyone to continue to follow this journey with me


We're so close to Friday guys!! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far. Keep in mind tomorrow at 12pm we finally get to release the new business name!!! I am so excited about sharing this with you all. I want to make sure Im keeping everyone informed throughout this process so you can always find us. If you have sessions planned with us, no worries, nothing is changing other than the business name. We will still operate under Little Moments for awhile to make sure everyone is on bored with us. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.



Friday at 12pm we will be announcing the new branding/business name for Little Moments Photograhy! We will not be changing the name of the page Friday but are announcing the new name so we can help everyone adjust and continue to follow us! I’m so excited about this change but also very nervous! I want to make sure everyone is informed and knows how to find us and continue following us! If you have any sessions planned with us or weddings booked with us, no need to worry! Nothing is changing on that end other than the name. My business has changed so much in the last year I feel like this change is needed and will really represent what we’re going to be focusing on going forward.


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I swear, I do not take pictures of my child enough!!! Im sure all my fellow photogs can agree with me when it comes to this. We get caught up in the business side of our business and never make time for our own kids pictures. I'm always kicking myself in the butt for not doing more sessions with her!!!!

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Listen!! This little handsome dude deserves a post of his own! Model contracts here he comes! Get in line ladies !! 🤩🤩🤩


BRIDES BRIDES BRIDES!!!!! Below is a list of wedding dates we have open for 2022. I cant express enough how important it is to go ahead and lock these dates in.

July 30th and 31st
August 27th and 28th
November 12th, 13th, 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th
December 3rd, 4th and 31st

Message us with any questions you may have

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I hear wedding bells!!!!

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One thing I love to shoot is a couples session. I cant wait to see this beautiful couple walking down the isle on their wedding day!!!

If you're interested in SPRING sessions!! You better get on the books fast. Also, calling all 2022 seniors. Now is the time to get them senior sessions booked. Don't be stuck with them cheesy school portraits and that's all you have to look back on one day!!



Let me just start this off with a huge thank you from ALL of my clients !!! This all couldn’t be possible without you all! The support, the love and the encouragement from each and everyone of you has been beyond amazing!! When I first started this photography business I could have never dreamed of being where I am today! I literally made a decision to name my page (really that’s all I considered it at the time was a page not a business) in like 10 minutes🙈! Don’t get me wrong! I love the name! The love I have for little moments is something I’ll hold onto forever! That name has been with me through the good and the bad and I’ll never forget where it all started. Flash forward to now, I’m in a place in my business where I need a brand! A brand that truly represents me and makes me stand out. I need a brand name that I relate to and represent! With that being said, WERE REBRANDING and really focusing on shooting what we love most! Within the next 4 - 8 weeks you will be seeing some changes! We have a new name and logo we can’t wait to share!! I will be preparing everyone within the next few weeks for that change so you all can continue to follow along with us and continue on with all the grub! Don’t worry, if you have any sessions or weddings planned with us before the change it will not effect any of them! ❤️❤️ I’m excited about all of this and have been so excited to announce it! Within the next few weeks we will have a website and we can share the new brand and business name with all of you! Again, THANK YOU ALL! You ROCK 😘😘


10 out of 10 recommend doing a first look with your daddy on your wedding day!!!!

Are you have a 2023 wedding? NOW is the time to book!! Right now we have 15 weddings booked for 2023. I was talking with some wedding photographers the other day and we both agreed that 2022 and 2023 seem to be the year for weddings. Within the last month I've had to turn down 10-15 due to already having a wedding booked. If you have any wedding questions please let me know

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Can I just say “I absolutely love being a part of clients weddings.” Yesterday was a very cloudy day and we didn’t have very much sun. When I saw the sun peeping out of the sky and the sun setting on the lake I knew it was time to steal my clients from their guest and family for some shots! When your photographer makes your timeline for you wedding, trust him/her. We’re literally placing a few things in certain time frames for lighting purposes! This right here is a very good example! I mean how beautiful are these images with my beautiful bride and groom!


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Give me all the sunset golden hour sessions this year !!! I am HERE👏🏽 FOR👏🏽 IT👏🏽!!!

2022 is booking up quick!! ❤️❤️

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Not everyday does your clients roll up in a cool hotrod to their engagement session!!! When I saw them pull up I slightly jumped in excitement. Such a fun session!

TIME CHANGES THIS SATURDAY!! So you know what that means... Later sunset sessions. You have time to get off work fresh up a little and meet me for an awesome sunset session. Message me NOW to get on the books. Dates and time are limited.

Photos from Little Moments Photography, LLC's post 03/09/2022

Reflecting back on this beautiful reception with Jake and Lilly. This beautiful couple got married out of state and came back to NC for a reception with their family. You could see the love Jake and Lilly had for each other all through the night as we all celebrated.

Are you planning a 2023 wedding? Reach out to us now to get your date booked. When planning a wedding, your biggest vendors to book in a good time frame are: Venue, Wedding planner, Photographer, Videographer, DJ, Caterer and florist. Most of these vendors book several months out and possibly over a year out. As your photographers, we're here to serve you and make your wedding day go smooth as possible.

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