Diversified Surface Cleaning

Diversified Surface Cleaning


Kane Mortgage can help you get into your dream house, but Diversified Surface Cleaning can help you keep it looking brand new! Check out this demonstration from Chuck on how he completely revitalized this house. Be sure to look at the before and after pictures in the comments. What a difference! Give him a call at 717-756-9651 to learn about the difference he can make in your home!
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Thank you for the great work on cleaning the exterior of my home. Excellent work! 🙂
Wow; does our house look different! We contacted the company to do some gutter clean-out and to power wash one side of the house. I'm glad we decided to do the entire house because I can't believe just how great it looks. The guys did a great job of protecting plants and other items around on the deck and even cleaned our brick walk, which we never even discussed. I would Diversified to ANYONE in a heartbeat. We already had three of my neighbors come over and discuss cleaning their home - just while they were here.
Always fun talking tech with our bud Chuck from Diversified Surface Cleaning.

Residential- House washing, roof cleaning, sidewalk/driveway, tile floor cleaning. Commercial- Exterior Cleaning

Operating as usual

Photos from Diversified Surface Cleaning's post 03/21/2022

Back at the winery

Photos from Diversified Surface Cleaning's post 01/10/2022

We have developed a process to remove vine debris, mold, and dirt from brick without harming the surface and returning the brick to it's original state. You can clearly see the difference between the pictures in the previous post and the current. In the previous post the brick has been was cleaned removing dirt and mold but the vine roots and tendrils remained.

Diversified Surface Cleaning

Photos from Diversified Surface Cleaning's post 01/09/2022

Any body out there try to remove vines from a brick house? This is what you are left with. A wire brush will score the brick, a nylon brush is not effective, no chemical to my knowledge will remove this mess without harming the brick and the most popular response is to pressure wash it but the amount of pressure it will take will most definitely remove the facing and ruin the brick itself. What can be done??
The next post I will tell you and show the results.

Photos from Diversified Surface Cleaning's post 08/10/2021

Done with care Stone patios can look new again


For those of you who think gutter guards or the greatest thing I pulled these guards back so you could see how well they worked. This happens constantly and it cost the customer twice as much or more to remove the guards, clean and flush the gutters out and reinstall the guards. So what is the point of having them in the first place?

Photos from Diversified Surface Cleaning's post 07/28/2021

We clean roofs properly. Came across a customer that had a low-level pressure washing company clean part of a roof. As you can see from the photos it's a complete disaster. Why they stopped where they did I have no idea plus the fact that they remove 10 years of life from the shingles is disturbing. Two photos of a shingle tab shows one in good condition and one that was pressure washed and ruined. Never never never let anybody with a pressure washer up on a roof unless they are a reputable company.

Photos from Diversified Surface Cleaning's post 07/03/2021

The gutter guards worked perfectly. Absolutely nothing got in the gutters, including the water.

Photos from Diversified Surface Cleaning's post 06/16/2021

This is a typical problem with gutter guards. Debris piles on top and water flows over so those of you who have guards and you think your gutters are still clogged this may be the problem which asked the question, why bother having them?

Photos from Diversified Surface Cleaning's post 06/16/2021

The pictures speak for themselves

Photos from Diversified Surface Cleaning's post 05/08/2021

Before and after of a recent job.

Photos from Diversified Surface Cleaning's post 04/14/2021

After a year of isolation for most people I think we are ready for company and outdoor picnics. Is the outside ready?

Photos from Diversified Surface Cleaning's post 03/31/2021

Stucco exteriors always come out looking beautiful.

Photos from Diversified Surface Cleaning's post 03/24/2021

Be the Envy of your neighborhood.
DSC 717-756-9651


Dirty concrete is unsightly. This is a example of before and after. Do your sidewalks or driveway need done? Give us a call at 717 – 756 - 9651


The last of the leaves are finally falling and there's a good chance your gutters are their resting place! Give us a call to get them cleaned prior to the first snow fall!

Remember to support small businesses this holiday season. Gift a clean exterior to yourself or a family member!


From our to team to you and your family's, we'd like to wish you a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Photos from Diversified Surface Cleaning's post 11/23/2020

It feels like the leaves fall faster when it gets colder 🍂

Give Chuck a call to assess your gutters and roof before the holidays!

Photos from Diversified Surface Cleaning's post 11/22/2020

I run into a lot of customers that have vegetation growing along their house. Trees are popular but when not managed can cause a lot of damage. This is one such case. There should never be any vegetation touching any part of your house.


Dirty Gutters? Let us do the dirty work and get them clean. Did you know that dirty gutters can not only lead to broken gutters, but also major basement leaks. Save time and stress by giving Chuck and his team a call!


Gutter Helmet Simulation

This is a short video of a gutter helmet and what happens during a downpour. It is a simulated downpour, but you can tell there's not a ton of water coming off the roof. When it comes down heavy it's going to shoot over the gutters.

For this type of guard to work properly, it must be kept clean. Personally, we don't recommend them. Even with the clean ones, we’ve seen the water just blow out over the gutter.

Photos from Diversified Surface Cleaning's post 11/16/2020

Even Santa would approve of this freshly cleaned chimney. Chuck and his team are ready for your phone call for a free estimate! Just in time for Santa to slip down your chimney! 🎅


That moment when you get up close and personal with your home...it's usually around the time when the holiday decorations go up. Don't hesitate to reach out prior to the decorating season to get your home pristine!


Happy Veterans Day to all those who have served our great nation!

Photos from Diversified Surface Cleaning's post 11/09/2020

Another beautiful day in Central PA and our team is out making homes look brand new!

Call us to schedule your FREE estimate today at 717-756-9651!

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Just another day at the office! We get into every nook and cranny!

Photos from Diversified Surface Cleaning's post 11/04/2020

Our customers deserve the best and that's what we give them!

Call now to schedule your free estimate!

Photos from Diversified Surface Cleaning's post 11/02/2020

Chuck and his team have that special touch!

Give us a call at 717-756-9651 for the DSC Bright✨

Photos from Diversified Surface Cleaning's post 11/01/2020

This is before and after pictures of a close up of somewhat was very dirty Dutch lap vinyl siding under roof. The first picture is after a standard wash. As you can see in the close-up there is still some dirt residue that is embedded in the siding. If you stand back and look at it as a whole it's not real noticeable. The after photo is what's called DSC clean. A buffered acid was used to eat away that residue and with the proper pressure the siding ends up being like brand new again. We at DSC believe in going the extra mile to get your siding as clean as possible. If you want premium service on your house give us a call at 717 - 756 - 9651


Give us a call or send us a message to ensure your home is sparkling for the upcoming holiday season!

Photos from Diversified Surface Cleaning's post 10/29/2020

Is your porch or patio looking a little spooky?! 🧛‍♂️

Let us help! Give us a call to schedule your free estimate!

Photos from Diversified Surface Cleaning's post 10/26/2020

🎶So fresh and so clean, clean🎶

A before and after you truly can see! The holidays are quickly approaching. Give us a call to schedule your estimate!


We never outgrew bubbles!


Clean you can see!

Anyone else find this gratifying?! 👋

Give us a call to see the difference we can make on your home, patio, fence, roof, and walk ways!


We don’t just wash, we pretreat your surfaces prior to the wash to ensure you have a sparkling clean surface!


We work with your schedule! Send us a message or give us a call for your free estimate!

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Gutter Helmet Simulation
Scrub a dub dub!
When in doubt, wash it out!
It’s Maintence Monday!



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