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Congrats on the first egg of the season!! Mama looks beautiful, we can't wait to see all the excitement in store this nesting season! This is the first season on live cam! Brought to us by Dulles Greenway and Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy.

Watch Live Now ⬇⬇
TODAY❗JANUARY 18th, RALLY TO PROTECT BLES PARK. 4:00 - 5:00pm outside of the Loudoun County Government Center, 1 Harrison St. SE, Leesburg VA. (Event by Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy )
⬇️ https://facebook.com/events/s/rally-to-protect-bles-park-wil/691095305599343/

Dear residents of Loudoun County, matter like this is very important to us 😪
We must fight for every green area left in Loudoun County, we cannot allow people like some of the supervisors to make decisions that destroy nature and wildlife in our area. Actions like this, and the massive deforestation of our forests must stop now! We need to let know those in charge that we as a community who live here love nature and demand that they leave it alone! It is a Human Right, to have recreation and enjoy natural spaces, to have access to clean water in the future, to live in a quiet and non-congested area. And nature and wildlife also have the right to have their space! No more extermination of wildlife in our area!

Loudoun County neighbors, please sign this petition to protect and preserve Bles Park 💚
Wondering how you can get involved in bird conservation this winter? Community science is a great way to stay active, contribute to science and learn more about local ecology. Check out these birding community science projects:


Cornell Lab of Ornithology National Audubon Society eBird
Quail Forever Virginia Working Landscapes Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy American Bird Conservancy The Clifton Institute Virginia Society of Ornithology The Nature Conservancy Virginia Conservation Network
is your opportunity to give back and spread the word about causes you care about. If you love the Dulles Greenway Eagle Cam, consider lifting the voice of Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy, a non-profit organization committed to preserving, protecting and restoring wildlife habitat in Loudoun County.

Learn More About How You Can Help Here:

Support Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy when you shop by smile.amazon.com

Watch and Share the Dulles Greenway Eagles Live Cam, Brought to you in partnership with Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy:
Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy is a membership-based, volunteer driven nonprofit organization committed to preserving, protecting, and restoring wildlife habitat in Loudoun County.

Any contributions would go to support their education, citizen science, habitat conservation, and advocacy programs. Learn more here: http://ow.ly/OZgg50GURnl

Virginia Save Our Streams welcomes five new volunteer trainers! All five aced their certifications and are ready to train new stream monitors.

Congratulations to Ben Rhoades (Reston Association), Amy Ulland (Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy), Jessica McCaulley (Prince William Soil & Water Conservation District), and Julia Sargent and Daisy Blakely (Friends of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River), pictured here with staff trainer Kira Carney.
At Northwest Federal, we are committed to giving back to our community through our four pillars of Community Outreach. Through our pillar of Saving & Protecting Animals and Wildlife, we proudly support Forsyth Humane Society Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA) Animal Welfare League of Arlington and more.
Congratulations to our newest SOS trainers! 🎉 Amy, Ben, Jessica, Julia, and Daisy will be training new monitors throughout Virginia and empowering their communities to Save Our Streams!

Special thanks to these trainers’ organizations for their great work and for being part of the SOS team! 👏
Friends of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River
Reston Association
Prince William Soil & Water Conservation District
Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy
A helpful PSA from our friends at the Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy regarding the invasive tree of heaven and it's host.
We are honored to be recognized by Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce as a Finalist for Nonprofit Organization of the Year.

As a nonprofit, we get to work with so many wonderful partners and love seeing our friends at Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy, Loudoun Cares and INMED USA recognized as well💚

Join us in voting for the “people’s choice” award here, https://fs21.formsite.com/LoudounChamber/form36/index.html
ACTION ALERT FOR LOUDOUN — weigh in today!!!

Loudoun County is seeking input on a western or eastern bypass around the village of Lucketts. This is connected to a larger conversation about improvements to Rt. 15 North of Leesburg.

PEC does NOT agree that a Lucketts bypass is necessary. We believe a bypass is a poor use of taxpayer dollars that would negatively impact both the environment and local residents and businesses. However, the county is moving forward with selecting a route.

We should be supporting our villages and towns — not bypassing them. Now is your chance to take action. Provide input on the bypass by THIS Friday, July 23 here: https://form.jotform.com/211724352684052

Read more about the Lucketts bypass and Rt. 15 North proposals in this new post from our Loudoun field representative Gem Bingol: https://www.pecva.org/region/loudoun/route-15-north-lucketts-bypass-your-input-needed/

The Virginia Piedmont Heritage Area Association Loudoun County Preservation and Conservation Coalition Aldie Heritage Association Unison Preservation Society Waterford Foundation Preservation Virginia Lucketts Ruritan Club Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy Taylorstown Community Association Save Rural Loudoun Coalition for Smarter Growth The Journey Through Hallowed Ground

Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy inspires, motivates, and engages people to protect, preserve, and resto

Loudoun Bluebird Notes 01/23/2023

Loudoun Bluebird Notes

Loudoun Bluebird Notes -

Loudoun Bluebird Notes


We are partnering with Virginia Master Naturalists again to pull garlic mustard along the Ball's Bluff river front Thursday's at 10:00am from March 2 - April 13. Experience magical forest transformation and make a difference for native spring ephemerals. We'll reach out to our volunteers each week to see who can make it.

Read our Habitat Herald article for inspiration and link to sign up - https://loudounwildlife.org/2021/10/balls-bluff-volunteers-take-on-garlic-mustard/

ADVOCACY ALERT: Zoning Ordinance Rewrite Update 01/22/2023

ADVOCACY ALERT: Zoning Ordinance Rewrite Update

ADVOCACY ALERT: Zoning Ordinance Rewrite Update -

ADVOCACY ALERT: Zoning Ordinance Rewrite Update The next step in the Zoning Ordinance Rewrite process is the Planning Commission’s review of County staff’s next draft text. The Planning Commission is hosting a public hearing on January 24th at 6:00 pm at the Government Center in Leesburg to address portions of the draft text. (Click here to f...


Eagle Friday - Spending More Time At Home
Dulles Greenway Eagles, Rosa and Martin, have been spending more time in the nest just in time for Live Chat Sessions. Join us tomorrow, Saturday 1/21, from 9-10 am for the first one of the season!
The link to join is located below the live-stream camera feed. We look forward to seeing you there! https://www.dullesgreenway.com/eagle-cam/


This Golden-crowned Kinglet was spotted on last weekends Bles Park Bird Walk. Wintering throughout Loudoun County, it can be seen foraging in coniferous and deciduous trees, as well as in w**d vegetation. Check out what other birds were seen at this link https://loudounwildlife.org/2023/01/coopers-hawk-bles-walk/
Photo by Bryan Henson


Rusty Blackbirds, have the “unfortunate distinction of being one of North America’s most rapidly declining migratory birds,” according to the Birds of Loudoun. The book notes that, “Populations have declined by an estimated 85-95% over the past 40 years.”

Dulles Wetlands Bird Walk participants were treated to seeing six Rusty Blackbirds on a recent walk. See the complete list of bird sightings here https://loudounwildlife.org/2023/01/rusty-blackbirds-dulles-wetlands/

Photo by Gerco Hoogeweg

Start a Nature Journal and Adopt a Tree! 01/16/2023

Start a Nature Journal and Adopt a Tree!

Come to the Chapman DeMary Trail at 1 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 29 to start your own nature journal and adopt a tree. The Purcellville Arts Council and the Tree and Environment Sustainability are jointly hosting the first nature walk of 2023.

Start a Nature Journal and Adopt a Tree! Come to the Chapman DeMary Trail at 1 p.m. on Sunday, January 29 to start your own nature journal and adopt a tree! The Purcellville Arts Council and the Tree and Environment Sustainability are jointly hosting the first nature walk of 2023 with the Purcellville Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. I...


Eagle Friday - LIVE Chat Sessions Starting January 21!

Ask questions and get answers about Dulles Greenway Eagles during Live Chat Sessions with Loudoun Wildlife Eagle Cam Volunteers.

Chat sessions take place on Discord - the link to join is located below the live-stream camera https://www.dullesgreenway.com/eagle-cam/
We look forward to seeing you there!

Seed-Saving and Propagation with Dr. Michele Dani Sanchez - Piedmont 01/12/2023

Seed-Saving and Propagation with Dr. Michele Dani Sanchez - Piedmont

Attend this popular VNPS Piedmont Winter Speaker Series - Seed-saving and Propagation in Delaplane, VA on January 22!

Seed-Saving and Propagation with Dr. Michele Dani Sanchez - Piedmont Seed-Saving and Propagation with Dr. Michele Dani Sanchez Loading Map.... Emmanuel Episcopal Church9668 Maidstone Road - DelaplaneEvents 38.900077 -77.912349 Date/Time Sunday, January 22, 20232:00 pm - 4:00 pm Location Emmanuel Episcopal Church Categories Piedmont Programs Share this post: Share on....


January 10 is National Save the Eagles Day. We celebrate Eagles every day in Loudoun County as we take a sneak peek into the daily lives of Dulles Greenway Eagles, Rosa and Martin. We are fortunate that this pair is healthy, robust and sometimes playful for the camera!
Our friends at the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center remind us of how fragile life can be for Bald Eagles in their Patient of the Week bulletin.
In the first week of January they have admitted two Bald Eagles for injuries. Here is information on one of the patients:
“Sadly, the eagle's intake exam revealed an old fracture to the right femur (thigh bone) where the leg had healed at a nearly 90-degree angle out to the side. Combined with the degree of emaciation and dehydration noted . . . [and] based on radiographic appearance, our vet team suspects the fracture occurred at least 3-4 weeks ago.

With the severe leg injury preventing them from catching prey, this eagle likely found it easier to scavenge, as many do. Hunting season often correlates to an increase in the number of patients we see with lead toxicity; we suspect this bird may have repeatedly scavenged gut piles or carcasses containing lead ammunition for the levels to be so dramatic.
. . using alternative ammunition can help prevent suffering in eagles, vultures, opossums, numerous other scavenging species, and even people!

Non-lead ammunition has come a long way in both price and efficacy, so we urge all hunters out there to make the transition and help save wildlife.”


The weather was unusually warm for the first new year’s Writing in Nature workshop led by Nancy Morgan on January 5. Read more about the Workshop here https://loudounwildlife.org/2023/01/writing-in-nature-carrying-forward/
Photo by BJ Lecrone


Eagle Friday - Eagles Can Only Eat Meat . . . But Why?
See the answer below from our Loudoun Wildlife Eagle Cam Volunteer Team.

Eagles are big eaters! They can digest bones as large as human thumbs, but their diet is pretty one-dimensional: only meat. Yes, eagles and raptors are strict carnivores, but it is not by choice. They are "obligate" carnivores meaning that they can only eat meat. But why is this the case?
The answer is very small and lies in the digestive system of the animal in question - gut flora. Yes, those microscopic bacteria and enzymes that we need to break down and digest food are specialized, and eagles lack the necessary flora to break down fruits and vegetables leaving them with meat as their only option. As a result, eagles have specialized in eating meat and bone with those beaks and strong necks for tearing flesh and very powerful stomach acid that makes quick work of bones.
Source National Eagle Center


On Thursday, you can join this link https://bit.ly/VCE230112 to learn the steps that Loudoun County and Virginia have taken to address this invasive species, and what to do next.

A very informative lecture. You can help to stop the Spotted Lanternfly.


Advocacy 101: Writing Your Public Official- Registration Link Issue Corrected! - https://mailchi.mp/loudounwildlife/advocacy-101-writing-your-public-official-460438


Advocacy 101: Writing Your Public Official - https://mailchi.mp/loudounwildlife/advocacy-101-writing-your-public-official

Loudoun Stream Monitoring Information for January 01/01/2023

Loudoun Stream Monitoring Information for January

Loudoun Stream Monitoring Information for January -

Loudoun Stream Monitoring Information for January Polluted storm water often affects the quality of our drinking water. It can also kill or damage plants, fish and wildlife. These pollutants can include sediment, excess nutrients, bacteria, trash and household hazardous wastes. These storm water pollutants affect human health, increase drinking...


Most of the benthic macroinvertebrates that our stream monitors collect for surveys are the larval forms of insects, which often look very different from their adult counterparts. Do you know which larval picture matches this adult dobsonfly?

News and Nature Programs: January 2023 ❄ 01/01/2023

News and Nature Programs: January 2023 ❄

News and Nature Programs: January 2023 ❄ -

News and Nature Programs: January 2023 ❄ Dear , Happy New Year! We want to thank all of our members, volunteers, donors, and participants who contributed to our success in 2022. As a membership-based, volunteer-driven organization, we would not be successful without the active participation from people like you. We thrive to...

What To See in Winter 12/31/2022

What To See in Winter

Virginia Master Naturalist, Banshee Reeks Nature Preserve facility manager, and Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy volunteer Jake van Schilfgaarde, recorded this wonderful presentation for us last year.

Listen to Jake talk about the wildlife that is still active in this time of year and different ways of recognizing their presence, as well as various other ways to appreciate nature in winter.

What To See in Winter Jacob van Schilfgaarde, Virginia Master Naturalist and Facility Supervisor at Banshee Reeks, shows us what to look for in winter. See the wildlife that is st...


Today is the last day to make your tax-deductible donation in 2022 to Loudoun Wildlife!



Eagle Friday - Eggs in 2023?
Dulles Greenway Eagles, Rosa and Martin, were caught mating on cam this week so we remain hopeful for eggs in the new year. Last winter Rosa laid an egg on February 1, 2022 at 3:38 pm.
It is thought that eagles may mate throughout the year. "It was once thought that the female is only fertile about two weeks out of the year but recent queries with Dr. Sharpe (IWS) have shown the female could actually be fertile for a 2-week window, at least 3 times each breeding season. The male’s s***m is said to be viable inside the female for 10 days." Source: The American Eagle Foundation, Institute for Wildlife Studies
When mating is successful, it is believed that an egg is laid within 5 to 10 days. Eagles typically have clutches of 2 to 3 eggs (rarely 4) and each egg is laid 3 to 5 days apart.
This mating may not result in eggs but it does demonstrate that Rosa and Martin have a strong bond going into the new year.

Excluding Deer at JK Black Oak and Protecting Trees – Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy 12/29/2022

Excluding Deer at JK Black Oak and Protecting Trees – Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy

Our volunteers work tirelessly stewarding the environmentally sensitive habitat at our JK Black Oak Wildlife Sanctuary. This Habitat Herald article details a recent project to understand the impact of deer on plants and wildlife habitat.

Bat monitoring is another important project taking place at the Sanctuary. We invite you to watch a short video on our partnership with Virginia Master Naturalists - https://youtu.be/z6XjB5ZFeHw

Excluding Deer at JK Black Oak and Protecting Trees – Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy Excluding Deer at JK Black Oak and Protecting Trees November 14, 2022 Posted by Sheila Ferguson JK Black Oak Wildlife Sanctuary No Comments On November 5, 26 volunteers from four organizations converged on JK Black Oak for the monthly work day. Joining Loudoun Wildlife volunteers were volunteers fro...

Photos from Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy's post 12/28/2022

Christmas Bird Count in action. A chilly, gorgeous morning in the Hamilton sector.


Brian Magurn's photograph of a Clouded Sulphur butterfly on a Purple Coneflower is part of our Wild About Wildlife Art Exhibit on display at the Loudoun County Government Center through January 6.

Brian also volunteers as a Board Member, bird and butterfly count leader, and native plant expert at our native plant sales! Volunteers are the heart of Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy. Join us at upcoming events to be a part of our great organization!

Enjoy our August 6 Butterfly Count video - https://youtu.be/JYZybaOuVC4


It's the last week for you to donate in 2022 to support Loudoun Wildlife's advocacy, education, citizen science, and habitat conservation programs.

Help us make Loudoun a place where people and wildlife thrive together!



Dulles Greenway Eagle Cam

Merry Christmas


Happy Holidays!

Get outdoors with us in 2023!

Photo of Barred Owls by Michael Sciortino currently on display at the Loudoun County Government Center - 1 Harrison St SE, Leesburg VA.

Now Hiring | Loudoun SWCD 12/23/2022

Now Hiring | Loudoun SWCD

The Loudoun Soil & Water Conservation District has an opening for a full time Conservation Specialist!

Now Hiring | Loudoun SWCD Now Hiring! Loudoun SWCD District Conservation Specialist Job Announcement The Loudoun Soil & Water Conservation District has an opening for a full time Conservation Specialist. The Conservation Specialist is responsible for performing a wide range of technical duties that pertain to the implementat...


Eagle Friday – Ready for the Weather
The Dulles Greenway Eagles are ready for single digit temperatures with snow and high winds. Are you?
Rosa and Martin have around 7,000 feathers to keep them warm and dry. Closest to their skin is a dense layer of fluffy, downy feathers to insulate them from the cold. Down feathers are covered by the feathers we see and they help Eagles stay dry and prevent body heat from escaping.
How many layers will you put on to go outdoors during this blast of cold winter weather?


How much do you know about road salt? Learn about deicing alternatives, the effects of road salt on our environment, and our program here: https://loudounwildlife.org/2022/12/winter-deicing-alternatives/


A cherished image of winter in Loudoun is the sight of a male Cardinal against freshly fallen snow.

Tomorrow (12/22) is the last day to sign up to participate in the Central Loudoun Christmas Bird Count being held on 12/28. More information and registration available here https://loudounwildlife.org/citizen-science/bird-counts/christmas-bird-count/
Photo by Michael Sciortino


Ball's Bluff on December 17 displays a clear and open bluff in winter. You can enjoy a crisp winter walk and patiently wait for the spring ephemerals.

You can also sign up to join our team on Thursday mornings in March and April to help us remove garlic mustard along the riverbank and bluff. While you volunteer you can watch the forest change as the native plants flourish for 7 weeks. Spring ephemerals such as Harbinger of Spring, Bloodroot, Squirrel Corn, and Bluebells are just a few of the magnificent native plants in this magical forest.

Read about the project and sign up here - https://loudounwildlife.org/2021/10/balls-bluff-volunteers-take-on-garlic-mustard/


Eagle Friday - Anatomy
Sharing this great post the Loudoun Wildlife Eagle Cam Volunteers did a couple days ago on the Dulles Greenway Eagles page.

Cere – fleshy region at the base of the beak that surrounds the nostrils.
Lore(s) – the region between the eyes and nostrils of a bird, reptile or amphibian.
Nare – nostril holes on the beak.
Supraorbital ridge – the boney protuberance above the eye socket; this ridge helps shade and protect the eye and gives raptors their fierce look.
Mandible – lower bill.
Maxilla – upper bill.

Source; The American Eagle Foundation


Forty species of birds were found on our monthly bird walk at Banshee Reeks Nature Preserve including this American Goldfinch. The complete list of birds can be seen at this link https://loudounwildlife.org/2022/12/creepers-kinglets-38-other-species/
Photo by Michael Sciortino


46,728 individual birds across 99 species were observed by 124 participants last year during the Central Loudoun Christmas Bird Count (CBC). Which species do you think had the highest number of individuals counted - White-throated Sparrow, American Robin, Canada Goose or European Starling?
Hint: see a link to the data here https://loudounwildlife.org/citizen-science/bird-counts/christmas-bird-count/ and while you are there, sign up to participate in the 2022 CBC being held on December 28. With your help, we may find even more birds this year! Everyone is welcome; amateurs are teamed with experienced birders, and every eye and ear helps. Sign up today to join us for a few hours or the whole day!

Photos from Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy's post 12/14/2022

On December 10, 15 volunteers, including two high school students, met at JK Black Oak Wildlife Sanctuary for the monthly work day led by Gerco Hoogeweg.
This work day was the second habitat restoration project at JK Black Oak funded by a generous grant from Microsoft. The grant enables Loudoun Wildlife to buy the required materials to build three deer exclusion fences and protect over 100 trees from deer with metal cages. Read more here https://loudounwildlife.org/2022/12/larger-deer-exclosure/
Photos by Allison Gallo


7 Simple Actions to Help Birds was part of Joe Coleman's talk at Rust Library titled Building a Bird-Friendly World. The 7 actions are:
1. Drink shade-grown coffee
2. Avoid pesticides
3. Keep cats indoors
4. Use native plants
5. Reduce plastic use
6. Make windows safer
7. Do citizen science like our upcoming Christmas Bird Count on 12/28 https://loudounwildlife.org/citizen-science/bird-counts/christmas-bird-count/
Photo by BJ Lecrone

Managing Larger Properties for Birds, Butterflies and People – Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy 12/12/2022

Managing Larger Properties for Birds, Butterflies and People – Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy

The outdoor space on larger properties in Northern Virginia, whether residential or commercial, is typically divided into formal landscaping close to buildings and natural areas at the periphery. New practices are emerging on how to manage both areas, practices that protect the ecosystem and support the birds and the butterflies while better satisfying human needs. Learn more from this Plant NOVA Natives article.

Managing Larger Properties for Birds, Butterflies and People – Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy Managing Larger Properties for Birds, Butterflies and People November 21, 2022 Posted by Sheila Ferguson Habitat Restoration, Highlights No Comments Courtesy of Plant NOVA Natives The outdoor space on larger properties in Northern Virginia, whether residential or commercial, is typically divided int...

Photos from Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy's post 12/12/2022

Seven photographers associated with the Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy have come together to present an exhibit of 31 photographs of Loudoun County’s wild places and their inhabitants. “Wild About Loudoun!” runs from December 1st through January 6th in the first-floor gallery of the Loudoun County Government Center, located at 1 Harrison St SE, Leesburg, open from 8:30am – 5pm Monday – Friday, except holidays.


Open for visitors! Stop by for a visit before 3:00pm today!


Follow these Directions to the Gatehouse:

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Videos (show all)

Dulles Greenway Eagle Cam
Dulles Greenway Eagle Cam
Dulles Greenway Eagle Cam
A downy woodpecker checking a cottonwood tree for insects. Downy woodpeckers look extremely similar to the Hairy woodpec...
Calling All Nature Lovers - We have a bunch of great volunteer opportunities this fall!  Check out the list and signup t...
Fall Webworms
Eagle Friday - From Eaglet to Juvenile.Check out this 38 second video to see how Dulles Greenway Eagles Orion (aka DG1) ...
Dulles Greenway Eagle Cam
Dulles Greenway Eagle Cam
Eagle Friday – Hear the Coyotes Calling!.Eagle Cam Volunteer, Freedomlover67, caught Coyotes calling on Wednesday night ...
Dulles Greenway Eagle Cam



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