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Photos from Laura Trittipoe Hair's post 10/21/2022

A little color, highlights and a reshaping cut gave her a whole new look!

If you’re ready for a makeover - or just a touch up - you can book your appointment or contact me directly from my home page.

Precision & ergonomics 👉 10/19/2022

Precision & ergonomics 👉

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Precision & ergonomics 👉 $75 Off

Photos from Laura Trittipoe Hair's post 10/15/2022

Brighter, blonder, and getting longer!

A partial highlight with and glossed with in 09Gi gives her the bright shiny natural blonde she’s craving.

If you’re ready for a makeover or just a touch up, click the button to book with me (link on home page) 💖

Photos from Laura Trittipoe Hair's post 10/09/2022

Look at that shine! The shimmer! 😍😍

That’s the GLASS HAIR look that only Brazilian Blowout gives.

Message me or click on the Book Now button to schedule YOUR Brazilian Blowout and get your very own silky, shiny, healthy glass hair!



Being a is about so much more than cutting hair. Just letting you know we see you and the OTHER work you do every day behind the chair.

Laura Trittipoe Hair would love your feedback 09/22/2022

Laura Trittipoe Hair would love your feedback

Laura Trittipoe Hair would love your feedback. Post a review to my profile!

Laura Trittipoe Hair would love your feedback Post a review to our profile on Google

Online Hair Education and Professional Hair Tools by Sam Villa 09/14/2022

Online Hair Education and Professional Hair Tools by Sam Villa

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Every time I see this beauty, her hair is healthier, shinier and more beautiful.

Progress can be a beautiful thing.

Photos from Laura Trittipoe Hair's post 08/24/2022

A Tuesday is a great day for a hair transformation, isn’t it?

The beautiful Alexandra had been growing her hair out for…a while, since Covid started really.

We’d trimmed a few times, played with highlights and Shades EQ, until she was just … tired of it. Long hair can be a lot.

Enter a new look - a cute bob, twelve inches less hair, and a newfound sense of lightness and freedom!

SO flattering, SO shiny, and SO healthy.

Have you ever made “a big chop”? It feels weird - you don’t realize how much your hair weighs until it’s gone. You need HALF the amount of shampoo and conditioner, and your hands try to wash, dry and style hair that isn’t there. 😆

Let me know ⬇️ if you’ve ever done this…. And if you grew it back or kept it short’


Beautiful sisters, kind, funny, and gorgeous - just like their Mom! (And their other sister, who couldn’t make it!)

A tiny trim for Victoria, who hasn’t had a cut in a *very* long time, and a trim, face frame and gloss for Kinsey, toning, blending and cooling her highlights. It’s such a pleasure to spend time with them!

Now they’re back to school!


I love Flash Lift Power 9 by SO MUCH! I can’t WAIT until it’s available in the big containers!

Beautiful even lift, lifts quickly to pale blonde, and a wonderful texture for foils or balayage. 😍😍

Shannon got a partial foil today - we’ll be doing something different on her next visit in September. She has some ideas for fall hair….





we have been waiting so patiently! the following revamped stylers are now available and ready to order:

SPRAY WAX - new name for wax blast

TEXTURE PASTE - new name for rough paste

MAX SCULPTING GEL - new name for hardwear

PLIABLE PASTE - new name for rewind

THERMAL SPRAY 11 - new name for iron shape

THERMAL SPRAY 22 - new name for hot sets


Time For Something New?

Book your Shades EQ Gloss Service! I’d love to see you!


Shiny, healthy, dimensional blonde!

The gorgeous Gina has changed up her color a little since this photo, but she (and her hair) are always stunning.


Join me this Monday, August 8, at !

Join us to explore the Redken Haircolor portfolio! Discover
how to select and best utilize the various color brands to achieve trending results and help combat everyday haircolor challenges.
An introduction and overview of the Redken Haircolor portfolio; as well as the key differences and unique benefits of each.
When, Why and How to utilize the various Redken Haircolor brands - Shades EQ, Color Fusion,
Chromatics and Color Gels Lacquers.
Experience the difference in mixing, processing and

Notebook & Pen

August 8, 2022
10:00am - 1:00pm
Alexandria #2804
372 S Pickett St Suite 372
Alexandria, VA 22304
(703) 823-3102


How To Register:
• SalonCentric Business Partners
• SalonCentric Store
• Customer Service: (800) 282-9686

You can register/purchase tickets up until the day of class!


Let’s talk about WHY you should never put wet hair up in a tight ponytail.

It doesn’t seem like such a bad idea, right? You get that sleek look, or you’re just going to the gym…. BUT.

Hair is at its weakest and most fragile when it’s wet. Pulling your hair into a ponytail while it’s wet is asking for breakage at the ponytail line, especially if you use those little rubber non slip bands - and it will then grow out unevenly and with your ends splitting! 😳

So if you HAVE to put your hair up and can’t wait for it to dry… use a soft scrunchie, or a French hairpin, or a claw clip even. But don’t pull it tight, and don’t yank on your hair!

Let me know what you think of this tip. Was it news to you, or did you know? (Or have I been telling you this for ages? 😆)

Watch for hair care tips from me on a regular basis - let me know if you have a question you’d like to see answered! 💖


Shannon likes keeping her hair BRIGHT. Except when she doesn’t - she was a redhead this past winter.

We worked our way back to bright blonde, and now she’s already started thinking about what her fall color will be! 😆💖

BUT… all of her colors are fine with Shades EQ Gloss (her lightening is done with Flash Lift Bonder Inside), and she uses excellent products and treatments on her hair. So her hair stays healthy and shiny even through seasonal color changes! 💖💖

Do you like to change your color seasonally? Would you like to know what products Shannon uses to keep her hair healthy and shiny? Click the “book” button on my profile, and you can schedule an appointment or a consultation. I’d love to help you achieve the glossy, healthy hair of your dreams!

Photos from Laura Trittipoe Hair's post 07/09/2022

K18 Hair Peptide Prep Shampoos are in stock and available now!

pH Maintenance Shampoo- A cleansing shampoo microdosed with the patented K18PEPTIDE™. Powerful yet non-stripping formula is designed with an optimized pH that is safe enough for everyday use.


Detox Shampoo - A color-safe clarifying shampoo with skincare-inspired ingredients + microdosed with the patented K18PEPTIDE™ to nourish hair while removing buildup for a clean, healthy hair canvas.

Ask me which is better for you - and you can try it out and your next service!


Another angle of Allie’s soft textured bob. I love seeing that gorgeous sharp line!

Allie came in with so much hair - sometimes you just let your hair grow for a while, and then one day… you’re done.

To see her before and after transformation, please see my previous post!

If you’ve been growing your hair out for a while, and now you’re …just done, or you need some sunny highlights, I’d love to meet you! Send me a message or click the booking link on my profile. 💖

Photos from Laura Trittipoe Hair's post 06/29/2022

Sometimes you just really need a haircut.

Allie let her gorgeous thick, heavy hair grow out for a while - it’s just so easy to pull it up into a ponytail and go, isn’t it?

And then it was too heavy, too long… and it was time for a big chop! This collarbone length lob is one of my favorite looks on her, soft and swingy and fun!

You can see her “before” hair in the second photo, and just cause we thought it was funny - the last photo is the hair on the floor after her cut!

If you’re ready for a big chop, or maybe a trim, follow the link in my bio to book your cut. I’d love to see you!

Photos from Laura Trittipoe Hair's post 06/22/2022

If you’ve ever doubted that being out in the sun 🌞 can affect your hair color, check out this beauty’s “before” photo.

After three months in the Florida sun, , the lower 2/3 of her hair was dry, brassy and faded. It definitely needed some love!

After a root touch up using , a gloss treatment, and mist and cream used before and after, her hair is shiny, silky, and healthy again!

I decided to not completely disguise the lighter color through her mids and ends, but blend it and leave some dimension - which she loved!


Can we talk about how amazing is?

I normally use Shades EQ Gloss to blend this beautiful client’s gray (she’s about 60%), but unfortunately she had to cancel her last appointment. 😞

So….. she couldn’t stand that silver showing and decided to… use a box color. 😩. Her husband even tried to talk her out if it 😆

As you can see, it didn’t quite turn out as planned.

Pre-Art, Hair Cleansing Cream and Shades EQ Gloss to the rescue!
Because there was already so much warmth present, I chose tones to neutralize that orange. 08VB + 07N provided blue/violet tones and as you can see…. Cool perfection!

She was thrilled, and swears she’ll never do it again.

Photos from Laura Trittipoe Hair's post 06/08/2022

We’ll, her “before” photo is not too … before-ish, honestly. 😆

But her after! GORGEOUS!

This beauty was a brand new client to me, and she told me that she had stalked my social media, read reviews, and done her research before booking an appointment. And yes, I was ridiculously flattered. 🥰🥰🥰 And honored that she chose me.

Her brand new look is the result of a partial highlight with Flashlift Bonder Inside, a gloss with in P and VB tones, and a hair shaping and blowdry style.

If you’re ready for a stunning summer makeover, let’s talk. I’d love to meet you! 🥰

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