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Vanessa Lindgren - Modern Hypnosis Works


Vanessa, you sly tongued devil, you talked me into it. ;)
Now if you could talk my connection to move faster than a crippled snail... ;)
Hello there pretty Lady! Sorry I couldn't make your class last Saturday. Been thinking about you and hope you are well! Thank you for all your posts!
Love this one from Modern Hypnosis Works!
Peace and Blessings Vanessa!
Awesome page! :-)
So many people, including myself, are plagued by migraines. Do you think you can create a guided meditation we can use to concentrate on something else besides the pain, or maybe to recognize the pre-headache signs we get so we can deal with life a little better? June is Migraine awareness month, and the migraine community is overflowing with people's frustrations on overmedicating and doctors visits etc. I know my sisters and so many friends would benefit from something like this. ❤️ Amber Green
Vanessa is a gifted, brilliant person!

Hypnotist/Hypnosis services based in Leesburg, Loudoun, Northern Virginia. Online worldwide 🌎


I won’t be posting for a few days, taking a little time off. Take good care of yourselves and here’s my message to you. 😊💜


For our amusement. Wonder if you find this as hilarious as I do! 😂😂😂😂


Oooooh goodie! New 5 ⭐️ google review for a Client with a horror of flying. ✈️🙌


YES 🙌 I forget this sometimes.


When something’s troubling, giving you anxiety or for any other reason, ask yourself this.


The dangers of forecasting and projecting.💜 Stay in the moment as much as you possibly can.

Box Breathing Exercise | TAKE A DEEP BREATH | Pranayama Series 01/17/2023

Box Breathing Exercise | TAKE A DEEP BREATH | Pranayama Series

If you don’t know about Box Breathing it’s amazing. So simple, so effective. You can use it for worry, stress, anxiety, panic and even anger. Here’s a YouTube. Just follow along until you get the hang of it and then practice. Keep it handy so it’s there when you need it.

Box Breathing Exercise | TAKE A DEEP BREATH | Pranayama Series Stress Relief and Reduce Anxiety - Binaural 396 Hz - Navy Seal TechniqueBox breathing (or Square Breathing) can be thought of as the opposite of a panic at...


No matter what sh*t’s going on around you, life is short and we can’t buy back time. Make this decision for yourself. No matter what the challenges are, you, I, we can face them calmly, strategically, with focus, with clarity, with confidence.❤️


Never give up, especially on yourself.💚


Consistency, courage, commitment, connection. 💜


Stay close to the people you love and who love you. Sometimes that means family and sometimes it doesn’t. It could be your friends.🤗


Fantastic new program coming soon with an online private group from my amazing friend and colleague Gail and her colleague Gill. I know sooooooo many of you out there need help in losing weight and keeping it off. This is going to really help you. No more silly yo-yo diets please. Let 2023 be your year to finally heal your relationship with food. You don’t have to be alone with this.

Have you over-indulged over the holiday season, piled on unwanted pounds and feel uncomfortable in your own skin?

Or do you feel sluggish and unhealthy and want to do something about it?

Do you continue to crave the sweet stuff or junk food long after the holiday season is over?

Does any of this sound like you?

You might make some New Year’s resolutions to make some changes. Unfortunately, New Year’s resolutions simply don’t work!

Many people set new goals and then something crops up to set you back and you can’t get back into following the new habits again...

Or the resolutions simply get forgotten about a short time afterwards.

Our new online group programme will help you to develop a new relationship with food.

You will be able to take control with a new positive mindset.

We have developed a combination of something new that is different to other programmes – and it works!

Is this the year you finally reach your slimming goals?

Are you ready to say ‘YES’ to a New Year, New you?

Follow us and watch for more information coming soon about our new online group programme - ‘Slim 4 Success’

Gail Costello and Gill Bosch 💖


Hoping that feeling this way ⬇️ can be your goal for our new year.


A heartfelt and sweet review on Google to end the year. Even though I’m part time, helping as many people as I can one person at a time. Grateful for each and every client who trusts me enough to allow me in. Here’s to our success together in 2023. 🥰


Now that the fun and games of Christmas are over, or maybe not quite with New Year’s approaching, many are actually quite miserable at this time of year. Check on your friends. 🥰


Happy Christmas, hope Santa’s really good to you. Tons of love and hugs and best wishes for a fantastic upcoming year. 🎄🎄🎄🎄🍾🍾🍾🍾💚💚💚💚

Photos from Vanessa Lindgren - Modern Hypnosis Works's post 12/12/2022

My last post here for 2022. Wishing you all a safe and Happy Christmas.🎄🎄🎄

I mentioned the other day that I have been and will continue to be my own guinea pig when it comes to the weight loss situation. Without writing a book, something I’ve struggled with on and off all my life - my relationship with food and body image. My guess is it’s something I will forever have to work on and watch out for. This post will actually help me to stay accountable to myself.

I’m not even particularly heavy on the before picture to the left but I certainly didn’t feel comfortable in my skin. The reason for that was mostly because I knew what my private relationship with food was, may not be dramatic on the outside but for sure some turmoil on the inside. 

A few years ago I came across a winning formula with my clients, almost by mistake. Having worked with weight loss clients fairly successfully for decades it wasn’t until I started combining ’stuff’ that things really took off in a big way. Excuse the metaphor and the pun! 

I have some clients who want to lose a 100/150 pounds or more, others 50 to 70 pounds and some only10 pounds or less and those who just have a stinking, awful, obsessed, toxic relationship with food. It’s become their enemy instead of their friend and I think that’s sad and heartbreaking.

As powerful as it is, I got tired of people thinking Hypnosis was a magic wand when it came to weight loss and I actually stopped working with it for a number of years. Then I decided maybe I needed to reevaluate and see what would complement it well and truly work long-term. Here’s the shocking truth. Some will be adamantly against this but I’m telling you this is the formula that’s working for many, many, many people. I wish I could show you all the pictures but of course I can’t.

This is what consistently yields incredible results.

1) GREAT hypnosis with a private recording to listen to repetitively. Got to get the subconscious on board. It can be what we call ‘content free’ in the hypnosis community, don’t necessarily have to dig back and never re-traumatize. It is what it is, let’s start from where we are.
2) Weight Watchers. No deprivation, a wonderful community of support and knowledge. You can remain anonymous. The connection is CRUCIAL and is a missing component for many, it certainly was for me until I finally accepted and grasped that concept.
3) EFT tapping.
4) A simple technique I invented and named ‘The 5 X 3’ for releasing anxiety, guilt, shame, remorse and compulsions. I teach it to all my clients.

I have nothing to gain by recommending Weight Watchers. I myself had tried it multiple times with huge failures until I started combining everything together. As I mentioned, I was and am my own guinea pig. And, in the most beautiful way by helping my clients I learn from them.

When people tell me they know what to eat and what to do but they’re just not doing it, I get it. I even have a degree in holistic health and it doesn’t make a scrap of difference. Nothing changes if nothing changes inside. We can’t leave a stone unturned (Europeans might catch that second metaphor😊) and must pursue at every level.

I actually refuse to and will not take on any weight loss clients unless they’re willing to combine all this together. The reason being I know without any shadow of a doubt that they will succeed by doing it this way. Their success is my success and my success is your success. I write this truly from the bottom of my heart. 💜

*For those interested, there’s almost a 30 pound difference between the photographs. The one on the right was taken just two days ago.
[email protected]


AS we approach the end of the year I want to STONGLY encourage you to forget about making New Year’s resolutions. It may work for some but for the vast majority of us they are a direct pathway to feelings of inadequacy, failure and self meanness.

Far better to come in with a focus and intention. Keep it much broader than one single goal.

Flip the script. For example.

Instead of ‘I’m going to lose such and such amount of weight in 2023’ perhaps say this to yourself instead.

‘I want to stop feeling out of control with food. I want a better relationship with the way I see myself.’ I want to learn to make food my friend and not my enemy.
I want to have fun with food and enjoy it with friends and family. I am ready to release obsessions about it.’

Talk about what you want and not what you don’t want. Remember, when you talk to yourself your mind is listening to every word.

Now that’s the difference between a resolution and an intention.

If you’re going to make any kind of New Year’s resolution at all let it be this:


This is the true pathway to lasting change. 💜💕


I’ve decided my focus for 2023 for my clients will be of course anxiety which is my specialty but another major focus will be for those of you who are sick and tired of being or feeling overweight. Having crap relationships with food and horrible body image.

We’re going to nail this but you’re going to need to listen to me. We’re going to be combining things that I know for a fact work better together than just one modality alone.

I have lots and lots of clients having great success. I’ve also been and am my own guinea pig in 2022.💜

You can contact me at:
[email protected]


I really thought I understood this decades ago but on reflection it really wasn’t until about six or seven years ago that I fully got it. It seems like such a simple concept yet so many of us are in conflict with this at our core. When I got it, I got it and for you those of you who haven’t yet, I hope you will allow yourself the peace and happiness that you TRULY deserve, even in a world of chaos and turmoil at times. 🙏❤️


A nice simple, effective guidline. 💝


With many thanks to this lovely client for such a kind review yesterday. Hypnosis never ceases to amaze me.


Such words of wisdom for sure.💜


WISHING you a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. 🎃 🎃

Although a generally happy and joyous time, the holidays can also be full of sadness loss and depression for very many.

A reminder for the national su***de hotline, never hesitate to reach out.🧡



As many of us head into an incredibly busy Thanksgiving week, let’s all be sure to take care of ourselves. Pacing wisely and finding balance. 🧡

Hypnosis To Detox From Sugar | Quit Sugar Addiction | Hypnotherapy Unleashed 11/21/2022

Hypnosis To Detox From Sugar | Quit Sugar Addiction | Hypnotherapy Unleashed

Sometimes I just like to scroll around and listen to other hypnotists’ audios. Came across this English guy who I have not heard of before and think he has a fantastic voice and really high-quality audios. I just sent this to somebody who inquired about sugar addiction but I’m not seeing anyone until January and she also has very little finances. I sent her this, it’s free and it may be helpful to you or people you know.

Hypnosis To Detox From Sugar | Quit Sugar Addiction | Hypnotherapy Unleashed ⚡🧠 RAPIDLY REWIRE YOUR BRAIN FOR A SUPERHERO MINDSET & ESCAPE THE MATRIX🧠 ⚡ Book a completely free initial consultation with me here to begin a tailored so...


My dad taught me that worry was one of the greatest wasted emotions of all time. Fear can be helpful at times as can some other difficult emotions but worry is literally an energy thief and an empty bucket of nothingness. We CAN break the habit of worrying and that’s exactly what it is, a destructive habit.


Sending love and light. 💜

EFT For Life Everyday Solutions Online Course 11/08/2022

EFT For Life Everyday Solutions Online Course

This is an incredible opportunity to learn EFT Tapping on a one day workshop with two amazing women. Both master Practitioners. Extremely affordable.
Gail Costello is a very dear friend and a brilliant colleague. 

EFT For Life Everyday Solutions Online Course We would like to invite you to our new 1-day live online course This will take place on Saturday November 26th 2022 Time: 10am until around 4pm (GMT) We are offering you a chance to grab this amazing introductory offer -available only to the first 10 lucky people who book a place. We are limiting t....

Breathing Exercises To Stop A Panic Attack Now | TAKE A DEEP BREATH 11/08/2022

Breathing Exercises To Stop A Panic Attack Now | TAKE A DEEP BREATH

Panic attack? Do this immediately. It truly works.💜

Breathing Exercises To Stop A Panic Attack Now | TAKE A DEEP BREATH You can work with Mike Maher 1:1, he is a certified breathing coach that helps people deal with Panic, Anxiety, and Stress, learn more here; https://www.take...


The mind will lead and the body will follow. So hypnosis can retrain your mind to calm down and therefore the physical calmness will follow with it.


Caught you!!!
Yep, most of us do it and it’s a terrible habit. Try and be mindful to stop it over the weekend.💚


Easier said than done I know but definitely shoot for this. 🥰

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Thought you might enjoy seeing me being brave! Brave or stupid - I’m not sure which.😉  Hanging out with sharks a couple ...
A few words to say hello.
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