Fit4Mom Central + Western Loudoun

Fit4Mom Central + Western Loudoun


Since it was below 20*, we didn ’t hold our outdoor class this morni ng, but a few of us we re able to join Fit4Mom Central + Weste rn Loudoun virtually for Body Ignite, a progr am we’ve long been hoping to bri ng to Baltimore. It is a strength-bas ed workout that targets each and eve ry muscle with specially designed sequences usi ng a weighted bar or dumbbells. Sne ak a p*ek in our story! Wh at do you think? Are you rea dy for Body Ignite?! 🔥

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Hi Mama’s we are in t he process of relocating from Alexandria to Ashburn/Loud on County. Was wondering if anyone h as recommendations for dance classes for a 3 ye ar old? Bonus if they can sta rt mid year. Looking in Ashburn or Sterli ng hopefully!
Gearing up for our MomsCo putti ng tourney fundraiser on Saturday morning! Plea se consider joining the fun. Just g ot one of our great raffle gi ft baskets from SwimKids including $106 towa rd a month of swimming with f un swim gear included. We al so have a KidCreate gift card a nd a bunch of Monster Indoor mi ni golf passes. Bring your kidd os for a fun putting tourney to me et Capitan America, Elsa, and princesses wi th a chance to win some f un raffles and know that you’re helpi ng families in need in Loudoun Count y!! 😀 Plus, Christina is donation 5 Fit4M om passes for the cause too!

Does anyone have these? Thinking of getti ng for my kiddo and myself. B ut, has me wondering if I'm goi ng to want to p*e my pan ts using them 🤣🤣🤣 #momlife

Have a ny of you used them yourself?
Hi Everyone!

This is Laura Kowalcz yk, EXP Realtor. I wanted to invi te you to join our FB Gro up, @Lovin' Life In Loudoun! Our go al is to support and promote o ur local businesses in a positive, hap py way! No rants/politics/griping! Just a gre at group to be a part of! 🙂 In addition we will ha ve monthly and then twice a mon th Goodie Giveaways from and for o ur members! This is 100% OPTIONAL! 🙂 I ts just a way to add so me fun!

Please join us and spread t he word to any other people and/ or businesses you think may be interest ed in joining our Group! Also, I wou ld be happy to do a Spotlig ht Feature on your/anyone's business as we ll as on any upcoming events! A ll you have to do is jo in our Group, send me an ema il with a write up and so me pics and I would be hap py to post!

Let's make this a resour ce for local Loudouners as well as o ur wonderful guests from other areas!

You c an email me at: [email protected] As alwa ys, if you have any questions, fe el free to reach out to me anyti me! 571 428 1220

Have a gre at day! 😀
Laura Kowalczyk
Having trouble or discomfort when reachi ng up to get a plate o ut of the cabinet or pinching in o ur shoulder when lifting our arms to wa sh our hair are common complaints we he ar in the physical therapy world wh en patients are dealing with some ki nd of should issue.

Subscribe to o ur YouTube channel for new videos eve ry week!
Check this out MOMS Cl ub of Ashburn Area FIT4MOM Ashburn D MV / Sterling VA. LeesburgMoms
Sunday we hosted the incredible peop le of Stop Child Abuse Now (SCA N). The 5k started and ended at Beltw ay and afterwards, they all hung o ut in the Taproom for a coup le beers. The weather was great, b ut the cause was even better.
Thank y ou SCAN of Northern Virginia for allowi ng us to be a part of su ch an important initiative. If you’d li ke to learn more about their caus es and how you can be a pa rt of it, feel free to sho ot them a quick message.
(Photo cred: FIT4M OM Ashburn, @bcfromhell, @janicepetzold , @runsleepfink)
#beltwaybrewing #beltwaybrew co #SCAN5k #craftbeer #locoaletrail #loco #running #sterling va
If you are a postpartum runn er (child less than 36 months) th is could help future runners!

Tomorrow night we’ll be dancing aw ay the summer bbq’s! Anyone and everyo ne is welcome to join the RA VE!
Hi! I’m moving to Herndon in a f ew weeks and am looking to conne ct to a local group. Is th is chapter the closest to me?
Is there one for Dads?
Is there somewhere I can s ee the full calendar of March class es?

FIT4MOM is the nation’s leading prenat al and postnatal fitness program, providing class es and a community of moms to suppo rt every stage of motherhood.

We are part of the nation ’s leading company for pre and postnat al health, wellness, and fitness programs f or every stage of motherhood. From pregnan cy through postpartum and beyond, our fitne ss and wellness programs help make mo ms strong in body, mind, and spir it. By providing moms with the suppo rt, community and self-care they need duri ng pregnancy, postpartum and throughout every sta ge of their motherhood journey, we belie ve they will raise healthy, strong famili es.

Operating as usual

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Take $25 off our Unlimit ed Summer Pass + get a FIT4M OM Campfire Mug until 11:59 PM E ST on 5/30/22!

Click for t he Unlimited Summer Pass and use co de FLASHSUMMER25 at checkout!
*Educators continue to recei ve a 20% discount; DM us!

With t he Unlimited Summer Pass you can atte nd all classes at any location fr om June 1-August 31, AND join us f or all the fun activities and even ts we have!


Your Friday nights are about to g et FIT!

Join us at Loudoun Stati on every Friday night this summer at 6: 30 PM for FREE workouts!

You’ll g et to try Body Ignite, Body Boo st, and Strides 360 on a rotati ng schedule. These are adult-only classes so gr ab your friends and let’s have so me FUN!

Visit to RSVP, si gn a waiver, and learn more!


Summer is coming and we a re READY!

Join us Monday, June 20 th at 9:30 AM at Loudoun Stati on for a FUN and FREE mash up class, followed by some fun giveawa ys, splash pad play & popsicles.

Experien ce a mashup of our 3 signatu re stroller programs: Stroller Strides, Stroller Bar re, and Strides 360.

Just visit to RS VP!


As you may have heard, ma ny states across the nation are experienci ng a shortage of baby formula, causi ng 40% of formula to be so ld out nationwide. As a company who se values are deeply rooted in supporti ng moms and their littles, we belie ve that no baby should go hung ry so Moms With A Mission: Mi lk Mission 2022 was formed to he lp during this crisis.

Moms With A Missi on: Milk Mission 2022 is an onli ne group that provides a central locati on for parents, caregivers, and anyone wanti ng to help to share store locatio ns, resources and support for those in sear ch of baby formula. We are committ ed to uniting, connecting, and supporting mam as and other parents around the nati on affected by this crisis and is dedicati ng resources to closely monitor this gro up for misconduct or the sharing of unsa fe or false information to ensure it ’s a safe space for all.

Join o ur mission and help spread the wo rd. Share the Milk Mission Facebook gro up with your friends as we wo rk to ensure that no baby go es hungry!


FIT4MOM ❤️ love spotted!

Claim yo ur car, and we’ll send you a ☕️ gi ft card! Thanks for sharing the lo ve!

Photos from Fit4Mom Central + Weste rn Loudoun's post 05/16/2022

We had a great Mom’s D ay Out at Road Runner Sports!

Th ey took us through 3D foot sca ns, gait analyses, custom insole design, a nd shoe fittings. It was so gre at to have such personal attention f or something we don’t often prioritize, o ur shoes, as they can play a b ig role in any knee or h ip pain when running or exercising.

We have some more fun planned wi th them so be sure to foll ow for updates!


Are you expecting or do y ou know a mama-to-be? 🤰

Then meet FIT4BA BY! FIT4BABY is our exclusive total bo dy workout program designed specifically for moms-to- be.
This 6-week program will build yo ur endurance and prepare your body f or pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

You’ll get card io, strength training, balance, flexibility & co re exercises that accommodate all trimesters of pregnan cy.
PLUS: get weekly emails and challeng es, a private group, a community of moms-to- be, and a special Bump Book week ly journal to document your journey.

T he next session begins Sunday, May 15 th at 9:00 AM at Village at Leesburg.
Ju st visit to register!


Let’s start Monday with a litt le motivation and celebration!

Kayla L. recent ly attended her 100th class in additi on to completing our Spring Run Cl ub session! Read on to learn abo ut why Kayla loves FIT4MOM.

When d id you join FIT4MOM Central & Weste rn Loudoun?
- June 2019

What is your favori te class?
- Strides 360

What advice would y ou give a new mom attending h er first class?
- Start slow and list en to your body, but you g ot this!

What do you love mo st about FIT4MOM?
- The community. And t he fact that everyone has kids a nd gets it when your toddler thro ws a tantrum or you're nursing yo ur baby while doing squats and lung es in class (I know from experien ce 🤪).

Congratulations @lalalakayla! Leave her a 🙌 to he lp celebrate this accomplishment!!


“I don’t think there is enou gh space on an Instagram post to ful ly explain why I love FIT4MOM! I LO VE the strength and confidence I ha ve gained from classes; leading to my ve ry first marathon (Run Club made me do it 🤪). I LOVE the special bond it h as nurtured between me and my daught er, providing us endless memories, fun activiti es and now a shared love of “movi ng our bodies.” I LOVE the lifelo ng friends I have made; friends th at cared for my daughter when I h ad surgery, provided cards, calls and ca re packages during a time of person al heartbreak, and are always there to celebra te, commiserate and laugh through all t he times of motherhood.” -Sarah H.

Co me experience programs that meet you whe re you are with a community of mo ms that support you every step of t he way. ❤️


Who's ready to get their hea rt ❤️ pumping and increase their enduran ce? 🤚

Whether you bring your kiddos or lea ve them at home, Strides 360 wi ll help you develop speed, agility, enduran ce, and quickness to help you spri nt through mom life. This bodyweight conditioni ng program was designed to meet y ou wherever you're at—from days you fe el like super mom or days whe re you barely make it out t he door.

So grab a mama a nd head to to sign up f or our Month of Mama Free We ek! We are KICKING IT OFF wi th Partner Strides 360 & Coffee Da te this Saturday, April 30th!



Are you looki ng for a flexible job that is extreme ly supportive of balancing motherhood and wo rk life? We are hiring Instructors a nd Our Village Coordinators to join o ur awesome team!

Visit for mo re information.

Visit to apply!


Learn more about Stroller Barre a nd then join Sarah, Christina, and Eli za for Stroller Barre or Virtual Bar re Express!

Your first class is alwa ys free! Get yours here:

Stroller Barre® is a 60-minute card io and strength interval class designed to impro ve posture, stability, and mobility inspired by bar re, ballet, Pilates, fitness, and yoga to he lp you regain your posture and alignme nt and strengthen your body from t he inside out!

Join JHM Fitness , Natal ie Russell from FIT4MOM Richmond a nd Mindy Hayward-Hauck from Fit4Mom UA+Hilliard tomorr ow, April 20th at 11:00 am P ST/ 2:00 pm EST right here on Facebo ok Live as we discuss Stroller Bar re!

Photos from Fit4Mom Central + Weste rn Loudoun's post 04/16/2022


May is your month, Mamas! A nd we are kicking it off wi th a ✨FREE✨ week of classes a nd fun!

Did you get your fr ee week pass yet? If not ju st visit to get yours tod ay!

🌷Sat 4/30: Partner Strid es 360 + Coffee Date at Villa ge at Leesburg
🌷Sun 5/1: Sip & Swe at Body Ignite at Firefly Cellars
🌷Mon 5 /2: Mother’s Day Mega Class + Potlu ck Brunch at Loudoun Station
🌷Tue 5/3: Stroll er Barre + Bubble Fun at Lansdow ne Town Center
🌷Wed 5/4: Stroller Strides/Strides 360 Mash- Up at Franklin Park
🌷Thurs 5/5: Stroller Strid es + Bilingual Story Time at Hillsi de Park
🌷Fri 5/6: Stroller Strides + Mother ’s Day Toast at Village at Leesbu rg

See you there! 💐


Staying around for Spring Break? Jo in us for some fun!

We ha ve our Stroller Strides & Egg Hu nt 🐣special event on Monday 4/11 at Leesbu rg Animal Park and a 🏖 Bea ch Staycation themed Stroller Strides class follow ed by a sand sensory bin f or the little ones on Friday 4/ 15! Plus you can’t go wrong wi th a traditional class on Tuesday & Thursd ay - we promise we’ll bring t he fun! 😁

Comment below if we’ll s ee you next week! Tag a ma ma friend to join you too!


"If you have to put someo ne on a pedestal, put teachers. Th ey are society’s heroes." – Guy Kawasaki

As mamas, we are so thankful f or the unsung heroes who dedicate the ir time to educating our youth to he lp to build a brighter future. We dedica te this month to you!

As a speci al thank you to our teachers a nd educators, you get 20% off of o ur Unlimited Summer Pass! Attend as ma ny classes as you can from Ju ne 1-August 31. Just email or DM us to g et your discounted pass.

Thank you f or everything you do!


ONE WEEK AWAY! Our special Stroll er Strides Class & Egg Hunt at @leesburganimalpa rk are returning this year, and it ’s NEXT MONDAY April 11th at 9: 00 AM!

Visit to learn more a nd RSVP for this super fun cla ss and event!

Photos from Fit4Mom Central + Weste rn Loudoun's post 03/29/2022

We knowwww Spring just started, a nd it hasn’t exactly felt like Spri ng yet, but there’s only a coup le of months left of school so it ’s time to plan for SUMMER!

We are super excited because we ha ve something NEW this year - an Unlimit ed Summer Pass! That’s right, you c an get unlimited classes at all locatio ns all summer (from June 1-August 3 1).

And because we ❤️❤️❤️ our educato rs, if you work at a scho ol you get an extra 20% o ff. Just DM or email us to l et us know and we’ll apply t he discount.

Ready to put FIT4MOM in yo ur summer plans? Just visit the li nk in our bio to get you rs.
Purchase by April 1 and g et Spring Break and any other holida ys (before June) for free!

Our Story

Who We Are:

We are a communi ty of moms who support every sta ge of motherhood. From pregnancy through postpart um and beyond, our fitness and wellne ss programs help make moms strong in bo dy, mind, and spirit.

Our Programs:

Stroller Strides
Stroller Strides® is a function al, total-body conditioning workout designed for mo ms with kids in tow. Each 60-minu te workout is comprised of strength traini ng, cardio and core restoration, all whi le entertaining little ones with songs, activiti es and fun! Each Stroller Strides instruct or is skilled to meet you whe re you are mentally and physically. You’ ll leave class feeling connected, successful a nd energized! No more mama guilt! Th is class is all about self ca re in a supportive and encouraging environme nt.

Stroller Barre:
Stroller Barre® is a 60-minu te cardio and strength interval class design ed to improve posture, stability, and mobili ty. The workout combines moves inspired by bar re, ballet, Pilates, fitness, and yoga to he lp you regain your posture and alignme nt and strengthen your body from t he inside out! Stroller Barre will he lp you reconnect with your body, increa se flexibility and develop the core streng th needed for motherhood.

Videos (show all)

FIT4BABY Prenatal Workout



Leesburg, VA

General information

Stroller Strides® is a stroller-based fitne ss program designed for moms with litt le ones.
Each 60-minute, total body worko ut incorporates power walking, strength, toning, son gs and activities. Certified fitness instructors off er a variety of fun class forma ts both indoors and outdoors. Gre at workout for all fitness levels! (Stroll er Strides® classes are offered 6 days/we ek around Ashburn, Leesburg & Sterling.)

Stroller Barr is a unique blend of ball et, Pilates, barre, yoga and stroller-based exercis es designed to help moms build streng th and muscle tone and improve postu re. This class incorporates prenatal and postnat al training and yields amazing results in an exciti ng, fun format. Stroller Barre® focus es on strengthening and creating an ide al length/tension relationship in all the postur al muscles, creating a taller, leaner-looking mom my! (Stroller Barre® classes offered eve ry other Friday!)

Fit4Baby® is a program design ed to strengthen the body for a ll the changes it will experience duri ng pregnancy. These classes exclusively focus on pregna nt moms! (Other FIT4MOM® classes may inclu de dads, nannies and other child caregiver s.) Regular activity such as Fit4Baby® class es can help to reduce many matern al aches and pains, increase energy duri ng pregnancy and may speed the lab or, delivery and recovery process. According to t he American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologis ts (ACOG), exercise is just as importa nt during pregnancy as any other ti me of life. (Classes offered Mond ay nights at the Dulles Sportsplex.)

Opening Hours

Monday 9:30am - 10:30am
Tuesday 9:30am - 10:30am
Wednesday 9:30am - 10:30am
Thursday 9:30am - 10:30am
Friday 9:30am - 10:30am
Saturday 9am - 10am

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