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Love the wintery wonder of the great outdoors this morning! ❄️❄️❄️

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It’s #worldcancerday and I would just like to take the time to thank all the #mammographers out there.
No one enjoys coming to see you, as they are either dreading the “squish” or too anxious about the outcome of the good work you do. Or both.
But I will always be thankful for the #mammographer who took the image of a tiny calcification in my right breast.
It was 1 year ago this week that I got the call from my breast doc confirming my fears: “It wants to be cancer. You’ll need surgery. And radiation.”
I was fortunate to have caught this early: a Stage 1A invasive carcinoma. 1 year later, I am cancer free.
Thank you, #mammogram techs!

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Snow Day Shovel Tips #2

Dr. Betsy Scudder, PT demonstrates simple repeated movements in the opposite direction of shoveling motions to decrease joint discomfort during & after. Give them a try...they’re easy & quick!
I recommend 5-10 repetitions of each every 1-2 hours during & after shoveling. Could also be used as warm up movements!
Disclaimer: these movements are suggestions for the general population & not intended to serve as medical advice.

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Dr Betsy Scudder, PT discusses how snow water equivalent can impact your body and reviews proper shoveling technique. ❄️❄️❄️


Our wonderful neighborhood mystery rock painter/distributor swapped out Zest, which has been inhabiting my front garden since last fall, for Love. Just in time for Valentine’s Day ❤️🥰

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An oldie, but wanted to share...

We receive these sort of compliments every week, but it's nice to share sometimes - great job Betsy: Another statement in support of the DRS program came from an employee whose case was closed this month. Betsy had initially seen the employee in February via Skype due to inclement weather. She was very pleased to have the Skype consultation for her chronic low back pain, especially since the private physical therapy session she was scheduled to attend later in the day was cancelled due to the weather conditions. After 2 more in-person sessions and 1 email follow up, the employee responded to Betsy “I now have no complaints. There are days that I don’t feel any discomfort at all. I am so glad you are here; I really appreciate your help. It was the one movement you advised me to do that made the difference. Not going to therapy, or just changing my chair. It was you.” The employee had cancelled her last several outside PT sessions because she felt they were unnecessary.


Grandma, I am almost 1 now...maybe it’s time I start earning my keep around here.
I can help with IT issues, balancing the books, maybe even some PT aide duties...
What d’ya think??


In the same study I cited in my previous post (Rosedale et al, A study exploring the prevalence of Extremity Pain of Spinal Source, JMMT 2019), the incidence of shoulder pain having a source in the cervical (neck) or upper thoracic (mid-back) spine was found to be 47.6%!
That means almost half of 322 people in the study who reported shoulder joint pain, but no neck or back discomfort, were found to have a change in their shoulder symptoms when moving the neck or upper back only. Not the shoulder.
Even more interestingly, that number increases to almost 84% when the pain was located between the shoulder & elbow (ie, the upper arm).
And all though not part of this study, I want to point out that “shoulder” pain that is located between the neck & shoulder joint (ie, the upper trapezius) and/or the shoulder blade area, has long been known by Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy practitioners to be derived from the neck in almost all cases.
So before you tell a clinician that you think you’ve torn your rotator cuff, think about your neck & upper positions and movements. Try moving in the opposite directions (maybe like looking up 🙄) and see if your shoulder pain changes. If so, movements aimed at changing your spine mobility in certain directions may be just the #movementismedicine your shoulder needs!

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This is the number that pops in my head every time a patient with hip pain asks for my help.
Why? According to Richard Rosedale et al’s “A study exploring the prevalence of Extremity Pain of Spinal Source” published in the Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy in Sept 2020, 71% of people in the study who experienced hip pain but denied any spine discomfort, were mechanically evaluated to have a spinal source for their hip complaints.
In other words, movement in a particular direction of the spine, not the hip, caused either an increase/worsening or a decrease/improvement/abolishment of hip symptoms in 71% of hip pain patients in this study.
In fact, overall, of 322 participants who had no neck or back pain, 43.5% of all joint pain complaints were found to have a spinal source using a mechanical evaluation.
What this should mean to you is that whenever you have a joint problem, even in the absence of neck or back pain, you should consider the possibility that spine movements and/or positions may be contributing to your extremity pain.
As a certified Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy practitioner, I will ALWAYS screen the spine in the presence of hip-or any joint-pain, as long as my patient gives permission (although I’ve never once had anyone say no..!).
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I recently checked in on my very 1st TelePhyzio patient, an NCAA volleyball player whom I helped with a chronic back problem back in Oct-Nov 2017.
Karyssa had been unable to tie her own shoes, sit in class or walk her college campus, let alone play volleyball.
My daughter, her teammate, recommended that she talk to me.
After more than a year of pain, 4 MRIs, multiple doctor visits including a neurosurgeon’s recommendation of back surgery, she “got her life back after 4 TelePhyzio sessions.
Today she is a college graduate, working in the hospitality industry and getting ready for her upcoming wedding. She says “Dr. Scudder was so focused on finding me relief and instantly gained my trust, even through tele-health! To this day, the simple movements she taught me relieve mild pain or discomfort and I have seen my strength and stability in my back continuously improve. I share these movements with friends and family and they are amazed at the relief! Dr. Scudder has led me to a more comfortable and functional lifestyle and I am so lucky to have been one of her patients!”
TelePhyzio could very well help you too! Check out Karyssa’s January 2018 testimonial video on my website, then learn more about my TelePhyzio approach there too. Link in bio!
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Not only do I create content for my @drscudderpt IG & FB accounts, I also write twice weekly WorkPlace posts for the corporate contract work I do related to workplace ergonomic & musculoskeletal wellness.
This month I’m focusing content on how to incorporate movement breaks for Healthy Meetings.
I so appreciate getting feedback like this from the corporate employees!
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Welcome to Scudder PT Jan 21

New 2021 Welcome video just uploaded to my You Tube channel! Check it out: A 2-minute welcome to website viewers


Sometimes, movement alone isn’t medicine enough.
In about half of the cases of chronic pain (lingering 6 months or more), prescribed movement based on a mechanical evaluation doesn’t result in a full resolution of the problem. In these cases, education about the neurophysiology of pain becomes an important aspect of therapy, in addition to exercise.
These books are just a few of the resources I point my patients to, when they’re dealing with pain that doesn’t respond to movement alone. By shedding light on how the nervous system changes in these chronic pain situations, patients come to understand better why they still may be hurting, and how to better manage these long term discomforts.

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Happy Feel Good Friday!
Just wanted to share this feedback I recently received from an Instagram follower. Always feels good to know I’m helping people, whether they are actual patients, corporate clients or friends who just need a bit of advice.
So thanks for the feedback @kimsartbusiness! Keep those comments & questions coming, y’all!
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Just finished my 1st in-studio masked 😷 hot yoga session since last summer.
Looking a bit worse for the wear, but feeling AWESOME!
P.S. Be sure to take the mat spot right next to the furnace vent for maximum effect...🤪😷🔥



Another thought provoking, sensible, science-based discussion lead by Dr Zubin Damania. Long, but worth the listen!

Here's two doctors having a rational discussion on minimize total harm from both the pandemic and our response. Facebook's already demonetized it as "sensitive content"— so you KNOW it's good 😂


Wearing my personal 2021 statement.
And I’ll continue to wear it as long as we need, but I’m hopeful that this year will mark the beginning of the end of the pandemic. I’m thankful for the scientists working on the vaccines against this virus, for the health care workers fighting the good fight against it, and for this small piece of protective gear we all can use to give each other a measure of peace.
And I’m SO thankful for God’s peace:
“Do not be anxious (fearful) about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7

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This may be an outdated practice, according to #mashable, but I think it’s fun to see!
Here are my #topnine2020 . Reels came in strong this year...and so did my grandson! 🥰🍾🎉👏🏻

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Back Care Bundle Giveaway Winner Announced!!

Happy New Year everyone!

And congrats to @trustjoyfully for being my Back Care Bundle Giveaway winner!


What’s better than a Christmas Giveaway? An After-Christmas Giveway!
Enter to win the Scudder Physical Therapy Back Care Bundle giveaway by liking this post and tagging a friend who would benefit from following my account. If they follow me before 12/31/20 you both will be entered (you for a 2nd time!).
The Back Care Bundle consists of the McKenzie lumbar roll and Robin McKenzie’s Treat Your Own Back book, both best sellers.
Watch my IG live drawing on 12/31 at 5PM ET!

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Merry Christmas from Scudder Physical Therapy & family!


In some ways, this year has been like one long, cold winter.
But...I was able to appreciate some things this year that I otherwise would never have had the opportunity to.
For instance, I really am so appreciative of technology. The internet has allowed both my husband & I to continue to earn incomes throughout this pandemic. It has given me the opportunity to connect with people far & wide, including family, old friends and new friends too. It has allowed me to counting exercising its virtual yoga classes that I do right in my home office ( 50 of them since April!).
I could go on...but those are the main things I have been appreciative of during this “winter” called the year 2020. ❄️
What do YOU appreciate today?

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Today I went live in the corporate wellness WorkPlace setting to teach employees about Snow Water Equivalence (they are all scientists so I need to make it relatable to them!)
Did you know light fluffy snow is around 7 lbs/cubic ft, and wet dense snow can be at least 20 lbs/cubic ft.? My standard shovel has a 2.5 cubic ft a light load can be ~17.5 lbs, and a heavy load upwards of 50 lbs!
Check out my story today to learn more about proper shoveling & why keeping Snow Water Equivalence in mind is important!
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So I did a new thing this weekend! Joined a small biking group and took my 1st cold-weather ride. The conversation & camaraderie took my mind off the cold, and the gorgeous scenery along the trail kept me pedaling away for all 17.5 miles.
It also gave me the opportunity to teach this great group of professional women the value of opposite-direction movements during water breaks. Win-win! I love where my bike takes me.
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Demonstrating the “Yo-Tannenbaum” shoulder stretch 😉🎄🎅🏽

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I love my embarrassing lumbar support pillow

I recommend the McKenzie Lumbar Roll to most all my patients, for almost all diagnoses. And I myself use one in my home office chair, and another one in my car! And so does LeBron James.


Lower back pain and the lower extremities (Health Summit Day 2)

Today’s the day!
The Better Mind-Better Body-Better Life Summit (Day 2) is up and here is the link to my interview with summit organizer, health coach & personal trainer Jennifer Fidder.
Check out my interview with her here ⬇️ and of course, please like & share!

Most adults will be dealing with lower back, knee, or hip pain at least once in their life. But there are some very easy ways how we can prevent those pains....


Last week I sat down with my friend Amy Stone to produce a video interview for her YouTube channel Inclusive World.
Amy is a 23-year old woman who is bright, funny and compassionate. She has an incredible memory. She has a heart for helping other people with differing abilities to solve every day problems both small & large.
Check out our interview, especially the part where she discusses how she feels about able-bodied people complaining about sitting too much...(so insightful!!)

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Decorating the tree? The house? The outdoors?
Remember to use simple opposite direction movements frequently while working!
Let me know if I can help resolve any of your holiday “decor-aching”!
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Welcome to Scudder Physical Therapy!

Telephyzio by Scudder Physical Therapy is the first and only telehealth-based pain relief delivery model in Loudoun County, Virginia. I help patients with a variety of musculoskeletal pain issues--low back, neck, shoulder, elbow, knee, hip, even ankle/foot and wrist/hand problems. Patients in Virginia and Maryland are evaluated and treated online, when and where they want, in the comfort of their own homes, or even in their work places. Each session is individualized to the patient, as a 60- or 30-minute one-on-one session with me, a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Using the McKenzie method to evaluate how movement effects pain behavior, I then coach patients to use simple movements and posture changes to relieve pain and prevent recurrence.

I am the owner and sole practicioner of Scudder Physical Therapy. The majority of my 30-year career practicing physical therapy has been spent in Northern Virginia. I have gained a wide range of experiences in outpatient orthopedics using various treatment methods. I became Certified in the Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT or the McKenzie method) in 2003 and have been using that approach to patient care very successfully ever since. It is one of the most efficient and evidence-based approaches to evaluate the source of musculoskeletal pain, which then leads directly to a movement-based treatment protocol. Empowering patients to treat themselves, with my coaching, is the cornerstone of the success of this method ( To maintain my certification, I attended twice yearly continuing education courses and seminars, from which I always return with more knowledge and skill in relieving patients from pain.

While working as a school-based PT for Loudoun County Schools, I served for four years as the head coach for the Broad Run High School JV and Varsity volleyball teams. I also coached with local club teams over a 10 year period, and served as the Movement and Conditioning Coach for Virginia Elite Volleyball Club in 2008 as well. I love working with volleyball players!

I have been blessed with opportunities to help people around the globe. While living temporarily in Morocco I worked with disabled orphans. During a two-year stay in South Africa I earned an Honorary Physiotherapist license, working with cancer patients in a public hospital. More recently, I have travelled to Peru twice on week-long medical mission trips with Mechanical Care Everywhere, a MDT-focused humanitarian mission underserved Peruvian patients at free clinics are treated using the MDT method only, empowering them to care for themselves.

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Snow Day Shovel Tips #2
Back Care Bundle Giveaway Winner Announced!!



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